Reverend Insanity
1709 Wu Yong Versus Chen Yi
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1709 Wu Yong Versus Chen Yi


With a loud sound, huge changes occurred.

Wu Yong led the group of Southern Alliance immortals as he broke the fifth layer of the formation, arriving at the sixth.

In the sixth formation, there was complete darkness, there were no boundaries as far as one could see.

The Southern Border immortals were as small as ants in comparison to this huge space.

"This is a space path formation!" A Luo clan Gu Immortal suddenly spoke.

He wore a traditional Southern Border clothing, his skin tone was white and he had a cold expression, he was a Luo clan general famous in Southern Border, having peak rank seven battle strength.

His name was Luo Ran, he cultivated space path and had incredible attainment.

"Indeed, this is a space path formation." Chi Qu You nodded in agreement: "Let me make some deductions."

The immortals held no disagreements.

After entering a formation, using brute force was not wise. The best way was to let formation path Gu Immortals deduce the profundities of this formation, to target its weaknesses and achieve a greater result in doing so, saving effort in the process.

After some deductions, Chi Qu You said plainly: "I've already deduced most of this formation, it is likely the spaceless formation."

Luo Ran listened and frowned: "Even though I do not cultivate formation path, I've heard of spaceless formation, it is one of the most classic immortal formations of space path, it was created during the Remote Antiquity Era. Nobody knows who the creator was, this formation only has one ability, it can extend space and increase distance. After entering the formation, the distance of one step can be turned into a hundred steps."

Chi Qu You laughed: " Friend Luo Ran is wise, that is correct. But this formation had already been modified, there is a variation hidden inside it."

Someone asked: "What variation?"

Chi Qu You shook his head: "I have not deduced it yet, I can only sense it. But we can set off first, I can deduce along the way. In this situation, we can move ahead without concern, the spaceless formation does not have offensive power, it can only trap enemies and increase the distance between enemy and ally, to stall for time."

"Give me some time, I will be able to deduce the variation formation and find its weakness. During this period, if Heavenly Court attacks, as long as we can defend ourselves, whatever changes we observe will help me in my deductions."

Chi Qu You's suggestion was good, the immortals quickly set off and chose to move forward together.

Spaceless formation had no light, it was completely dark and endless.

The Southern Alliance immortals protected Chi Qu You who was at the center of the group, while Wu Yong remained as the vanguard.

"Look, there's something in front!" Yao clan's Gu Immortal Yao Tian Ze suddenly spoke.

The immortals quickly slowed down and got closer, taking a clearer look.

There was a huge green and white radish, it was large like a house, floating in the air as it remained motionless.

"What is this? It seems to be an immemorial desolate plant!" Yao Tian Ze asked.

Everyone frowned, this was not a common sight after all.

Wu Yong was silent, a flash of inspiration appeared in his mind, he seemed to have heard of that immortal plant but he could not recall it in a short time.

"If I am not wrong, this should be the great profound ice light radish, it is an extinct immortal plant from the Immemorial Antiquity Era. To think that Heavenly Court still kept it till now." Qiao Zhi Cai said.

He was the first supreme elder of Qiao clan, even though he had rank seven cultivation level, he cultivated wood path.

Wu Yong's eyes shined: "That's right, this is the great profound ice light radish. Everyone be careful, if anyone gets close, this radish will burst out with countless ice lights, it will pierce every muscle and skin in your body, you will instantly freeze to death."

Qiao Zhi Cai added to the explanation: "That's right, do not underestimate the ice lights, these ice lights are the dao marks of the great profound ice light radish. After it shoots out, the great profound ice light radish will no longer have any dao marks, it will become a mortal material. Thus, the ice light storm will have the power of a rank eight Gu Immortal's immortal killer move."

The immortals heard this and stepped back, they became very alert.

However, a change occurred right at this moment.

Ripples appeared in the air, the formation suddenly activated as a huge space path force erupted on a Southern Border Gu Immortal.

The Southern Border Gu Immortal had already activated his defenses long ago, but the space path force did not attack him, instead, it teleported him away.

The location was none other than beside the great profound ice light radish!

The great profound ice light radish was like a frightened little girl, it quickly shrunk until it was one-third of its original size.

Afterwards, boom!

Countless ice needles shot out in all directions.

The Southern Border Gu Immortal had already activated his strongest defensive method, but in just half a breath of time, he was pierced thoroughly.

Next, he became frozen, becoming an ice statue.

The Southern Border immortals were all deeply shocked.

The spaceless formation suddenly activated and teleported the Gu Immortal away, it was clearly the variation that Chi Qu You had spoke of earlier. Together with the great profound ice light radish, it was a perfect combination.

Wu Yong's expression turned ashen.

He led the Southern Alliance immortals in this battle, at this moment, they had finally lost their first member.

Wu Yong was quite anxious to find a way to deal with the situation.

At this moment, a change occurred again.

Ripples appeared in space again as a formless space path force erupted, trying to teleport another Southern Alliance Gu Immortal.

"With me around, don't even think about it!" At the crucial moment, Luo Ran shouted, activating an Immortal Gu.

The power of the Immortal Gu spread out as the surrounding space instantly froze like ice.

Southern Alliance's immortals felt a strong restrictive force, as if they were sealed in an ice coffin.

Rank seven Immortal Gu — Suppress Space!

A rank seven Immortal Gu could not deal with this Heavenly Court formation, but it was not without effect.

Suppress space Immortal Gu helped the Southern Alliance Gu Immortal to gain a few crucial seconds to escape.

The formation's spatial ripples were like a beast's mouth that failed to devour its target, it could only vanish in vain.

Luo Ran dispelled the effect of suppress space Immortal Gu, Southern Alliance's Gu Immortals felt the pressure lifting as they regained their freedom.

"The situation was urgent, I had to activate suppress space Immortal Gu, it had a wide range that cannot be controlled, my apologies for implicating everyone." Luo Ran quickly apologized.

Wu Yong laughed loudly: "Well done!"

"This is suppress space Immortal Gu? It is a good Gu worm that counters this formation." Chi Qu You nodded, feeling glad.

Luo Ran smiled: "I obtained this Gu from an Earth Trench recently, to think that it would work here, this shows that somehow, heaven's will truly exists."

Everything in this world had its weaknesses and counters, there was no strongest Gu worm, only strongest Gu Immortal.

Heavenly Court created this spaceless teleportation formation, it was made of several rank seven Immortal Gu and a vast number of mortal Gu, but it was countered by one suppress space Immortal Gu.

With suppress space Immortal Gu, Southern Alliance's immortals no longer had any concerns when moving in this formation space.

And because Heavenly Court's teleportation formation was activated, Chi Qu You's deductions became faster.

A moment later, Chi Qu You pointed out a loophole of the formation.

He said to Wu Yong: "Heavenly Court's spaceless formation is too troublesome to break from the inside. Lord Alliance Leader, why don't you use this loophole to link with the unlimited wind outside and break the formation there, it should be easier."

Wu Yong used the loophole and easily detected the unlimited wind outside.

Immediately, wild winds blew and broke the formation through the loophole.

The Southern Alliance Gu Immortals returned to the outside world.

After breaking six formations and only losing one member, the Southern Alliance immortals had surging morale.

This battle result made the formation's controller feel extremely heavy hearted.

This person was dressed in a green robe, emitting an aura of a scholar. From his appearance, he looked young, but his eyes were deep and wise, he was already some thousands of years old.

It was none other than the wood path rank eight great expert, Heavenly Lotus Sect's previous first supreme elder, the current generation Genesis Lotus inheritor — Chen Yi!

"To think that the enemies are so ferocious! There are only three formations left." Chen Yi pondered for a while and said to the person beside him: "Why don't we work together and fight them, we can gain some time for the formation to be set up."

The female immortal beside him, Bai Cang Shui, was a Heavenly Court member, she had participated in the previous Refinement Path Convention to restore Fate. She did not hesitate, agreeing immediately.

The two walked out of the formation, Wu Yong and the rest were still attacking the seventh layer of the formation, they tried to break it directly.

Chen Yi cupped his fists at the Southern Border immortals: "Southern Border friends, I am Heavenly Court's Chen Yi, does anyone dare to fight me alone?"

Wu Yong's pupils shrunk, he waved his hand as Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building was taken out.

In a fight between rank eights, rank seven Gu Immortals could not interfere, but if they went inside an Immortal Gu House, they would be able to join the battle, barely.

Ba clan's first supreme elder Ba Shi Ba laughed loudly: "Old man Chen Yi, it was not wise for you to come out of that tortoise shell. Let me face you."

"Wait, don't let him stall for time, we will attack together!" Wu Yong snickered and ordered.

If Wu Du Xiu was here, she would definitely accept Chen Yi's challenge and fight him alone.

But Wu Yong was a different type of person, why would he give up on a chance to attack him as a group?

Immediately, Wu Yong moved forward with multiple rank eights from Southern Border behind him, along with Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building carrying rank seven Gu Immortals, they charged ahead.

Chen Yi and Bai Cang Shui were attacked by the group but they did not fluster.

Bai Cang Shui pushed with her hands as huge white waves appeared and moved forward.

Wu Yong's body flickered as his afterimage remained, his true body had vanished on the spot.

Ba Shi Ba faced the huge waves as he shouted, his aura surged as a profound light shined on the waves.

Next, the wings on Yi Hao Fang's back waved, countless arrows shot out, the arrow rain pierced the waves, approaching Bai Cang Shui and Chen Yi.

"Come," Chen Yi smiled, he did not make any movements but the phantom images of huge trees appeared around him.

Yi Hao Fang's arrow rain pierced into the forest, it only caused some shaking in the trees, a large number of leaves fell.

Chen Yi's aura grew stronger, he was about to retaliate when his expression suddenly changed.

Wu Yong appeared right behind him unknowingly.

"He has such concealment methods?! The concealed person that I detected was actually an illusion that he made!" Chen Yi was deeply shocked by Wu Yong's methods.

At the moment of crisis, he did not even have time to turn around.

Next, he felt that Wu Yong had lightly patted his shoulder.

"We became friends at first sight, yet you have to go now. This is farewell my good friend, let me send you off." Wu Yong smiled lightly.

Hearing this, even with Chen Yi's thousands of years of life and abundant experiences, his expression became pale.

He shouted in his heart: "This is immortal killer move — Farewell Friend Wind!! My Heavenly Court had not been able to find it even after extensive search, to think that it was in Wu Yong's hands!"

Next, Chen Yi lost control over his body, he slowly floated towards the front.

While floating, his hair, clothes, and limbs started to disintegrate.

"Save me!" Chen Yi shouted in his heart but he could not make any noise.

He could not move at all, none of his methods could be used.

Even karma divine tree killer move was unable to be activated!


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