Reverend Insanity
1864 Oh Fang Yuan, You Are Dead Mea
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1864 Oh Fang Yuan, You Are Dead Mea

Crazed Demon Cave's seventh layer was quite large, and it felt even more huge in Not Immortal and Secret Schemer's perception.

Because they had to think carefully for every step they took while also enduring the conflict from countless dao marks.

The more they walked, the more difficult it became. This difficulty further widened the sense of distance they felt.

Fang Yuan moved like a normal Gu Immortal would for some time, while feeling some sympathy towards Not Immortal and Secret Schemer's situation.

"If I didn't have the sovereign immortal body, I would have to choose a dao mark path as well. But this dao mark path will keep on becoming narrower; there are many choices at the start, but the deeper you go, the fewer choices you have."

Fang Yuan walked for a while before stopping.

His path was cut.

The path ahead was filled with dao marks of other paths.

Fortunately, after passing this section, the path ahead had the dao marks Fang Yuan selected.

Fang Yuan discreetly glanced at Not Immortal and Secret Schemer.

These two were already left behind by him and were walking with a lot of difficulty.

Similarly, these two were also paying attention to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan clenched his teeth as he continued to move forward.

He pretended to be in a lot of difficulty, stopping at every step. After a while, he finally conquered the difficulty and once again walked the dao mark path that suited him, his face revealing a relaxed expression again.

"These conflicting dao marks are nothing to me. Instead, it is the acting that is more energy consuming." Fang Yuan smiled bitterly in his mind.

Not Immortal and Secret Schemer glanced at each other from far away.

Fang Yuan's strength was still above their current estimation!

In that small section, although Fang Yuan moved with difficulty, his speed was still fast. Were Not Immortal to be in the same situation, he might have spewed blood!

These two became slower the more they walked and even their hearts became heavier.

The surrounding dao marks pressured them constantly, making it very hard for them to move. Not Immortal was already spitting blood while Secret Schemer's face looked yellowish purple.

After a while, the two had no choice but to stop.

They had reached their limits.

Fang Yuan was still moving in front, his expression looked much more exhausted than before. But it was obvious he still had a lot of strength left.

"Fang Yuan is truly a monster!"

"Sigh, he has many venerable inheritances, he is someone who has won against Heavenly Court repeatedly. It is not strange for him to have this achievement."

Not Immortal and Secret Schemer conversed secretly, they sighed while feeling helpless.

"Then, let's watch him from here. I want to see how far he can walk!" Secret Schemer snorted coldly.

Not Immortal hesitated for a moment before asking: "Do you think he can walk out of the seventh layer and enter the eighth layer?"

"How is that even possible?" Secret Schemer denied immediately, not even thinking of the possibility. But shortly after, he said with a heavy voice: "This possibility is not high, there are at least tens of thousands of steps before someone can walk out of seventh layer. The distance we have walked currently is not even ten percent! Fang Yuan is indeed powerful and is a rank seven demon that seldom appears in a hundred or even a thousand years. But in the end, he is not at rank eight, I even feel that only a venerable can get out of the seventh layer and enter the eighth layer."

"Venerable…" Not Immortal thought and said: "Should we tell Fang Yuan of the clues that several venerables came here?"

"Yes." Secret Schemer nodded: "Wait till Fang Yuan reaches his limits, we will tell this information to him after we return."

Secret Schemer witnessed Fang Yuan's strength and admitted Fang Yuan was stronger than him. Informing Fang Yuan of this information might spur Fang Yuan's fighting spirit and make him stay in Crazed Demon Cave, accompanying the Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics to break through this place together.

Fang Yuan walked for a while before pausing slightly.

"This was the place where I saw Secret Schemer the previous time." Fang Yuan sized up his surroundings but did not see any traces.

Back then, Fang Yuan remembered the dao marks here were mainly of metal path and earth path, but it was completely different now.

Fang Yuan was not surprised because the dao marks in the seventh layer could transform.

Every time the demonic sounds start from the ninth layer, they will spread to the eighth layer, then to the seventh layer, all the way to the first layer.

When they reach the first layer, the demonic sounds would be sealed by a formless force, not spreading to the outside world and affecting other beings.

Fang Yuan continued to walk forward.

Secret Schemer and Not Immortal stopped on their spots, watching his receding figure from the distance.

When Fang Yuan crossed Secret Schemer's furthest record, this wisdom path Gu Immortal's eyelids twitched.

Despite him expecting this situation, when he saw this happen for real, he could not help feeling a deep sense of loss.

"I was surpassed." Secret Schemer heaved a deep sigh inwardly: "I am the head of the Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics, the person who explored the furthest. I have lived here for hundreds of years and have engrossed myself in researching this place, I never expected to be surpassed by Fang Yuan so easily."

Envy and even hatred, as well as anger towards himself, bitterness, sadness, and all kinds of emotions surged in his heart.

Not Immortal's feelings were much better than Secret Schemer, after all he was the one with the worst performance among the Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics.

Seeing Secret Schemer's expression, Not Immortal heaved a sigh and was about to comfort him when his expression changed suddenly.

The demonic sounds started!

"What's going on?" Not Immortal was pale with fright.

Secret Schemer was also horrified: "How could the demonic sounds appear at this time?"

Not Immortal said: "Your previous deduction was correct, the demonic sound's timing is already messed up and we can no longer grasp its timing. Quick, let's retreat! This place is too dangerous!!"

Secret Schemer's face was already perspiring with sweat, he shouted towards Fang Yuan: "The demonic sound is here, retreat quickly! We can only be safe after exiting the seventh layer."

Fang Yuan turned around to look at them two.

These two no longer had the secluded cultivator demeanor of the Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics, they were panicking and were rapidly retreating.

"It doesn't look like they are trying to harm me." Fang Yuan frowned slightly.

Not Immortal and Secret Schemer had no time to choose a path, they could only barely make out the correct direction and retreat towards the outside.

The demonic sounds had just started and the dao marks here were already restless. Even more terrifying was when the demonic sounds truly resonated, there would be a wild tsunami of dao marks in the seventh layer! Immortal killer moves would immediately break upon activation. At this time period, even Duke Long would be in grave danger if he was here, he would be as weak as a baby and his death would be an unchangeable outcome.

The seventh layer had already become a forbidden land that devoured everything, only a venerable might be able to contend it.

The two eccentrics used all their methods and staked all their strength. They were spewing blood as they retreated.

"Quick, we are almost out of here!" Secret Schemer's eyes shone with wild joy as he looked ahead.

"I cannot go on!" Not Immortal crashed onto the ground.

Secret Schemer said through clenched teeth: "Persevere!"

The two had a very close relationship, Secret Schemer disregarded the danger and carried the unconscious Not Immortal.

At the moment of danger, his true nature was revealed.

Secret Schemer kept on moving, finally charged out.

His seven orifices were bleeding, his face was pale and green, he was blacking out time and again, and he felt as if his whole body was weighed down by heavy lead.

However, he did not dare to rest, the demonic sounds had just started, the seventh layer had become a dangerous zone and there was only hope for survival by returning to the sixth layer!

The demonic sounds had begun to spread and the warning alarms were ringing louder and louder in Secret Schemer's mind. He clenched his teeth and exerted his final trace of strength to drag himself and the unconscious Not Immortal to the sixth layer.

"Wait, where is Fang Yuan?" Before leaving the seventh layer, he took the risk to take a look behind.

"Wha?!" His eyes widened as if someone had struck the back of his eyes.

He was stupefied!

Fang Yuan had not retreated, but instead had moved even deeper.

"You, you, you!" Secret Schemer could not make up any words in his agitated state.

Fang Yuan heard the sound and turned around to look at him, smiling: "It was already too late for me to retreat from where I was. But I have a life saving secret technique so I have a slim chance to survive. There is deadly danger in exploring here and I have already prepared myself mentally, so no worries. Secret Schemer, I hope we have the opportunity to meet again!"

Secret Schemer was silent, he wanted to say 'Oh Fang Yuan, you are dead meat', but was unable to speak it out.

In the end, he said: "Fang Yuan, we will definitely meet again!"

These words had deep meaning.

On one hand, he was encouraging Fang Yuan, hoping he could persevere and not give up trying, maybe, there was a hope for survival. On the other hand, he was also foretelling himself that as he continued to explore like this, he would be trapped in a situation like Fang Yuan's sooner or later, and they would meet again in death.

Fang Yuan ruminated and smiled: "This Secret Schemer is indeed friendly and loyal."

In the five hundred years of his previous life, Secret Schemer was like this. He did not want to go out of Crazed Demon Cave, but Not Immortal and Pang Shan were pulled into the five regions chaotic war.

To protect his companions, Secret Schemer left Crazed Demon Cave.

Although he only had rank seven cultivation, his wisdom path attainment was very deep, he became a huge problem for Central Continent and Heavenly Court.

The Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics were secluded cultivators and did not have any blood relation, but their friendship was extremely deep, even surpassing many righteous path Gu Immortals.

A man is not a stalk of grass or a tree with no feelings. These three with a common goal lived together in seclusion for hundreds of years and helped each other, their relationship had already reached the point of staking one's life for another.

Fang Yuan looked at the swaying dao marks ahead, his expression was calm and at ease!

Even if these dao marks formed into a tsunami from the turbulence, it had no effect on him.

Sovereign immortal body, non-conflicting dao marks.

Fang Yuan was instead much more relaxed than before because Not Immortal and Secret Schemer had already left.

He smiled lightly and walked forward with ease.

He looked at the dazzling and grand dao mark waves in front of him. This was truly the most extraordinary scene in the world!

In the five regions and two heavens, there were many extraordinary sights; some were majestic, some were elegant, some were mighty, some were exquisite. Including both his previous lives and the present life, Fang Yuan had almost traveled the whole world, his vision was broad, he had plenty of experiences and seen many extraordinary things.

But right now, those magical scenes in his memories were all inferior to the waves of dao marks in front of him.

"If I leave my inheritance in the future, I will definitely record this scene and pass it to the later generations." Fang Yuan thought.


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