Reverend Insanity
1877 Li Xiao Bai“s Promotion
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1877 Li Xiao Bai“s Promotion

Fang Yuan looked at the mutation Immortal Gu in his hands.

This Immortal Gu had a peculiar shape, it had the body of a longhorn beetle, it had eight spider-like legs, it had a rhinoceros beetle horn on its head, it had cicada wings and two mantis arms. Its tail shined brightly like a firefly, but the light was a rainbow color.

Mutation Immortal Gu was the possession of Thousand Transformations Ancestor, but this was not a problem for Fang Yuan.

After Fang Yuan left the battlefield, he refined this rank eight Immortal Gu during the time he traveled.

There was no need to mention Thousand Transformations Ancestor's anger after sensing this, Fang Yuan tried several times and found out the effects of mutation Immortal Gu.

This was an offensive Immortal Gu, it had great power, it could mutate a portion of the enemy's body, it dominated rank sevens and could give huge problems to immemorial desolate beasts.

It could also be used on oneself to add transformations to one's transformations. For example, if Fang Yuan turns into a tiger, after using mutation Immortal Gu, he could gain two wings on his tiger body, he might get a third eye on his tiger head, he might even grow a scorpion stinger at the end of his tail.

Of course, these were positive mutations.

There could also be detrimental mutations.

For example, the tiger's stomach might grow an elephant leg that is much longer than the tiger's entire body. The tiger's back might gain a butthole, it would be an obvious weakness that the enemy would target.

Using mutation Immortal Gu alone would have mixed effects, it was risky.

Because this Immortal Gu was rank eight, it would trigger rank eight level mutations, there would be huge effects on the body.

Thus, to play safe, he had to use other supplementary Gu worms with mutation Immortal Gu to form killer moves.

Using these moves to amplify oneself was the least risky way.

Other than attacking enemies with mutation Immortal Gu, it could also be used to manage the immortal aperture.

Using it as the core to display a killer move or immortal formation, it would cause more mutations to the lifeforms within the immortal aperture. Ordinary beasts would gradually grow into mutated beasts.

Of course, these mutated beasts could also be crippled, but due to natural selection, they would slowly phase out of existence.

As for those powerful mutated beasts, they would survive and reproduce, creating a brand new species.

Normally, these mutated lifeforms would develop into the specialty resource of a certain immortal aperture, they would not exist elsewhere. If they were well received in the market, this would become the Gu Immortals' long term income source, they would gain a huge profit from this over time.

"Mutation Immortal Gu has such a comprehensive effect, it should be one of the core Immortal Gu of Reckless Savage's true inheritance. No wonder Thousand Transformations Ancestor became so nervous after losing it." Fang Yuan thought.

Other than mutation Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan also gained several other Immortal Gu.

Most were transformation path Immortal Gu, there was also a rank seven rule path Immortal Gu — Pass.

This was an insect that seemed like a flightless cockroach, it had the size of a fetus' fist, it was flat and shining in a metallic color, giving off a feeling of toughness.

Back then, when Night Temptress and Immortal Concubine Qing Lan first set an immortal formation, it was the core of it.

Feng Jiu Ge was hidden nearby, he saw this Immortal Gu and wanted to obtain it.

This Immortal Gu had great value to him.

To think that in the end, this Immortal Gu would end up with Fang Yuan.

"Just these Immortal Gu and Thousand Transformations Ancestor's methods show how powerful Reckless Savage's true inheritance is. It is a pity, I can't act rashly."

Thousand Transformations Ancestor had only gone through one myriad tribulation, his dao marks could not compare to Fang Yuan. But he had many methods and was a person with great endurance and acting skills, Wei Feng was done in by him. This was unless Fang Yuan could lure him into a battlefield killer move.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor still had Myriad Statue Palace guarding him, this rank eight Immortal Gu House had shocking strength, it could transform into Thousand Transformations Ancestor at crucial moments to deceive enemies, it was quite an obstacle.

It was not easy to scheme against him.

Looking at Heavenly Court, they planned for so long and used overturning heaven and earth killer move, they mobilized four rank eights but ended up with no gains.

And most crucially, Fang Yuan could not display his true battle strength.

A little impatience will spoil great plans, if the secret that he had become rank eight gets exposed, the detriment would be huge.

Thus, when dealing with the Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics, he was very careful.

Fang Yuan was looking at the big picture.

"The Central Continent Refinement Path Convention is approaching."

"Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world has Longevity Heaven, Southern Border has the ambitious Wu Yong, Eastern Sea is led by my Qi Sea Ancestor identity, Western Desert has Fang clan and Tang clan that I can make use of."

"I can already see the situation of four regions attacking Central Continent."

This was something Fang Yuan had been planning since rebirth.

Finally, at this moment, he could see some results from his work.

Fang Yuan was no longer just a single rank eight Gu Immortal, he had outstanding subordinates, he had many talented people under him.

He was also not just a normal super force, he plotted against the world, using everyone as his pawns to get rid of his biggest obstacle, Heavenly Court.

Heaven's will made use of him, Spectral Soul made use of him, Red Lotus Demon Venerable made use of him, Chu Du made use of him, Lang Ya land spirit made use of him… but now, he was finally one of the chess players.

Profound Literature grotto-heaven.

"Did I see wrongly? Why is my student's name on the list of the ten great scholars?" Teacher Jiang looked at this information, he felt deeply shocked, he was stunned.

"Teacher, are you inside? Your student Li Xiao Bai would like to see you." At this moment, Li Xiao Bai's voice resounded from outside the door.

Teacher Jiang quickly opened the door: "Come in, tell me, what is going on?"

Li Xiao Bai went through deep consideration and made up his mind, he told everything that had happened that night to Teacher Jiang.

He was very troubled: "Teacher, you need to help me."

Teacher Jiang heard this as he looked at Li Xiao Bai blankly, his expression turned weird, he shook his head in a seemingly smiling expression: "Oh you, I have no idea what to say about this."

In Teacher Jiang's perspective, Li Xiao Bai had no hope of becoming one of the ten great scholars.

But when luck came approaching, it could not be stopped.

His great luck made even Teacher Jiang feel a bit of envy and jealousy in his heart.

"After the matter, Lady Su Qi Han tested me before informing me that I will become one of the ten great scholars. I received your guidance and did not dare to be arrogant, I quickly rejected her but Lady Su Qi Han made up her mind already, I was helpless against her, after all, the weak cannot contend with the strong." Li Xiao Bai expressed his sadness.

"Your encounter would make everyone jealous, you want to reject it?" Teacher Jiang smiled.

"Teacher, stop making fun of me. I came here to ask you to save my life. I do not have enough talent, becoming one of the ten great scholars would simply push me into the pit of doom." Li Xiao Bai cupped his fists and said.

Teacher Jiang stopped smiling, he nodded: "Yes, you are neither arrogant nor prideful, you can see reality. Clearly, I did not waste my time teaching you. But you are overthinking this, before becoming one of the ten great scholars, if you try to compete for a spot, you will face great danger. But now that you are already one of them, the Imperial Court will defend you. Whoever tries to harm you will also be attacking the reputation of the Imperial Court, do you understand this?"

Li Xiao Bai shook his head: "But I still feel very worried. Compared to the other nine, I am less renowned, people might come after me. Also, after that matter happened, Lady Su Qi Han is also being extremely strict towards me."

Teacher Jiang nodded again: "Even though I am here, I have heard of this junior Su Qi Han, she has immense talent and a prideful nature. Since she wants to take responsibility for you… I am sure she wants to marry you, I mean, she wants you to marry into Su clan."

"She is one of the most famous female scholars, her husband has to match her talent. But she will not act blindly, she wants to test you first, after seeing that you have some talent, she nominated you. In the future, she will pave the way for you and help you to advance even further."

Saying so, Teacher Jiang looked at Li Xiao Bai with a complex expression.

He was also one of the ten great scholars in the past, he was proud of his talent and looked down on everyone. But reality was cruel, there was only one road of advancement, countless people wanted to fight for it.

He could not compete against them, after a long time, even though his reputation spread widely, he was only famous outside of the Imperial Court.

To think that his student who had inferior talent, background, and network would succeed due to immensely good luck!

For an absurd reason, he became Su Qi Han's man and was greatly supported by her!

Forget about Su Qi Han herself, but she was backed by Su clan, her father was the Court's Chancellor Su, Li Xiao Bai gained a huge background all of a sudden.

"To speak the truth, I was quite happy initially, but recently, I felt something amiss, I am getting more fearful. Lady Su Qi Han has so many admirers, this matter… cannot be known to anyone else, all of these young talented geniuses will hate me for becoming Lady Su's lover. Especially after the selection of the ten great scholars, I will need to enter the Court and meet the Emperor, along the way to the Imperial City, what should I do? I am helpless now, I need your help, teacher." Li Xiao Bai sighed deeply.

Teacher Jiang was a little unhappy, he grunted lightly: "Xiao Bai, don't look down on yourself, you have enough talent, do you think my teaching was a waste? As my student, when others target you, they need to consider my reputation as well. How about this… I will write a few recommendation letters for you, go visit them and they will provide you some help along the way."

Saying so, he paused a bit as Teacher Jiang made up his mind: "You can stay here for a few days, I will impart some of my methods to you."

Li Xiao Bai was overjoyed, he quickly bowed deeply: "This student thanks teacher!"

Su Qi Han wanted him to keep this a secret but Li Xiao Bai did not really care about that.

After the time was right, he immediately told the secret to Teacher Jiang, he seemed to be asking for help but he was actually displaying his own value.

Teacher Jiang was excluded from the Imperial Court, he could not enter the core, seeing that his student had a high chance of getting in, if his student becomes famous in the future, would he forget this valuable teacher?


Teacher Jiang was extremely familiar with Li Xiao Bai's nature, he was not an ungrateful person.

Even if he wants to disregard him in the future, he would be subject to public opinion, he would not dare to ignore this benefactor and teacher. The higher Li Xiao Bai's status, the more he would treasure his reputation, and the more he would repay this teacher.

Thinking of this, Teacher Jiang decided to do his best and use all his resources to help this student gain success and status.

His student's success would also be his own success!


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