Reverend Insanity
1874 Overturning Heaven and Earth
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1874 Overturning Heaven and Earth

Myriad Year Flying Warship was like an arrow let loose as it flew to the sky.

Right as Fang Yuan was about to charge out of the encirclement, Wan Zi Hong charmingly giggled: "Scoundrel Fang Yuan, you cannot leave."

At the next moment, the sky above Fang Yuan suddenly transformed into boundless land, Myriad Year Flying Warship had been flying to the sky, but in an instant, it started charging towards the ground.

Fang Yuan quickly stopped Myriad Year Flying Warship.

Myriad Year Flying Warship's speed was too fast, but the phantom River of Time below the warship played a crucial role in stopping it.

Just before crashing into the ground, Fang Yuan succeeded in stopping the Immortal Gu House.

Fang Yuan carefully checked the surroundings, he saw the sky had change into land, while the land changed into sky, tossing and turning around. The entire sky and earth seemed to have become a Rubik's cube, the sky and earth seemed to casually interchange their positions, it was bizarre and absurd.

Wan Zi Hong floated in the sky while Prince Feng Xian was standing on the ground.

Fang Yuan felt he had become a small insect in this Rubik's cube, unable to find his way. He seemed to look at the sky but it would change into land at the next moment.

If this was ordinary ground, Myriad Year Flying Warship could have charged right through it.

But this ground was evidently extremely firm and was like an impenetrable wall.

"What kind of method is this?" Fang Yuan asked Wan Zi Hong with narrowed eyes.

Wan Zi Hong replied: "This killer move is called overturning heaven and earth, to be honest, Heavenly Court specially designed this for you. The reason we brought it out to deal with Thousand Transformations Ancestor was to test it in real battle. Hehe, who could have expected you to be so impatient and come rushing over."

Fang Yuan possessed Fixed Immortal Travel and also had a relevant killer move, he even had Omni-directional Travel, he could flee quickly at the critical juncture.

Heavenly Court wanted to capture Fang Yuan, so they needed to first restrain Fang Yuan's escape methods. Previously, they had fixed space Gu but it was unfortunately looted by Fang Yuan. Yuan Qiong Du had collapsed from trying to refine it but did not succeed. Heavenly Court's foundation was extremely deep, creating this overturning heaven and earth that could restrain both Fixed Immortal Travel and Omni-directional Travel.

"Fang Yuan, it will be difficult for you to escape this time." Prince Feng Xian, wrapped in flames, charged with surging momentum.

"Surrender now, maybe we can still spare your life." Wei Feng sneered, wind blades following him from all sides.

The other two rank eight Gu Immortals attacked Thousand Transformations Ancestor.

"Heavenly Court mobilized four Immortal Gu Houses to maintain the activation of the killer move overturning heaven and earth. Their true battle strength lies in the four rank eight Gu Immortals." Fang Yuan's eyes shone sharply.

He did not want to have a prolonged battle, there were no benefits in tangling with these Gu Immortals.

Based on just Myriad Year Flying Warship and the strength Fang Yuan revealed on the surface, it was difficult to kill them.

If he wanted to kill them, he would have to reveal his rank eight cultivation. But like the analysis he made long ago, once his cultivation was revealed, the secret of Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal body would also be exposed.

More importantly, did Heavenly Court's side only have these people? Once they began fighting, even if Heavenly Court did not have others lying in ambush, they could quickly mobilize other rank eight Gu Immortals as reinforcements.

If this matter was not handled properly, even Duke Long, Fairy Zi Wei, and Qin Ding Ling might join the battle.

Fang Yuan skillfully controlled Myriad Year Flying Warship, dodging or blocking the two rank eight Gu Immortals' attacks while looking for a path to break through.

Bam bam bam…

Myriad Year Flying Warship charged in all directions, colliding into the ground repeatedly.

Whenever the Immortal Gu House's charge was impeded, Wei Feng and Prince Feng Xian grabbed the chance to bombard it violently.

Heavenly Court's forces had clearly gone through a large amount of preparation, these two rank eight Gu Immortals coordinated remarkably; wind fueled the fire, while the fire increased the wind's power.

Myriad Year Flying Warship was under increasingly greater pressure, but fortunately, there were still many of Fang Yuan's subordinates inside. These people were sweating hard as they hurried in repairing and replacing the Gu worms in the warship.

Through many failures and his wisdom path attainment, Fang Yuan made out many details: "This killer move, overturning heaven and earth, is absolutely exquisite. It cut this patch of sky and land to countless cubes and could constantly change the position of these cubes. It is only a killer move and not a battlefield killer move, so its activation is extremely fast. Its effect is to transform the sky and land of an area while also forming a battlefield that traps the enemy."

Battlefield killer moves needed time to activate. With Fang Yuan's vigilance and craftiness, this time was enough for him to make a getaway.

So Heavenly Court formed this overturning heaven and earth killer move, its activation was extremely fast, Fang Yuan was not able to escape in time even with Myriad Year Flying Warship's speed. Heavenly Court had put painstaking efforts in this.

Ever since Fang Yuan had reborn, he defeated Heavenly Court time and time again. But Heavenly Court could never be underestimated, when they reacted, they had already prepared a killer move that turned Fang Yuan's most proficient movement methods into mere decorations.

"This overturning heaven and earth has flaws when compared to battlefield killer moves. As long as I deduce its essence, I can break or interfere with its operation and escape easily. Now… is not the time yet." Fang Yuan pondered inwardly. He suddenly changed the direction of the ship and flew towards Thousand Transformations Ancestor.

Heavenly Court had not expected Fang Yuan to have a change in plan so suddenly and were caught unprepared for an instance, letting Fang Yuan draw close to Thousand Transformations Ancestor.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor was protecting the formation behind him, letting the two Heavenly Court rank eights attack him wildly, but his defense was still firm and stable.

Overturning heaven and earth cut the whole battlefield, but they could not cut the area Thousand Transformations Ancestor was in and it became the most spacious piece of land in the battlefield.

Seeing Fang Yuan return, Thousand Transformations Ancestor sneered: "Fang Yuan, why are you coming back?"

Fang Yuan smiled: "Ancestor, the formation behind you has been restricted as well, right? Currently, we both cannot escape, how about we join hands and collaborate? Block Heavenly Court's attacks for me and stall for time, I will concentrate on deducing and modifying the formation, it won't be a difficult thing to escape then."

Thousand Transformations Ancestor spat out: "As if I can trust you!"

Fang Yuan was surprised, Thousand Transformations Ancestor was not in a hurry and looked like he still had a trump card.

An ordinary rank eight Gu Immortal would find this situation extremely troubling. But Thousand Transformations Ancestor possessed one Reckless Savage true inheritance, be it Fang Yuan or Heavenly Court, neither could guess what trump card he was hiding.

"You two, none of you shall escape!"


Heavenly Court's four immortals charged over together.

Fang Yuan and Thousand Transformations Ancestor had no way to retreat, they could only deal with whatever attacks were thrown at them.

Both sides used killer moves repeatedly, the air burst, wind howled, flames burned, sword lights shone.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor felt an explosive increase in pressure the more they battled, he scolded: "Fang Yuan, you are still playing tricks! If you keep acting like this, I will fight you as well!"

Fang Yuan controlled Myriad Year Flying Warship and used the myriad li adaptation formation to block or evade Heavenly Court's attacks like a slippery eel.

It was inconvenient to get close to Thousand Transformations Ancestor, but the myriad li adaptation formation had a large size and could not be moved once constructed, becoming an extremely good shield.

Fang Yuan used this shield to block most of the Heavenly Court's attacks. The Gu Immortals inside Myriad Year Flying Warship got time to recover and restore Myriad Year Flying Warship back to normal.

"Ancestor, please continue to persevere, you need to hold on for a while longer. My deductions have already gotten some results, I can deal with this current predicament in just a short while." Fang Yuan shouted.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor was not a fool, why would he be willing to act as a shield?

He was deeply aware of Fang Yuan's nature, if Fang Yuan deciphered this killer move, he would definitely escape alone and leave him as a target to attract the attacks of Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals.

So, If Fang Yuan could truly break this killer move, it would instead be disadvantageous to Thousand Transformations Ancestor!


Thousand Transformations Ancestor really went to attack Myriad Year Flying Warship.

"Ancestor, don't be like this, you need to look at the big picture." Fang Yuan called out.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor rebuked: "You are talking about the big picture with me now? Without your disturbance, how could there be this current predicament?! Didn't I tell you before that there was Heavenly Court's ambush! Didn't you yell that Heavenly Court was nothing? If one came, you would kill one, if two came, you would kill two, show it to me now!"

Fang Yuan said earnestly: "I didn't lie, but Heavenly Court sent four Gu Immortals and four Immortal Gu Houses, I have no way to deal with this. Ancestor, you really need to consider the big picture, if you attack me, how will you protect those women who love you?"


Prince Feng Xian's fire meteor struck and shook the myriad li adaptation formation fiercely, the female immortals inside the formation cried out in fright.

Persistent defense would only result in eventual loss, no matter how Thousand Transformations Ancestor transformed, he was only one person and he was dealing with four of Heavenly Court's rank eights!

Thousand Transformations Ancestor shouted furiously: "Heavenly Court, you are going too far! If there is an opportunity in the future, I will definitely pay you back one hundred fold!"

"First, you need to survive today." Wei Feng smiled coldly, as he threw an enormous wind blade towards the myriad li adaptation formation.

"Your Heavenly Court doesn't deserve the reputation of being the righteous path leader!" Thousand Transformations Ancestor shouted furiously.

He needed to defend the formation, so he was in an extremely passive state.

Heavenly Court's four rank eights specially targeted this weakness, they had indeed shown no 'righteous path demeanor'.

"Look, what did I say? Thousand Transformations Ancestor, you really need to consider the big picture." And right at this time, Fang Yuan made flippant remarks.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor almost coughed blood from anger, shouting hoarsely: "Neither of you will die an easy death!"

The battle continued, Thousand Transformations Ancestor starting to feel a sense of helplessness, he was fighting Heavenly Court's four immortals almost by himself while also paying attention to that insidious scoundrel Fang Yuan.

The myriad li adaptation formation was being attacked continuously and was unable to hold on for long.

Finally, under Wan Zi Hong's killer move, a corner of the formation collapsed and revealed the space inside.

"A chance!" Wei Feng was coincidentally above this gap and saw the female immortals inside the formation.

These female immortals were in a very bad state, they all suffered backlash when the formation collapsed. Most of them were already unconscious and only Night Temptress was barely able to keep conscious and hold on.

"We can use these female immortals to threaten Thousand Transformations Ancestor!" Wei Feng activated a killer move, turning into a green wind and entering the formation.

"Husband, save us!" Night Temptress's aura was extremely weak, her face paled as she saw Wei Feng and shouted in panic.

"Stop!" Thousand Transformations Ancestor shouted from outside the formation.

"Too late." Wei Feng sneered and grabbed Night Temptress.


A huge sound rang as a large part of Wei Feng's body flew out of the formation like a shooting star, leaving behind a trail of red blood.

His head was being held by Night Temptress, his expression before death was filled with unimaginable horror!

Night Temptress was letting out rank eight aura and her appearance slowly changed into Thousand Transformations Ancestor.

Heavenly Court lost a rank eight all of a sudden, the remaining three were shaken: "Why are there two Thousand Transformations Ancestors?!"


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