Reverend Insanity
1887 Banquet Ends, Desire to Enter Dragon Whale
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1887 Banquet Ends, Desire to Enter Dragon Whale

Eastern Sea.

Swish swish swish!

Waves crashed onto the rocks by the island shore, bursting into white bubbles upon impact.

Wicked winds howled, the sky was dark.

This uninhabited island was not eye-catching in the huge Eastern Sea, but it actually hid four Gu Immortals.

The four Gu Immortals were injured, one was lying down, either dead or alive, the other three were sitting and trying to heal their injuries.

A moment later, someone coughed as he spat out mouthfuls of blood.

"Lord!" The other two immortals who were still conscious quickly stopped healing their injuries as they gathered towards him.

The person coughing blood was Miao Ming Shen.

This Gu Immortal cultivated space path, he had rank seven cultivation level, he was famous among Eastern Sea's lone immortals, he had a huge network and influence.

Miao Ming Shen was neither tall nor short, neither fat nor thin. In terms of appearance, he looked ordinary, only his flat and wide nose left a heavy impression on others.

In terms of appearance, he was unassuming. But he was an ambitious person, being very good at building relationships, he had a lot of charisma. Three Eastern Sea lone immortals, Immortal Hua Die, Feng Jiang, and Gui Qi Ye all looked to Miao Ming Shen as their leader, the four were a group of Gu Immortals with common interests.

But now, Gui Qi Ye was unconscious, his body was covered in a poisonous purple color, he was in great danger.

Miao Ming Shen wiped the blood off his face as he spoke with a pale expression: "My injuries… cough cough.. are not an issue! Gui Qi Ye's condition is more severe."

"That's right, Gui Qi Ye was hit by the ice poison starfish, we do not have the way to heal him." Immortal Hua Die was very worried.

Feng Jiang's expression was cold as ice: "The ice poison starfish might have a troublesome poison, but I've heard that Su Chen and Fairy Jiu Yue can heal it."

Miao Ming Shen shook his head and sighed: "Fairy Jiu Yue has some relationship with Ren Xiu Ping while Su Chen is attending the qi sea banquet, we cannot go and expose our identities and secrets. We can only rely on ourselves to heal him. I intend to use the extreme time pole to exchange for underworld yellow water and cleanse the poison of the ice poison starfish."

"Lord…" Immortal Hua Die and Feng Jiang were both moved.

Miao Ming Shen laughed: "Just one rank eight immortal material to save Gui Qi Ye, it is worth the price. Speaking of which, we need to thank that demon Fang Yuan, if he did not defeat Heavenly Court this time, they would not have purchased time path immortal materials from treasure yellow heaven so frantically."

Immortal Hua Die nodded as she sighed: "Indeed, that demon Fang Yuan actually obtained a Red Lotus true inheritance, he is able to control the stone lotus island, Heavenly Court suffered a great defeat, their losses were too severe!"

Feng Jiang was a little worried: "This demon Fang Yuan is too crafty, Heavenly Court is without options against him. Now that Fang Yuan has a Red Lotus true inheritance, he is finally a huge influence. If he is not stopped, this Fang Yuan will become more terrifying, the entire world will be threatened by him."

Immortal Hua Die smiled: "Feng, you are worrying too much, how can any of us deal with a powerful person like Fang Yuan, the world is so huge, will we ever meet him? Even if heaven collapses, giants will hold up the sky. Heavenly Court will not let him off, we just need to watch this quietly."

This time, Fang Yuan used the stone lotus island to cause great harm to Heavenly Court, he naturally did not waste this chance, he put up the video of Heavenly Court losing in treasure yellow heaven, letting the entire world view it.

This way, Fang Yuan's reputation and prestige rose again, while Heavenly Court's fame was heavily damaged.

It was logical that Immortal Hua Die and Feng Jiang knew about this situation.

But what they did not know was, Fang Yuan had disguised as Chu Ying and got close to them, he saved their lives before.

Miao Ming Shen sighed deeply to himself.

He had deep ambitions, he was not willing to lead a normal life.

Otherwise, he would not create a wide network and many connections, he even got the loyalty of Feng Jiang, Immortal Hua Die, and Gui Qi Ye.

As an ambitious Gu Immortal, he had a complex feeling towards Fang Yuan's rise and immense strength.

Fang Yuan's rise was too fast, it had not been a hundred years, he already went from a mortal Gu Master to a rank seven Gu Immortal.

And how long did Miao Ming Shen take?

Hundreds of years!

In just this last period of time, Miao Ming Shen watched the rise of Fang Yuan, it was like a drama that played out before him.

Except he was not the main character.

He felt that both he and Fang Yuan were rank seven Gu Immortals, it was just that Fang Yuan had a rank eight Immortal Gu House and controlled the stone lotus island, which resulted in his victory over Heavenly Court.

But what about himself?

Miao Ming Shen looked at himself, he was truly pathetic!

He was heavily injured, Gui Qi Ye was on the verge of death while Feng Jiang and Immortal Hua Die were both injured. The cause of this was his enemy Ren Xiu Ping, who aggressively chased after them.

He was truly full of problems both internally and externally.

At this moment, Miao Ming Shen even questioned himself, was he wrong in trying to expand his network these years, was he wrong in getting the loyalty of these three immortals after so much hard work? If he was not wrong, why did he end up in this state?

He thought of Qi Sea Ancestor next.

Qi Sea Ancestor held his qi sea banquet and invited the Gu Immortals of Eastern Sea, it was such a huge event that Miao Ming Shen had heard of it long ago, he wanted to attend it. But because of Ren Xiu Ping, he had to hide himself, he had lost this opportunity as a result.

Miao Ming Shen felt deep admiration and envy towards Qi Sea Ancestor.

"If I can follow Qi Sea Ancestor's example and cultivate in seclusion, would I be able to get stronger, would I avoid suffering from the devious schemes of Ren Xiu Ping?"

Miao Ming Shen gritted his teeth, he quickly dispelled this thought that wavered his determination.

He let out a breath of air, he said to Feng Jiang and Immortal Hua Die: "Fang Yuan is having a good life, he is backed by several venerables and does not lack cultivation resources, he is also an otherworldly demon and has control of Spring Autumn Cicada."

After pausing for a while, he added: "He is far beyond us, let's save Old Gui first before we leave this place."

Feng Jiang and Immortal Hua Die nodded in agreement.

Miao Ming Shen immediately connected to treasure yellow heaven and used the extreme time pole to exchange for underworld yellow water.

The transaction process was very smooth and no unexpected mishaps occurred.

In the previous life, Heavenly Court not only occupied the River of Time to restrict Fang Yuan from finding the stone lotus islands, they even worked with Southern Border's righteous path to suppress Fang Yuan in treasure yellow heaven, stopping his businesses and aggressively buying time path immortal materials.

But in this life, Heavenly Court was in a much poorer state. Even though they still allied with Southern Border's righteous path and suppressed Fang Yuan's businesses in treasure yellow heaven, just their loss in the River of Time made them loss a huge amount of Immortal Gu, they needed to try to refine these time path Immortal Gu rapidly, they needed to refine them before Fang Yuan tried doing so.

Thus, in this life, even though Heavenly Court did not lack time path immortal materials in their inventory, they intensified their actions of purchasing time path immortal materials in treasure yellow heaven.

Miao Ming Shen obtained the underworld yellow water much earlier than in the previous life.

Of course, he did not know the cause of it.

Next, Miao Ming Shen used the underworld yellow water to cleanse Gui Qi Ye's entire body.

He used just the right amount, after all, this water was also corrosive on an undefended Gu Immortal body.

Gui Qi Ye was completely cleansed of the poison, he slowly woke up and thanked Miao Ming Shen.

Miao Ming Shen said some words of encouragement as Gui Qi Ye's eyes turned red from gratitude.

The four finally had the time to catch a breather, they started to think about their situation, how would they get out of this and deal with that accursed Ren Xiu Ping!

The four of them were just not enough.

Ren Xiu Ping was an enslavement path expert, he could fight a group on his own, this time, there were more than just him around, Ren Xiu Ping's group was far stronger and more numerous than Miao Ming Shen's group.

Gui Qi Ye pondered and said: "The reason why Ren Xiu Ping targeted us is because lord has the method to enter the blue dragon whale, it concerns Paradise Earth's true inheritance. Right now, we need to use this secret and invite allies to explore that Paradise Earth true inheritance before Ren Xiu Ping. If we are late and Ren Xiu Ping spreads news of this, not only will we lose our initiative, we will also be the target of all the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals!"

Miao Ming Shen nodded in agreement.

Even though he did not like it, this was the only way now.

Regarding the secret of the blue dragon whale, it was better if fewer people knew of it. It was a pity that Ren Xiu Ping plotted against Miao Ming Shen, news would spread in a short time.

Following Gui Qi Ye's method, not only would Miao Ming Shen gain a bunch of Gu Immortals to help him, gaining enough strength to fight Ren Xiu Ping and protect their own lives, they would even be able to explore the blue dragon whale, if they could gain anything inside, that would naturally be good.

In this situation, he had to give up some of his potential future profits and share the secret with more people.

Similar to the previous life, after Miao Ming Shen and the rest discussed this, they decided on the participating members, including Chu Ying.

When Fang Yuan received the invitation, he was still hosting the qi sea banquet.

During this period of time, more famous Eastern Sea Gu Immortals came to attend the banquet.

For example, Dragon Head Tortoise Immortal in adversity sea.

All sorts of famous people came, Fang Yuan gained a deeper understanding of Eastern Sea's situation. Jun Shen Guang who was present also collected information here, the truth was, Southern Border, Northern Plains, and Western Desert also had people here trying to gain information, that went without saying!

Even though this was Fang Yuan's first qi sea banquet, it had already caused a huge impact and influence, the Gu Immortals of the five regions were very concerned.

Eastern Sea had too many spare resources after all, during this period, more Gu Immortals started to trade Immortal Gu.

Each transaction that succeeded meant that Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world would get slightly stronger, Jun Shen Guang and the rest felt deeper pressure.

If Fang Yuan wanted any of these Immortal Gu or immortal materials, he would get Zhang Yin to buy them for him.

He planned to stay here and remain motionless, he would just be a backdrop.

But this backdrop was something nobody could ignore or look down on.

"The time is about right, the qi sea banquet will end now." Fang Yuan spoke.

The immortals were confused and felt perplexed, why was it ending so suddenly?

Fang Yuan smiled warmly: "Transactions will never stop, how long would it take? Everyone here has important things to do, it is not good that I keep everyone waiting here. I held this banquet so that all of you Eastern Sea friends can meet up and have a nice gathering. Now, this goal has been achieved."

The truth was, he had things to do now, these people should scram and get out of his way.

Fang Yuan spoke politely, even if any Eastern Sea immortal was unhappy, they would not dare to defy the number one Eastern Sea immortal.

The immortals quickly stood up and said their goodbyes to Fang Yuan.

Song Qi Yuan and the rest left first, as leaders of their force, they were indeed busy with many things, they had a lot of territory to guard. Fang Yuan's words were music in their ears.


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