Reverend Insanity
1697 Neither Victory Nor Defea
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1697 Neither Victory Nor Defea

The winds of assimilation ravaged in the River of Time.

When Feng Jiu Ge used assimilation wind song, there were sounds of howling winds. But when the actual winds of assimilation started blowing, it became extremely quiet, there was no sound at all.

The quiet winds of assimilation made every Gu Immortal present feel a chill down their spine.

The stone lotus island was continuously eroded by the winds of assimilation until it completely vanished, the winds grew larger and larger, multiple times its initial size after devouring the stone lotus island, it was like a pillar that supported heaven and earth.

However, it could not display its might in the River of Time, even though a lot of water was assimilated into wind, the entire River of Time did not budge, it had lost a completely negligible amount of water.

Even though the winds of assimilation were powerful, against the River of Time, it was too small, like a tiny insect on a bull.

All the Gu Immortals and Immortal Gu Houses had to steer clear of the winds of assimilation, Feng Jiu Ge was no exception.

"The stone lotus island was really destroyed!" Fang Yuan was deeply shocked, earlier when he wanted to get on the island, he was repelled by its protection force. To think that it was completely helpless against the winds of assimilation.

"Don't tell me this formation played a role in suppressing the stone lotus island earlier? Or was the island already at its limit, so it could not block the winds of assimilation?"

Fang Yuan watched as the river suppression lotus sealing formation continued to break apart.

Feng Jiu Ge also had a heavy feeling.

Even though he destroyed the stone lotus island, in his opinion, he had failed.

In order to find Red Lotus' true inheritances, Heavenly Court had paid a huge price in manpower and resources, they managed to find a stone lotus island after so much work, and trapped it using the river suppression lotus sealing formation. But to think that Fang Yuan and Longevity Heaven worked together to obstruct them.

Feng Jiu Ge had no choice but to destroy the stone lotus island, all of their hard work had been wasted.

But nobody could blame him for his actions.

Because it was necessary!

After the river suppression lotus sealing formation got hit by Luo Po seal, it was definitely going to break apart. Once the formation breaks, Feng Jiu Ge and Xing Ye Wang would be forced to return to the Immortal Gu House.

This way, Heavenly Court's side would lose their battle strength.

In contrast, Fang Yuan and Bing Sai Chuan would be like fish in water in this River of Time, without the formation restraining them, their battle strength would surge.

The enemy was strong while they were weaker, Feng Jiu Ge had no confidence in continuing the struggle, Fang Yuan would obtain the stone lotus island eventually. Thus, when there was still a chance, he decided to cut his losses short by destroying the stone lotus island.

"Such resolution." A sharp light flashed in Fang Yuan's eyes, he did not hide his praise.

Bing Sai Chuan sighed deeply, showing a dejected look.

He was hoping to find some way to destroy fate Gu from the Red Lotus true inheritance, but now, even though Fang Yuan had the key Spring Autumn Cicada, the stone lotus island was already destroyed.

He was very disappointed, he did not know that Fang Yuan had already obtained one true inheritance in secret!

Fang Yuan was obviously not going to tell Longevity Heaven about this, even Heavenly Court was in the dark.


With a chain of loud explosions, the heavily damaged river suppression lotus sealing formation broke, most of the Immortal Gu were destroyed, while the Gu Immortals controlling the formation died one by one.

River water moved in as huge waves were formed, the River of Time was restored to normal.

"Let's retreat!" Feng Jiu Ge gritted his teeth as he spoke.

The battle was not in Heavenly Court's favor.

Even though they had three rank eight Gu Immortals, in this situation, even if Duke Long came, they would not win.

Feng Jiu Ge and the rest were not time path Gu Immortals, they could only hide in the Immortal Gu Houses, relying on them to fight.

And these time path Immortal Gu Houses were only rank seven, if they had one rank eight time path Immortal Gu House, Heavenly Court would have a chance of victory!

Even though Heavenly Court had immense foundation, it was not without limits.

Firstly, after Lord Huang Shi died, they no longer had any time path rank eight Gu Immortals. Even though they created four time path Immortal Gu Houses, they were only rank seven. Heavenly Court did not have the ability to create a rank eight time path Immortal Gu House in such a short period of time!

Actually, Fairy Zi Wei's arrangements were not wrong.

Even though Fang Yuan obtained a Red Lotus true inheritance and modified most of his killer moves, while also raising the rank of his Immortal Gu, his increase in battle strength did not make this battle any easier, Fang Yuan alone could not obtain this Red Lotus true inheritance.

Heavenly Court did not expect that Longevity Heaven would suddenly cooperate with Fang Yuan.

After all, Fang Yuan destroyed Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, there was deep enmity between Fang Yuan and Longevity Heaven. This was not just simple hatred, Fang Yuan did not just destroy a rank eight Immortal Gu House, he destroyed Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's arrangements, the pride and glory of the Huang Jin tribes.

"Longevity Heaven actually gave up on revenge and cooperated with Fang Yuan. Is this because of Bing Sai Chuan?" Feng Jiu Ge returned to Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform and looked at Bing Sai Chuan, frowning.

Heavenly Court's three Immortal Gu Houses were retreating rapidly.

Fang Yuan roared, he turned into the immemorial year monkey and chased after them.

Bing Sai Chuan fought side by side with him.

The two had powerful and ferocious attacks, they aimed at Heavenly Court's three Immortal Gu Houses.

Even though there were three rank eights on Heavenly Court's side, they could only defend, resist attacks, and escape.

Present and Past Pavilion finally broke out of Bing Sai Chuan's killer move, it quickly flew out of the River of Time, appearing above the surface.

The three Xunzi were very angry, they wanted to attack Fang Yuan, but they saw that the three Heavenly Court Immortal Gu Houses were escaping, the river suppression lotus sealing formation had broken up, the rank seven Gu Immortals controlling the formation had almost all died, the remaining few were struggling in the River of Time, they were not far from dying.

"Quickly retreat!" Feng Jiu Ge transmitted.

The three Xunzi gulped as they quickly joined the group and escaped.

Fang Yuan and Bing Sai Chuan, as well as Five Elements Grandmaster controlling Year End Gatehouse, chased after them.

These four Immortal Gu Houses were very sturdy, they defended each other and were hard to catch.

But Fang Yuan and Bing Sai Chuan got stronger as they fought, in this River of Time, their battle strength was far above their usual standards.

"The tributary of the River of Time is close by, we are about to escape!" Qing Ye shouted, raising the morale of the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals.

"Want to leave? Not so easy!" Fang Yuan laughed sinisterly, shortening their distance.

"All of you retreat, we will block them!" The three Xunzi were resolved to die, they stayed behind along with the tattered Present and Past Pavilion.

As the three Xunzi stalled for time desperately, the other three Immortal Gu Houses managed to escape through the tributary of the River of Time.

Present and Past Pavilion was completely destroyed, the three Xunzi died as well.

Fang Yuan was filled with regret that he did not capture any rank eight Gu Immortal, this was a really good chance.

Fang Yuan did not want to chase after them, in the outside world, Feng Jiu Ge and the rest could fight normally.

He swept through the battlefield and collected the immortal apertures, annexing them.

Bing Sai Chuan and Five Elements Grandmaster did not move, they watched by the side.

There were quite a few rank seven Gu Immortals who died, they did not have qualification to join Heavenly Court so they still retained their rank seven immortal apertures.

Fang Yuan annexed them and made great gains.

"Let's go to Eastern Sea." After a while, Fang Yuan suggested.

Longevity Heaven had displayed their fullest sincerity in the battle over Red Lotus true inheritance, they were reliable allies for now.

Both sides had the same goal, to prevent Heavenly Court from repairing fate Gu.

If Heavenly Court obtained the complete fate Gu, they would regain their former glory, they would threaten the other four regions.

After staying for a while in the River of Time, Fang Yuan and Bing Sai Chuan confirmed that the Red Lotus true inheritance was truly destroyed. Even though they did not obtain it, they had managed to stop Heavenly Court from getting it, this result was neither defeat nor victory.

Soon, Fang Yuan and the rest left the River of Time, heading to Eastern Sea to stop Duke Long.

But along the way, they heard that the commotion in Eastern Sea was over, the outcome had been determined.

The eventual victor of this battle over Dragon Palace was Duke Long! Duke Long had incredible battle strength, he suppressed the Eastern Sea rank eights, afterwards, Heavenly Court's new member, rank eight Gu Immortal Chen Yi went there with an Immortal Gu House. At the crucial moment, Eastern Sea's lone immortal Yang Jun suddenly turned to help Duke Long, allowing him to successfully suppress the rank eight Immortal Gu House and keep it.

But Duke Long suffered heavy injuries as a result.

At the final moment, Eastern Sea's rank eights stopped holding back, they used their trump cards.

But it was already too late, after getting the Immortal Gu House, Duke Long left immediately without second thought.

"To think that this rank eight lone immortal Yang Jun was recruited by Heavenly Court!" Five Elements Grandmaster shook his head continuously. He was once a lone immortal too, but he had become a member of Longevity Heaven now.

"That might not be the case, Yang Jun might have been Heavenly Court's spy in Eastern Sea from the start." Fang Yuan thought of Prince Feng Xian in Northern Plains, he was a spy implanted into Northern Plains from the start, his identity had not been exposed.

Fang Yuan looked at Bing Sai Chuan for a moment, deciding to continue keeping this as a secret.


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