Reverend Insanity
1898 Accumulated Soil Mountain
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1898 Accumulated Soil Mountain

Heaven and earth were gloomy, dark clouds loomed overhead, endless thunder roared and resonated.

Scarlet lightning flashed countless times in the dark rolling clouds of smoke, black clouds swirled like vortexes, lightning balls descended from the center of the swirling vortexes one by one.

These lightning balls were strangely shaped, resembling porcelain products, as large as a water tank, and glowing with red light.

Grand tribulation — Red Porcelain Lightning Ball Tribulation!

The lightning balls smashed down and erupted with crisp explosions.

On the ground, an Immortal Gu House silently suffered from the damage caused by the explosions of the lightning balls, large pieces of debris continued to fly into the air, before turning back into the corpses of countless Gu worms.

Inside the Immortal Gu House, Wu Shuai endured the sound of rumbling thunder in his ears and inspected himself first.

He found that he had turned into an earth path rank eight Gu Immortal, he had wide fingers and a large stature, his battle robe was already covered in damage.

And not far from him, there was a female immortal standing on the ground, her face was pale and her aura was not only weak but also a little strange.

She was using a certain light path healing killer move, and thus was covered in a layer of holy white light. But on her face, exposed arms, legs and feet, dark path dao marks that resembled ink lines appeared.

These dark path dao marks were so dense that they reached the extent of a rank nine immortal material, creating dao mark light, Gu Immortals could see it with their naked eyes.

The female immortal had clear rank eight cultivation level.

A light path rank eight Gu Immortal who had such a quantity of dark path dao marks, it made Wu Shuai very surprised.

And more peculiarly, the female immortal's dark path dao marks were still transforming. Not only did they increase in quantity, their arrangements and positions were rapidly changing too.

The female immortal grunted, the killer move activation was successful, the halo around her stabilized while the dark path dao marks were also temporarily suppressed.

The female immortal was sweating profusely, she opened her weak eyes to look at Wu Shuai, smiling bitterly: "I can't be saved. This is my strongest healing method, but it can only temporarily suppress the injury. When the time limit of the killer move is up, the injury will explode with terrifying power."

"Oh Zheng Yang, my most beloved, I can no longer accompany you. You have to live well." The female immortal said, tears flowing down her cheeks.

"No, there must be some way, there must be! You must never give up hope, this Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress of mine is made up of all the Immortal Gu I have, it can be considered to be number one in defensive power in all of history. We still have time, you have to keep working hard, I will always be there for you!" Wu Shuai shouted with tears in his eyes.

This was the natural development of the dream realm, he could not control it.

But after this conversation, Wu Shuai gained control of the body.

"Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress? Never heard of it…" Wu Shuai's eyes shined with bright light, using the conversation earlier, he analyzed and searched for clues.

He inspected his own immortal aperture.

There was quite a bit of white litchi immortal essence in his immortal aperture, there were also a large amount of mortal Gu, but no Immortal Gu.

Like what Zheng Yang had said, he had used all of his Immortal Gu to construct this rank eight Immortal Gu House, Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress.

"Which means to say, my biggest reliance is on this damaged Immortal Gu House?" Wu Shuai had a realization.

He started to try controlling this Immortal Gu House.

Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress had a complex structure, it used a hundred million Gu worms, among which there were more than twenty Immortal Gu.

Even Wu Shuai could not tell what the core Immortal Gu were at a glance! These Immortal Gu were cleverly positioned and had a mysterious relationship with each other, the design of the Gu House was as profound as a towering mountain range spreading across the entire countryside for ten thousand li, connecting heaven and earth, the mountain range had overlapping layers of intertwined mineral veins.

Wu Shuai was like a mortal Gu Master mining the mountain range, he had to excavate it layer by layer to uncover the minerals he wanted and figure out the connection between the ore veins.

"Just analyzing this Immortal Gu House itself is a huge difficulty! Furthermore, I need to rely on this Immortal Gu House to defend against the red porcelain lightning ball tribulation!"

Wu Shuai's heart sank, he knew that this exploration was going to fail.

As expected, the following developments went as he had predicted.

Red porcelain lightning balls continued to explode as Wu Shuai tried to use his Immortal Gu House and slowly fix it.

But it was useless.

His understanding towards this Immortal Gu House was too low, even if he wanted to fix it, he had no idea where to start.

Eventually, the red porcelain lightning balls destroyed the Immortal Gu House, Wu Shuai and the female immortal became the sacrifices of the tribulation's fury.

After leaving the dream realm, Wu Shuai started to heal himself.

This time, Fang Yuan's main body was exploring Dragon Whale Paradise, before leaving, he had made ample preparations and arrangements. Not only did he pass the dream path Gu worms to Wu Shuai, he even gave a large number of guts Gu.

With guts Gu in his hands, Wu Shuai's injuries were not a problem.

This dream realm exploration was different from the Dragon Palace dream realm, Wu Shuai could explore it multiple times until he succeeded.

Second failure, third failure, fourth, fifth…

After eight tries, Wu Shuai finally gained a clearer understanding of this Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress.

Even though he could not completely fix this Immortal Gu House, Wu Shuai was already able to repair it sufficiently to negate the red porcelain lightning balls' damage.

Black clouds swirled in the sky, the red porcelain lightning balls gradually thinned out until they completely stopped.

But within the black clouds, a second grand tribulation was starting to brew.

The female immortal sighed: "Sigh… it was my fault for not listening to you, I went to search for the location where Reckless Savage Demon Venerable died, in the end, I caused this curse to occur and lead to an unceasing wave of calamities and tribulations."

"This is my just desserts. Zheng Yang, leave, I do not want to implicate you!"

On the female immortal's body, the halo had noticeably dimmed. The dark path dao marks were tightly arranged, like pieces of black thread sewing up wounds, covering the female immortal's skin and face.

Compared to before, the female immortal's aura had weakened a lot, and at the same time, it became more peculiar, not only were the light and dark path dao marks intertwined, an adam's apple was also growing in her throat!

Wu Shuai had yet to analyze the situation of the female immortal when a drizzle started to occur in the sky.

Even though it was a small rain, it was bone-chilling, there was a cold feeling that could freeze the soul.

The heat and smoke caused from the lightning balls earlier vanished entirely without a trace.

Howl howl howl…

The ghostly cries became louder and louder, before it resounded throughout the entire area.

Grey threads fell from the black clouds in the sky, extending towards Wu Shuai.

Wu Shuai's heart sank, he recognized this tribulation: "This is the grand tribulation — Ghost Spirit Ice Silkworm Tribulation! A grand tribulation occurring right after the previous one, it seems this will not end."

Wu Shuai had to resist these silky threads forcefully.

The red porcelain lightning balls were powerful and destructive, while these ghost spirit silk threads were soft and troublesome.

Wu Shuai had no offensive methods, the Immortal Gu House Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress that he was relying on was also unfamiliar to him, he could not find any offensive methods that could be used.

Thus, Wu Shuai watched as these threads extended towards him and slipped in through the cracks and holes of the Immortal Gu House.

Wu Shuai tried to defend against them but Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress was already completely infiltrated, it broke apart after resisting for some time.

The silky threads wrapped around the female immortal while also attacking Wu Shuai, turning the two of them into solid cocoons.

At the next moment, Wu Shuai was chased out of the dream realm.

This time, he suffered heavy injuries, he saw darkness in front of him, he gulped and felt that his throat was dry, he almost fainted.

"Failing at the ghost spirit silk thread tribulation stage has caused tens of times the damage as before!" Wu Shuai smiled bitterly, in this situation, he had to recuperate first before trying again.

This injury would only be mild if it happened on Fang Yuan, it would not be severe, he could definitely explore it again.

But Wu Shuai was not the same.

Wu Shuai's soul foundation was only at thirty million man soul, even though it rose later as he cultivated in Eastern Sea, he could not compare to the main body.

Wu Shuai was a dragonman who cultivated enslavement path, soul path cultivation was just a supplementary method. The stronger his soul foundation, the more soul path dao marks he would have, and the more it would restrict his enslavement path development.

But Fang Yuan's main body was the sovereign immortal body, it had non-conflicting dao marks, so he could cultivate soul path alongside all his other paths.

After resting sufficiently, he went in again.

Failing time and again, challenging it continuously even after failure, Wu Shuai was in a difficult position.

He did not have the time path clone's deduction abilities, even though he had Dragon Palace, dreamy light smoke was not useful for exploring dream realms.

The most reliable method, other than unravel dream, was the ability to recover rapidly using guts Gu.

As he slowly explored it, Wu Shuai finally had some breakthroughs and gains.

After learning the general information of Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress, Wu Shuai gained the three killer moves of this Immortal Gu House.

The first was called accumulated soil mountain, the second was called peaceful burial, and the third was called heavy soil comeback.

The one that was an eyeopener to Wu Shuai was the first killer move, accumulated soil mountain.

This killer move was very special, it did not have offense, movement, healing or other aspects. It was an earth path killer move that had formation path effect, using this killer move, the Gu Immortal could stack earth path Gu worms to allow them to form an Immortal Gu House! This could be done even if the Gu Immortal using the killer move had zero attainment in formation path itself!

Because of this killer move, there was this Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress.

Gaining this killer move was also the same as gaining the foundation of the Immortal Gu House, Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress!

It was no wonder Wu Shuai could not find any core Immortal Gu, this Immortal Gu House's core was not an Immortal Gu but the immortal killer move accumulated soil mountain!

"Thus, I only need to activate this killer move and add earth path Gu worms into this Immortal Gu House to rapidly fix it."

After understanding this, Wu Shuai started to repair Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress while enduring the onslaught of the ghost spirit silk thread tribulation.


The moment he repaired it, the female immortal self-detonated, the force of the explosion was greater than the grand tribulation, not only was Wu Shuai killed instantly, the entire Immortal Gu House was torn to shreds.

"I see, I still have to take care of this female immortal." After understanding this point, Wu Shuai entered the dream realm once again.

Immortal killer move — Peaceful Burial!

Using this method, the female immortal was temporarily sealed, her injuries were suppressed, she was receiving treatment from the Immortal Gu House.

After Wu Shuai fixed this Immortal Gu House completely, the third grand tribulation appeared.

Purple stars fell from the sky, this was a tribulation that fused poison path and star path — Rotten Poison Purple Star Tribulation.

Purple stars continued to descend and land on the Immortal Gu House, causing holes to form due to corrosion.

Wu Shuai did his best to endure it but even as he failed many times, this grand tribulation never stopped.

"The third grand tribulation seems to be unceasing, this is not normal. Don't tell me?" After many failures, Wu Shuai had a flash of inspiration.

He tried to unseal the female immortal, without peaceful burial's suppression, the female immortal went into a state of nearing death again.

"Zheng Yang, if a next life exists, I want to meet you again. Goodbye, my love."

While Wu Shuai defended against the grand tribulation with difficulty, she flew out of the Immortal Gu House through a hole that had formed on top.


She self-detonated instantly, turning into a lump of pitch-black flames, burning intensely with a terrifying aura.

Heaven seemed to be enraged, at once, billions of purple stars shot down. The black flame was not large, but was incomparably tough when faced with the attack of the purple stars, although its size was shrinking, the extent of its loss was minuscule.

Seeing that this grand tribulation was ineffective, the black clouds in the sky transformed again, countless lightning bolts rained down like snakes, the black flame was instantly assaulted by countless bolts.

The black flame seemed to be nourished from this, it quickly expanded and grew to a mountain-like size.

The black flame's appearance had changed already, it became a white-gold colored mist.

The grand tribulation in the sky continued to transform and attack the white-gold mist, the mist also transformed, turning into wind, ore, flower, grass, bird, or beast at times.

"What in the world is lurking in this female immortal's body, so many grand tribulations are unable to do anything to it!" Wu Shuai was internally shook.

He acutely sensed that this realistic dream realm contained a certain deep secret in history.

This secret might be the reason behind the deaths of venerables, it involved the most profound secret of heaven and earth.

The female immortal died, but Wu Shuai's dream realm continued.

He had to survive from the aftermath of this terrifying fight, he could only rely on Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress.

Eventually, after countless rounds of grand tribulations, that mysterious black flame was slowly extinguished bit by bit.

Even when just a tiny bit was left, the grand tribulation still targeted it and the battle lasted for over an hour.

"What in the world is this thing?" After the dream realm dissipated, Wu Shuai was still filled with deep shock.

He had put in so much effort, the rewards were similarly shocking.

At almost the same time as when the dream realm faded, the eyes of Fang Yuan's main body, which was in Dragon Whale Paradise, shined.

"Oh, I advanced to earth path grandmaster."


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