Reverend Insanity
1893 Saving Xia Lin Again
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1893 Saving Xia Lin Again

Light flickered and faded at once, Fang Yuan appeared on a small island in the sea.

"I am here again." Fang Yuan smiled lightly.

He accepted the mission to collect Earth Trench black oil at the nearby sea of this island.

This was the first mission he accepted when exploring the Dragon Whale Paradise in his previous life, he was most familiar with it.

"Many changes have happened in the Dragon Whale Paradise compared to the previous life."

"Not only did the blue dragon whale's location change, there are more Gu Immortals here now, the missions have also increased in numbers."

"This black oil mission only appeared after I completed ten or so missions."

In the previous life, he had used this mission to save the mermaid girl Xia Lin, using her as his pawn to have her become the saintess of the Merman City, he slowly found his way to regret sea and found regret Gu.

Once regret Gu flew to him, the venerable method activated, sending Fang Yuan to the stone lotus island in the River of Time. Using that, Fang Yuan got around Heavenly Court's assault and inherited a Red Lotus true inheritance.

After rebirth, Fang Yuan designed a more optimal plan for himself.

During the battle in the River of Time earlier, Fang Yuan destroyed six Immortal Gu Houses from Heavenly Court, he destroyed the river suppression lotus sealing formation and killed many Gu Immortals, only Nine Spiritual Fairy and Feng Jiu Ge escaped.

As the price, that stone lotus island was destroyed too.

Without the stone lotus island, regret Gu's venerable method could not activate.

This time, Fang Yuan intended to take down this Dragon Whale Paradise, regret Gu was only part of the bigger plan.

The entire island was under the effect of Fang Yuan's investigative killer move, it had no secrets at all.

The island was quite ordinary, there were not many resources here, it had a fishing village and a low quality spirit spring, there were a few Gu Masters in the village but most of the people were mortals.

Fang Yuan did not enter the fishing village immediately, he went into the sea first.

In the sea, a group of weaving sea spiders were hunting.

Fang Yuan got around them and dived deeper.

When he got close to the Earth Trench, he found a group of seashell sharks swimming around.

Fang Yuan had great strength but he did not want to act abruptly, he only concealed his presence, arriving at the black oil.

Black oil was an immortal material, it was dangerous to Gu Masters. Once they came into contact with black oil, food path dao marks would be carved in their bodies.

This was a huge problem for Gu Masters.

On one hand, the conflicting dao marks would make the oil collecting Gu Masters experience a fall in strength. Oil collecting food path Gu Masters were just too rare.

On the other hand, Gu Masters had mortal bodies, as time passes, they cannot help but become affected by the black oil.

The black oil in the Earth Trench tangled and weaved together like huge pythons. They were almost still but if one observed closely, they would see that the oil was moving slowly in the sea.

Fang Yuan activated his method, everywhere he went, black oil moved like water and spread out over a wide area.

"I remember that this is the location." Fang Yuan split some of the black oil apart but he did not find the blue scaled mermaid Xia Lin.

Fang Yuan's heart sank.

It was possible that his rebirth created some changes, Xia Lin's life might have changed, she might not have come here.

"It's more likely that she's nearby. The time now is quite early compared to the previous life after all." Fang Yuan thought about it, he did not give up immediately, he used his methods to move away the nearby black oil.

There were many things in the black oil, there were sea beast corpses and different ores. Blue scaled mermaid Xia Lin was among them, she had fainted.

Her face was not the same as Xie Han Mo, but their disposition was very alike, a complex gaze flickered in Fang Yuan's eyes.

He breathed out lightly as a bubble surrounded Xia Lin.

Xia Lin was saved, her eyes started to move, she barely opened her eyes before fainting again.

When she woke up, she realized that she was lying in a waterhole.

The sky was wide and clear, there was bright sunlight.

The broad leaves of a few large trees cast a dense shadow, like an umbrella, covering her entire body.

The breeze caressed her like a lover's gentle hand, making Xia Lin feel cozy.

"Didn't I get engulfed when collecting black oil?" Xia Lin's memories slowly surfaced: "That's right, I seem to have been rescued. I saw a vague white figure on the dark ocean floor."

Her body was still limp and weak, Xia Lin could barely raise her upper body, she looked around but saw no one.

"Who saved me?" She became very confused, looking down at the waterhole that she was half lying in.

There was a pool of clear water in the waterhole, it was crystal clear. Her blue scaled fish tail was shining with the reflection of the light in water.

"This must be the arrangement of my savior." Xia Lin thought, she could not help but feel warmth in her heart. This water was not seawater, it was the most appropriate water for a weakened merman.

"You are awake." Just at this moment, the tree leaves were moved aside as Fang Yuan walked in.

"Did you save me?" Xia Lin stared at Fang Yuan, who wore white clothing, she felt a hint of familiarity.

"You are very lucky, I happened to find you in that situation." Fang Yuan smiled slightly.

Xia Lin was extremely grateful and was about to get up to express her gratitude, but was stopped by Fang Yuan's outstretched arm.

"Your body is still too weak. Eat something." Fang Yuan extended his hand and a trace of green wind flew around to the top of the tree and picked a fruit that resembled a coconut.

The green wind held the fruit and flew to Xia Lin's face. The green wind was like a pair of scissors, moving around and opening the shell, revealing the delicate bright red flesh inside that was like a pomegranate.

Xia Lin took a small piece and put it in her mouth. The flesh was tender and juicy, it rolled down her dry throat and into her stomach. There was a warm feeling in her stomach, the fruit was very delicious.

Xia Lin's eyes instantly glowed, she was so hungry that she took out a few more chunks and put them in her mouth, swallowing them whole.

"It is very delicious." She could not help but exclaim, but then she saw that Fang Yuan kept staring at her with his gentle gaze.

Her face instantly flushed red as she stammered: "May I ask for your name, benefactor, I will definitely repay the favor of saving my life."

Fang Yuan laughed: "This was a simple action, you do not need to do anything. In the future, stay away from the black oil, it is very dangerous there. You were lucky to have met me this time."

Xia Lin's expression turned dark.

She was in a huge debt because of her grandfather's funeral and had to risk collecting black oil to pay off the debt. To think that not only did she fail to get black oil, she even nearly died from this.

"But even if I survive, I'll be corroded by the black oil and will die soon. Sigh, how can I pay off my debts and repay this benefactor?" Xia Lin had a kind nature, she felt troubled over this.

At this time, Fang Yuan's gentle voice resounded in her ears: "Oh, right, you had black oil corrosion earlier, but it is not a problem anymore. I've already healed the injuries on you without any lingering after-effects."

"Ah!" Xia Lin was astonished and stared at Fang Yuan with wide eyes, dumbfounded.

This Gu Master in front of her could actually heal the problem from black oil corrosion! This was truly remarkable.

Fang Yuan nodded at her: "Little girl, you are young, don't have such rash thoughts. You still have a long journey ahead of you. Go ahead and eat something, after you regain your strength, come with me. I came here to do something."

"Oh." Xia Lin was still in a daze.

Fang Yuan smiled and turned around to leave.

Xia Lin watched him pass through the forest and disappear for a long time before she reacted and began to continue eating the fruit in her hand.

The flesh of the fruit was delicious and juicy, the windy breeze brushed her face, she was lying in pure water, her heart was filled with warmth and tranquility.

"Don't tell me this is just a dream?" As she ate, her tears flowed silently down her face.

She was nothing more than an ordinary, poor mermaid girl. Reality was cold and harsh for her before this incident. The only warmth in her life came from her grandfather who took care of her.

Her grandfather who was her only kin had died, Xia Lin was all alone now, her heart was hollow, her only goal in life now was to complete her grandfather's water burial.

In the customs of merfolk, a water burial was the final journey, it would bring peace to the dead. But a water burial was expensive, Xia Lin paid a huge price for it.

As the girl ate, she sobbed soundlessly.

Fang Yuan stood outside the forest, looking at the sea, he knew the situation inside well. But he did not go in, he gave the girl ample time to adjust her mood.

In this life, he had a grand plan for Dragon Whale Paradise.

Xia Lin's series of missions were not the most important.

For Fang Yuan to obtain regret Gu, he only needed to enter regret crying sea. Back then, he had made use of Xia Lin's chain of missions to enter regret sea area. But other than this series, he had many other ways to get there.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan focused on getting regret Gu while Miao Ming Shen and the rest focused on doing missions, the more they did, the more they found out. The atmosphere then was much better than now. Miao Ming Shen and the rest interacted and left behind information path mortal Gu at the Merit Obelisk, sharing their gains with everyone without asking for compensation.

Their collective findings and gains all became Fang Yuan's current wealth.

Thus, Fang Yuan had a deep and comprehensive understanding towards the Merit Obelisk and blue dragon whale.

Xia Lin's missions were created by Fang Yuan himself, it required luck and used a lot of time. The truth was, after some time, when mid-sized missions appear, there would be a few useful ones to get into regret crying sea.

In the previous life, when these missions appeared, Fang Yuan already had Xia Lin as his pawn, because Miao Ming Shen and the rest were showing desire towards these missions, Fang Yuan did not compete with them.

"But now, since I took the mission and found Xia Lin, it means that I can use her again."

"This pawn is very useful, as long as I replicate the success of my previous life, I can indirectly control Merman Sacred City."

"Controlling this force will be quite helpful to my plans ahead."

Fang Yuan thought to himself.

"Benefactor, I've kept you waiting." A moment later, Xia Lin floated out of the forest. She recovered some of her strength and did not want to keep Fang Yuan waiting.

A white cloud supported her lower body, three feet away from the ground, helping her to move forward on land.

"Don't call me benefactor, my name is Chu Ying, people call me Master Chu." Fang Yuan smiled.

"Master Chu." Xia Lin said.

"Mm, let's go." Fang Yuan brought Xia Lin as they moved to the fishing village.


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