Reverend Insanity
1888 Changes Midway
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1888 Changes Midway

Several days later, on a nameless island in Eastern Sea.

Eight Gu Immortals finally gathered.

Miao Ming Shen was the leader, other than him, Gui Qi Ye, Feng Jiang, and Immortal Hua Die were there. In addition, Zeng Luo Zi, Tu Tou Tuo, Tong Hua, and Fang Yuan were present.

"Even though I was reborn, it seems that the influence has not reached Miao Ming Shen." Fang Yuan was disguised as Chu Ying, he observed without showing changes in his expression.

Similar to the previous life, Miao Ming Shen chose the same people without changes.

But Fang Yuan was very different now.

He was in a much better state than in the previous life.

In the previous life, at this time period, he could not annex Qi Sea grotto-heaven, he could only take the resources of Qi Sea grotto-heaven and the Five Xiang's public grotto-heaven, consuming a portion of time. As for the rank nine killer move heaven form, it was still resisting Fang Yuan's refinement and was not his yet.

And most regrettably, his plans in green ghost desert had failed, his soul path cultivation was obstructed and could not progress. At the same time, his guts Gu productions fell drastically.

In this life, at this point, he had already annexed Qi Sea grotto-heaven, he had rank eight cultivation level and even became Qi Sea Ancestor, obtaining huge political power. Heaven form was refined long ago, but he did not find more grotto-heavens.

Green ghost desert developed rapidly, his soul path cultivation also progressed smoothly. The production of guts Gu was also many times of his highest records in history.

In the previous life, Heavenly Court dominated the River of Time, Fang Yuan had to fight desperately to escape.

But in this life, Fang Yuan dominated the River of Time, Heavenly Court suffered severe losses and their prestige was greatly affected. Despite this, Heavenly Court had no choice but to continue building Immortal Gu Houses, to send more reinforcements into the River of Time, they could not allow Fang Yuan to dominate the River of Time alone and find another Red Lotus true inheritance.

His position in the River of Time was easy to defend while hard to attack, Fang Yuan also had many arrangements in Western Desert, Eastern Sea, Profound Literature grotto-heaven, and Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, his progress was very smooth.

After rebirth, Fang Yuan worked hard and used the five regions and two heavens as his chessboard, he played many different pieces and set up arrangements everywhere, his gains were not just in the present but would continue increasing for future periods of time.

There was a similar situation as the previous life, Fang Yuan's businesses in treasure yellow heaven were suppressed and targeted by the joint efforts of Central Continent and the Southern Alliance.

Fang Yuan did not have any solution to this problem now.

Firstly, his influence on the Southern Alliance was falling gradually, he did not have much of a bargaining chip, only his second aperture Immortal Gu had an intense attraction to several Southern Border Gu Immortals.

Secondly, be it Heavenly Court or the Southern Alliance, they had deep foundations and assets, competing with them in treasure yellow heaven through price and quantity was not wise.

Fang Yuan's foundation was skewed towards Immortal Gu, Immortal Gu Houses, and secluded domains of heaven and earth. Most of his cultivation resources were used for his own strength. For example, guts Gu, if he sold them in treasure yellow heaven, this monopoly would be well received by the market, Southern Alliance would not affect his gains.

But Fang Yuan did not do that.

He chose to use most of the guts Gu on his own soul path cultivation.

He was still trying every way possible to raise his battle strength!

This decision made his business in treasure yellow heaven even worse, he fell into a disadvantage against them.

"In terms of immortal materials, I have even less compared to my previous life. I refined Immortal Gu multiple times and used too much of them. I also gained many subordinates this time, Lady White Rabbit, Sixth Hair, and Fairy Miao Yin died last time. But now, they are alive and well, I even took in the variant human alliance. Right now, the sovereign immortal aperture is also raising many snowmen, rockmen, hairy men, and others, I am trying to comprehend human path."

Fang Yuan gained a lot more immortal materials than in his previous life, just the annexation of Lang Ya blessed land alone was an immense gain.

But his expenditure also increased as well. The refinement of luck path and wood path Immortal Gu, the nurturing of variant humans, the gathering of twelve different immemorial year beasts, his other clones needed resources, he also faced several intense battles that required vast immortal essence, many Gu worms were lost during those fights…

All in all, be it internally or externally, Fang Yuan's situation was much better than the previous life.

His only weakness was the lack of immortal materials, he was running out of certain immortal materials already.

In this situation, Fang Yuan would not compete with Heavenly Court in treasure yellow heaven at all.

Heavenly Court was buying time path immortal materials, they wanted to obstruct Fang Yuan, their attitude was even stronger than the previous life, Fang Yuan chose to avoid them.

In this regard, he could not beat Heavenly Court alone, not to mention they had the Southern Alliance as well.

Fang Yuan's following plan was to obtain regret Gu and advance the bulk of his current Immortal Gu, this was the same as his previous life's plan.

He currently had a large number of rank six Immortal Gu, once they become rank seven, his battle strength would surge again in an all-rounded manner!

Cooking Luck Pot alone was worth anticipating.

"In the previous life, I lacked time and did not get Red Lotus' true inheritance, I had to act quickly in the blue dragon whale's immortal aperture and could not tackle it with peace of mind."

"This time, not only do I want regret Gu, I also want to try to get that Merit Obelisk, in fact, I want to get Paradise Earth's true inheritance and the blue dragon whale itself!"

Fang Yuan calculated his time well.

Very soon, Central Continent's Refinement Path Convention would start, they would try to repair fate Gu.

But that did not matter.

Fang Yuan put Zhan Bu Du in Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, this clone lived up to his expectations, he progressed rapidly and smoothly. When Fang Yuan appeared, Zhan Bu Du would cooperate with him and annex Beast Calamity grotto-heaven without issues.

He would save a lot of time in that regard, it could all be used to tackle the blue dragon whale's tasks.

His early investment was growing like a snowball, soon, Fang Yuan would gain even more benefits.

Miao Ming Shen looked around and said solemnly: "Everyone, I have already explained the details of this expedition, I gave you all some time to consider. This is my first journey too, the risks are unknown, we might possibly die. If anyone wants to give up now, you can leave. I will definitely not stop anyone, I understand from the bottom of my heart."

Nobody backed out.

This involved Paradise Earth's true inheritance, even if their paths were different, the immortals still held great expectations towards it.

These days, they had been thinking about what could be inside this blue dragon whale.

They did not know that Fang Yuan, who was beside them, already had a reliable plan to work with.

Similar to the previous life, before the immortals set off, Zeng Luo Zi went ahead to make the alliance agreement.

Next, the immortals went into the sea and used a method to find out each other's location.

After that, they went into the undercurrent with Miao Ming Shen taking the lead, they moved around through twists and turns, Fang Yuan was mixed among them as they followed Miao Ming Shen.

He had already made arrangements at the area that the blue dragon whale appeared in the previous life, but he did not receive information about the arrival of the blue dragon whale.

If not for Miao Ming Shen, he indeed might not find the blue dragon whale.

There were eight immortals here, they continued to travel for days. They used several undercurrents to travel, if there were no undercurrents, they would travel under the sea as well, being extremely low profile. Even if they met desolate beasts or ancient desolate beasts, they avoided them. If they saw any resources, they would ignore them.

Along the way, the immortals were led by Miao Ming Shen as they conversed, the atmosphere was quite harmonious and lively.

Miao Ming Shen also became the central member of this group subtly, he managed the relationship between everyone meticulously, he was truly skilled at interpersonal communication.

The immortals traveled with days and nights without stopping.

Miao Ming Shen was afraid that Ren Xiu Ping would expose this matter, so he had to race against time.

Suddenly, he slowed down as he showed an excited expression: "We are getting close!"

The immortals were energized.

Fang Yuan frowned lightly, similar to the previous life, he had been using investigative methods on Miao Ming Shen all along, he could not tell what method Miao Ming Shen was using to search for the blue dragon whale.

And their current location was completely different from the previous life as well.

As the blue dragon whale got closer, the immortals started to notice something strange.

The seawater became more turbulent, desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts increased in numbers, Fang Yuan and the rest had to resist them as they advanced, slaughtering desolate beasts as they forcefully created a path filled with blood.

The immortals fought desperately while Fang Yuan showed a peculiar expression.

In the previous life, he had fallen for it, but this time, he was experienced, after considering this situation, he saw some of the peculiarities in this situation.

"It seems that Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's test started in the sea. If I try to die now, will I get transported into the blue dragon whale's immortal aperture?"

Fang Yuan felt that it was likely but he did not want to take the risk.

To play safe, he would follow his actions in the previous life, 'dying' after a certain amount of time.

"Who is it?!" Right at this moment, Zeng Luo Zi shouted as he sent a killer move behind him, towards his left.

The killer move did not have offensive power but several figures appeared immediately.

"As expected of Zeng Luo Zi, this is a wonderful investigative method." The leading Gu Immortal smiled as he spoke, his aura surged as it destroyed Zeng Luo Zi's investigative method while also sweeping towards Miao Ming Shen and the rest.

Fang Yuan saw him and felt slightly dazed: "Why is Shen Cong Sheng here as well?"

This was different from the previous life.

This person who only said one sentence and broke Zeng Luo Zi's investigative killer move was none other than Shen clan's first supreme elder, Shen Cong Sheng.

This was a righteous path rank eight Gu Immortal!

Miao Ming Shen and the rest only had rank seven cultivation level, they were completely outmatched.

Not only did Shen Cong Sheng come, he even had many Gu Immortals with him, there were Shen clan members and also lone cultivator experts like Ren Xiu Ping.

Fang Yuan had a shocked expression, he was obviously acting. His main body was here, not just Shen Cong Sheng, even if four of Eastern Sea's righteous path rank eights came here, Fang Yuan would not fear them.

Miao Ming Shen and the rest were truly shocked.

The enemies were too powerful, there was no way of contesting them.

What should they do?


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