Reverend Insanity
1681 Progress
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1681 Progress

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

Mini Central Continent.

Fang Yuan's time path clone was slowly flying in the air as he planted the last flower bud.

The terrain here had already been modified by him into a marshland that was extremely fertile, a large amount of high quality silt was spread here. There was also a knee-deep clear river above the layer of silt.

The time path clone patted his hand and flew to the sky after giving a last glance at the flower bud.

Standing on a high altitude, the man-made marshland entered his sight. This marshland was vast, Fang Yuan's time path clone was unable to take in the whole marshland in his sight.

A flower bud, the size of a house, could be seen every few kilometers. These flower buds had quite an origin, they were the buds of a desolate plant, extreme marsh flower.

Fang Yuan had obtained a small portion of the extreme marsh flowers in the blue dragon whale's immortal aperture, while the rest were bought from treasure yellow heaven.

After taking in the view, Fang Yuan's time path clone breathed in deeply and activated summer Gu.

Summer Gu came from Southern Border's rank eight Gu Immortal Xia Cha, and was also at rank eight. Fang Yuan's time path clone was only at rank six and would not be able to use summer Gu by just himself. However, Fang Yuan's main body had white litchi immortal essence which he gave to his clone along with summer Gu. By lending his clone the necessary tools, Fang Yuan's time path clone could utilize almost all the Immortal Gu of his main body.

Summer Gu's activation was followed by other supplementary Gu worms which activated an immortal killer move.

Xia Cha had developed a set of time path killer moves to manage the immortal aperture: spring ploughing, summer hoeing, autumn harvest, and winter storage.

The killer move which Fang Yuan's time path clone activated was not one of them but was modified from summer hoeing, it was used specially to raise extreme marsh flowers.

Extreme marsh flowers bloomed at the height of summer and bore fruit in spring.

Fang Yuan's time path attainment was at quasi-supreme grandmaster, it was at the peak of the world. Along with the light of wisdom, it was simple for him to modify time path killer moves.

Following the continuous activation of the killer move, all the surroundings entered the height of summer, light rays became brighter, the temperature increased rapidly and the air became increasingly dry.

The peak of summer had arrived, the extremely vigorous extreme marsh flowers felt all these and began to absorb nutrition from the water and soil, growing at a visible rate and started to slowly bloom.

Every extreme marsh flower was huge and looked like a trumpet with its petals connected. They were primarily white with a few parts bearing slight hints of pink.

The knee-deep water was already emptying, the marshy soil had also become dryer. The fertility of the soil was being expended intensely.

Fang Yuan's time path clone looked calm, this was within his expectations.

Cultivation methods of extreme marsh flowers were mentioned in detail in both Red Lotus' true inheritance and Shadow Sect's true inheritance, all these changes were within Fang Yuan's arrangements.

Soon, strands of white mist started rising slowly from the pistil of the extreme marsh flowers.

These mist gradually spread and covered a large area. Fang Yuan's time path clone stopped the killer move, the air immediately became very moist.

The mist nurtured the soil, gradually transforming this man-made marshland.

"Let's name this marshland flower mist extreme marsh. The first step is finished." Fang Yuan's time path clone observed with joy.

"It won't be an issue to feed regret Gu with this scale of extreme marsh flower mist."

Rank eight regret Gu's appetite was huge, its food was the mist produced by extreme marsh flowers. The problem was that this mist needed to be fresh. So it was not practical or reliable to purchase them from outside.

"When the mist condenses to a certain extent and forms a layer of water on the ground, I can then plant water vegetation as well as bring in small lifeforms like ducks and flying fish."

"Then, I will continue to expand the scale of extreme marsh flowers. When regret Gu becomes hungry, the accumulated extreme marsh flower mist will be enough to fill it."

The feeding of rank eight Immortal Gu often required a huge project.

"With this area of extreme marsh flowers, the sovereign immortal aperture's development is now at eighteen percent. Currently, I have greatly slowed down the rate of time of the immortal aperture, so the production of various resources and white litchi immortal essence has fallen."

Fang Yuan pondered inwardly.

This time, he did not use time path immortal moves to slow down his immortal aperture's rate of time, instead he manipulated the year essence pool which was much more convenient. It did not expend immortal essence and also did not have some disadvantages of time path killer moves, Fang Yuan could adjust his immortal aperture's rate of time whenever he wanted.

"Although I need to accumulate immortal essence, I cannot blindly quicken the time, or else, the tribulations will come quickly as well."

Currently, Fang Yuan was already at rank eight but his battle strength had not increased by a lot. Previously, he had exposed almost all his trump cards when he faced Heavenly Court's ambush in River of Time, so it was not suitable for him to undergo tribulation at this time.

Once he placed his immortal aperture to undergo tribulation, Fang Yuan would become a fixed target. Because he would have to open his immortal aperture which would be sensed by heaven's will, Heavenly Court and other forces could easily discover his location and besiege him.

"The rate of time has been slowed down, but I can still manage my immortal aperture, increasing the foundation of my immortal aperture and expanding my immortal aperture origin core, thus producing even more white litchi immortal essence."

The better the immortal aperture's management, the more immortal essence would be produced.

A long time ago, Fang Yuan managed his immortal aperture to feed his Immortal Gu. Later, he managed the immortal aperture to increase the production and earn immortal essence stones as well as cultivation resources. Currently, his target was to accumulate white litchi immortal essence.

Purely refining immortal essence stones to white litchi immortal essence had too low of an efficiency. Ten thousand immortal essence stones were required to turn into one bead of white litchi immortal essence.

Fang Yuan's immortal aperture could produce one hundred white litchi immortal essence every year, in terms of the outside world's time, that was over half a month.

Time passed as Fang Yuan continued to cultivate in seclusion. It was now summer in the five regions.

Although there were no traces of Fang Yuan, the whole Gu Immortal world of the five regions was in an excited state.

Whether it be righteous path, demonic path, or lone immortals, they were all hectic.

The reason for this situation were the tremors in five regions earth veins.

New Earth Trenches appeared constantly, they first appeared in Southern Border, but this situation was happening frequently throughout the other four regions as well.


Dust and soil rose, Hong Yi fell down on the ground in exhaustion. He was panting and his face was pale as he looked at the enormous ravine in front of him.

When the earth vein shook, he and other Gu Masters began to run wildly.

This was an extremely thrilling escape!

There were a few times when Hong Yi was able to keep his life only because of his good luck.

He had almost fallen in but during the crucial moment, he was able to exert more strength than usual and was able to jump towards the precipice.

"Since when did earthquakes occur here! That was dangerous, I almost lost my life here." Hong Yi stood up only after a long while, but his breathing was still rough. He looked at the ravine and saw only darkness, rough wind blew in the ravine as dust and soil had yet to dissipate.

"Every area of Central Continent seems to be experiencing earthquakes during this time period, creating ravines like this." Even a mortal like Hong Yi felt such a violent change in the world.

"Eh? What is that?" A wild Immortal Gu slowly flew out of the dust and smoke.

An injured wild Immortal Gu flew with difficulty, swaying left and right before it was finally exhausted and fell beside Hong Yi's feet.

Hong Yi was dumbfounded!

Heavenly Court.

Fairy Zi Wei gave a cry as her whole body let out dazzling purple light.

Following the light, the whole Heavenly Court actually shook slightly, an incomparably enormous formless force poured into the large immortal formation.

The immortal formation rumbled loudly as it started grinding down on Spectral Soul who was locked up at the center.

Spectral Soul resisted with all his might but was unable to defend, his deepest memories were being extracted.

"Alright, I finally obtained the mysteries of the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique, hahaha." Fairy Zi Wei was haggard and pale but her expression was of excitement.

She had been working extremely hard these last days, on one hand, she was dealing with earth vein tremors which were bringing forth unexpected situations all over Central Continent, on the other hand, she was strengthening her efforts on dealing with Spectral Soul.

She had put in great efforts to obtain Shadow Sect's dream path research results as soon as possible, activating the whole of Heavenly Court's might in empowering the immortal formation.

Hard work paid off, Fairy Zi Wei finally obtained a breakthrough!

In the blink of an eye, it was the height of summer. Sunlight was scorching but it was not as fiery as the fire in Gu Immortals' hearts.

Earth vein tremors showed no signs of stopping or reducing, instead they became more intense. Immortal materials, wild Immortal Gu, and all kinds of cultivation resources appeared constantly, creating a festive period in all five regions.

Within the Five Xiangs grotto-heaven, Fang Yuan's laughter suddenly echoed.

"I have finally obtained full grasp of the killer move heaven form!" Beside Fang Yuan was the rank nine killer move in the form of a white crane, it was standing obediently and quietly, following Fang Yuan's orders.

"Who could have thought that heaven form's effect is actually this."

"With it, my cultivation might be able to progress rapidly, the issue of calamities and tribulations can also be resolved!"

Fang Yuan stroked the white crane's feathers with bright eyes.

This heaven form killer move came at the perfect time!


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