Reverend Insanity
1879 Situation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1879 Situation

Eastern Sea.

Dragon Palace.

Fang Yuan's clone, Wu Shuai, sat on his dragon throne as he manipulated his army ants.

During this period of time, the ant army had already developed to a certain size.

At this moment, there were over a hundred million ants, they moved like a golden river and circled in the sky.

Wu Shuai took out a rank eight immortal material.

It was a bunch of bird feathers, these feathers had a stone texture but looked very lifelike, they were covered in a grey-white light.

If one sniffed them, they would be able to smell the stench of a corpse.

This was the immemorial desolate beast corpse emperor bird's feathers.

Wu Shuai blew lightly as the feathers flew into the sky, fusing into the golden river of army ants.

Soon, he started to hear noises.

Countless army ants landed on the corpse emperor bird feathers and devoured them.

Even though there were only ten feathers, they were rank eight immortal materials after all, just a tiny bit was enough to feed an army of ten thousand ants, it could last very long.

A moment later, the corpse emperor bird feathers got completely consumed by the army ants.

These army ants were not just fed, they even created a new batch of army ants.

The new ants were corpse ants, they emitted death energy, they could eat the corpses of army ants to get stronger. The more corpses they ate, the stronger the corpse ants became. There was a limit to this growth of course, the strongest corpse ant could match a king ant but could not match a queen ant.

"With these corpse ants, the army ants will be more usable and durable in battle. Before this, the ants would die in vain, but with corpse ants, I can make use of their corpses. In this regard, I can save quite a bit of cost too." Wu Shuai let out a breath of air.

The army ants were extremely profound, they contained the essence of enslavement path.

Feeding the army ants not only maintained their numbers, new breeds could even be created. When countless different army ants work together, they would produce many unique effects.

But the army ants could only alleviate the weakness of enslavement path, they could not eliminate it.

Enslavement path truly used up too many resources.

After growing the army ants to this scale that could fight rank eight Gu Immortals, Wu Shuai was starting to feel a heavy burden.

"My main body is refining Gu, the expenditure is huge, the army ants I am raising are also a bottomless hole."

"Thankfully, I have the help of Gu tribe and the merfolk, otherwise, my army ants would not develop to this size."

Right at this moment, Wu Shuai's expression changed.

A Gu Immortal had appeared outside Dragon Palace, visiting Wu Shuai.

Wu Shuai opened the palace doors and went to invite the person in.

"Tang Qiong greets Lord Wu Shuai." It was a yellow scaled mermaid, she was adorable and gentle, she smiled as dimples were seen on her face.

She was an elder in charge of the Merman Imperial Court, she represented a portion of their will.

Fang Yuan's clone Wu Shuai helped to convert a portion of Gu tribe and the mermen into new dragonmen, the relationship between the three groups had deepened a lot.

Tang Qiong was the representative of the Merman Imperial Court, she interacted with Wu Shuai deeply and always kept a polite attitude, she treated Wu Shuai as an actual senior.

Wu Shuai brought Tang Qiong into Dragon Palace.

"Even though this is not my first visit, I am still in awe regarding Dragon Palace's grand appearance." Tang Qiong sighed to herself, she had a sincere expression.

Wu Shuai laughed: "Fairy Tang Qiong, what brings you here?"

Tang Qiong showed a serious expression: "Senior, Qi Sea Ancestor is holding a banquet in Eastern Sea, he has invited the entirety of Eastern Sea Gu Immortal world to attend it. My Imperial Court received the invitation as well, our grand elder wants to ask senior if you are going to the banquet along with us?"

"Oh, that matter." Wu Shuai heard this and his eyes shined with bright light.

After Fang Yuan's main body snatched mutation Immortal Gu, he used the identity of Qi Sea Ancestor to interfere in Eastern Sea's politics.

This Eastern Sea banquet was one of Fang Yuan's plans, but in his plan, he did not invite Wu Shuai.

Wasn't it easy to invite his own clone?

But Fang Yuan wanted to conceal Wu Shuai for now, he did not want to expose him yet.

The Merman Imperial Court actually invited Wu Shuai to go with them, this action had deep meaning. It showed that the merfolk really wanted to get closer with the dragonmen.

"I have rank eight Immortal Gu House Dragon Palace while the Merman Imperial Court has no rank eight Immortal Gu House. Their force was established with the help of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable back then, after so many years, Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's influence has dwindled, his protection will eventually vanish."

"As a variant human, the dragonman race is a natural ally indeed."

"Even so, the merfolk are taking a huge risk, this current generation grand elder has a lot of resolution."

Wu Shuai thought about it, he asked an obvious question: "Then, did Qi Sea Ancestor invite Fang Yuan as well?"

Within the palace, Tang Qiong shook her head: "Qi Sea Ancestor has announced that he will not invite Fang Yuan. He said that this banquet is an Eastern Sea banquet, Fang Yuan is not an Eastern Sea Gu Immortal, he will not be invited."

Wu Shuai nodded.

That had to be the case.

If Qi Sea Ancestor invited Fang Yuan, it would be an act against Heavenly Court. He was not afraid of them, but Fang Yuan had to consider the feelings of the other Eastern Sea Gu Immortals.

He was not afraid of Heavenly Court, but Eastern Sea's Gu Immortals were afraid and wary of Heavenly Court.

Heavenly Court's reputation was deeply ingrained in everyone, it was after all the number one force in the world, it had a history of three million years!

If he invited Fang Yuan, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals might have second thoughts and decide not to attend the banquet, that would go against Fang Yuan's intentions.

Qi Sea Ancestor had also just taken half a Primordial Origin true inheritance from Duke Long. If he immediately approached Fang Yuan after that, it would be disadvantageous towards the big picture.

Tang Qiong observed his expression but had no findings. Wu Shuai was ambitious and unfathomable, it was normal that he showed no signs on his face.

Tang Qiong had to encourage him: "Senior Wu Shuai, pardon my disrespectful words but in my tribe's opinion, although you have an agreement with Fang Yuan and are working together, you are you and Fang Yuan is Fang Yuan, we cannot treat the two as the same entity. Even though Fang Yuan is strong, he is a human with a special identity, he is ruthless and hard to read. Dragonmen will reign supreme, but to truly rise up, you need to rely on yourselves, becoming a force of your own and dominating your own area."

"Haha, you are right." Wu Shuai laughed: "I will remember your tribe's sincerity. But now is not the time for the dragonman race to reappear in this world."

"Qi Sea Ancestor invited a huge range of Eastern Sea's Gu Immortals, even though he has some agreement with Heavenly Court and is in a neutral position, Heavenly Court will not want such an influential person to exist in Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world."

"If I join the banquet, Heavenly Court will be even more wary, they might even take action."

"By then, we cannot confirm what stance Qi Sea Ancestor will take. Furthermore, I am not an Eastern Sea Gu Immortal in identity."

Tang Qiong pondered about it: "According to my tribe's deductions, Qi Sea Ancestor is strong but as a lone cultivator, he likely wants to stay neutral. He has made agreements with both Heavenly Court and Fang Yuan, senior, if you go, he will have a good opportunity to express his stance, he will definitely welcome you, even though his attitude might not be too enthusiastic nor cold."

"Hmm… give me some time to consider it." Wu Shuai pondered and said.

"Alright, senior, if you want to go, please contact me. I will take my leave."

Watching Tang Qiong leave Dragon Palace, Wu Shuai fell into deep thought.

From this matter, he could see the attitude of the merfolk, it was very advantageous to him, he could make use of it.

To speak the truth, he did not want to burden the main body excessively. He would rather settle most things himself through his own effort.

The merfolk were a part of Eastern Sea, their attitude was also the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal world's attitude towards Qi Sea Ancestor and this huge banquet.

It was a good attitude.

It was very beneficial to Fang Yuan's plans.

With just Qi Sea Ancestor's identity, wanting to set up a banquet and uniting the whole of Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world was wishful thinking. That was basically impossible.

Longevity Heaven had dominated Northern Plains for so many years but they had not united their Gu Immortal world either.

Fang Yuan did not dream of this, what he wanted was to influence Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world! He wanted to make sure that when dealing with Heavenly Court in the future, Qi Sea Ancestor's decisions and actions would greatly affect the choices made by Eastern Sea's Gu Immortals.

Before Qi Sea Ancestor's banquet began, Western Desert's Fang Di Chang, who was also Fang Yuan's clone, had also started doing something like this.

"Everyone, goodbye."

"Friend Xiao, please take care."

Fang Di Chang sent off the final Western Desert Gu Immortal.

A Western Desert righteous path meeting had just ended.

Fang Di Chang cooperated with the main body, leading the allied forces of five clans in Western Desert's righteous path, 'defeating' Heavenly Court. Fang Di Chang used this outstanding result to its limit, he invited all of the Western Desert super forces to come for a meeting.

"These guys… hmph!" Fang Gong walked out and looked at Xiao clan's Gu Immortal leave as he showed an unhappy expression.

This gathering did not have a good result.

Many forces were cold towards Fang clan, some even suspected Fang clan's victory over Heavenly Court.

They were simply provoking Fang clan!

Fang Di Chang smiled bitterly: "First supreme elder, don't be too angry, the truth is, Heavenly Court managed to retreat safely, they lost one rank eight because of Thousand Transformations Ancestor as well. The 'defeat' of Heavenly Court was merely our publicization to raise our reputation."

"Our Fang clan rose to power too abruptly, we have not won yet. These clans are too envious of our good luck in obtaining Divine Bean Palace."

"Right now, we rode on this wave and held a meeting, in their eyes, they think that our Fang clan just wants to be the leader hastily. Thus, they did not send any elders with authority, they only sent some insignificant members."

Other than the four clans who allied with them showing a sincere attitude, most of the other super clans did not give Fang clan face.

But this was something that could not be helped.

Firstly, Fang clan did not obtain an actual victory, their battle strength was not threatening enough.

Secondly, they did not have true authority, these clans were not interested in entertaining them.

"Heavenly Court must be sowing discord as well. There is no helping it, our influence can only grow slowly." Fang Di Chang said.

"Hmph, during the five regions war, when Central Continent attacks, I want to see what these people will do." Fang Gong snorted coldly.

Fang Di Chang squinted but he sighed in his mind.

How could these super forces not understand the big picture?

They knew about it clearly, but so what?

These forces restrained and restricted each other, they had countless years of grudges and conflict, their individual interests and benefits were at stake, without any life-and-death crisis, their usual mindsets would not allow them to work together.


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