Reverend Insanity
1710 Limitless“ Left Path
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1710 Limitless“ Left Path

Heavenly Court.

The originally white sky became covered in seven colored rainbow lights.

A huge Immortal Gu House was floating in the sky.

It was truly an incredible Immortal Gu House!

It had three floors of altars, grand and magnificent. There were multiple pillars holding each floor up, having white jade railings and shining aurora.

It was the rank eight luck path Immortal Gu House — Calamity Luck Altar.

In the past, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had personally constructed it, it was one of his three Immortal Gu Houses that he used.

Originally, Calamity Luck Altar was left as Longevity Heaven's foundation, but this time to attack Heavenly Court, they actually brought it along.

Such an act showed Longevity Heaven's confidence, many of Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals felt very worried.

Fairy Zi Wei frowned deeply.

Even Duke Long had a solemn gaze in his eyes.

However, his attention was not on Calamity Luck Altar, but the rainbow lights in the sky instead.

Duke Long said in a low tone: "Calamity Luck Altar and the Longevity Heaven Gu Immortals alone cannot break in here easily. This seven colored rainbow light is of rank nine level, it must be the work of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable!"

"Giant Sun Immortal Venerable?" Fairy Zi Wei was dazed before realization shined on her face: "According to Heavenly Court's records, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable was once invited to tour Heavenly Court. Did he create this backdoor secretly at that time?"

"That should be the case." Duke Long said.

Fairy Zi Wei's expression turned grim: "This Giant Sun Immortal Venerable is truly crafty. He had already planned to invade Heavenly Court so long ago, his scheme was so deep."

"All past venerables have great wisdom, they cannot be underestimated. Giant Sun Immortal Venerable possessed luck path methods, he secretly set this arrangement and we could not discover it until it was used now." Duke Long sighed as he shook his head, having a complex feeling.

Back then, when Giant Sun became venerable, he did it through luck path, it was a huge obstruction to fate Gu. Back then, Heavenly Court's leader, Golden Hooped Great Immortal, made a plan and specially invited Giant Sun Immortal Venerable to tour Heavenly Court, telling the world that they were inviting Giant Sun to join Heavenly Court openly.

After considering it, Giant Sun agreed to the invitation and went on to look around Heavenly Court.

Golden Hooped Great Immortal personally led Giant Sun Immortal Venerable as they went to look at the important places in Heavenly Court, especially the places that Limitless, Reckless Savage, and Red Lotus stopped at when they attacked.

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable made a suggestion, he wanted to see fate Immortal Gu.

Golden Hooped Great Immortal did not reject him, they went up Heaven Overseeing Tower and saw fate Gu.

After Giant Sun left the tower, he remained silent along the way.

After leaving Heavenly Court, he said that he had to reconsider the matter of joining them.

This experience and the conversation between Giant Sun and Golden Hooped was clearly recorded in Heavenly Court's history with great precision.

"The power of rank nine is truly unfathomable, we only saw Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's arrangements today, that is not strange at all. After all, he cultivated luck path, and we have little understanding of this path. However, even Spectral Soul Demon Venerable who managed to plant spies in Heavenly Court is in our captivity now. Giant Sun Immortal Venerable has died long ago, only his Calamity Luck Altar and a bunch of Northern Plains Gu Immortals are here to attack us now, how can my Heavenly Court fall so easily?" The hall resounded with Old Man Zheng Yuan's voice.

Fairy Zi Wei nodded but she still frowned: "Calamity Luck Altar is not an ordinary rank eight Immortal Gu House, it was once owned by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable. It is a pity that Prince Feng Xian did not join this invasion, otherwise we would have gotten information about Longevity Heaven's sneak attack in advance."

"But most importantly, how much force is hidden in Calamity Luck Altar?"

"Hmm… wait, I think there isn't a lot. Because we did not get any news of this invasion by Northern Plains' Longevity Heaven. They were able to keep it hidden so well, they must have kept it to a very small number of people."

Fairy Zi Wei analyzed rapidly.

"You are not wrong, that is likely so." Duke Long nodded, even though he stood up from his seat, his arms were still behind his back, he did not join the battle, as if he was waiting for something.

At the next moment, the whole of Heavenly Court shook.

Swoosh, like the howling of the wind, this sound was etched deep into everyone's hearts.

Duke Long, Fairy Zi Wei, and Old Man Zheng Yuan felt no surprise, they showed faint smiles on their faces.

"The killer move that Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable left behind has activated!"

Within Calamity Luck Altar, Longevity Heaven's Gu Immortals felt no surprise either.

The information that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable left behind already described this. In fact, even without Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's information, Longevity Heaven had a number of true inheritances of the few Demon Venerables. Be it Reckless Savage or Limitless, they were Northern Plainsmen, the intel of their attack on Heavenly Court was in Longevity Heaven's hands.

"This is the killer move qi wall?"

"Qi wall killer move is very ordinary, but when Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable was at a young age, he was very skilled at it and enjoyed using it."

"When Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable became invincible in the world, this qi wall killer move was also elevated to rank nine!"

Longevity Heaven's Gu Immortals discussed as they manipulated Calamity Luck Altar, attacking the surroundings.

The surrounding air started to produce ripples like a formless fortress, only after facing a lot of attacks did it burst back into normal air.

But soon, it gathered again into a formless fortress wall.

The whole of Heavenly Court was reinforced by this air, resisting the invasion of Longevity Heaven. But for Heavenly Court's members, when they moved, the qi wall around them would return to normal air, they would not be obstructed.

Longevity Heaven's Gu Immortals made some attempts as they expressed shock on their faces.

"Indeed worthy of Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable!"

"The ordinary qi wall killer move has the power of rank nine in Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable's hands, it is even stronger than the heavenly wind qi wall."

"What do we do now?" Five Elements Grandmaster had an ugly expression, he was very worried. He had just joined Longevity Heaven recently, he had only learned of the invasion several days ago.

Five Elements Grandmaster's worry was very reasonable, if they could not get past this move, they would need to destroy all the qi walls along their path.

The expenditure would be too high, they might not even make it to Duke Long before their immortal essence dried up, they would be extremely tired.

But it was too difficult to unravel this move.

Firstly, it was a rank nine killer move, only methods of similar level would be effective. Unless they possessed an extremely effective rank eight killer move, it would not be useful.

Secondly, after the changes of eras, qi path had already fallen out of common use, almost nobody from Longevity Heaven in this trip cultivated qi path.

What could they do?

"Don't worry, we have our method!"

"Even though this move is made by Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable, so many years have passed, eras have changed, after the invasions of three Demon Venerables, it already possessed flaws."

"That's right, back then, Limitless, Reckless Savage, and Red Lotus could not unravel this qi wall killer move even though they attacked Heavenly Court. They merely used their incredible strength to break through by force."

"They carved out three roads on their own, these three paths are the places where the qi wall is at its weakest and cannot regenerate. As long as we destroy a small area, we will be able to enter one of these three paths and follow the Demon Venerable's road to fight our way in!"

Five Elements Grandmaster let out a sigh of relief: "So that's it."

Next, he asked: "Which path do we choose?"

At the same time.

In the Central Great Hall, Duke Long and Fairy Zi Wei conversed: "Even though qi wall is powerful, it had been exposed long ago. Since Longevity Heaven is attacking now, they must be aware of its weaknesses, they will use the paths that the Demon Venerables created."

Fairy Zi Wei nodded, recalling: "The left path was created by Limitless Demon Venerable, it passes Central Heaven Gate, Name Plaque Palace, Sun Palace, Five Deity Hall, Central Great Hall, Heaven Overseeing Tower, Forgotten Dao Lake, and finally, it stops at the Imperfection Regret Pavilion on the peak of Star Zone Mountain."

"The central path was created by Reckless Savage Demon Venerable. It passes Immortal Emperor Court, Hidden Space Pavilion, Sumeru Lake, Eternal Sand Cave, Million Heavenly King Gallery, Embroidered Tower, Central Great Hall, and ends at Heaven Overseeing Tower."

"The right path was made by Red Lotus Demon Venerable. He first went past Lotus Fairy Pond and Bright Moon Treasure Light Hall, followed by Twelve Spiritual Pass, Separation Flame Pavilion, Magnetic Star Hill, Water Wood Clarity Court, Central Great Hall, and ends at Heaven Overseeing Tower."

"As long as they make their choice, we will be able to know their route and set up our defenses."

Fairy Zi Wei's eyes flickered with the sparkles of wisdom.

"That is right." Duke Long had no objections.

Boom boom boom!

Calamity Luck Altar brought the few Longevity Heaven Gu Immortals as they attacked the weak spot of the qi wall and went in.

Once they entered, Longevity Heaven's group felt that the pressure was greatly lifted, the qi wall was barely existing here!

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals also saw what happened.

Fairy Zi Wei and Duke Long looked at each other: "They chose the left path."


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