Reverend Insanity
1885 Banquet Transactions, Heart Blood Appears
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1885 Banquet Transactions, Heart Blood Appears

Qi sea banquet.

Transactions were undergoing.

A Gu Immortal walked up the stage, he wore a black robe and had messy hair. He raised his head and showed his appearance, it was an Eastern Sea lone immortal, Wu Ma Yang.

He had an aquiline nose and his gaze was dark, he seemed to have an injury, he coughed while taking out a shell that was floating in the air.

The Eastern Sea immortals looked over, they recognized what it was and quickly showed disappointed expressions.

This was the shell of a small music clam, it was a rank seven immortal material.

Music clams were ordinary clams that contained sound path dao marks. When they grow to desolate beast level, their size would increase, they would become giant music clams. After becoming an ancient desolate beast, their size would shrink again, becoming small music clams.

The small music clam that Wu Ma Yang took out was dead and had no vitality, it was merely a rank seven sound path immortal material.

But Wu Ma Yang smiled coldly: "Everyone, calm down, why would I dare to embarrass myself at ancestor's banquet? I am not selling this small music clam, but the music stored inside."

Saying so, Wu Ma Yang cupped his fists at Fang Yuan: "Ancestor, please pardon my rude action."

Qi Sea Ancestor nodded lightly.

In truth, Fang Yuan and Wu Ma Yang had met long ago. Back then in Eastern Sea, Fang Yuan sold bone spike Immortal Gu to Wu Ma Yang.

After getting Fang Yuan's agreement, he used his method and opened a slit in the small music clam.

Instantly, everyone heard a crying sound emitting from within it.

This voice was very weak, it was like a sobbing sound that had a music rhythm to it, if someone tried to investigate it, they would be restrained by this voice, they would get weaker and unable to resist it. Mortals would definitely fall prey to it, even Gu Immortals would get lightly injured or die if it was a severe situation.

However, after Wu Ma Yang let it emit its sound for a while, he shut it tight, the small music clam became silent, many Gu Immortals sighed in pity before alerting themselves, they had been affected by it.

"This is rank seven immortal material ghostly wail."

"Ancestor has great knowledge, I am willing to exchange this ghostly wail for any rank seven dark path immortal material of equal value. It would be best if you have any black hole wood or dark thread algae." Wu Ma Yang announced.

The Gu Immortals below were silent for a while before someone said: "I have dark thread algae."

Wu Ma Yang nodded in joy, he was about to answer when someone said: "I have black hole wood, I will exchange for your ghostly wail."

After some negotiation, Wu Ma Yang left the stage in satisfaction.

In the recent years, due to the five regions' Earth Trenches emerging, Eastern Sea gained an abundant source of cultivation resources even though they had the fewest Earth Trenches.

Wu Ma Yang's ghostly wail was likely obtained from them.

Even though Eastern Sea Gu Immortals interacted often and held auctions commonly, they were mostly small events, how could they be as large as Fang Yuan's banquet. The qi sea banquet involved the entire Eastern Sea Gu Immortal world after all!

Treasure yellow heaven's transactions had gone up in numbers due to the Earth Trenches, but treasure yellow heaven charged a fee for every transaction done.

The transaction fee of treasure yellow heaven varied according to the intensity of the treasure light, therefore, the more valuable the transaction item, the higher the transaction fee one would have to pay.

Rank seven immortal materials were already quite valuable, Wu Ma Yang tried to save as much cost as he could.

After Wu Ma Yang walked down, another Gu Immortal went up, selling a lump of fire.

This fire was yellow inside and orange outside, it was filled with deep death energy. Once it was taken out, the surrounding air became dry like a desert, the temperature rose sharply.

"This is drought zombie flame." The Gu Immortal who sold this flame smiled.

He came from Su clan, an Eastern Sea super force, he was called Su Lun, a righteous path member.

Fang Yuan arranged them in the order of one righteous path followed by one lone immortal, this arrangement clearly took the Eastern Sea lone immortals into consideration, it was welcomed by them. And most wonderfully, he did not allocate any spots for demonic path Gu Immortals, it showed a certain political attitude of Qi Sea Ancestor.

Eastern Sea's righteous path did not get upset by this arrangement, after all, Qi Sea Ancestor was a lone cultivator in Eastern Sea himself.

The drought zombie flame caused a slight commotion, it was a rank eight level flame, Fang Yuan had to wave his hand lightly as he forced the flame to gather into a tight lump.

The temperature of the qi sea banquet gradually returned to normal.

"I am sure many people know what flame this is already. But I am not just selling the flame today, I am also adding in a drought immortal zombie lifespan extension method. This method can allow a Gu Immortal who is near their lifespan limit to use the flame and become a drought immortal zombie. I am sure everyone has heard of the drought immortal zombie, its battle strength rivals rank eight Gu Immortals."

But there was a lack of interest in this among the Gu Immortals.

Currently, everyone knew about Heavenly Court's plan to repair fate Gu. Once they succeed, immortal zombies would likely cease to exist. If fate is restored, the world would not allow dead people to exist, they would all need to remain dead.

Therefore, becoming a drought immortal zombie did not have good prospects.

After a while, a Gu Immortal asked: "Can a rank seven Gu Immortal convert into a drought immortal zombie as well?"

Su Lun nodded: "Of course, but the drought immortal zombie body would not be complete, it would only be a small drought immortal zombie, the battle strength will also be at rank seven."

He did not dare to deceive anyone, in this situation, experts were everywhere, they would likely notice the truth. By then, he would have publicly offended Qi Sea Ancestor, a rank eight great expert, at his banquet, that was a problem that Su Lun and Su clan would not want to create.

When Eastern Sea's righteous path sent representatives to this banquet, did anyone not bring gifts along with them?

In contrast, only a small portion of the lone and demonic immortals did this.

After all, Eastern Sea's righteous path forces had a lot of territory and businesses, they needed a good relationship with Qi Sea Ancestor. Meanwhile, most of the lone and demonic immortals were alone, they did not have much restraints.

Su Lun did not manage to make any trades in the end.

But a few Gu Immortals expressed their interest, they were willing to negotiate, it might be sold if the cost was lowered enough.

"This drought zombie flame likely came from Eastern Sea's Zombie Alliance." Fang Yuan thought to himself, he had obtained the inventory list of Zombie Alliance from Shadow Sect's inheritance, among which, there were several drought zombie flames in Eastern Sea's Zombie Alliance headquarters.

Back then, Spectral Soul tried to refine sovereign immortal fetus Gu, he exposed Shadow Sect and Zombie Alliance. Spectral Soul failed, Eastern Sea's Zombie Alliance was mobilized in the effort and reduced to nothing, it was wiped out by the combined effort of Eastern Sea's righteous path.

Looking at the location, Su clan was one of the closest forces to Eastern Sea's Zombie Alliance headquarters. Other than them, there was Qing Yue clan, Song clan, and Hua clan.

After the drought zombie flame, another Eastern Sea Gu Immortal walked up the stage.

He slowly walked up and took glances at Qi Sea Ancestor from time to time. He saw that Fang Yuan had no response, his eyes were shut and he was relaxed.

This Eastern Sea Gu Immortal calmed down slightly, he let out a breath of air as he said in a hoarse voice: "I came here to exchange Immortal Gu."

Saying this, he spread open his hand and revealed an Immortal Gu.

Instantly, a bloody smell spread out rapidly, many of the immortals' hearts pounded intensely.

This was the first Immortal Gu transaction since the banquet started!

Everyone focused their attention and looked at this ladybug-like Gu, it was small and delicate, with a bright red shell and an iron-black belly and head. Listening closely, one could seem to hear a thumping heartbeat from inside the ladybug. The sound of this heartbeat was very faint, but the more one listened, the louder and louder it got, echoing with the rhythm of the heartbeat of the Gu Immortal, thus affecting the heartbeat of the Gu Immortal as well.

The immortals were a little shocked, some of the weaker rank six Gu Immortals here grunted, some had pale faces, they were evidently affected.

"What Immortal Gu is this? Even Gu Immortals got injured, while mortals definitely cannot approach it."

"It is clearly a blood path Immortal Gu."

"This Drowning Uncle is too daring, he is publicly selling a blood path Immortal Gu at the qi sea banquet, is he not afraid that Qi Sea Ancestor and the Eastern Sea righteous path members would take action?"

"Drowning Uncle is a demonic path immortal, who in Eastern Sea does not know that? Ancestor did not state that demonic immortals could get on stage but he still walked up so fearlessly."

The immortals conversed among themselves, the righteous path Gu Immortals had ugly expressions, Drowning Uncle had killed countless people, but now he was feeling trepidation too.

He cultivated water path but was specialized at dealing with water path Gu Immortals, he drowned countless mortals and even targeted many Gu Immortals of the righteous path, he was a heinous person with many sins committed.

Until now, he was still under the arrest warrant of five super forces in Eastern Sea.

During normal times, the righteous path Gu Immortals would have ganged up to attack him already, but now was the qi sea banquet, it was Qi Sea Ancestor's event, who would dare to act rashly here?

Regarding Drowning Uncle's matter, all the Gu Immortals turned to look at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was still calm and composed, as if he was resting, he said nothing.

After looking at Fang Yuan for a while, they gradually understood that Qi Sea Ancestor was likely not going to take action here.

Drowning Uncle became very excited, he had made the right gamble! He was greatly daring, if not, why would he go against Eastern Sea's righteous path forces? At the same time, he was meticulous and did not take risks blindly.

"Since ancestor allowed me to join the banquet, it meant that he would not do anything to me. Otherwise, he could have done so when I arrived. Such a person is high and mighty, why would he spend effort on a small fry like me?"

Thinking so, Drowning Uncle spoke: "This is rank seven heart blood Immortal Gu, I caught it inside an Earth Trench, will anyone exchange for it?"

After a momentary silence, many Gu Immortals quickly bid for it.

But no righteous path member took part.

Blood path was created by Blood Sea Ancestor, it had flourished for a while before the five regions' righteous path suppressed and sealed it. Blood Sea Ancestor was extremely capable, he actually set up his blood path inheritance in all five regions, causing blood path to continue existing until today, while the righteous path forces all tried to research on it secretly.

Transactions of Immortal Gu were only done through exchange for other Immortal Gu.

There was no bidding here, it only depended on what Immortal Gu Drowning Uncle wanted.

There were many Gu Immortals who wanted to exchange for it, many took out water path Immortal Gu. Water path was the most common path in Eastern Sea, the number of water path Immortal Gu was also highest in Eastern Sea.

This heart blood Immortal Gu had incredible strength just from seeing it, it would have a great effect if used in battle.

In normal situations, Gu Immortals could not cultivate many paths due to conflicting dao marks. But Eastern Sea had many Gu Immortals cultivating blood path, most of those primarily cultivated blood path, while several rank sevens and sixes cultivated it on the side.

Seeing this, Eastern Sea's righteous path Gu Immortals had even uglier expressions.

Eastern Sea had many secluded cultivators, but to think that only heart blood Immortal Gu would cause so many blood path Gu Immortals to show themselves.

But Fang Yuan was not surprised.

In the five hundred years of his previous life, blood path was extremely popular, after the five regions merged, the number of blood path Gu Immortals rose drastically, by the time of the five regions chaotic war, blood path became a mainstream path that could not be banned anymore.

In the five hundred years of his previous life, Fang Yuan was one of these people.

"I can try to get this heart blood Immortal Gu, Song Zi Xing's inheritance had a heart blood premonition killer move, it is most appropriate to use this heart blood Immortal Gu as the core."

Fang Yuan developed this thought, Zhang Yin started to speak: "I want this heart blood Immortal Gu, I have several rank seven water path Immortal Gu, you can pick any one of them. Furthermore, I will owe you a favor."

This was the first time a rank eight Gu Immortal had spoken in the auction, the surroundings went silent the moment he spoke.


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