Reverend Insanity
1702 Common Enemy Hatred
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1702 Common Enemy Hatred

"More than half of Imprisonment Valley's southern thorns were stolen by a mysterious Gu Immortal."

"Red river beach's immortal formation was destroyed, the blazing red stones inside were all plundered by three Gu Immortals."

"Someone wants to steal Falling Heavenly River's primeval sand, he was forced away by Heaven's Envy Manor's immortal killer move that was left behind."

Fairy Zi Wei took command in Heavenly Court, observing the situation of the entire Central Continent, all of these news made her frown more tightly.

She was furious.

The huge Central Continent had abundant resources and talents, Heavenly Court's leaders and Central Continent's ten great ancient sects had worked effortlessly for countless generations to create this prosperity.

But now, because of these thieves, it was a huge mess.

Meanwhile, Duke Long sat in his seat and listened to Fairy Zi Wei report the disastrous news, his face was extremely calm.

"No matter, so what if we lose some resources? They are just tiny problems." Duke Long said as he shut his eyes, resting as his arm supported his chin.

Fairy Zi Wei breathed in deeply, telling herself to calm down but at the next moment, her eyes widened as she said angrily: "Fang Yuan has already escaped, three of our Central Continent rank eights were injured, while senior Zhou Xiong Xin… he was killed by Fang Yuan!"

"Oh?" A sharp light flashed in Duke Long's eyes, he stopped resting as he sat up straight, saying: "Zhou Xiong Xin was specially chosen to fight Fang Yuan, he had the greatest strength among them but was actually killed by Fang Yuan while the rest escaped with injuries, there must be a reason. Where is the battle report?"

"Here." Fairy Zi Wei handed an information path Gu worm to Duke Long.

The battle report was very detailed, because other than Zhou Xiong Xin, the other three Central Continent rank eights were alive.

After seeing the report, the hall went silent.

Long after, Fairy Zi Wei said: "I originally thought that Fang Yuan killed senior Zhou Xiong Xin using Luo Po seal, to think that the killer move used was spring scissors."

"According to this intel, spring scissors was modified again. And most importantly, when Fang Yuan transformed into the immemorial year monkey, his battle strength has broken through to the peak of rank eight!"

Saying so, Fairy Zi Wei sighed deeply.

She had known that Fang Yuan was a threat long ago. If he was allowed to grow freely, he would become a huge problem.

Fairy Zi Wei had expected this to happen, but she did not expect that this day would come so quickly!

"How long has Fang Yuan become a Gu Immortal? In just the blink of an eye, he became rank eight. And with another blink, he reached the peak of rank eight, even my battle strength is only at upper-tier rank eight level."

At once, Fairy Zi Wei felt a little dejected.

Duke Long looked at Fairy Zi Wei as he said slowly in a low tone: "Zi Wei, don't look down on yourself, Fang Yuan grew rapidly not just because of his talent, he also had external help. He was chosen by Red Lotus Demon Venerable and obtained Spring Autumn Cicada. He also got Spectral Soul's true inheritance and inherited Shadow Sect. He even has ghostly concealment, that is part of Thieving Heaven's true inheritance. And don't forget, with the collapse of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, how many benefits did Fang Yuan get from Giant Sun Immortal Venerable?"

"We are already paying a lot of attention to him, your measures were not wrong. The reason why we failed was not just because of Fang Yuan, but also because of the forces affecting him. We are not eliminating Fang Yuan alone, we are also contesting the forces that surround him.".

"These are either Immortal Venerables or Demon Venerables, they were the reason Fang Yuan could grow to this extent."

Fairy Zi Wei heard this and showed a shameful expression: "I had lost my cool and stability, thank you for the reminder, Lord Duke Long."

Duke Long smiled faintly: "I am not consoling you, this is just a fact. However, even though Fang Yuan has peak rank eight battle strength, as long as he is not rank nine, he cannot overturn our Heavenly Court. Zhou Xiong Xin's death was clearly reported, it was because Fang Yuan used an immortal formation to destroy rumor cage."

"Fang Yuan is crafty and vicious, he purposely stalled for time and made rumor cage stronger with the will of Central Continent's people, far beyond its original capabilities. By destroying it afterwards, Zhou Xiong Xin suffered immense backlash that he could not endure, causing him to be heavily injured."

"Even though the remaining three rank eights tried to help immediately, Fang Yuan was prepared and used the formation to disrupt them. By turning into the immemorial year monkey and gaining peak rank eight battle strength, he caught everyone off-guard and killed Zhou Xiong Xin."

"Fang Yuan had always been pretending to be weak, using rumor cage, he harmed our Gu Immortal. Even though Zhou Xiong Xin was very vigilant, he still fell for Fang Yuan's trap."

"Actually, if both sides fought fairly, even if Fang Yuan had peak rank eight battle strength, he could not kill Zhou Xiong Xin. The battle afterwards could prove this point, our three rank eights fought together and retreated, Fang Yuan could not retain them."

Fairy Zi Wei nodded continuously, Duke Long's analysis was the same as hers, she agreed: "There is no strongest Immortal Gu, only strongest Gu Immortal. Fang Yuan has grown fully now, he has powerful methods and vicious plans, he is also ruthless and achieves outstanding results. Right now, he has peak rank eight battle strength, our arrangements earlier were all disrupted, should we send Li Huang to deal with him?"

Duke Long shook his head: "Li Huang must continue to guard the Refinement Path Convention. Restoring Fate is the most important goal, we cannot divert anyone away from that objective. Even if we make Li Huang go after Fang Yuan, he has Fixed Immortal Travel. Even if teleportation fails, Fang Yuan would still want to waste Li Huang's time. After all, he is not the only person who wants to disrupt the restoration of Fate, we cannot fumble at this moment."

"Yes, Lord Duke Long." Fairy Zi Wei had regained her calm already.

Even though Duke Long was not a wisdom path Gu Immortal, he was in charge of Heavenly Court, his disposition was extraordinary, he was like a huge pillar stabilizing and holding up the entire situation.

Let alone peak rank eight battle strength, even if Fang Yuan was a pseudo-Immortal Venerable with the same strength as Duke Long, so what?

Duke Long believed that with Heavenly Court's foundation, they would definitely be able to repair fate Gu. Even if Fang Yuan caused much trouble, as long as he was not a rank nine venerable, he could not change the situation!

Duke Long was most concerned about the progress of the Refinement Path Convention.

He looked at the other person in the hall, asking: "Lord Zheng Yuan, how has the activation of common enemy hatred killer move gone?"

The person in question was an old man, he had many wrinkles on his face, he was thin and dry like a stick, he was truly resembling a man about to step into his grave.

He sat on a stone bench and was curled up due to his hunchback. He breathed slowly and lightly, his aura was so weak that it would not be strange if he died now.

But his seniority surpassed Duke Long, even though he had rank seven cultivation level, he was a member of Heavenly Court.

He was Old Man Zheng Yuan.

Because of fate Gu's restoration, he had woken up from the immortal graveyard.

Normally speaking, Heavenly Court only recruited rank eight Gu Immortals, and those had to be elites among elites. But Old Man Zheng Yuan only had rank seven cultivation level, yet he was acknowledged and recruited into Heavenly Court.

The most important reason was because Old Man Zheng Yuan cultivated a special path — human path!

The concept of human path had existed from very long ago.

It originated from the person who everyone living in this world knew, Ren Zu.

The \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e left behind by Ren Zu could be said as the greatest, oldest, and most mystical inheritance in human history.

\u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e contained the profundities of human path, many great geniuses were able to gain some sort of comprehension from reading it, these gains were usually spectacular and shocking to everyone.

Heavenly Court thought of itself as humanity's leader, they had accumulated countless human path methods, these were one of Duke Long's greatest sources of confidence.

Old Man Zheng Yuan spoke in a weak voice: "Back then, when the eighteen variant human demonic immortals attacked Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable, he was invincible in the world. After the eighteen variant human demonic immortals lost terribly, they were unresigned and tried to deceive the Immortal Venerable. Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable was troubled and sat in the formation for three days and nights, thinking deeply and unable to regain his senses. After reading \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e, he broke through the confusion in his heart, creating many human path killer moves such as countless lifeforms, people's united hearts, and common enemy hatred."

"I am merely a key to activate Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable's remnant methods, I do not deserve the title of 'Lord', please address me by my name, Duke Long."

Old Man Zheng Yuan was very humble: "Right now, countless lifeforms has already been activated, the killer move common enemy hatred is also effective in the whole of Central Continent, now, as long as we can gather enough human will to a certain degree, we will be able to use the killer move people's united hearts."

"Good." Duke Long smiled: "This is good, with common enemy hatred, Central Continent's people will be united in their anger and hatred, the Refinement Path Convention will definitely continue smoothly."

Central Continent, Mystical Body Sect.

This sect was created by a supreme elder of Wind Cloud Manor, Wu Fa, it was also a competition location of this Central Continent Refinement Path Convention.

After the initial selection, those that could compete here were all experts in Gu refinement.

There were thousands of Gu Masters in the square, each had their own space as they refined Gu.

The entire square was covered in a thick wall of light, rank seven Gu Immortal Wu Fa was staying here, protecting the place.

Half the time had passed, most Gu Masters had failed already.

Some people had soot on their face, some were pitiful and their arms were blown to bits, bloody holes appeared in their chest…

Gu refinement was a dangerous process, any distraction and they would suffer huge injuries.

Another Gu Master faced an accident during Gu refinement as he fainted on the spot.

The formation below the square's floor tiles activated, this Gu Master was teleported outside as healing Gu Masters gathered and quickly treated him.

This person had made a mistake while handling the Gu materials, the poison from the materials seeped into his body, causing him to faint.

Soon, he was saved and managed to wake up.

"Even though you woke up, your limbs are weak and your mind is fuzzy, you cannot continue with the competition." The healing Gu Master felt pity for him, he was not weak, many people thought he would succeed.

This person laughed: "So what if I failed? According to the great immortals, even if I fail in the competition, it will still benefit Central Continent! It will benefit the righteous path! Those demonic path immortals are trying their best to ruin our Refinement Path Convention, they killed so many innocent lives! Even though we are mortals, we cannot give up on resisting them. Participating in the Refinement Path Convention and keeping it going is our revenge against them!"

Even though his voice was weak, his content was firm, it felt like clashing swords.

"Good lad!" The healing Gu Master gave a thumbs up: "I think so too, those murderers are no immortals, they have no empathy at all. We must resist, we cannot let them win!"

Right at this moment, a change occurred in the square.

Two young Gu Masters stood up, holding a Gu worm in their hands.

One of them was Hong Yi, he shouted: "I succeeded!"

"Good, both of you succeeded, you will share the ranking of number one. According to the rules, you can get a small reward from our sect." Gu Immortal Wu Fa's voice resounded in the square, everyone started to envy them.

The two young Gu Masters looked at each other, they were neither too far nor too close to each other, one was at the center of the square while the other was at the north-east corner.

"Report your names." Wu Fa said, he did not show up, but upon inspecting these two winners, his opinion of them increasingly grew, they were both very handsome and had great cultivation levels.

"I am Hong Yi." Hong Yi said.

"My name is Ye Fan." The other young man also spoke.


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