Reverend Insanity
1679 Red Lotus“ True Inheritance
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1679 Red Lotus“ True Inheritance

The surging river was always flowing from past to present to future.

Fang Yuan stood at the edge of Red Lotus' stone island, looking at the River of Time with a tranquil expression and a deep gaze.

The River of Time could be said to be the most special secluded domain of heaven and earth.

Because it traversed the entire world, without its existence and movement, the whole Gu Master world would become a still picture without any changes or vitality.

Fang Yuan had seized Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley, these two secluded domains of heaven and earth belonged to him, but he absolutely could not seize the whole River of Time.

This secluded domain of heaven and earth belonged to all beings of this world.

Every beast, every grass, every rock, every drop of water, they all enjoyed the benefits derived from the River of Time.

Even Gu Immortals could at most only possess a tributary of the River of Time in their immortal aperture.

The River of Time was the collective wealth of the whole world.

Every drop of the water of time was a transparent pale white. A gazillion droplets of water crashed, intertwined, collided, and spun each time, giving off a brilliant light show. Thus, the surface of the River of Time was always covered in a thin layer of ever-changing radiance.

This was the area with the greatest amount of time path dao marks in the whole world, the largest congregation of time path.

Fang Yuan stood at the edge of the island and saw several year beasts, a one finger flow shark, and large numbers of time path wild Gu worms in just a short while of observation.

The River of Time was overflowing with vitality.

Several days had passed since Fang Yuan arrived at this Red Lotus stone island.

In this period of time, he had completely absorbed Red Lotus' true meaning, his time path attainment level soared rapidly, reaching an unimaginable height — time path quasi-supreme grandmaster!

With this attainment level, Fang Yuan had many new insights when he looked at the River of Time. These feelings were not superficial, instead it pierced into the essence of the River of Time, mesmerizing Fang Yuan the more he looked at it. Pinnacle profundities of the Great Dao were in front of his eyes, quietly lifting a corner of a mysterious veil, allowing him to begin understanding this world and the principle of its operation.

Although he gained refinement path quasi-supreme grandmaster attainment previously, his experience at that time had not been as deep as now. After all, Fang Yuan was currently in the secluded domain of heaven and earth, River of Time.

Time path quasi-supreme grandmaster attainment level gave Fang Yuan comprehensive growth in all aspects.

For instance, the mysterious immortal killer move time cutting edge, Fang Yuan now had the ability to completely understand its essence and change the Gu worms involved, restoring its original might.

Another example was Xia Cha's time path Immortal Gu and immortal killer moves, Fang Yuan could now modify them and make them suited for himself.

The greatest growth was in time path Immortal Gu recipes. With both time path and refinement path at quasi-supreme grandmaster level, Fang Yuan had a very high assurance in modifying any time path Immortal Gu recipes and refining time path Immortal Gu.

There was no doubt that Red Lotus' true meaning was the most valuable treasure. Below it was the rank eight Immortal Gu — Regret.

Not mentioning this Gu's legendary status, just based on its rank eight level, its value was extraordinary.

With this Gu worm, Fang Yuan now had five rank eight Gu worms: Attitude, Wisdom Sword, Years Flow Like Water, Soul Beast Token, and Regret.

Fang Yuan could now construct Regret Pool with no obstacles.

Of course, difficulty was still there, but the greatest hurdle had become non-existent because of regret Gu. Back when Red Lotus Demon Venerable arranged this true inheritance, he had deduced Fang Yuan's situation and thus prepared a large amount of time path immortal materials.

With regret Gu and time path immortal materials, Fang Yuan only needed to follow the procedures and spend some time to construct Regret Pool. He could even build an Immortal Gu House better than Regret Pool.

With all these, Fang Yuan could begin to refine Gu en masse. On one hand, he could refine a lot more time path Immortal Gu, on the other hand, he could advance the rank of the Immortal Gu he already had.

These time path immortal materials left behind by Red Lotus Demon Venerable were of high rank, the lowest was rank seven while there was a large amount of rank eight immortal materials.

Were Heavenly Court to see this, they would cough out a large mouthful of blood. They tried all methods to disturb Fang Yuan and obstruct him from purchasing time path immortal materials without hesitating on paying a huge price. This had indeed created huge trouble for Fang Yuan, but all their actions turned out to be of no use now.

Red Lotus' true meaning, rank eight Immortal Gu Regret, large amounts of time path immortal materials, as well as immortal killer moves.

Among the immortal killer moves, the greatest gains were immortal killer moves that used Spring Autumn Cicada as the core. The most important thing Fang Yuan cared about was the spring autumn success killer move, this move used several supplementary Immortal Gu and with the activation of Spring Autumn Cicada, its success rate would reach one hundred percent!

Simply using Spring Autumn Cicada had too low of a success rate, it also had the disadvantage of greatly decreasing luck. But although spring autumn success immortal killer move still had the disadvantage of reducing luck, the failure rate was lowered to zero.

With this move, Spring Autumn Cicada's practicality obtained an enormous boost! Fang Yuan had already decided to prepare this killer move.

Almost all the immortal killer moves were in the form of information and required Fang Yuan to personally prepare them. But one time path killer move had been specially activated by Red Lotus Demon Venerable and left for Fang Yuan. The former rank nine killer move, after over a million years, had its power greatly reduced but was still effective.

The name of this time path killer move — Future Self!

This move relied on the River of Time and Red Lotus' stone island, the Gu Immortal user could temporarily borrow the use of a certain future state of his life.

For instance, a Gu Master who had only rank five cultivation, but in the future, would successfully pass his ascension tribulation and become rank six. Under the use of future self, he could borrow the body of his future Gu Immortal self and temporarily gain a Gu Immortal's cultivation level.

Even Fang Yuan was speechless at the mysterious and terrifying powers of this move.

Unfortunately, this move had already weakened to rank seven level and was of no use to Fang Yuan.

In Red Lotus Demon Venerable's deduction, Fang Yuan would have rank seven cultivation when he found this stone island. But Red Lotus Demon Venerable was after all not a wisdom path Immortal Venerable, even if he were a wisdom path Immortal Venerable, there could still be flaws in the deductions. Especially in the situation when fate Gu was injured and luck path emerged, everything had become much more difficult to predict.

"My cultivation is already rank eight, I can only give this future self killer move to my subordinates."

"This can make up for their lack in strength and have the qualifications to participate in my battles."

"What a pity that I lost so much manpower before this."

The complete content of Red Lotus' true inheritance was extremely plentiful and indeed worthy of being Red Lotus Demon Venerable's true inheritance. But Fang Yuan was still slightly disappointed.

The thing he had most expected was some kind of method or a shortcut to pull a fast one and destroy fate Gu.

However, Red Lotus Demon Venerable did not leave behind such things.

Even in the memory left by Red Lotus Demon Venerable, it only portrayed his experiences of becoming an Immortal Venerable and his regretful life later on. As for how he refined Spring Autumn Cicada or how he invaded Heavenly Court and injured fate Gu, there were no memories of them.

The memories had directly skipped to Red Lotus Demon Venerable constructing the Red Lotus stone island after becoming a venerable. What was the deeper meaning behind such an arrangement?

Fang Yuan had inquired before he consumed Red Lotus' true meaning.

The reply of Red Lotus' true meaning was: There was no shortcut to destroying fate Gu. Even if Red Lotus Demon Venerable had exploited some kind of shortcut back then, that shortcut no longer existed now. Don't underestimate Heavenly Court. If there was any shortcut, be extra careful as it should be Heavenly Court's trap!

As for why Red Lotus Demon Venerable did not leave behind more memories, Red Lotus' true meaning did not have an answer. He only gave speculation: "He might not have wanted to point you towards a specific direction because it could easily lead to misunderstandings. Whether or not to destroy fate Gu is your own choice."

Fang Yuan asked: Where are the other Red Lotus stone islands?

Red Lotus' true meaning did not know.

However, this reply was within Fang Yuan's expectation.

If every Red Lotus stone island could mark the other islands' locations, they would have already been taken by Spectral Soul Demon Venerable or Heavenly Court. To prevent such a situation from happening, Red Lotus Demon Venerable specially constructed each Red Lotus stone island separately without the ability to sense the others' locations.

"Fate Gu must be destroyed!"

A Heavenly Court with or without fate Gu were two completely different concepts. If Heavenly Court successfully restored fate Gu, although Fang Yuan would not be bound by the shackles of fate, other people or beings in the world would be influenced or even manipulated by fate.

At that time, Fang Yuan's enemies would be everyone and everything besides him!

This was slightly exaggerated, but it was that serious.

Another more important reason was that fate Gu's existence was the greatest obstacle to Fang Yuan's pursuit of eternal life.

Fate Gu did not allow revival, it stated that all living beings must die.

Thus, no matter what, Fang Yuan would have to destroy fate Gu.

Red Lotus Demon Venerable might have already deduced this, so he was not worried about Fang Yuan's motivation.


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