Reverend Insanity
1692 Working With Longevity Heaven
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1692 Working With Longevity Heaven

Eastern Sea, late at night.

Stars filled the sky, the calm sea suddenly turned turbulent with fierce waves.

Immortal Gu House Dragon Palace charged out of the sea, flying into the sky rapidly.

There was a rank eight Gu Immortal waiting in the sky, it was Qing Yue clan's first supreme elder, Qing Yue An.

"Puff!" He muttered lightly as he waved his arms rapidly.

Immediately the phantom image of a mountain descended from the sky, the mountain ranges extended far and beyond, encircling the entire Immortal Gu House Dragon Palace.

Immortal killer move — Myriad Mountain Ranges!

Dragon Palace's movement was obstructed, it crashed into the phantom mountain like it had truly slammed into a solid one.


There was a cold snort as a rank eight Gu Immortal charged out of Dragon Palace, it was rank eight lone immortal Shi Miao.

Shi Miao spat out a mouthful of acid water, this acid water did not look impressive but it grew with the wind, turning into a huge wave after several tens of feet.

The wave crashed into the phantom mountain and had an incredible effect, the mountain started melting like snow exposed to the sun.

The acid wave opened a path for Dragon Palace as it nearly got out of the encirclement, but Song Qi Yuan arrived right at this moment.

His aura burst out and grand light pillars shined in all directions, dissolving the waves and also causing Dragon Palace to shake, when it landed on Shi Miao, it felt like he was hit by a lightning bolt.

After this, Song Qi Yuan did not stop, he raised his head and pointed with his finger.

A sharp light shot out like lightning, vanishing instantly.

Far away, Fang Yuan who was using star eyes Immortal Gu to observe the battlefield felt his vision going dark, he could not see anything anymore.

Fang Yuan's expression turned dark, he knew that the star that he had refined using star eyes Immortal Gu was destroyed by Song Qi Yuan!

"Rank seven star eyes Immortal Gu might be unique, but against a rank eight Gu Immortal, it is too weak, not only can it be discovered, it can also be stopped.

Song Qi Yuan's immortal killer move is even more profound, it moved along the starlight and found the star of origin to destroy it."

"Even though the star was destroyed, star eyes Immortal Gu suffered no injuries, it can be used again after further preparation."

Even though these Eastern Sea Gu Immortals could not defeat Duke Long, they were still rank eight with brilliant methods, they could not be underestimated.

Earlier, Zhang Yin's fatal dark lightning, Hua Cai Yun's pot tossing cloud, Yang Jun discovering Fang Yuan who was in familiar face disguise, and Song Qi Yuan's attack that destroyed Star Eyes' star, they proved this point.

But even so, Fang Yuan did not want to give up.

"Dragon Palace is very important, it is far more important than I had expected!"

"It is a rank eight Immortal Gu House that contains dream path Immortal Gu. These days, in this battle, it displayed very powerful offensive and defensive methods, if I can get it, I will obtain peak rank eight battle strength!"

Fang Yuan's main body chased while heaven form killer move stayed in immemorial white heaven, dealing with Beast Calamity Grotto-heaven and finding the hiding spot of adaptation Immortal Gu.

Heaven form killer move was rank nine and extremely mobile, even within immemorial white heaven, there were few existences which could threaten it.

Because of the earth vein's turbulence, the Gu Immortals of the five regions were in chaos.

Especially, Eastern Sea, the emergence of Dragon Palace caused a battle among rank eights, it was truly spectacular.

On this day, Northern Plains' Longevity Heaven also started to tremor intensely.

Bzzz bzzz bzzz….

Orange-yellow light flickered endlessly, enveloping the sky of Longevity Heaven.

Next, an aura started from an extremely weak state and grew rapidly, soon filling the world and causing fear in everyone.

Such a change had already attracted the attention of Five Elements Grandmaster, Bull Demon, and Flower Lady.

Five Elements Grandmaster was a lone cultivator of Northern Plains, but after getting trapped by Longevity Heaven, he felt despair after struggling and decided to join Longevity Heaven, he was not stationed in Longevity Heaven permanently.

Bull Demon and Flower Lady were a duo that took the role of North Desolation Immortal together.

Bull Demon was a muscular brute with a thick beard and a thunderous voice, he was extremely tall and strong, having a powerful aura. Flower Lady was a little girl with a flower on her head, she sat on the muscular man's shoulder, giggling as her crystal-like eyes flickered with innocence.

"What happened?" Five Elements Grandmaster was very uncertain.

Bull Demon and Flower Lady looked at each other, the latter giggled: "West Desolation Immortal Bing Sai Chuan has awakened!"

Longevity Heaven was a bit different from Heavenly Court, it had Four Desolation Immortals and Eight Extremities, a total of twelve positions. Among which, the Four Desolation Immortals were only meant for rank eight Gu Immortals, while the Eight Extremities needed at least rank seven cultivation level, and they had to be elites among rank sevens.

"Bing Sai Chuan?" Five Elements Grandmaster's brows rose, he felt that the name was familiar but he could not get more information from just that name.

At this moment, there was a loud roar, ripples of light flickered in the sky, rainbows extended like rivers as they pierced through the horizons.

A figure walked down from the river, he had a tall body and delicate face, nevertheless, his eyes were extremely sharp and icy, emitting a cold gaze. From his right ear to the left corner of his lips, there was an ugly scar, it was flickering with white light, while emitting the coldness of a thousand year profound ice.

Seeing this face, Five Elements Grandmaster's eyes burst out with bright light as he became deeply shocked: "I remember now, this is the Bing Sai Chuan who was born in Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's generation, he was a rank eight legend, a time path great expert, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had tried three times before subduing him. He did not die, he is actually the West Desolation Immortal of Longevity Heaven?!"

West Desolation Immortal was born in the same generation as Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, even though he lost, it was not a disgrace. After all, be they Immortal Venerable or Demon Venerable, they were invincible in the world with no equal.

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had to make three attempts to subdue this West Desolation Immortal, it showed that he had great strength!

"Greetings, Senior West Desolation." Bull Demon and Flower Lady quickly went to greet him while Five Elements Grandmaster followed after with an expression of reverence.

West Desolation Immortal Bing Sai Chuan's seniority was simply too high.

Bing Sai Chuan went up to the three, he nodded after looking around: "I am awake but I do not have much lifespan, time is limited. Give me the information of the current world, I need to know about it."

Longevity Heaven had very comprehensive information.

They had detailed information of the collapse of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, the reappearance of Dragon Palace in Eastern Sea, and the Refinement Path Convention of Central Continent's Heavenly Court.

"Eighty-Eight True Yang Building truly collapsed…" Bing Sai Chuan sighed deeply.

"It was Fang Yuan, that demon was reborn using Spring Autumn Cicada, he is rank eight already." Five Elements Grandmaster gritted his teeth.

Bing Sai Chuan laughed loudly as he said: "Good job, Fang Yuan, he is truly a demon, he did a great job in destroying Eighty-Eight True Yang Building!"

Five Elements Grandmaster was stunned: "What?"

Bull Demon looked at Flower Lady: "…"

Flower Lady looked at Bull Demon: "…"

The three immortals were completely shocked.

Next, Bing Sai Chuan added: "Fate Gu is about to be repaired, it seems that this Refinement Path Convention is the final one. There is no time, we have to contact Fang Yuan now and make an alliance!"

The gazes of Five Elements Grandmaster, Bull Demon, and Flower Lady changed abruptly.

Was this Bing Sai Chuan really the West Desolation Immortal? Could he possibly be a fake one?

"Longevity Heaven wants to cooperate with me?" Fang Yuan received this message and became quite shocked.

It was easy to contact him, Lang Ya land spirit could do it.

Bing Sai Chuan used Lang Ya land spirit to contact Fang Yuan, he spoke openly: "I am West Desolation Immortal, the current leader of Longevity Heaven. Fang Yuan, you are an otherworldly demon but you have yet to obtain Red Lotus' true inheritance? If Heavenly Court repairs fate Immortal Gu, it will not benefit you at all. Similarly, Longevity Heaven does not want to see Heavenly Court succeed. If they repair fate Gu, it would be too helpful to Heavenly Court, it would also go against the luck path of my Ancestor Giant Sun. Let us forget our past conflicts and resist the strong enemy together!"

Fang Yuan was quiet for a while before asking: "You are?"

Bing Sai Chuan!

Soon, Fang Yuan learned who the other party was.

He should be the real deal.

Fang Yuan sighed at Longevity Heaven's foundation, they even concealed a rank eight legend like Bing Sai Chuan, he had only appeared now.

And in Longevity Heaven, among the Four Desolation Immortals, East Desolation Immortal had the highest status, the great Bing Sai Chuan was only second place?

Who in the world was the East Desolation Immortal?

Longevity Heaven's change of attitude made Fang Yuan deeply surprised. But to think of it, against the terrifying Heavenly Court, it was possible for Fang Yuan to work with them.

After all, he was a rank eight Gu Immortal now, the leader of Shadow Sect who possessed deep dream path research results, his name shook the world!

A while ago, Heavenly Court even infiltrated Northern Plains and attacked Lang Ya blessed land, the two sides had immense conflicts.

The saying goes, the enemy of an enemy is my friend!

If they could cooperate, Fang Yuan naturally wanted to work with Longevity Heaven.

After all, Heavenly Court was the true enemy.

But how could they trust each other?

To gain Fang Yuan's trust, Longevity Heaven opened its treasury and traded immortal materials with Fang Yuan, they could even exchange Immortal Gu.

From this step, they seemed to be very sincere.

"Since we are cooperating, Lord Bing Sai Chuan, why don't we work together to fight for Dragon Palace?" Fang Yuan had a thought as he initiated.

"Good idea!" Bing Sai Chuan was in full agreement, any person with a brain could tell that Dragon Palace had immense value.


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