Reverend Insanity
1678 Immortal Venerable Regrets, But I Do Not!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1678 Immortal Venerable Regrets, But I Do Not!

"What did you say?" Duke Long did not hear clearly.

"I said, I regret it." Hong Ting said again.

Duke Long's brows immediately furrowed, using a stern gaze to look at his proudest disciple: "Regret? Oh Hong Ting, don't speak of such nonsense again. You are clear of it, how many people dedicated and sacrificed themselves to cultivate and support you until you reached your current cultivation level? If you say such things, would you be doing justice to those people who have helped you throughout your life? Would you be doing justice to your parents? Justice to your late wife Liu Shu Xian? Justice to the immortals who helped you pass the tribulation and sacrificed themselves?"

Duke Long berated Hong Ting sternly.

"Alright, Lord Duke Long, Liu Shu Xian's death is a great tragedy, we can understand Red Lotus Immortal Venerable's feelings. He is only in a temporarily agitated state." The other Heavenly Court Gu Immortals attempted to mediate.

"Red Lotus Immortal Venerable… hehe." Hong Ting laughed with disdain, he gazed at Duke Long with his bloodshot eyes: "If such sacrifices are required and there will be even more sacrifices in the future for this Immortal Venerable position, then I would rather not have it!"

"Enough!" Duke Long shouted in rage: "I will not allow you to speak anymore nonsense, Hong Ting! You think your Immortal Venerable position can be gained or abandoned at your will? This is all fate's arrangement, this is the mission of your life, you must accept it no matter what!"

Hong Ting laughed loudly, his hair was messy, he was in a miserable state. He lowered his head and looked at Duke Long: "A grand Immortal Venerable, invincible in the world, actually cannot do as he pleases, he cannot even reject this Immortal Venerable position?"

Duke Long snorted coldly: "Tell me, Hong Ting, who can do as they please in this world? Your thoughts are too childish, you think becoming an Immortal Venerable and leading the righteous path would not need sacrifices? What is there in this world that has no price to pay for? How shallow do you think the words 'righteous path' are? Wrong! Maintaining Heavenly Court's righteous path requires you to pay a price, it requires sacrifices. If you don't even have this sacrificial mentality, then I will tell you, you don't have the qualifications to enter Heavenly Court!"

Hong Ting's body shook.

"Lord Duke Long, Lord Immortal Venerable, please calm yourselves. We should recuperate and heal our injuries now instead of quarreling." The other Gu Immortals repeatedly tried persuading.

Hong Ting slowly lowered his head, but his fists were slowly clenched tight as he said with an incomparably firm tone: "I want to revive them."

Duke Long's brows raised, his face cold as ice: "Who do you want to revive?"

"Every person who sacrificed themselves for me. My parents, Liu Shu Xian, and many others."

"Presumptuous!" Duke Long suddenly shouted while pointing at Hong Ting: "How could you have such a heretical thought?! You know it clearly, I have also told you several times, life and death is determined by fate, life and death is the rule of the Great Dao, any living being's life and death is arranged by fate. You want to revive the dead? Are you trying to send the entire world into chaos? Have you not learned yet? The more you think like that, the more cruel tragedies will happen around you!"

"Even if there are crueler tragedies, I will accept them! Master, disciple always had a question. Why? Why must we accept fate's arrangements? If there was no fate, would the world truly fall into chaos? Is it not possible that the world will become a better place?" Hong Ting asked in an anxious tone.

Duke Long's body shook with anger, even the persuading Heavenly Court Gu Immortals slowly took a step back, looking at Hong Ting as if he was someone unfamiliar.

"Lord Immortal Venerable, your thought is too dangerous."

"Right, without fate, our human race would not be prosperous."

"Fate Gu is Heavenly Court's supreme treasure, Lord Immortal Venerable actually wants to destroy it? This, this, this…"

"All of you…" Hong Ting looked at the surrounding Gu Immortals, he felt an indescribably deep loneliness at this moment.

Time flowed, who knows how long had passed.

A lonely figure appeared in the River of Time.

His hair was messy, his face was filled with the vicissitudes of life, like a man who had roamed the world but had no place to call home.

His face still had the former Hong Ting's shadow, but his expression had already changed completely.

Red Lotus Demon Venerable looked at the endlessly flowing River of Time as he sighed: "It is time to leave behind my inheritance."

He slowly descended, his feet stopped right before he touched the River of Time: "This first stone lotus island will also be the most important stone lotus island, I will use regret Gu as its core and leave this behind for the otherworldly demon, for the person who has the greatest hope of destroying Fate!"

Thereupon, a stone lotus island gradually appeared in this world.

Red Lotus Demon Venerable left behind rank eight regret Gu here as well as a large amount of time path immortal materials, immortal killer moves, a portion of his true meaning that contained his true memories of a certain period of time, as well as an immortal killer move with an unparalleled effect.

After finishing the arrangement, Red Lotus Demon Venerable flew away slowly with his exhausted body.

Time flew by, who knows how long had passed.

An outsider charged into this stone lotus island.

He was dressed in rough clothing, he had a thin looking body and a bald head, he had an ordinary appearance. He was bare-footed, his legs were even stained with some mud, like a farmer who had returned from a day of work in the fields.

However, his face looked very young, his eyes were glistening brightly, filled with compassion and benevolence.

Red Lotus' true meaning appeared, condensing into an illusory image of Red Lotus Demon Venerable who smiled towards the bare-footed young looking man: "Welcome, my honorary guest."

"I am Paradise Earth, I finally found this place after immense effort."

This person was Paradise Earth, who had already become an Immortal Venerable!

Red Lotus' true meaning directly asked: "Immortal Venerable, what is the purpose for your visit?"

Paradise Earth smiled: "Senior Red Lotus, why ask when you already know?"

Red Lotus' true meaning also smiled: "You are right, Fate has only been damaged, not completely destroyed, so everything is still traceable and observable from the River of Time."

Pausing for a moment, Red Lotus' true meaning continued: "I can lend you regret Gu, as for your intention to steal my inheritor, that will depend on your ability."

Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable looked solemn: "Although he is an otherworldly demon, he is not an emotionless person. Put down the blade to reach redemption, it is never too late to turn back. Who does not want to seek redemption? I am willing to give it a try!"

Red Lotus' true meaning laughed: "Alright. My main body still had some worries when constructing this island. After all, I am not entirely confident in defending against Heavenly Court. However, since you are taking action, then there is no worry. This is regret Gu, catch it properly."

Regret Gu flew over slowly, Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable stretched his hands, which were covered in radiance, and carefully received it.

"It is indeed worthy of being regret Gu, it constantly draws out boundless regretful feelings. Only a person with not even a little bit of regret is immune to this greatest flaw. Otherwise, any Gu Immortal who approaches it will feel incomparable pain and regret!" Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable smiled bitterly: "If not for my rank nine cultivation level, I might not be able to suppress it."

"Looks like you also have regret in your heart." Red Lotus' true meaning sighed.

Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable smiled lightly: "Who in this world does not have any regrets in their life?"

Putting regret Gu into his immortal aperture, Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable bowed towards Red Lotus' true meaning solemnly: "I take my leave, I will definitely send him here."

Fang Yuan slowly opened his eyes, the dazed expression slowly dissipated from his eyes.

He went through this memory that Red Lotus Demon Venerable had left here and understood the cause and result of everything.

"I never expected to directly arrive at the stone lotus island. Red Lotus Demon Venerable and Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, even though both have already perished, their arrangements are still in effect."

Fang Yuan sighed before looking at Red Lotus' true meaning as well as rank eight regret Gu that was already floating before him.

Red Lotus' true meaning smiled: "Fang Yuan, you are finally here. There is no need to say anything else, I believe you will try your best to destroy fate Gu. So, accept my true inheritance, it has already waited for you for over a million years!"

Fang Yuan nodded and extended his hand, trying to grasp regret Gu.

Red Lotus' true meaning reminded him quickly: "Careful, regret Gu cannot be touched directly, otherwise even if you refine it, you will be drowned in endless regrets! I have already prepared a method for you, you only need…"

"There is no need for that." Fang Yuan's expression was indifferent as he grabbed regret Gu and instantly refined it.

Red Lotus' true meaning was stunned: "You…"


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