Reverend Insanity
1687 Monster Rampages
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1687 Monster Rampages

"Normally, such an enormous monster should have a boorish nature with great strength, it is impossible for it to have such agility and speed!"

Eagle Warrior stood up from the deep crater, his head was filled with cold sweat. Suddenly, he thought of a possibility: "Wait a second, could that attack be this monster's combat technique?"

He looked at Fang Yuan who had turned into a giant monster with bull head and human body, the enormous shadow shrouding Eagle Warrior.

Eagle Warrior slowly regained his courage as he thought about this.

"You have a combat technique, I also have a combat technique! I already know your combat technique, but a stupid large animal like you cannot understand my combat technique."

"That's right, as long as I can grasp the opportunity, I definitely have the chance to win!"

Thinking of this, Eagle Warrior's eyes emitted hopeful light.

"He stood up, he stood up!"

"That's right, how could Eagle Warrior be knocked out instantly?"

"Go, Eagle Warrior, we believe in you!"

Seeing Eagle Warrior stand up, the dead silent city suddenly erupted into heaven-shaking cheers.

An eagle cry resounded.

Eagle Warrior flapped his wings and flew to the sky again.

"You have a combat technique, I also have a combat technique! Monster, let me show you, my combat technique — Silver Illusion!" Eagle Warrior shouted.

At the next moment, his body suddenly turned illusory, splitting into six illusory images, they were all lifelike and had no difference from the real body. In an instant, the real and fake Eagle Warriors surrounded Fang Yuan and flew above him in a circle.

The commotion in the city immediately surged to a whole new level!

"Look, it is Eagle Warrior's silver illusion combat technique!"

"He finally used it, look! That monster looks dazed, it does not know which one to attack."

"The chance of victory is here, go, kill that giant monster."

"Ahhh~… Eagle Warrior is truly too cool!"

Eagle Warrior heard the cheers of the crowd which amplified his courage and battle intent in his heart.

But he was cool-headed inwardly: "I must use this chance to make a definite strike, even if I cannot kill this monster, I need to be able to heavily injure it. After all, combat techniques consume a huge amount of stamina and cannot be used repeatedly!"

"That's why, even if this monster is powerful, it cannot repeatedly use its combat techniques. I will first use illusions to make it attack and waste its stamina. After it depletes its own strength, when it has no stamina left, I might be able to capture it alive!"

Eagle Warrior actually wanted to capture Fang Yuan alive, although Fang Yuan could not sense this thought, he clearly saw through Eagle Warrior's combat technique.

Eagle Warriors constantly buzzed around Fang Yuan, occasionally, one or two suddenly swept down and attacked Fang Yuan with their sharp claws and beak.

Fang Yuan stood on the spot without evading, these Eagle Warriors were all illusions with no real threat in their attacks. In Fang Yuan's eyes, it was a dead giveaway.

Fang Yuan was calm and composed, laughing inwardly: 'This grotto-heaven is somewhat interesting.'

First of all, the interaction between mortals and Gu Immortals was interesting.

They were harmonious.

Different from the five regions outside world where mortals were like ants and Gu Immortals were high and above, in this grotto-heaven, Gu Immortals were the guardian spirits of mortals. More importantly, they were even keen to take on this guardian duty.

From this point, Fang Yuan could see the trace of a paradise.

But this was not strange.

Every grotto-heaven formed its own small world. If there was little contact with the outside world of the five regions, the grotto-heaven would form a different social structure and create a style unique to itself.

Secondly, the battle style and cultivation method of Gu Masters and Gu Immortals here was interesting too.

For instance, the opponent before Fang Yuan had merged with an ancient desolate beast silver-white giant eagle to create a kind of human-beast fusion battle form.

This was clearly a transformation path method and its advantage was extremely obvious.

Normally, Gu Immortals would need to expend immortal essence to activate Immortal Gu or immortal killer moves. But the Gu Immortals here only needed to merge with a desolate beast and could possess combat techniques.

The so-called combat technique was just the innate abilities of some desolate beasts or ancient desolate beasts. It was like Fang Yuan's upper extreme heavenly eagle which could enter and exit immortal apertures.

This innate ability was known as combat technique by the people here, it did not expend immortal essence but had a huge demand on stamina, even having some other cost like sacrificing a part of the body or some lifespan.

Be they combat techniques, Immortal Gu or immortal killer moves, if we trace their origin, they were all just in essence — Dao.

Because desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts have dense dao mark accumulation on their bodies, and the fact that certain areas in their bodies have a higher concentration of dao marks, they would possess innate abilities or combat techniques.

Immortal Gu were fragments of the Great Dao, they represented certain laws of heaven and earth.

There was no need to talk about immortal killer moves, they were usually a combination of several Immortal Gu and a large amount of mortal Gu, they were an organized combination of dao marks and Great Dao fragments which went through specific profound procedures to achieve a greater overall effect and power.

In fact, the most primitive immortal killer moves had been created by Gu Immortals who used the dao mark distribution of desolate beasts as reference. They imitated and experimented with these distributions and created immortal killer moves eventually.

"The Gu Immortals here can merge with desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts to use the beast's innate ability. They don't need to spend painstaking effort to refine any Immortal Gu and can also save on the danger and cost of training and creating immortal killer moves."

This advantage was truly prominent!

Immortal Gu were hard to find and every Immortal Gu was unique.

But there was a lot of desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts, even immemorial desolate beasts like the upper extreme heavenly eagle could be found in groups.

The desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts possessing innate talents would often look stupid because of their lack of intelligence. But after they merge with Gu Immortals, the Gu Immortals would possess their innate talents and they would also possess the Gu Immortal's wisdom. This was a win-win situation for both parties, their advantages made up for each other's deficiency!

"But this method is not flexible enough, there is only a fixed method to use when fighting. Innate abilities are not varied enough and easily targeted and restricted, they are full of shortcomings." Fang Yuan also saw through the disadvantages.

"But overall, this method's advantages are still huge, far surpassing the disadvantages. If it is popularized, the five regions will definitely welcome it with open arms!"

"Fortunately, this method was not leaked out in my previous life, otherwise my memories would have been completely different."

Because this method was simply the best way to mass produce Gu Immortal battle strength, although it could not affect high level battle strength, it was enough to turn around some situations.

The five regions had many rank six Gu Immortals who did not have even one Immortal Gu!

And these people were the majority of the Gu Immortal world in every region.

When one region had this method while another did not and they had a fight, based on the mid to low level Gu Immortal battles, the region with this method would have a high chance of winning.

"This fusion ability is not anything new but it has never prospered. The greatest obstacle is the conflict between dao marks."

"But this grotto-heaven has a method to turn other dao marks into transformation path dao marks!"

"So Gu Immortals can casually fuse with desolate beasts. This fusion method is the same as Beast Calamity's transformation method."

After deducing this, Fang Yuan wanted possession of this transformation path method even more.

"I have proper things to do, these flies should stop bothering me." As he thought to himself, Fang Yuan activated a time path method.

His current time path killer moves were no longer like before.

Eagle Warrior was still probing when he shockingly discovered that time around him had slowed down by countless times.

"This!? Time has become so slow! How is this possible?!" Eagle Warrior was thoroughly horrified.

He was quite confident in his speed but with time itself being influenced, he was unable to display his greatest advantage, speed!

"Let's end this." Fang Yuan extended his palms slowly, his ten fingers opened up and grabbed the two eagle wings.

"Darn it, darn it! Move, move!!" Eagle Warrior roared inwardly, but despite using all his strength to fly, he only flew a meager distance.


At the next instance, Fang Yuan exerted strength, tearing apart the two wings instantly!

"Ahh—!" Eagle Warrior's expression was twisted in pain. Blood flowed out from the wounds on his back, gushing out wildly like a fountain.

"Eagle Warrior!!!"


Countless people cried out in shock, fear and horror took over their high spirits from earlier. Some even fainted on the spot while some covered their faces.

Fang Yuan slowly put his hands on Eagle Warrior's head.

Eagle Warrior's heart thumped madly as he felt an intense aura of death!

"So this was its combat technique?"

"Slowing down time, truly a terrifying combat technique."

"But… even if I die here, it was of some value. At least, I managed to expose its secret!"

Thinking so, Eagle Warrior screamed loudly: "Monster! So what if you kill me? There are still many beast warriors coming to kill you, your death is all but…"


Fang Yuan exerted strength in between his hands, and like a watermelon smashing on the ground, Eagle Warrior's head burst, white-red brain matter and bones splattered everywhere.

Fang Yuan relaxed his palms.


The headless Eagle Warrior corpse fell on the ground, creating a dust cloud.

Fang Yuan looked at the city.

His body was gigantic, the tall city walls could only reach his knees. His expression was tranquil but his bull head horrified countless people. White cloud moved beside his shoulders, and what should have been a clear sky was blocked by his enormous figure, his shadow shrouding everyone's heart.

There was a huge crowd in the city, but no one made a sound.

It was deathly silent.

Fang Yuan slowly moved towards the city[1].

At the next moment, like an explosion, countless people began to scream and cry as they started escaping in all directions like headless flies.

From high up in Fang Yuan's vision, these mortals looked like a group of ants that were dispersing through the four city gates.

Fang Yuan ignored them and continued to move towards the city.


His calf knocked into the city wall, instantly causing it to collapse entirely.

He walked on the city's main street but even if it were to enlarge by five to six times, Fang Yuan's heel would still cover the whole street.

Buildings crumbled like small paper boxes as Fang Yuan knocked into them, there were also some unlucky mortals who were directly stepped into meat paste.

[1] Shingeki no Fang Yuan


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