Reverend Insanity
1892 Analyzing Chu Ying Together
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1892 Analyzing Chu Ying Together

After completing the mission, Shen Cong Sheng said "return" in his mind, he was transported to the starting island again.

The Merit Obelisk appeared beside him.

He checked the board and saw that on the merit list, his name was there: Shen Cong Sheng, nine merit points.

Shen Cong Sheng frowned.

One mission only gave him nine merit points?

This reward was too little, it was out of Shen Cong Sheng's expectations.

"Looking at this, does it mean that Chu Ying had already taken about ten missions before me?" Thinking of this, Shen Cong Sheng frowned even deeper now.

He looked at those rewards while feeling a chill in his heart.

Those Immortal Gu and immortal materials that he wanted needed more than ten thousand merit points!

"There is another problem, Immortal Gu are unique, if others get them first, I will lose my chance."

"Now that Chu Ying is so far ahead, we have to pick up the pace and catch up with him!"

Shen Cong Sheng was a rank eight but he felt a sense of urgency now, everyone else was feeling worse.

"First supreme elder." Shen Tan walked over and respectfully greeted Shen Cong Sheng. Even though he had finished his mission earlier, he did not rush to the second one, he waited at the obelisk.

In fact, the group of immortals had all agreed before the first transportation to communicate with each other after completing their missions.

Shen Cong Sheng, Shen Tan, Shen Qi, Shen Xiao, Shen Nai He, Ren Xiu Ping, and Tong Hua were the first group, while Miao Ming Shen, Feng Jiang, Immortal Hua Die, Gui Qi Ye, Tu Tou Tuo, and Zeng Luo Zi were the second group.

The two sides were distinctly separated.

Evidently, Shen Cong Sheng's group was far too strong. However, in a special environment like the paradise, it was inconvenient for them to make a move against Miao Ming Shen and the others, so they had to watch as these enemies banded together as a group.

"Heaven always leaves a way out! Everyone, this is a great opportunity now, as long as we grab onto it, we will have a chance of dealing with Shen Cong Sheng in the future. We need to work hard, we need to unite for a glimpse of hope. Otherwise, if we work alone, we will not survive." Miao Ming Shen encouraged the Gu Immortals on his side.

Zeng Luo Zi, Tu Tou Tuo, and the rest nodded in agreement. They faced greater pressure than Shen Cong Sheng, because they felt more urgency to complete missions and raise their strength.

Even if they were safe inside the Dragon Whale Paradise, after three hundred days, they would be transported out and would need to face Shen Cong Sheng.

"Tell me, what have you all discovered?" Miao Ming Shen spoke.

All of them spoke about their findings one by one, without any concealment, there was even a lot of speculation that they made.

Everyone's discoveries were similar to Shen Cong Sheng's, Miao Ming Shen concluded in the end: "The restrictions placed on us by the paradise can actually be seen as a kind of protection for us, at least for the time being, Shen Cong Sheng is unable to lay his hands on us."

"The amount of merit points we received after completing a mission was only nine at most, it did not exceed ten. It seems that the reward for each mission is between one and ten."

"But I have a feeling that this Merit Obelisk will undergo more changes in the future."

Zeng Luo Zi and Tu Tou Tuo looked at each other, Zeng Luo Zi hesitated but still asked: "Brother Miao, since you can sense the exact location of the blue dragon whale, and bring us to it, is this place completely new to you?"

Miao Ming Shen smiled bitterly: "Brother Zeng and Brother Tu, if I said that I have no idea why I am able to sense the location of the blue dragon whale, would you believe me? Several years ago, information about the blue dragon whale began to appear inexplicably in my mind, but at first it was very vague. These bits and pieces of information had only gotten clearer recently, I finally realized that it was the blue dragon whale calling to me."

"If I really knew these arrangements and had any shortcuts, would I not use them? Would I continue to face Shen Cong Sheng's threat? When we were outside, Shen Cong Sheng attacked us, if I knew it was an illusion, I would have tried to die long ago."

"Friends, my words are all true, there is no deception at all!"

Zeng Luo Zi and Tu Tou Tuo saw Miao Ming Shen's earnest expression and nodded: "We believe you."

Gui Qi Ye suddenly said: "Speaking of which, I do recall one thing. Previously, when he was being chased in the sea, Chu Ying was being attacked by a sound blade, but his speed soared and he took the initiative to bump into an immemorial thunder phoenix, after which he got struck by its lightning and died."

"Yes, I saw that too." Feng Jiang also added.

"It's strange to actively seek death, it seems that Chu Ying really knows something about this place." Tu Tou Tuo's eyes burst out with bright light.

Previously, Fang Yuan did not know that dying by the hands of Shen Cong Sheng would also be accepted. To be on the safe side, he still chose the method of death from his last life.

As a result, he exposed a flaw.

It was like Shen Cong Sheng, who avoided Tong Hua earlier with his sound blades.

Miao Ming Shen's group discovered Chu Ying's peculiarity, It was the same for Shen Cong Sheng's group.

"Miao Ming Shen." At this time, Shen Tan walked in front of the group and took the initiative to approach Miao Ming Shen and the others.

Behind Shen Tan were Shen Cong Sheng, Ren Xiuping and the rest.

"There is no need to be nervous." Shen Tan smiled: "We are not here to find trouble with you all this time, but rather to seek cooperation."

"Cooperation? You guys are really shameless."

"Who was it who wanted to kill us earlier?"

Feng Jiang and Immortal Hua Die said with displeasure.

Miao Ming Shen, however, stopped them and looked at Shen Cong Sheng.

Shen Cong Sheng nodded slightly and said indifferently: "This was my decision. It is true that I was the one who made the move to attack you before, but let's put ourselves in each other's shoes and think about it, if you were me, would you let me off?"

"It's not that I don't want to kill you all, but with the situation as it is right now, then I can only cooperate with you."

"I swear on the reputation of my Shen clan, I promise that even after we leave this Dragon Whale Paradise in the future, we will not do anything to you, but rather let you all leave. "

"And all of you will need to tell me everything you know about the information you have regarding this place."

"The reputation of Shen clan…" Miao Ming Shen pondered, the immortals around him all looked slightly moved by this proposal as well.

Shen Cong Sheng was the first supreme elder or Shen clan, the promise of a righteous path figure held a lot of weight, and now he was staking the reputation of the entire Shen clan, he could be trusted to a high degree.

Of course, the best way was for both sides to set an alliance agreement.

Zeng Luo Zi and Shen Nai He were both rank seven information path Gu Immortals, they were unable to use information path methods here because the paradise restricted them greatly.

"You all can think about it, this is your only chance. If you miss it, don't regret it if you go out of the Dragon Whale Paradise in the future." Shen Tan threatened with a smile.

Miao Ming Shen and the rest became increasingly silent.

The Merit Obelisk had made it clear that they would only stay here for three hundred days, and once the time limit was up, they would be sent out. At that time, they might have to face Shen Cong Sheng.

Shen Cong Sheng's guarantee was certainly not completely assuring and he could go back on his word.

But with their own lives at stake, Miao Ming Shen and the others would certainly not let go of any possibility of survival.

Miao Ming Shen suddenly smiled and nodded: "I accept your offer. I'll cooperate with you and tell you everything I know."

Shen Cong Sheng also smiled: "Good, a wise man submits to circumstances. I will let you live, go ahead and speak."

Miao Ming Shen's smile turned bitter: "There's actually nothing to say."

He repeated the things he had said to Tu Tou Tuo and Zeng Luo Zi earlier.

Shen Tan was furious: "You're saying that you actually don't know anything? Are you lying? Do you think our Shen clan is easy to fool?"

Shen Cong Sheng, however, had a look of deep consideration.

He felt that Miao Ming Shen's words were probably true, lies could be told, but actions often could not deceive others. On the way here, Miao Ming Shen's actions were all seen by Shen Cong Sheng. He did not seem like someone who knew the details of the Dragon Whale Paradise.

Gui Qi Ye interjected: "We analyzed it earlier, it seems that Chu Ying is very suspicious. He might indeed know some inside information!"

The immortals' eyes shined with bright light.

Ren Xiu Ping smiled coldly: "Aren't you stating the obvious? That person had actively sought death before, he came here and was the first to awaken, ransacking the starting island of all the immortal materials. And look at the Merit Obelisk, he's got nearly a hundred merit points, hmm."

.Ren Xiu Ping suddenly became silent.

At this moment, white light flashed as Fang Yuan appeared again.

His mission was completed, his merit points went past a hundred, reaching one hundred and two.

The immortals gathered in a group, looking at Fang Yuan who was at the obelisk. He had appeared right when they mentioned him.

Fang Yuan also looked at the immortals. Wow, the atmosphere here was great!

Fang Yuan was a little surprised, but he did not feel anything strange about this.

Gu Immortals were all exceptional talents, these Gu Immortals were very perceptive and knew about benefits and harm, they prioritized their own gains. As long as Shen Cong Sheng stopped being haughty, it was possible that they would cooperate as Miao Ming Shen and the rest would worry about the future.

Shen Tan smiled and took the initiative to come over, approaching Fang Yuan: "Brother Chu Ying."

He took the initiative to greet, his attitude was much better compared to when he spoke to Miao Ming Shen.

In the current situation, Fang Yuan's value was also clearly much higher than Miao Ming Shen.

But before he could send any invitations…

"Scram." Fang Yuan glanced at Shen Tan before he turned around and walked away.

Shen Tan's smile froze on his face, the corners of his lips twitched as anger rose in his heart, he was about to shout but his shoulder was patted by someone.

It was Shen Cong Sheng!

Shen Tan quickly held down his anger, he did not dare to shout rashly, he only stared at Fang Yuan with a furious expression.

"Little brother." Shen Cong Sheng chuckled: "We can coope…"

"Scram." Fang Yuan said one word with a calm tone, he interrupted Shen Cong Sheng without hesitation.

Everyone was shocked.

Shen Cong Sheng's eyes widened a little, he was dumbfounded at this situation.

How long had it been since anyone scolded him like this?

He was the first supreme elder of Shen clan, an Eastern Sea rank eight great expert, who would dare to scold him in his face?

Even normally, when people like Song Qi Yuan had a conversation with him, they would still keep a composed attitude when they conversed with each other.

But Fang Yuan scolded him without restraint.

Plain and straightforward.

Miao Ming Shen and the rest looked at Fang Yuan with immensely shocked expressions.

"This is a rank eight Gu Immortal, the first supreme elder of Shen clan, don't be so reckless!"

"If you don't relent now, what will happen when you get transported out of here three hundred days later?"

At this moment, everyone did not know whether to admire Chu Ying's courage or shame him for his stupidity.

After Fang Yuan finished scolding, he immediately disappeared, he had taken another mission and left again.

The remaining Gu Immortals stood as they stared at the Merit Obelisk blankly.

Shen Cong Sheng suddenly laughed lightly, breaking the silence: "This Chu Ying is very courageous. I am looking forward to seeing his courage after we leave this place."

He had a smile on his face but his eyes were flashing with furious sparks, his killing intent had appeared!

"Miao Ming Shen, who in the world is this Chu Ying and what is his background?" Shen Tan turned around and shouted aggressively.

He had an overbearing attitude, Gui Qi Ye and the rest were unhappy as they stared furiously.

Miao Ming Shen sighed deeply and shrugged: "If I tell you that I'm not sure of his origin, would you believe me?"

"Hehe." The corners of Shen Tan's mouth twitched and he laughed dryly, the look on his face showed his current thoughts.

What sort of lie was this?

If he did not know about Chu Ying's background, would he invite this person to explore Paradise Earth's true inheritance?

"Chu Ying, oh Chu Ying, I am going to die because of you." Miao Ming Shen smiled bitterly but he did not give up, he decided to throw this problem over to Ren Xiu Ping.

"The reason I trusted Chu Ying was because of Ren Xiu Ping. Brother Ren, explain it, is there a need to hide the matter anymore?"

Miao Ming Shen's words made everyone's gazes gather on Ren Xiu Ping.

Ren Xiu Ping shook as he felt an immense pressure, he had to explain everything that he knew.

The immortals learned about the reason behind Chu Ying's involvement now.

Miao Ming Shen continued to explain: "Actually, I have not interacted with Chu Ying much. I only invited him to an auction in the past. Back then, Tong Hua and Tu Tou Tuo were around as well."

Shen Cong Sheng turned his gaze towards these two.

Tu Tou Tuo and Tong Hua spoke one after another, explaining all that they knew.

Shen Cong Sheng heard their words as he frowned deeply.

There was a lot of information but it was all useless! All that was known was already known, while all that was not known was still unknown.

They had nowhere to start and no way to target him.

"This Chu Ying is not a simple person." Shen Cong Sheng had a feeling, but he was still confident: "He is just a rank seven transformation path Gu Immortal after all, he is not my match."


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