Reverend Insanity
1886 Red Heart Leaves, New Board Owner
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1886 Red Heart Leaves, New Board Owner

The moment Zhang Yin spoke, because of his rank eight dominance, all the competitors backed off.

Not only could they not outbid a rank eight Gu Immortal, even if they did, they would have offended this rank eight lone immortal.

Sometimes, lone immortals were scarier than righteous path rank eights, they were unrestrained and free, they did not have so many concerns like the righteous path members.

As for why Zhang Yin had an interest in heart blood Immortal Gu, that was his business, the Gu Immortals could not ask him why.

As the Heavenly Court representative, Jun Shen Guang watched this with deep worry.

Qi Sea Ancestor hosted this banquet that publicly traded Immortal Gu and immortal materials, it satisfied the needs of many Eastern Sea Gu Immortals.

After this banquet, Eastern Sea's Gu Immortals would have an abundance of suitable cultivation resources, their battle strength would rise sharply.

This was great news for Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world, but for Heavenly Court, it was not so good.

Especially after Qi Sea Ancestor declared earlier that this qi sea banquet would be held annually! That was very frequent, Jun Shen Guang could not help but think: Is this Qi Sea Ancestor too free and bored? He wants to hold banquets every year, isn't it tiring? Different from treasure yellow heaven and other auctions, he is not collecting any fees, what is he after then?

"It seems that Qi Sea Ancestor is not without ambitions, he is trying to raise his reputation. Making use of the qi sea banquets to solifidy his influence and reputation every year, in the future, whether he joins Heavenly Court or stays in Eastern Sea, he will benefit greatly."

"I heard that Qi Sea Ancestor has many descendants, in the future, when these people roam Eastern Sea under Qi Sea Ancestor's name, they will be well received by every force they visit."

As a Heavenly Court rank eight, Jun Shen Guang was astute, he gradually saw through some arrangements and plans.

At this moment, information came from Heavenly Court.

Fairy Zi Wei told Jun Shen Guang that he had to cooperate with other Gu Immortals and buy heart blood Immortal Gu without raising any suspicions.

Jun Shen Guang frowned.

He was not confused about why Heavenly Court wanted this blood path Immortal Gu, the truth was, Heavenly Court had been researching blood path all along, with great success.

Jun Shen Guang felt troubled as he transmitted secretly: "The situation has changed, earlier, Zhang Yin took action and bid for this heart blood Immortal Gu using a high price."

Fairy Zi Wei who was in Heavenly Court hesitated for a moment, she arranged: "Then continue to observe them, I will ask others to do it."

Jun Shen Guang was a Heavenly Court representative, if he fought with Zhang Yin over a blood path Immortal Gu, Heavenly Court's reputation would take a huge hit.

In Fairy Zi Wei's original plan, he was only meant to help out.

Heavenly Court placed great importance on this qi sea banquet, they sent people like Jun Shen Guang to come openly, but there were also secret members that were hidden among the rank six and seven immortals.

"Haha, this is a coincidence, I am interested in this heart blood Immortal Gu as well." Yang Jun suddenly spoke.

Right when Zhang Yin thought that he was about to succeed, this Eastern Sea rank eight lone immortal also joined the competition.

This change of events stunned many immortals, even Fang Yuan became slightly puzzled as surprise flashed in his eyes.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, Yang Jun participated in the battle over Dragon Palace.

He had an Immortal Gu House called Fragrant Treasure Horse Chariot, while chasing after Dragon Palace, he found Fang Yuan's traces and ruined his chances of sneaking up on it.

Afterwards, Yang Jun suddenly helped out Duke Long and helped him to suppress the rank eight Immortal Gu House's resistance, before capturing it.

After that, Yang Jun went into concealment and vanished without a trace.

During the battle of repairing fate Gu, Yang Jun did not appear to help Heavenly Court.

During the battle, Heavenly Court was in a difficult spot, there was no way they would have any forces left unused. But Yang Jun did not show up, this showed that he was not a Heavenly Court member, he likely had some sort of agreement with Heavenly Court and would only act once for them.

"Then, is he working for Heavenly Court now?" Fang Yuan had a thought that flashed by.

This was not easy to deduce.

Even with Fang Yuan's deep wisdom path attainment, due to the lack of clues and evidence, he could not be sure of it.

Regardless of the situation, Fang Yuan instructed Zhang Yin to act more forcefully and try to obtain this Immortal Gu.

Thus, Zhang Yin smiled: "Yang Jun, the truth is I really like this Immortal Gu. If you insist, maybe we can spar to decide this?"

Yang Jun frowned as he thought: "Zhang Yin wants this Immortal Gu even if he has to fight? Qi Sea Ancestor was able to defeat him in one move because of his overwhelming strength! But if I fight him, it will likely be a draw."

"Sigh, do I continue this and help Heavenly Court?"

Yang Jun fell into hesitation.

When he was at his lowest, he received Heavenly Court's help, he owed them one favor, promising he would do one thing for them.

This favor was just too heavy to bear, it became Yang Jun's worry eventually.

Yang Jun thought about it, he decided to repay Heavenly Court's favor and resolve this agreement.

"This is a good chance, if I do not act here, during the five regions chaotic war, Heavenly Court will ask me to deal with Eastern Sea's Gu Immortals and I won't be able to reject them."

"Thankfully, I know about Drowning Uncle's situation."

Thinking about this, Yang Jun smiled: "Zhang Yin, don't be so impatient. It is not important to spar, this heart blood Immortal Gu belongs to Drowning Uncle, I am sure that this water path Immortal Gu I am offering will satisfy him greatly."

Saying so, Yang Jun took out an Immortal Gu.

Drowning Uncle saw it and beame overjoyed, he shouted: "Let's do it, I'll exchange for this Immortal Gu."

Zhang Yin was dazed.

What could he do now? Everyone was watching, he could not snatch it, otherwise, Qi Sea Ancestor would need to stop him.

Even though they were in cahoots, they needed to act under their respective roles now.

They had to keep up the act after all.

Zhang Yin could not take action, neither could Qi Sea Ancestor.

Right at this moment, Yang Jun stood up from his seat, he grabbed onto heart blood Immortal Gu and tossed the water path Immortal Gu to the other party.

The immortals showed varying expressions.

Yang Jun moved extremely quickly, he had evidently used an immortal killer move, wasn't he too impatient?

Yang Jun let out a breath of air, he relaxed as he sat down, placing heart blood Immortal Gu into treasure yellow heaven.

Buying or selling Immortal Gu in treasure yellow heaven was very costly, but Heavenly Court did not mind it with their huge assets.

Fairy Zi Wei obtained heart blood Immortal Gu and quickly gave it to someone else.

This person cultivated within Demon Judgment Board all his time, after getting heart blood Immortal Gu, he shouted in joy: "Success has arrived!"

He got out of Demon Judgment Board, all the surroundings surged with blood light, fragrance spread as clouds resounded with immortal music, bloody petals flew in the sky like raining flowers.

He was tall and had a handsome face, he smiled lightly and had a headband on his forehead, there was a lump of blood light behind his head.

A formless flight of stairs seemed to have formed in the air as he walked down slowly.

Fang Zheng was cultivating in front of the Demon Judgment Board, upon seeing this, he knelt on the ground and said: "Fang Zheng greets master!"

"Get up, my disciple. I have gotten a crucial Immortal Gu, the blood path method that I conceptualized my entire life finally has its core and foundation. After staying in this Demon Judgment Board for hundreds of years, it is finally time for me to leave."

This rank eight Gu Immortal spoke warmly, he stretched his arm as a formless force helped Gu Yue Fang Zheng to stand up.

Fang Zheng cupped his fist again: "Congratulations, master."

Ever since the Eastern Sea journey, he got captured by Shen Cong Sheng and was brought back to Heavenly Court afterwards.

Qin Ding Ling observed his luck, she suggested to Fairy Zi Wei that he could be the next Demon Judgment Board Lord.

After Fairy Zi Wei discussed with Duke Long, they agreed to this.

Fang Zheng thus came to the Demon Judgment Board to cultivate, he became the disciple of the current Demon Judgment Board Lord.

Demon Judgment Board was a rank eight Immortal Gu House with a long history. When Blood Sea Ancestor caused chaos in the five regions, Heavenly Court sensed danger and a Heavenly Court predecessor followed the revelation of fate Gu, finding a wild blood relation Immortal Gu.

Blood relation Immortal Gu was rank eight, after Heavenly Court captured it, they added it to Demon Judgment Board. This caused every single blood path cultivator in the world to be detected by Demon Judgment Board as long as they were not rank nine.

Heavenly Court relied on the information from Demon Judgment Board to execute their plans and exterminate the budding blood path trend in Central Continent. Furthermore, they passed the news from Demon Judgment Board to the other four regions, allowing their righteous path forces to deal with blood path more effectively.

Blood path had not flourished, it was suppressed fiercely, Demon Judgment Board was the key contributor to this.

After Blood Sea Ancestor created blood path, Heavenly Court had been researching it, their gains were the greatest compared to any force in the world.

The current Demon Judgment Board Lord, Red Heart Traveler, was a sole blood path cultivator, he had been in closed cultivation in Demon Judgment Board for years, researching and gaining great results, he allowed Heavenly Court's blood path to be far ahead of the five regions.

Spiritual light flashed as Nine Spiritual Fairy suddenly appeared, she went to Red Heart Traveler: "Red Heart, I was ordered to come here and gather with you, we are going to Western Desert to find trouble with Fang clan."

Red Heart Traveler nodded slightly, instructing Fang Zheng before he left: "Demon Judgment Board cannot be without an owner at all times, my disciple, you will take over as Demon Judgment Board Lord after I leave. My inheritance is inside the board, not just that, the cultivation experiences of the past generations of Board Lords are also inside. From now on, you will cultivate inside Demon Judgment Board, it will benefit you greatly, I hope you can work hard and not slacken, don't waste this fortune."

"Yes master, I will remember your teachings, I will never forget it." Gu Yue Fang Zheng quickly replied.

"Mm." Red Heart Traveler nodded before turning around and leaving.

He and Gu Yue Fang Zheng had a very shallow relationship, if Fairy Zi Wei had not given orders, he would not have taken him in as a disciple.

Their relationship however, provided him a huge help.

"Luck is truly profound and mystical. Earlier, Senior Qin Ding Ling told me that if I accept Fang Zheng as my disciple, once we become master and disciple in name, I would be able to use his luck to aid in my own cultivation."

"To think that I gained so much in just a short period of time, before leaving, I should go and visit Senior Qin Ding Ling first." Red Heart Traveler said with deep emotions.

Nine Spiritual Fairy nodded.

They were in no rush for time.

After Qin Ding Ling returned to Heavenly Court, she stayed in a specialized Immortal Gu palace.

After the two met Qin Ding Ling, she inspected their luck, Nine Spiritual Fairy's luck had nine spiritual lights, they were clear and clean, like leaves after withstanding a storm, they brought benefit to the world, giving off an aura of prosperity.

Red Heart Traveler's luck was like a sun or blood pill, it was round and perfect without any flaws, it had just emerged from the clouds, grand and vast, it was truly an amazing sight. This showed that after years of closed cultivation, Red Heart Traveler had finally emerged to travel the world, he was going to spread his radiance throughout the five regions.

Qin Ding Ling smiled as she told them that this would be a smooth trip, as long as they followed the plan, nothing bad would happen.

After the two said goodbye to Qin Ding Ling, they flew in the sky, passing by Embroidered Tower, they saw a Gu Immortal stationed there in a daze, not moving at all.

Nine Spiritual Fairy looked down at Red Heart Traveler as she sighed: "This is Feng Jiu Ge, after the loss in the River of Time, he became this despondent."

Red Heart Traveler shook his head as his expression turned grim: "He is comprehending his Dao now, when I was in closed cultivation in the board, I often fell into this state, we cannot interrupt him."

Nine Spiritual Fairy showed a look of surprise: "Oh? No wonder Fairy Zi Wei is letting him do as he pleases. I am embarrassed, I inherited the nine spiritual transformations inheritance, I have cultivated it wholeheartedly and did not modify it, so I was unaware of this."

Red Heart Traveler consoled her: "Your nine spiritual transformations is the greatest transformation path inheritance in Heavenly Court, it has been modified by countless generations of predecessors, it is near the point of perfection that cannot be modified any further."

Even though he cultivated blood path, he had an extremely gentle temperament, he was as soothing as the spring winds.

Nine Spiritual Fairy smiled: "Back then, when master gave me the true inheritance, he said my aptitude was insufficient. Compared to geniuses like you, I can only feel admiration and envy."

The two immortals talked and laughed as they left Central Heaven Gate, entering white heaven and going towards Western Desert.


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