Reverend Insanity
1860 You Know Too Much
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1860 You Know Too Much

Fang Gong, who was hiding near Divine Bean Palace, was feeling anxious.

"What is going on? Why is there no movement from Divine Bean Palace? Did something happen?" Fang Gong calculated the time.

Fang Di Chang's scheme against Fang Yuan naturally was not his decision alone, he had run through this plan with Fang Gong and others.

Because they were worried that Suan Bu Jin, who was a wisdom path Gu Immortal, would become suspicious, Fang Gong had been hiding outside the palace to prevent any accidents from happening.

"First supreme elder, please be at ease. Second supreme elder took action only after making a proper plan, his strength is also above Suan Bu Jin's and adding on the immortal formation outside the palace and the support of the Immortal Gu House inside the palace, Suan Bu Jin's defeat is almost a certainty. What's more, if there were to be any mishaps on second supreme elder's end leaving him unable to control the situation, he will definitely send us a message." Third supreme elder who was standing on the side assured.

He was an old man with gray hair, dressed in a yellow robe.

"You are right." Fang Gong nodded. Right at this time, an explosion occurred from inside Divine Bean Palace.

Fang Gong and Fang Hua Sheng glanced at each other before the latter spoke: "It has started! The Immortal Gu House has detonated."

"Let's go take a look!" Fang Gong ran immediately towards Divine Bean Palace.

Divine Bean Palace's door was tightly closed before, but Fang Di Chang had already refined a portion of the palace with Fang Yuan's help, allowing Fang Gong and Fang Hua Sheng to enter directly.

"Second elder!" Fang Gong's eyes narrowed as he saw the heavily injured and bloodied Fang Di Chang among the ruins of an Immortal Gu House.

"Second elder, are you okay? Hold on!" Fang Hua Sheng also arrived soon after and immediately started using healing methods.

He was the most proficient healing Gu Immortal in Fang clan.

Sure enough, with his treatment, Fang Di Chang slowly came to his senses.

He spoke weakly: "That Suan Bu Jin was hiding his strength, although I succeeded in ambushing him, I was still struck by his counterattack and need to rest for some time. But Divine Bean Palace…"

Before Fang Di Chang finished speaking, Fang Gong interrupted: "Second elder, don't mention Divine Bean Palace. You are the brain behind our Fang clan, our strategist, Fang clan cannot be without you. Let third elder heal your injuries."

Fang Gong's words were heartwarming.

Fang Hua Sheng added: "Second elder, don't overexert yourself, your injuries are not light, you should listen to first elder. Come, let me take you to the secret room so I can heal you properly."

"Alright." Fang Di Chang weakly closed his eyes.

He was taken to the secret room and treated by Fang Hua Sheng.

The treatment lasted a day and two nights.

After the treatment finished, Fang Hua Sheng visited Fang Gong alone and reported.

"How is the situation?" Fang Gong asked.

Fang Hua Sheng replied: "Reporting to first supreme elder, there is no issue. I inspected second elder's blood, soul, and body, they are all authentic. Moreover, as there is no change in life tablet Gu and soul lantern Gu in the ancestral hall, second elder should still be himself!"

As it turned out, Fang Hua Sheng was not just treating Fang Di Chang but also had the secret task of inspecting Fang Di Chang.

Fang Gong nodded: "I trust second elder, but inspection is a necessity. How did Southern Border righteous path become a laughing stock in the five regions? It is because they let Fang Yuan infiltrate them. Although Suan Bu Jin is not at the level of that demon Fang Yuan, he is a wisdom path Gu Immortal after all; we still don't know about all his methods, we can never be too careful. Moreover… second supreme elder himself had asked me to arrange this identity inspection."

Fang Hua Sheng laughed: "You two really have a lot of worries, from what I see, that Suan Bu Jin might be a rank seven wisdom path expert but he is a lone cultivator after all, he has limited foundation. Our Fang clan is a super force, we used almost all our strength to scheme against him and even detonated an Immortal Gu House, it could be said that we spared no expense for this! With such a strength difference, getting rid of Suan Bu Jin is not a difficult matter."

"I must see his body if he is alive, if he is dead, I must see his corpse. I haven't seen Suan Bu Jin's corpse or soul, so I am somewhat worried." Fang Gong's gaze was slightly heavy.

"Hahaha, he cultivates wisdom path, not transformation path. Even without second supreme elder's explanations of the details, I can make a rough guess. That Suan Bu Jin must have used some method to gain a sudden increase in his strength when he counterattacked, resulting in a powerful explosion which destroyed his own corpse and soul." Fang Hua Sheng said.

Fang Di Chang who was lying in the bed opened his eyes.

"It has already been a day and a night since Fang Hua Sheng reported. Looks like I managed to deceive them!" Fang Di Chang thought.

He was not the real Fang Di Chang, but Fang Yuan's clone!

Going back to the moment when Fang Di Chang started on his scheme.

"Oh Brother Suan Bu Jin, I know that this is unfair to you."

"But there is no other way left, you have also seen Fang clan's situation, please die for the sake of Fang clan's future." Fang Di Chang bowed deeply towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan panicked and started cursing loudly.

Fang Di Chang's expression turned cold: "You are also a Fang clan member, you are dying for a good cause. Rest in peace."

Once he said that, he activated the final method.


"Huh?" Fang Di Chang was slightly dazed as he activated the method again.

Still silence!

"What's going on?!" Fang Di Chang's pupils shrunk and his expression changed as he quickly inspected.

He looked at Fang Yuan with disbelief: "You actually tampered with this Immortal Gu House!"

Fang Yuan's panicked expression disappeared completely and a sinister smile replaced it: "Oh, yeah, damn it, you actually found out!"

"How is this possible? I was personally in charge of the whole process, you only gave a few suggestions and nothing more!" Fang Di Chang suddenly felt a chill as he said this: "Could it be…."

"Hahaha!" Fang Yuan clapped: "You are indeed a wisdom path great grandmaster, you realized so quickly. That's right, although I only gave a few suggestions, you accepted them. An Immortal Gu House constructed from those suggestions has many areas that corresponds to Divine Bean Palace. You set up a Gu formation outside the palace and a Gu house inside to infiltrate Divine Bean Palace and refine it forcefully. But from another aspect, Divine Bean Palace also infiltrated your Gu formation and Gu house. As for me, I just happen to be able to influence Divine Bean Palace."

Divine Bean Palace was like a locked treasure chest. Fang clan's Gu formation and Gu house were like a crowbar that was inserted into a gap in the chest lid, which could forcibly break the lock of the chest and open it, at the same time, this treasure chest, Divine Bean Palace, was like a large mouth that bit the crowbar.

What Fang Yuan did now was to influence Divine Bean Palace and make it bite the crowbar tightly. This created the current situation — Fang Di Chang activated his method but there was no effect.

Fang Di Chang glared at Fang Yuan and said: "Who in the world are you? It is not easy to accomplish this! First, you need extremely high formation path attainment, and second, you also need to have a method to influence Divine Bean Palace."

Fang Yuan smiled, although his wisdom path attainment level was lower than Fang Di Chang's, he was still a grandmaster. His formation path was also at grandmaster level, this was double grandmaster attainment level.

So, when Fang Di Chang was modifying the immortal formation outside the palace and constructing the Immortal Gu House inside the palace, Fang Yuan had already seen through his plot.

Fang Yuan was not angry, but was pleasantly surprised. He restrained himself and worked this plot to his own advantage, Fang Di Chang had thought the situation was within his control, but he was already seen through by Fang Yuan.

Immortal killer move — Karma Divine Tree!

Green smoke rose above Fang Yuan's shoulders and head, and formed a huge divine tree. The divine tree was green and lush, and there were several fruits scattered among the leaves.

Divine Bean Palace began to shake.

Fang Di Chang's eyes opened wide with shock and anger as he pointed at Fang Yuan: "So you sided with Heavenly Court! You despicable bastard!!"

He was familiar with karma divine tree because he had once fought Chen Yi and had experienced this killer move.

Now that he saw this move again, his first thought was not about Fang Yuan, but that Suan Bu Jin had sided with Heavenly Court and that Heavenly Court had given karma divine tree to him to retrieve Divine Bean Palace.

Ever since Fang clan seized Divine Bean Palace and chased Chen Yi away, they treated Heavenly Court as their main enemy.

Sweat started to appear on Fang Di Chang's forehead because of the fright. Because he naturally had the thought: If this truly is Heavenly Court's conspiracy, Suan Bu Jin definitely had backup. Maybe, Heavenly Court's rank eight Gu Immortals are already hiding outside Fang Clan headquarters!

Seeing Fang Di Chang's misunderstanding, Fang Yuan did not explain but focused on karma divine tree.

This was the first time he was openly using this move, Fang Yuan soon discovered Divine Bean Palace was responding to this move and slowly began to put down its resistance and accept him, the owner of this killer move.

Soon, Fang Di Chang was unable to even budge.

The temporary Immortal Gu House had the effect of imprisoning Gu Immortals, Fang Di Chang had intended to use this ability against Suan Bu Jin but Fang Yuan's influence was much greater than Fang Di Chang's, and with Divine Bean Palace's suppression, Fang Di Chang became the prisoner.

"Good, very good, Suan Bu Jin! I admit defeat, kill me." Fang Di Chang sneered without any fear of death.

He fully displayed his bravery at the juncture of life and death.

Fang Yuan also sneered: "You want to use your death to trigger a change in life tablet Gu and other methods, to notify Fang Gong and others who are outside? Such mentality is praiseworthy, but I won't be baited. I will extract your soul and then use my split soul to possess you, your body won't die and your soul also won't dissipate, so there will be no change in life tablet Gu."

"From now on, I will use this Fang Di Chang clone to replace you and infiltrate Fang clan. I will search your soul clean, I will plunder all your experiences, memories, and information."

"Hmph! Impossible! You can forget about it." Fang Di Chang snorted coldly: "You think a split soul cannot be inspected? The details about my soul are recorded in Fang clan, any difference will result in you getting exposed."

"Moreover, you have too little time. I have already set a time limit with first supreme elder and others. if they don't see me before the time limit, they will immediately charge in to reinforce me!"

"At that time, even if you have Heavenly Court's reinforcements, how long can you hold on for? The furious first elder Fang Gong will definitely turn you into meat paste!"

"So, Suan Bu Jin, cooperate with my Fang clan. Heavenly Court is using you, although they are scheming against me, they are practically disregarding your life." Fang Di Chang urged.

Fang Di Chang was indeed worthy of being a wisdom path great grandmaster, his words were incisive and without faults. He was actually instigating Fang Yuan! His words were even extremely logical.

Fang Yuan smiled as he gazed deeply at Fang Di Chang.

Fang Di Chang had been staring at Fang Yuan as well and paled as he saw Fang Yuan's expression.

Because he thought of an even more frightening truth.

"You played me at my own game, there must be a reason for such confidence. To complete this plan, you need to have a high formation path and wisdom path attainment, moreover, you must also have extraordinary soul path methods!"

"No, you are not sent by Heavenly Court!"

"You! You are Fang Yuan!!"

Fang Di Chang's face turned deathly pale.

He realized.

It was not necessary for him to be from Heavenly Court just because he had karma divine tree. Chen Yi was killed by Fang Yuan, this matter was publicized by Fang Yuan himself.

Clap clap clap.

Fang Yuan clapped: "Truly worthy of being a wisdom path great grandmaster."

Fang Di Chang blinked as he swallowed his saliva: "Fang Yuan, we can cooperate. There is no need to create such a conflict, please believe in our Fang clan's strength and sincerity… urgh!"

Fang Di Chang's eyes opened wide all of a sudden.

Veins bulged on his forehead and his face turned red as if an invisible hand was clenching his neck and covering his nose, suffocating him.

While conversing with him, Fang Yuan had been concentrating on influencing Divine Bean Palace. This influence had finally reached a qualitative change!

"Fang… Fang Yuan, everything… can… be discussed…"

Fang Yuan shook his head with a smile: "It is truly a pity for a wisdom path great grandmaster to die here. But you… know too much."

"Ahh." At the next moment, Fang Di Chang's eyes rolled back and his mouth foamed, his body twitched a couple times before he died.


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