Reverend Insanity
1882 Challenge
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1882 Challenge

"The three supplementary formations are ready." A group of Gu Immortals ended their work, they sat down in the Immortal Gu House to rest and recover.

The second group took over, on top of the three supplementary formations, they added a rank eight Immortal Gu — Suppression.

The second group had eight Gu Immortals that were either rank six or seven, they worked together with great coordination, after some work, they finally added in suppression Immortal Gu successfully.

This was the River of Time, a time path secluded domain of heaven and earth, as a rule path Immortal Gu, it was not easy to use suppression Immortal Gu here, the difficulty was high.

But rank eight Immortal Gu Suppression was one of the core Immortal Gu of the river suppression lotus sealing formation, it had to be the first rank eight Immortal Gu arranged here. After it, other steps could be taken.

At this time, the second group went to rest while the first group came back to work.

They were not continuing the setup, they were dismantling the three layers of supplementary formation that was created earlier.

These Gu formations were meant to help Immortal Gu Suppression find the proper area to be put in. After that, they had to be removed and make space for the next few steps of the immortal formation.

"Good, the three layers of supplementary formations have been removed. Next, we will set up the pale fire formation." The third group of Gu Immortals took over.

The first group of Gu Immortals were exhausted, they quickly went to rest.

"After the pale fire formation, we will set up the paper cage formation, let's go." The second group of Gu Immortals took over.

If the river suppression lotus sealing formation was split apart, there were a hundred and thirty-eight sub formations, the pale fire and paper cage formations were just two of them.

"Be careful, something has happened in the River of Time, a huge wave is crashing towards us!" Someone alerted.

At this time, the first group was resting, trying to recover as much as they could, the second and third group were busy setting the formation, the fourth group of Gu Immortals meant to deal with emergencies were activated.

In order to create the formation, Heavenly Court split the Gu Immortals into four groups. The first group had the strongest formation path abilities, they were in charge of the core of the river suppression lotus sealing formation. The second and third groups had similar levels of strength, the fourth group had the least number of people, they had some level of ability in formation building but were meant to deal with emergencies.

The fourth group of immortals quickly acted and destroyed the huge wave.

The second and third groups let out a sigh of relief. While checking that the formation was intact, they started to make preparations for the future steps.

Gu Liu Ru and Feng Jiu Ge were stationed in Moment Stage and Present and Past Pavilion respectively.

Feng Jiu Ge's eyes were steady as he comprehended destiny, Gu Liu Ru had a deep gaze that was filled with alertness.

"We have found the stone lotus island, there is some commotion when we made the formation, Fang Yuan will definitely be alerted."

"He will definitely come here to cause destruction!"

"The river suppression lotus sealing formation has not been completed yet, we are at our weakest now, Fang Yuan will definitely come to attack."

"This is an important matter! I need to make up for my mistakes, I cannot let Fang Yuan succeed!"

While thinking, a silvery light appeared on the horizon.

Gu Liu Ru's heart immediately tensed.

Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform and Shark Flow Lever that were patrolling outside changed directions immediately, trying to obstruct the invader.

It was Myriad Year Flying Warship!

"Gu Liu Ru, your Heavenly Court actually tried to take Red Lotus' true inheritance from under my nose, hehe, you are just dreaming." Myriad Year Flying Warship came rapidly as Fang Yuan's voice resounded from within.

Gu Liu Ru snorted coldly, his voice spread in this entire battlefield: "Fang Yuan, you are merely a loser that we defeated, was the painful lesson last time not enough for you?"

He was a time path great expert, he was like a fish in water in the River of Time. Rank eight Gu Immortals of other paths would need a lot more effort to make their voice transmit around the entire battlefield.

"Haha, with me here, don't think of setting any formation." Before Fang Yuan finished his words, Myriad Year Flying Warship already started to shine with bright lights.

These lights converged into countless silver flying swords as they shot out rapidly, towards the incomplete river suppression lotus sealing formation.

Gu Liu Ru's expression was grim, he felt a headache, Heavenly Court's biggest weakness now was this formation.

Fang Yuan ruthlessly attacked the enemy's weakness, Heavenly Court had no choice but to defend it, they were stuck in a passive situation.

Last time, when Fang Yuan attacked the river suppression lotus sealing formation, Heavenly Court could dismantle the formation, but this time, with this Red Lotus stone island, they would preserve it even if they had to pay a huge price to do so.

Boom boom boom!

Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform arrived first, it fought against Myriad Year Flying Warship, there were many impacts that caused the water of the River of Time to splash and splatter.

Shark Flow Lever arrived shortly after.

As the three Immortal Gu Houses fought intensely in the River of Time, in the sky of Eastern Sea's qi sea, the scene was harmonious and joyful.

After Hua Cai Yun, the Gu Immortals of Eastern Sea's super forces, Song clan, Su clan, and Cai clan also arrived.

The one from Song clan was naturally Song Qi Yuan, he came to the banquet with Song Yi Shi.

"This is my granddaughter Song Yi Shi, after hearing of senior's story, she became very excited, she asked me to bring her here and meet you." Song Qi Yuan smiled, he introduced his granddaughter Song Yi Shi.

Song Yi Shi had lost her father long ago, as her grandfather, Song Qi Yuan doted on her, for this Eastern Sea banquet, he brought her here so that she would get to leave an impression on people.

"This junior pays respects to Qi Sea Ancestor." Song Yi Shi said politely.

She had snow-white skin, her eyes were bright, she wore a blue-white dress and had an innocent aura, she was truly one of the six great beauties of Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world.

Similar to Hua Cai Yun, Song Qi Yuan also brought a gift, it was a qi path inheritance that Song clan had collected in its inventory, it originated from a historical qi path rank eight great expert. After Fang Yuan took a look, he saw that it was quite unique and had quite a bit of value.

Fang Yuan smiled as he looked at Song Yi Shi, he displayed the concern of a senior: "Song clan has a good descendant, a good junior. This is our first meeting, I cannot let you leave empty-handed."

Saying so, he took out a rank eight water path immortal material, it floated towards Song Yi Shi.

Song Yi Shi was of great upbringing after all, she received the gift and quickly thanked him.

"Take a seat." Fang Yuan waved his hand as qi currents gathered, forming a seat instantly, it was right below him and towards the left.

Song Qi Yuan saw this position and became very happy, he quickly brought Song Yi Shi to take their seats.

Song Yi Shi placed the rank eight water path immortal material in her immortal aperture, she acted very modestly and gracefully, displaying the demeanor of a young lady in an esteemed clan.

Hua Cai Yun laughed as she spoke: "Song Qi Yuan, this is the first gift that ancestor has handed out. Had I known this, I would've brought my grandson as well."

She was the earliest person, she had already conversed with Fang Yuan for some time, their relationship had gotten much closer in this period.

Song Qi Yuan laughed, he was secretly proud of this, bringing Song Yi Shi here was really a wise decision.

Song Yi Shi was looking at Qi Sea Ancestor for the first time, she was awe-inspired by his aura: "This old senior is truly the number one person in Eastern Sea, a person who rivaled Duke Long. He has the demeanor of a great person, he is so magnanimous and grand."

If she knew that this person was Fang Yuan, who had once acted as Xing Xiang Zi and watched her shower, she would not have such thoughts.

"Qing Yue An pays respects to Qi Sea Ancestor." Qing Yue An was the third Eastern Sea rank eight Gu Immortal who arrived.

"Junior Qing Yue Zhi Cheng greets Qi Sea Ancestor." A youngster was behind Qing Yue An, he wore a green shirt and had a tall nose and flat face, his eyes were shiny like stars, he was a handsome and talented junior in Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world.

"Good." Fang Yuan sighed and praised, assessing Qing Yue Zhi Cheng: "Another good junior. I have a gift for you as well."

He gave Qing Yue Zhi Cheng a rank eight immortal material as well, Qing Yue Zhi Cheng quickly received it with thanks.

Hua Cai Yun gradually saw a pattern as she thought to herself: "This Qi Sea Ancestor seems to enjoy helping talented juniors, just from this point alone, one can see that he truly has grand disposition."

At this moment, Nan Gong clan's Gu Immortals arrived at the banquet, Hua Cai Yun's expression sank.

This was because Nan Gong clan's first supreme elder brought Hua An along.

Hua An was originally a Hua clan Gu Immortal, but he betrayed Hua clan and joined Nan Gong clan. He had deep wisdom path attainment, he was one of the three wisdom path experts of Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world.

The saying goes: Jia Dan sits in twin polar, Hua An hides in Nan Gong, there is also Dragon Head Tortoise, living inside adversity sea.

Even though Hua Cai Yun was unhappy, she did not say anything. This was Qi Sea Ancestor's banquet, she wanted to get close to the number one Eastern Sea expert now, she had to endure it.

Eastern Sea's righteous path arrived one by one.

The last one who came was the grand elder of the Merman Imperial Court.

Fang Yuan said some words of consolation as he arranged for her to sit at the very end.

After the merman grand elder sat down, she sighed to herself internally: Even though this was her first meeting with Qi Sea Ancestor, this great expert was showing a good attitude towards the merfolk.

Of course.

The mermen were working with the dragonmen, they were Fang Yuan's natural allies.

Fang Yuan would not give her trouble.

Seeing Fang Yuan's treatment of the merman grand elder, Eastern Sea's righteous path Gu Immortals fell into contemplation.

River of Time.

Myriad Year Flying Warship was already at the inner area.

Immortal killer move — Daybreak Sword!

Swords moved out like an army of pythons, traversing the battlefield and attacking Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform.

Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform started to shine with a bright orange light, the strength of the silver flying swords weakened continuously.

At the other end, Shark Flow Lever shot out three frost waves and froze the water of the River of Time under Myriad Year Flying Warship.

Fang Yuan grunted from within Myriad Year Flying Warship, silver flying swords turned around and gathered in the water below the river.

Immortal killer move — Torrential Charge!

Myriad Year Flying Warship shot out like a meteor, crashing into the river suppression lotus sealing formation that was still being set up.


With a loud sound, Moment Stage blocked Myriad Year Flying Warship as the two rank eight Immortal Gu Houses collided.

Moment Stage had a slight disadvantage while Myriad Year Flying Warship's advancement was halted, it was stalled by Shark Flow Lever and Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform which had caught up.

Heavenly Court had deep foundation, they already prepared some methods to deal with Myriad Year Flying Warship.

Myriad Year Flying Warship had gone through many battles, its methods were exposed, it could not do much in this situation.

At this moment, two more time path Immortal Gu Houses arrived as reinforcements.

One was Eternal Yacht carrying Xing Ye Wang, the other was Sun and Moon Temple carrying Nine Spiritual Fairy.

Heavenly Court's reinforcements arrived!

Four rank eight Gu Immortals, six time path Immortal Gu Houses!

Heavenly Court's morale soared.

Eastern Sea, above qi sea.

Qi currents surged and formed into a vast cloud, Qi Sea Ancestor willed as countless dishes and delicious wine emerged from these currents.

It was finally time, Qi Sea Ancestor wanted to raise his cup and announce the start of the banquet when a voice resounded in the sky: "Black Soul Sea Lord would like to request a spar with Qi Sea Ancestor."

Next, his rank eight aura filled with dark energy loomed over the entire area.

The Eastern Sea immortals were stunned before their eyes started to shine.

An Eastern Sea rank eight was actually challenging Qi Sea Ancestor!


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