Reverend Insanity
1705 People“s United Hearts
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1705 People“s United Hearts

Central Continent, earth qi rock forest.

Poof poof poof…

A huge gush of earth qi surged out from the cave below the rock forest.

Rock pillars were erected one by one, some were small as bamboos while others were as large as ancient trees.

Western Desert earth path Gu Immortal Shi Gan Dang assessed the earth qi rock forest from afar, having a complex expression.

This earth qi rock forest produced a vast amount of earth path cultivation resources, one of which was round kun stone, it was something that Shi Gan Dang desperately needed.

It was a pity that this round kun stone had never been sold in large numbers before in treasure yellow heaven. Because this was the territory of one of Central Continent's ten great ancient sects, they needed this round kun stone themselves.

"In treasure yellow heaven, I had to raise the prices but the Gu Immortals still refused to sell it, they even made fun of me. Hehe, now now I can destroy this place and take all of the round kun stone away, I will be taking revenge!"

Shi Gan Dang breathed in deeply, his aura surged as he charged towards the clouds.

Immortal killer move — Heavenly Descending Triple Mountains!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three mountains crashed down from the sky, landing on the formation protecting the rock forest. A large amount of trees were directly crushed by these huge mountains.

Shi Gan Dang did not feel pity at all, he took several deep breaths as he ran around the area with a pale face, he kept all of the immortal materials in this forest including round kun stones in his immortal aperture.

Central Continent, spirit bank spring.

"Which rat dares to come after this place? I have already discovered you, why don't you show yourself?" The one guarding this place was an expert rank seven Gu Immortal from Ancient Soul Sect — Yang Feng.

He had broad shoulders and a thin waist, his spine was straight as a spear, his body was emanating a strong manly aura.

He had long green hair that stood right up, looking like it was piercing the heavens. His black pupils carried sharp piercing light in them, people could not look at him in the eye.

He wore a martial uniform and there was a brown belt around his waist, his wrists were also protected by two jade braces.

Spirit bank spring was not an ordinary resource, it was quite unique, Ancient Soul Sect sent Yang Feng here because they did not want to lose it.

Yang Feng shouted, a Gu Immortal slowly walked out.

He was an old man with a hunched back, he slowly walked while holding a cane.

Yang Feng snorted: "Old man, you are already so old, you should treasure your remaining days. Why are you courting death now?"

The old Gu Immortal chuckled: "I can't help it, I need some spirit bank spring water."

Yang Feng snorted coldly: "There is not even enough spring water for our Ancient Soul Sect's own supreme elders, how can we give you any?"

The old Gu Immortal sighed deeply: "In that case, I can only snatch some for myself."

Yang Feng raised his head and laughed loudly: "Old man, you are quite daring, you have the guts to fight me! Tell me, what is your name!"

The old Gu Immortal smiled as he said with deep meaning: "I have long forgotten about my name. But others like to call me Forgotten Daoist."

"You are Forgotten Daoist?!" Yang Feng's body shook, deep shock was expressed in his eyes.

Next, his expression became dazed as he asked: "Wait, what was your name?"

The old man was silent and did not move, he only smiled at Yang Feng.

Yang Feng was dazed as he frowned while looking at the old Gu Immortal: "Who are you? Why are you here?"

A moment later, after Forgotten Daoist took away the spirit bank spring water, Yang Feng watched as he left, before reacting: "Who are you? You are acting so suspicious, stand right there!"

After Forgotten Daoist vanished, Yang Feng looked at the dried spirit spring as he said with deep anger, shock, and suspicion: "Damn it, who stole the spirit bank spring water? I guarded it so deeply, how did anyone even steal it?!"

"Oh no, I need to report to the sect." But at the next moment, Yang Feng was dazed again: "What am I doing here?"

"Oh right, I took a mission to defend this spirit bank spring, I cannot let outsiders in!"

"Hmph, with me around, I want to see who dares to come here and court death."

Central Continent, within a mountain range.

A huge battle ended, Central Continent's Gu Immortals from the ten great sects left with deep hatred: "You better remember this!"

"Scram, loser." Xiao Hu Chi laughed coldly, turning to look at the person beside him with a cold gaze.

Beside him was a Northern Plains Gu Immortal.

He was so thin his bones could be seen, his skin was wrinkled and dry, sticking close to his bones. Veins could be seen on his skin, they were everywhere.

He was Northern Plains' demonic path rank seven Gu Immortal — Pi Shui Han.

Not long ago, Xiao Hu Chi and him both went after this resource, they collaborated and forced the Central Continent Gu Immortal who was guarding this place away.

Only the two of them were left, the atmosphere became very peculiar.

"Friend, how should we split the resources?" Xiao Hu Chi pretended to be polite.

Pi Shui Han snorted coldly, he said without hesitation: "You can also scram now."

Xiao Hu Chi was dazed before laughing from anger: "I am a rank seven expert of Western Desert's Xiao clan, who are you, you are truly shortsighted but your nature is very arrogant."

"You talk a lot of crap." Pi Shui Han had a look of disdain, he directly attacked Xiao Hu Chi.

Xiao Hu Chi's expression sank but he also attacked Pi Shui Han without any fear.

The two fought for over ten rounds, Xiao Hu Chi was slowly losing the edge, but at this moment, Xiao Shi Rang appeared from the horizon.

Xiao Hu Chi was overjoyed, he joined up with Xiao Shi Rang and fought Pi Shui Han together.

But after a moment, Xiao Shi Rang and Xiao Hu Chi were forced to retreat, they left with deep anger.

"Who is this person? For just this little amount of cultivation resources, he is fighting as if his life depends on it?" Xiao Hu Chi gritted his teeth, he was also a courageous person, a general of Western Desert's super force Xiao clan, but in battle, he saw how crazy Pi Shui Han acted, he was completely suppressed.

"If I am not wrong, he is Northern Plains' demonic path Gu Immortal Pi Shui Han." Xiao Shi Rang said plainly.

Xiao Hu Chi was dazed: "So it was a Northern Plains brute! No wonder… forget it, Central Continent has so many resources, we do not need to compete with such maniacs."

Time passed, earth vein tremors occurred, the five regions' regional walls continued to dissolve.

The fusion of earth veins caused much less commotion in Central Continent than the Gu Immortals that were going around plundering resources.

The huge Central Continent was originally filled with beautiful mountains and rivers, but now, it was filled with fire and smoke.

People like Forgotten Daoist who only took resources were still fine. But when most Gu Immortals acted, they would be like Shi Gan Dang, directly destroying the resource points, they were very vicious.

Several days later.

Heavenly Court.

"Okay, we have accumulated enough human will now." In the hall, Old Man Zheng Yuan spoke.

Fairy Zi Wei heard this and let out a sigh of relief, she became quite energetic again.

These days, bad news had been reaching her one by one, Central Continent suffered huge losses everywhere, Fairy Zi Wei felt immense pressure weighing on her.

"Oh? Then use it now, Zheng Yuan." Duke Long said with a plain expression.

Old Man Zheng Yuan nodded, he stood up shakily as a grand and vast aura surged out of his body!

Immortal killer move — People's United Hearts!

The accumulated human will was expended rapidly, almost none was left.

At the same time, the entire Central Continent's Gu Immortals, Gu Masters and even mortals became enveloped in a halo of light.

The halo flashed for a moment, it was like an illusion.

But Central Continent's people soon found something special.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"Such a mystical feeling!"

"I seem to be connected with the people around me, I can sense what they are feeling directly?!"

After the initial shock, people soon found out the profundity of people's united hearts, it could connect everyone's hearts together and allow them to feel each other's emotions.

The fear of being attacked, the sadness and hatred of having friends and family die, the worry towards one's own life, and the aspirations towards one's future…

Never had Central Continent's people been so tightly connected before in history.

"Who are you? Why do you hold such animosity towards us?!" At a competition location, a Northern Plains Gu Immortal was suddenly exposed.

He was like a torch in the darkness, his true feelings could not be concealed, everyone found out about him.

He had a handsome face and wore a white robe, he was thin and had a scholarly aura.

It was Northern Plains' rank seven demonic path Gu Immortal — Unfettered Scholar!

"Such an amazing human path killer move! Even though I concealed myself, I was exposed!" Unfettered Scholar suppressed his shock as he smiled viciously towards the people around him.

There were multiple rank seven experts guarding this place, they surrounded Unfettered Scholar tightly.

"You disguised yourself to attend the refinement convention, you must be after the success dao mark? Leave, if you leave now, we will not find trouble with you." The Gu Immortal leader said.

Unfettered Scholar laughed, saying to the leader: "So you really were here, I did not come in vain." He said so with deep killing intent.

The Gu Immortal leader was confused: "Who are you? Do we have any grudges?"

"Hmph, so you forgot already. I have not forgotten it! Back then, you exterminated my clan, today, as the last person remaining, I will take your life!" Unfettered Scholar burst out with his killer move, it was his signature method — Thousand Disintegrations.

An hour later, Unfettered Scholar left with an injured body, he flew into the sky while laughing and shedding tears of joy.

Nobody in the competition ground was left alive.

At another competition ground.

"Friend, please show yourself." The defending Gu Immortal spoke politely and warmly.

"Found me huh…" Southern Border secluded immortal Zheng Qing shook his head as he walked out of the square.

"I have no ill intentions, I just want to experience the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention. After all… this is likely the final one." Zheng Qing smiled bitterly.

He was a secluded cultivator in Southern Border, he had obtained a Genesis Lotus true inheritance by chance, he did not hold much animosity towards Central Continent.

The defending Gu Immortal nodded: "Through people's united hearts, we can sense your intentions. It is a pity that you cannot continue with this competition anymore."

"I understand."

"If you don't mind, you can stay here and we can interact with each other."

"It's fine." Zheng Qing shook his head, leaving quietly.

Some people wreaked havoc, some left peacefully, but no matter what, people's united hearts was very profound, it allowed them to discern who were the enemies.

The unstable elements hidden in the competition were eliminated, Central Continent no longer had any internal threats.

Duke Long affirmed his tactic, as he continued to press forward with it, the finals of this Refinement Path Convention started at long last.

"This is the final chance, why is nobody acting? What are they waiting for!" Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, he could not help but watch as Heavenly Court got closer to success.

But Longevity Heaven did not respond.

"It is time, let's move out!" At a certain corner of Central Continent, Wu Yong suddenly appeared.

Behind him were many Southern Alliance Gu Immortals.

Wu Yong looked around as he said: "Everyone, I do not need to explain the situation. We cannot let fate Gu be fully restored, otherwise, Heavenly Court's advantage would be too huge!"

"Follow me, let us destroy Infallible blessed land, let's take all the success dao marks and make Heavenly Court taste failure!"

"We will follow Lord Alliance Leader!!" The Southern Alliance immortals said together, they had high morale.


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