Reverend Insanity
1875 Ignoring the Big Picture
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1875 Ignoring the Big Picture

The change had occurred too suddenly, catching almost all the people off guard.

Night Temptress actually transformed into Thousand Transformations Ancestor and immediately killed a rank eight Gu Immortal of Heavenly Court, Wei Feng!

This Thousand Transformations Ancestor opened his immortal aperture and waved his left hand, sending all the fainted female immortals inside the formation into his aperture.

His right hand that was still grabbing Wei Feng's head exerted strength and crushed it into pieces!

Red and white brain matter splattered like a crushed watermelon.

"This is what will become of all of you!" Thousand Transformations Ancestor said through clenched teeth and a vicious expression. His might shook the battlefield instantly.

He was a person who could silently endure. It was because of this nature that he did not make a move personally after Fairy Cui Bo died, instead sending Dancer Hong Yun to probe the situation.

He had arranged this trap meticulously, waiting for someone to bite. The trap had come into effect and Heavenly Court's Wei Feng paid with his life as the price, contributing to Thousand Transformations Ancestor's reputation.

"Unfortunately, Fang Yuan did not take the bait." Thousand Transformations Ancestor glanced at Fang Yuan with some regret.

This brat was too crafty, he stayed inside Myriad Year Flying Warship the whole time, not giving Thousand Transformations Ancestor any opportunity.

Heavenly Court's three immortals were shaken and infuriated!

The grand Wei Feng had actually perished right before their eyes.

After the shock and anger, a chill spread in their hearts.

Let alone Wei Feng, even if it were them, they might not have a good ending in that situation.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor had prepared for a long while without making a move, but when he moved, Wei Feng did not even have the chance to escape.

The chill passed away and Heavenly Court Gu Immortals were filled with doubts: "What is actually going on? How could there be a second Thousand Transformations Ancestor? Even if he inherited Reckless Savage's true inheritance, isn't it too strange for a second rank eight to appear out of thin air?"

Fang Yuan controlled Myriad Year Flying Warship and quietly moved away from Thousand Transformations Ancestor, similarly having a perplexed look: "Ancestor, what is going on?"

The Night Temptress who turned into Thousand Transformations Ancestor sneered: "Aren't you someone who has been reborn, even you don't know it?"

"Ancestor, you think too highly of me." Fang Yuan laughed: "If I could know all the secrets of the world, I would have already become a venerable, why would I be trapped here?"

After denying it, he praised: "Ancestor, your methods are indeed beyond ordinary, worthy of the inheritor of Reckless Savage's true inheritance. You killed a rank eight of Heavenly Court in one move, you were much more efficient than me. This junior is full of admiration."

He instigated hatred on both sides, but had no doubts in his heart.

"The previous Thousand Transformations Ancestor should be formed by Myriad Statue Palace. The real Night Temptress should be inside the Immortal Gu House and assisting in controlling it. And the real Thousand Transformations Ancestor disguised as Night Temptress and stayed with the concubines. On one hand, it was to protect them, on the other hand, it was to use them as bait to deceive others into biting it."

In Fang Yuan's first life of five hundred years, during the five regions chaotic war, Myriad Statue Palace had shown its might, thus Fang Yuan already knew clearly about the secrets of this Immortal Gu House.

Different from other Immortal Gu Houses, Myriad Statue Palace was rather special — it could transform into all things. This palace could transform into the appearance of every statue created inside it, even copying their innate abilities and methods.

Evidently, there was a statue of Thousand Transformations Ancestor inside the palace.

Even if Fang Yuan knew of this, he pretended to be unaware. You don't know that I know this, when you think I don't know about your secrets, my knowledge will be my advantage.

This advantage seemed small, but fights between experts were decided by such minor details.

How was an advantage created? It was by adding accumulations like this, bits by bits.

Fang Yuan fought Heavenly Court and progressed until now, this was a far better result than the previous life at the same time period. After his rebirth, his step by step progress, changing the past, winning small victories, didn't all these accumulate to become his advantage?

It was impossible for anyone to succeed without accumulations.

"Who among you is the real Thousand Transformations Ancestor!" Xing Ye Wang shouted.

"Alright, I will let you know that I am the real Thousand Transformations Ancestor, and he is my twin brother, Myriad Transformations Ancestor." The real Thousand Transformations Ancestor lied casually.

The Myriad Statue Palace turned Myriad Transformations Ancestor nodded lightly: "Heavenly Court, you didn't expect it, did you? You guys wanted to ambush my brother but did not expect to confront two rank eights! I have always cultivated in seclusion and wanted to keep my identity hidden my whole life, but regretfully, this secret has been exposed now. But it was worth it to take a rank eight Gu Immortal's life."

Heavenly Court's three immortals glanced at each other, keeping silent. Whether Thousand Transformations Ancestor was telling the truth or not, regardless of what the truth was, the power structure of both sides had a huge change now.

Previously, Fang Yuan and Thousand Transformations Ancestor were fighting four rank eights of Heavenly Court.

Now, Wei Feng was dead, but a Myriad Transformations Ancestor was added. One side lost while the other side gained, both sides were now three against three, and they all had rank eight battle strength.

Wan Zi Hong suddenly laughed: "If I were one of you two, I would have arranged a companion to stay behind in myriad statue desert. Like that, the ones inside and outside can respond and help each other. But now, both of you are trapped, myriad statue desert is left unguarded and is free for my Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals to enter. Ah, right, I wonder if you have brought Myriad Statue Palace with you? It would really be unfortunate if you left it at myriad statue desert."

Wan Zi Hong's words were a threat as well as a probe.

However, Fang Yuan knew the secret: Myriad Transformations Ancestor was Myriad Statue Palace that was being controlled by Thousand Transformations Ancestor, how could the two separate?

Even if Heavenly Court had sent Gu Immortals to go to Thousand Transformations Ancestor's territory, myriad statue desert, that place definitely had no valuable things.

But Thousand Transformations Ancestor's expression changed slightly, shouting with anger and ridicule: "Your Heavenly Court calls itself the leader of humanity and the righteous path, but this is your style of action?"

Even Fang Yuan praised him inwardly for such acting skills.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor would not be able to conceal the truth for long, although Fairy Zi Wei was not present at the scene, she would be able to deduce the truth soon.

However, just like Fang Yuan hiding the truth that he knew, Thousand Transformations Ancestor was also trying to fight for every little advantage he had.

Although he killed Wei Feng, he was still in a weak position.

Heavenly Court was maintaining the killer move overturning heaven and earth, they held the initiative firmly. Their remaining strength was still higher than Thousand Transformations Ancestor and Fang Yuan together.

Wan Zi Hong sneered: "So be it, I will be the main attacker this time, you two support me with all your strength."

She instructed Xing Ye Wang and Prince Feng Xian.

The two nodded without objection.

Based on seniority, Wan Zi Hong was the highest, based on strength, this female immortal was also the strongest.

Immortal killer move — Blood Petals.

Wan Zi Hong went on the offensive, her aura rising instantly.

She did not look like she had made any movements, but blood started spouting out of Thousand Transformations and Myriad Transformations.

Blood spewed out of their bodies like floating petals and scattered randomly.

Although Myriad Transformations Ancestor was Myriad Statue Palace, it had human form right now and thus received the injury of this move.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor quickly changed form and flew out of the myriad li adaptation formation, not to retreat but to counterattack.

Myriad Transformations Ancestor did not follow and stayed to guard the myriad li adaptation formation.

Wan Zi Hong retreated slowly without any change in expression.

Prince Feng Xian and Xing Ye Wang flew out and held back Thousand Transformations Ancestor.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor was unable to close the distance between him and Wan Zi Hong, he transformed again and attacked Wan Zi Hong with long range attacks.

Wan Zi Hong sneered as she used another move — Helpless Withering.

The petals around her whirled down. Thousand Transformations Ancestor's attacks were all ruined by these falling flowers.

"Thousand Transformations Ancestor, take this move and die!" Wan Zi Hong shouted and pointed her finger.

Immortal killer move — Yellow Flowers Thinning Life!

Thousand Transformations Ancestor, who was fighting with Xing Ye Wang and Prince Feng Xian, shivered. His expression changed intensely as his body thinned and his lifespan shrank rapidly.

This yellow flowers thinning life was terrifying, it was Wan Zi Hong's trump card, and although it was a wood path killer move, it could affect lifespan.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor was struck by this move, he tried many transformations but was unable to break it and could only retreat.

Xing Ye Wang and Prince Feng Xian chased after him, Thousand Transformations Ancestor had no choice but to control Myriad Statue Palace to take them on.

Myriad Transformations Ancestor came over to help out.

Wan Zi Hong sneered as she used yellow flowers thinning life on Myriad Transformations Ancestor.

Myriad Transformations Ancestor's body, similarly, thinned rapidly, his speed and strength both fell. But he was essentially an Immortal Gu House and had no lifespan. Thus, though he looked miserable, it was not a big issue.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor was truly in trouble.

He was unable to break this killer move, and after repeated attempts, he found some transformations that could delay the effect of the killer move.

But that way, he could not transform casually and his battle strength was greatly restrained.

Wan Zi Hong's offensive methods were extremely terrifying, it was no wonder she had been recruited by Heavenly Court back then even though she was a demonic immortal.

In the previous life, Wan Zi Hong lacked Immortal Gu and could only take the position of a healing Gu Immortal. This was not her specialty, but even so, she had healed many Heavenly Court Gu Immortals and created much trouble for Longevity Heaven.

However, after using yellow flowers thinning life twice in succession, Wan Zi Hong's face became extremely pale. For some time, she did not continue her attack and only panted heavily. Clearly, these two moves put an extreme strain on her, and the risks were also high. If Wei Feng had not died, Wan Zi Hong would not have used such a risky battle tactic.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor was suppressed by Wan Zi Hong and was anxious, shouting: "Fang Yuan, if you don't move now, it will be too late. If I fall, you also won't be able to escape!"

Boom boom boom!

Fang Yuan made a move.

But he did not reinforce Thousand Transformations Ancestor, instead attacking the myriad li adaptation formation!

Without any Gu Immortals controlling it, this formation became a still target and was already torn apart by Fang Yuan in a few short moments.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor's face reddened with anger and his eyes seemed to spout fire: "Fang Yuan, you bastard!"

He shouted with utmost fury.

Previously, Fang Yuan had used him as a shield, so be it. Later, he had cowered at the side like this battle was none of his business, forget that too.

But what in the world was he doing now?


He was not attacking Heavenly Court but attacking his formation?

This was too much!!

Was he mad?! Did he not know that the enemy was strong while they were weak, why was he not letting the past be bygones and collaborating to fight the enemy?

He was continuing the internal fighting even now, what was he thinking?

Saying that he had a pig's brain was humiliating the pig instead!

Was he still not seeing the big picture? Not even a little?!

Thousand Transformations Ancestor was exasperated, with such an 'ally', even Heavenly Court's three immortals felt sorry for him.

Myriad Year Flying Warship was like a sharp sword that pierced into the formation. Fang Yuan had quite a technique in disassembling formations, the myriad li adaptation formation was on the verge of collapsing but did not self-destruct.

Fang Yuan repeatedly looted the Immortal Gu inside.

He then targeted the dream realm.

The dream realm turned into a Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body. He then grabbed mutation Immortal Gu in one hand and Dancer Hong Yun's corpse in the other before entering Myriad Year Flying Warship.

"Fang Yuan, you thief, die!" Thousand Transformations Ancestor's eyes were bloodshot when he saw Fang Yuan stealing his rank eight mutation Immortal Gu. He left Myriad Statue Palace to fight Heavenly Court's three immortals and went to kill Fang Yuan.

After Fang Yuan obtained what he wanted, he immediately controlled Myriad Year Flying Warship to leave.

But Thousand Transformations Ancestor was truly furious, he gave chase without giving up and bombarded Myriad Year Flying Warship wildly.

Fang Yuan had really bullied him too much, this rank eight Gu Immortal stared at Fang Yuan with clenched teeth, wanting to eat Fang Yuan alive.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor's speed was slower than Myriad Year Flying Warship. But Heavenly Court's side controlled overturning heaven and earth killer move to obstruct Fang Yuan's path while helping Thousand Transformations Ancestor.

Heavenly Court's three immortals also slowed down their attacks, happy to watch Fang Yuan and Thousand Transformations Ancestor fight to death.

"He is blinded by profits! Fang Yuan has made Thousand Transformations Ancestor his mortal enemy by stealing his rank eight Immortal Gu."

"But I feel like there is something wrong, this is not Fang Yuan's style. If I were him, I would never do this."

"Wait a second, did he loot the rank eight Immortal Gu because he already thought of a way out? Is this why he is not afraid? We need to be careful!"

Heavenly Court's three immortals conversed secretly, they were not complacent but instead became more vigilant.


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