Reverend Insanity
1872 Fighting Thousand Transformations
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1872 Fighting Thousand Transformations

Western Desert.

Fang Yuan was standing proudly on the deck of Myriad Year Flying Warship with his hands behind his back and without hiding his trace.

Myriad Year Flying Warship was like a sharp sword that pierced through the sky towards a light yellow cloud.

"Fang Yuan, you dared to come back!" A woman's shout spread from the light yellow cloud, expressing the anger and hatred of its owner.

The ordinary looking light yellow cloud was actually an immortal formation.

The formation covered a dream realm, inside which Immortal Gu Mutation and Gu Immortal Dancer Hong Yun were trapped.

Immortal Concubine Qing Lan was maintaining the formation.

Immortal Concubine Qing Lan had rank seven cultivation and was a concubine of Thousand Transformations Ancestor.

Back then when Fang Yuan had been traveling in Western Desert and was chased by Feng Jiu Ge, he ran into Dancer Hong Yun and pretended to make an alliance, trading for Zhen Yuan Zi's formation path inheritance.

Fang Yuan's plan was to pretend to leave. Ying Wu Xie had still been in Fairy Cui Bo's body at that time, he detonated a Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body and trapped Dancer Hong Yun and Thousand Transformations Ancestor's will.

Unfortunately, when Fang Yuan wanted to clean up the battlefield, Feng Jiu Ge caught up to him and he had to retreat.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor had been plotted against and felt something wrong, immediately sending Night Temptress and Immortal Concubine Qing Lan to inspect it.

After knowing Liu Guan Yi was Fang Yuan and feeling helpless against the dream realm, Thousand Transformations Ancestor could only make Night Temptress and Immortal Concubine Qing Lan construct an immortal formation around the area.

In fact, Dancer Hong Yun, who was trapped, here might be Thousand Transformations Ancestor's concubine, but he did not like her that much. What Thousand Transformations Ancestor was worried about was the mutation Immortal Gu trapped in the dream realm.

This was a rank eight Immortal Gu!

Back then, Thousand Transformations Ancestor inherited a Reckless Savage true inheritance and this mutation Immortal Gu was its core. Without it, Thousand Transformations Ancestor would have a very hard time activating most of the methods and their strength would also be reduced greatly.

Mutation Immortal Gu could not be lost!

Thousand Transformations Ancestor did not have Fang Yuan's methods and could only learn from Southern Border's righteous path, confining the dream realm.

The main culprit behind all this was Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan revealed himself now and attacked the formation, it was no wonder Immortal Concubine Qing Lan could not restrain her fury.

But this famous Western Desert beauty did not attack, instead she activated the formation and chose to defend.

"Fang Yuan might only have rank seven cultivation but he can fight rank eights. He also has Myriad Year Flying Warship which has defeated Heavenly Court before, I cannot resist it by myself! The urgent thing now is to defend and stall for time until husband and others arrive."

Immortal Concubine Qing Lan sent an urgent message for help while controlling the immortal formation with all her strength.

Boom boom boom!

Fang Yuan's attacks erupted on the formation, the endless silver flying swords rained down like a waterfall.

Immortal Concubine Qing Lan clenched her teeth as she activated the yellow cloud and held on firmly.

Under the ferocious attacks, the yellow cloud started disintegrating, its size shrinking continuously. But this disintegrating speed was quite slow.

Myriad Year Flying Warship had four main killer moves; torrential charge, daybreak sword, daybreak torrent, and myriad year hunting.

Every killer move was a rank eight move, but evidently, the immortal formation that formed the yellow cloud was also at rank eight.

"Fortunately, we reinforced the immortal formation, otherwise with the previous rank seven formation, it would be impossible to block Fang Yuan. This is Myriad Year Flying Warship? It is really amazing!" Immortal Concubine Qing Lan was pale as she had to bear a huge pressure because of Fang Yuan's vicious attacks.

She had never imagined Fang Yuan to actually attack this place. There had simply been no warning signs.

The formation rumbled as several Gu Immortals teleported to myriad statue desert.

At the front was Night Temptress, the number one concubine of Thousand Transformations Ancestor, along with several other Gu Immortals who were all Thousand Transformations Ancestor's concubines.

"Where is husband?" Immortal Concubine Qing Lan's expression changed slightly.

Night Temptress said heavily: "It is not time yet for husband to make a move, the situation is much more complex than this. We received the order to help you defend this place."

Immortal Concubine Qing Lan shook her head: "With just us, we are probably not Fang Yuan's match and will not be able to last for long."

A female immortal scoffed: "Qing Lan, what are you afraid of? This formation is a rank eight…"


Right at this time, a loud sound spread and almost half the yellow cloud disintegrated instantly.

The female immortals inside the formation were pale.

Night Temptress screamed: "What are you waiting for? Reinforce the formation, quick!"

The female immortals stopped quarrelling as they used all their strength to control the formation and defend against Fang Yuan's attacks.

Fang Yuan was still standing on the deck, his gaze flickering sharply.

Myriad Year Flying Warship had made big contributions. In the River of Time, it had killed Qing Ye and Li Huang who were rank eight experts, especially the latter who had extraordinary strength.

But at that time, Myriad Year Flying Warship occupied an advantage, because all its killer moves were amplified to a horrifying level in the River of Time.

On the contrary, Qing Ye, Li Huang and the rest had been greatly suppressed.

This time, Myriad Year Flying Warship was fighting an aerial battle in Western Desert, and without the environment's amplification, its killer moves only had normal strength.

It was because of this that even when Myriad Year Flying Warship attacked with everything, it was still unable to destroy the yellow cloud.

"This formation isn't simple, it is a transformation path Gu formation with extraordinary defense as well as having the ability to transport Gu Immortals, it is probably a portion of Reckless Savage's true inheritance."

Fang Yuan thought of many things.

His guess was not wrong, this formation was the myriad li adaptation formation of Reckless Savage's true inheritance, it was a genuine rank eight formation.

A Rank eight Immortal Gu House could fight a rank eight immortal formation, both sides were evenly matched.

However, comparing the person controlling the Immortal Gu House and the Gu Immortals guarding the immortal formation, Fang Yuan undoubtedly won by a margin.

"Someone help me quick, I can't hold on for long!"

"Ahh! Fang Yuan is too fierce, I can't endure it."

"Sisters, hold on, I am coming… Damn it, I am about to lose my defensive position as well."

The foothold that these concubines of Thousand Transformations Ancestor had was slipping at an astonishing speed.

Night Temptress's expression was ashen as she exhausted all her strength and coughed out blood, but was also unable to hold on.

Immortal Concubine Qing Lan was soaked with cold sweat. She was unable to understand why she was able to pull Fang Yuan into a deadlock when she had been defending alone, but now when she received huge support, they were failing bit by bit.

The remaining rank six female immortals were sweating madly, their limbs were numb and their fighting strength had already fallen to the lowest point.

Myriad li adaptation formation was indeed a good formation, but it was nothing against Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan had time path quasi-supreme grandmaster attainment, transformation path great grandmaster, formation path grandmaster, wisdom path grandmaster, as well as the light of wisdom and many methods to make deductions.

Daybreak swords could be used as he liked, and every attack was like a probe filled with deep intentions.

Although there was still a large distance from fully understanding the formation, what Fang Yuan needed to do was to destroy and not study, this was much simpler and straightforward.

"Thousand Transformations Ancestor, you are still not making a move? Can your concubines stop me? You are looking down on me too much and thinking too highly of yourself." Fang Yuan sneered and spoke.

But he still didn't see Thousand Transformations Ancestor.

The yellow cloud had already shrunk to a dangerous level, Night Temptress was panic-stricken and said decisively: "Sisters, activate the final method."

"We are using it this early?"

"What choice do we have other than this?"

"It will be too late if we don't use it now!"

The female immortals activated their final trump card, the yellow cloud suddenly emitted golden rays, although only a small portion was left of it, it was extremely firm and blocked all the silver flying swords without even budging.

Fang Yuan smiled coldly, thinking: "This situation is also within my expectation. Using it so quickly, you are truly incapable! If it were others, they might be perplexed, but I have already understood its context, you are just speeding up your deaths by doing this."

While thinking this, Fang Yuan immediately stopped daybreak sword and sent a command to his subordinates inside the warship: "Ram it!"

Myriad Year Flying Warship ferociously collided straight into the golden cloud.


First collision; golden cloud shook, the female immortals started bleeding from their seven orifices and were struck with dizziness.


Second collision; the golden cloud loosened, the female immortals fell to the ground after suffering such a fierce collision. They were panting hard, their faces were pale as paper and their gazes were somewhat dull and blank.


Third collision; Myriad Year Flying Warship directly pierced into the golden cloud, the female immortals could not endure such a backlash and many of them fainted immediately.

The formation was on the verge of collapsing, Fang Yuan retreated inside the warship instead.

"Master, should we capture these female immortals to use them as hostages to negotiate with Thousand Transformations Ancestor in the future?" A variant human Gu Immortal suggested.

Fang Yuan, however, shook his head.

Just as Myriad Year Flying Warship was about to make a fatal move against these female immortals, a female immortal suddenly stood up. Her appearance had changed greatly and shouted: "Fang Yuan, you are going too far!"

"Husband!!" Night Temptress and Immortal Concubine Qing Lan had been barely able to remain conscious, they shouted in surprise and joy.

As it turned out, Thousand Transformations Ancestor had already come over but had disguised his identity and kept it hidden from all the people around him.

He had been patient for a long time and intentionally set up a trap to seize a golden opportunity.

But Fang Yuan simply did not give him the opportunity, he was extremely cautious and did not leave Myriad Year Flying Warship even once. He did not even make a move personally or have the thought to capture these female immortals.

Myriad Year Flying Warship was like a dazzling giant sword as it pierced Thousand Transformations Ancestor.

In the moment of danger, Thousand Transformations Ancestor laughed sinisterly and raised his left arm without dodging.

At the next moment, his left arm expanded rapidly and transformed into a berserk ape's arm, the giant arm was filled with purple-gold dragon scales.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor raised his left arm as Myriad Year Flying Warship smashed into him with a loud sound.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor was thrown back a small step but Myriad Year Flying Warship was sent flying.

Fang Yuan's heart sank slightly.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor was indeed the person who inherited Reckless Savage's true inheritance, his methods were amazing.

He had only defended just now but it revealed many profundities.

He had not transformed his whole body, but only his left arm. The left arm's transformation was also not simple, dragon scales and the berserk ape's arm were used together, multiplying the strength.

Myriad Year Flying Warship was without options against such defense.

But Thousand Transformations Ancestor had not just blocked forcefully, but had used a technique to divert the force of Myriad Year Flying Warship and send it flying.

"Exquisite killer move along with exceptional combat techniques." It was only one exchange of offense and defense, but Fang Yuan was able to learn a lot of information about Thousand Transformations Ancestor.

At the next moment, he turned Myriad Year Flying Warship around and charged towards Thousand Transformations Ancestor again: "Thousand Transformations Ancestor, you finally came out, now die!"

Thousand Transformations Ancestor was furious: "You, a rank seven Gu Immortal, are dreaming of taking my life by relying on an Immortal Gu House? You dare speak such shameless words!"

Fang Yuan scoffed: "Even Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals died from my ship, you will also follow in their footsteps."

It was okay when Heavenly Court was not mentioned, but at the mention of Heavenly Court, Thousand Transformations Ancestor was even more infuriated: "Demonic scoundrel, you think I am afraid of you? You fool, only knowing to conflict with me but not realizing you have already fallen into Heavenly Court's scheme. Heavenly Court's members are probably watching the show secretly."


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