Reverend Insanity
1865 New Dao Mark, Venerable Paths!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1865 New Dao Mark, Venerable Paths!

Crazed Demon Cave, sixth layer.

The two heavily injured eccentrics were collapsed on the ground. Secret Schemer was kneeling and healing Not Immortal, disregarding his own injuries for the moment.

Not Immortal slowly opened his eyes, he was dazed at first before coming to his senses shortly after as he thanked with great joy: "I actually escaped, leader, you saved me once again!"

He then asked in doubt: "Where is Fang Yuan? Wait a second, he didn't retreat in time?"

Secret Schemer smiled bitterly: "No. He is still at the seventh layer. But, his parting words were right, it was already late for him to retreat from that distance."

Not Immortal was astonished, and after a long while, he sighed: "This is life, who could have imagined that the mighty Fang Yuan would perish here."

Even though Fang Yuan's reputation was so illustrious, Not Immortal did not think he had much chance of survival.

Because Not Immortal knew the terrifying might of Crazed Demon Cave!

Secret Schemer had calmed down, his expression was a little bizarre: "It might be unbelievable but I have a strange feeling that Fang Yuan can survive. Although my rationality tells me it is impossible and I also can't deduce any way for him to survive, I still have this feeling inside me."

"Leader, you are a wisdom path Gu Immortal." Not Immortal was also dazed.

"Does every feeling of a wisdom path Gu Immortal have to be correct?" Secret Schemer shook his head bitterly: "Maybe, this is only my hope for Fang Yuan? He is so strong, far stronger than us, the whole world is shaken by him and even Heavenly Court is unable to deal with him. But such a character is going to perish inside Crazed Demon Cave. Sigh, maybe his ending will be our ending in the future. I must be feeling empathetic."

Not Immortal was silent.

After a good while, Secret Schemer broke the silence: "Let's go! Let's retreat and rest properly. When the demonic sounds stop completely, we will go to the seventh layer to search for Fang Yuan."

Not Immortal nodded despite him knowing Fang Yuan had almost no chance of surviving.

He stood up with difficulty but his body staggered and fell.

Fortunately, Secret Schemer held him in time.

Secret Schemer supported him and the two moved forward slowly while resisting the penetrating demonic sounds.

The path ahead was covered in darkness.

The two gradually merged into the darkness, both were moving while staggering.

They were completely unaware that in the seventh layer, Fang Yuan was still alive and had even made a new discovery.

"This is a new type of dao mark?" Fang Yuan's gaze brightened in surprise.

In the dazzling dao mark waves, he started to discover some brand-new dao marks.

Fang Yuan was no longer the same as before, he had a great improvement in every path and had inherited several venerable true inheritances. His vision had broadened greatly.

But right now, he was certain he had never seen this kind of dao mark.

This was a completely new dao mark!

"These dao marks were originally still, because they were too low in quantity and scattered everywhere, they were quite inconspicuous. But right now, due to the demonic sound, all kinds of dao marks are in constant movement, and also because of the conflict of different dao marks, dao marks of similar paths are beginning to unite. This increased the size of these new dao marks and made them easier to discover."

Fang Yuan rapidly deduced the reason.

When the demonic sounds had just started, all kinds of dao marks were mixed and woven randomly, complex and colorful.

After the demonic sounds had rang for a period of time, dao marks of each path gathered together and formed a united color. It was much clearer and more magnificent than before.

In front of Fang Yuan, metal path dao marks were wriggling around like a giant golden python. On his left, the soul path dao marks were even larger, they were like dark clouds as large as a city wall and were pushing forward grandly. Beside Fang Yuan's feet was that brand-new dao mark, it was like a brook that was flowing gently.

Fang Yuan stopped and observed it carefully.

Not long later, his face was filled with astonishment.

From the new dao mark, he 'saw' blades and swords, he 'smelled' axes and halberds, he 'felt' hammers and spears, he 'heard' darts and arrows…

Fang Yuan's expression was solemn as he pondered: "This new dao mark represents a brand-new path. This path is quite grand, it actually contains blades, swords, axes, halberds, and other weapons. If someone creates this path in the future, it will definitely encompass sword path and blade path. This new path's battle strength will be very strong, and it also clearly has many profundities of human path."

But short after, Fang Yuan shook his head: "However, who knows how many generations it will take and how long is needed to create this path."

"Maybe, someone has the thought and the foundation to create this path, if he or she can witness this scene, it will definitely be a huge help to him or her. Or perhaps, no one in the world will have this thought, this path will always be hidden like a treasure chest buried deep underground and there will never be anyone to open it."

Fang Yuan did not have any feeling of regret.

This situation was normal in the Gu world.

There was a common saying, 'talent is often overlooked due to a lack of opportunity, everyone needs a scout to excavate their talent'. In fact, an exceptional path needs talented people to unearth it.

Fang Yuan did not want to use this to create a new path.

He already had his hands full with the paths he cultivated. Moreover, creating a new path required an extremely huge amount of time and energy. He did not have such spare time.

Fang Yuan continued moving forward.

Along the way, he saw many new dao marks.

Some dao marks had gathered into a ball, round and smooth; Fang Yuan seemed to smell light scent of grass from it, but when he smelled carefully, it felt like the aroma of food.

Fang Yuan made a guess, was this the rumored pill path dao mark?

There was also a patch of dao marks that were spread on the ground like a carpet. It was clearly a similar kind of dao mark but lights interwove on its surface to form mountains and rivers at times, and at times, form birds and animals.

When other dao marks came flooding, this patch of dao marks became like leaves in the wind and flew away, lightly attaching onto the surface of the other dao marks. It did not affect these foreign dao marks nor did its tiny self crumble apart. It was truly mystical.

Fang Yuan's heart shook slightly the moment he saw this: "If I am not wrong, these are painting path dao marks!"

He had the intention to take these dao marks. But the demonic sounds were ringing now and he had no method to capture the dao marks.

"Fang clan has Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's inheritance and that Immortal Gu House Thieves Den. If I use it, can I steal the dao marks here?" Fang Yuan's heart was moved as he gained an inspiration.

Immortal materials were common in Crazed Demon Cave but they had no value at all.

It was because the dao marks in these immortal materials were chaotic and of every path.

The immortal materials were useless but not the dao marks!

Fang Yuan used the plot against him to his own advantage and dealt with Fang Di Chang. The current Fang Di Chang was his clone.

Fang Yuan had plundered almost all the information about Fang clan from Fang Di Chang's soul. It naturally included Thieves Den.

This was indeed Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's Immortal Gu House, but it was very damaged because it involved theft path which Fang clan was not proficient in. When Fang clan obtained this Immortal Gu House, they had not obtained its complete contents so they had not been able to restore it.

The present Thieves Den only had one ability, that was to use a theft path immortal materials as the catalyst, the theft path dao marks in the immortal materials would be consumed instantly and the dao marks in the outside world would be stolen.

The stolen dao marks would be attached to these theft path immortal materials. In the end, these immortal materials would be filled with disorderly dao marks from every path and have no more value.

This was similar to the situation in Crazed Demon Cave.

Thieves Den had the ability to steal the outside world's dao marks but did not have the method to use them. This was the main reason Fang Yuan had not thought of seizing Thieves Den.

"But this situation is different here."

"When these identical dao marks gather together, I can use Thieves Den to create immortal materials of the respective paths."

"These immortal materials would have identical dao marks and should be usable."

Fang Yuan's chest started to heat slightly at this thought.

If this idea worked, then he would possess a channel to create endless rank eight and even rank nine immortal materials!

How enormous was this wealth!

Even Fang Yuan could not estimate it.

The created immortal materials could not only be used in transactions and Gu refinement, they could also be used to comprehend the respective paths. For instance, using these new dao marks to create painting path, pill path, and other paths' immortal materials, these immortal materials were great reference for creating the corresponding path.

"But, similar dao marks can only gather during the time when the demonic sounds appear."

"At this time, there is an extreme risk in activating immortal moves. The dao marks of the immortal move can very likely turn chaotic because of the identical arrangement of the dao marks, it would fail and lead to backlash."

"There is no need to talk of Thieves Den, I might not even be able to bring it out. It is not the sovereign immortal body, it will suffer conflicting force if brought out and shatter!"

Fang Yuan calmed down.

There were huge technical difficulties in completing his idea.

His current foundation allowed him to look down on the world, but he still did not have any certainty.

Fang Yuan let out a sigh and gave up on this thought for the moment, continuing to move forward.

He began to move faster.

No matter what the dao marks ahead were, they were all harmless like a light breeze to him.

Not long later, he saw dream path dao marks.

Crazed Demon Cave could be said to have all the different types of dao marks, even dream path dao marks were included.

Fang Yuan stopped cautiously and probed before finding that the dream path dao marks were similarly harmless to him.

These were only dao marks and not a dream realm. To the sovereign immortal body, it was just a kind of moving immortal material.

If it were a dream realm, Fang Yuan would have to make a detour.

Fang Yuan moved in a straight line, his path unimpeded.

The ringing of the demonic sounds gave him some trouble. Fortunately, he had created an outstanding method, this killer move was specially created and could last for a long time when activated. Although with the disturbance of the demonic sounds, the long term effect became short term, everything was within Fang Yuan's tolerance range.

Even if his mind was eroded by the demonic sounds and he went into a killing spree, this land had no beings that could threaten him.

Even if he were to crash onto a boulder, the sovereign immortal body's constitution would guarantee his safety.

There were irregular and turbulent multicolored waves in the surrounding; at times, they were like a huge tsunami, at times, they were like a group of running horses, at times, they were like a waterfall, and at times, they were like birds flying around. And Fang Yuan was moving in the middle of these.

Were the Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics to see this scene, their jaws might drop from the shock.

This was not toppling their common sense, this was directly shattering it!

Fang Yuan moved deeper, reaching the depths that the Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics could not even imagine.

When he finally reached the eight layer's entrance, he exclaimed lightly and paused.

He actually saw three paths!

One path was filled with golden light, luck surged around it.

One path was dark and horrifying, killing intent filled it.

One path was humble and plain, giving a virtuous aura.

Fang Yuan's eyes shone as he understood: "These three paths are probably the traces of past venerables. These paths are filled with luck path, soul path, and earth path dao marks, they should belong to Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, and Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable respectively!"

These three venerables had been here!

The mighty demonic sounds and the chaotic dao marks formed a horrifying situation, the might was so powerful that it could wipe out almost any Gu Immortal without leaving even a trace behind.

But the dao marks in these three paths were incomparably firm. Even though all kinds of dao mark currents were colliding, engulfing, and crashing into each other, the dao marks in these three paths stood still. It was just that some dao marks were peeled off at the very edges like they were residue or debris.

Fang Yuan squinted his eyes slightly.

He knew he possessed the sovereign immortal body which had non-conflicting dao marks so he could come here, it was like he was cheating.

But venerables were different!

Dao marks of venerables conflicted, they could come here because they had charged forward forcefully.

This was the supreme power of the three venerables!

The Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics' talents and attainment levels were rarely seen in the world, but they still needed to look for a path to walk on.

But venerables did not need to.

Wherever they walked on was a supreme path in itself!

Fang Yuan was not surprised at finding that venerables had come here, he had already somewhat predicted it, in fact.

After all, Limitless Demon Venerable was a person of the Olden Antiquity Era, the third venerable in history after Primordial Origin and Star Constellation. His Crazed Demon Cave had lasted to this day, although it was secluded, if the Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics could find this secret, what about others?

As the supreme beings among Gu Immortals, these venerables were terrifying existences. It was logical for them to discover this place.

Only ignorant and naive youngsters would think that priceless inheritances, treasures and legacies that no one has ever discovered before would be found specially by them.

Humans were ordinary, but every person was unique. If you could have such a fortuitous encounter, why couldn't others have it?

"But, why are there traces of only these three venerables?"

"Why did the paths left behind by these three venerables only appear near the entrance of the eighth layer?"

There were some doubts in his mind, but Fang Yuan did not stop and jumped through the eighth layer's entrance.

The darkness in front of him passed in an instant, at the next moment, Fang Yuan landed on solid ground.

"How could this be?" Fang Yuan was dumbstruck.

Crazed Demon Cave's eighth layer showed a scene far surpassing his expectation, there was no similarity to the seventh layer at all.


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