Reverend Insanity
1676 What is Fate?
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1676 What is Fate?

It was a clear sky with no clouds anywhere.

Maple Leaf City was bustling with people moving here and there.

Six years had passed since the City Lord's son, Hong Ting, was born.

In these six years, Maple Leaf City enjoyed a peaceful time with no calamities. Its size continued to expand unceasingly, already surpassing the original size by over ten times, it had become the number one human city in the surrounding plains.

Chirp, chirp…

A group of spiritual sparrows flew over from somewhere. Their whole bodies shined with golden light and were flying like they were dancing.

They displayed extraordinary liveliness until they arrived at the top of the City Lord's manor when suddenly, they imploded one after the other, bursting into specks of golden lights that sprinkled down.

Inside the City Lord's manor, Hong Ting was currently brandishing a short decorative sword. He was moving some ornamental mounds back and forth while skillfully swinging his sword.

In an instant, Hong Ting's figure disappeared, sword lights formed into spheres which shined brightly everywhere.



"Young master truly has unrivaled talents, he has completely perfected this sword technique after just learning it for three months. Such a density of sword lights is simply unbelievable."

The surrounding guards praised with sincerity from the depths of their hearts.

City Lord Hong Zhu stroked his beard and nodded with a smile. He was very proud of his son, as for the feeling of surprise, he had lost it a long time ago.

Over these years, Hong Ting's aptitude and performance had changed his view and understanding multiple times, he now knew how shallow his comprehension of the word 'genius' was.

Because of the endless surprises throughout these years, Hong Zhu had already become numb to them long ago. Now, everything involving his son was natural and a matter of fact.


Right at this time, a crisp sound echoed.

Silver sword lights suddenly disappeared and Hong Ting's figure appeared once again, his short decorative sword had slashed apart a boulder.

Cheers and praises immediately resounded.

"Father, I feel like this sword technique has not reached its limit, there is room for improvement." Hong Ting walked out from the group of ornamental mounds and said with a smile.

Hong Zhu laughed heartily: "This sword technique belongs to the secret manual of a famous sword cultivator, Zhao San Si, I used a lot of treasures to exchange for it. You have only practiced for three months and already feel that it is not good enough?"

Hong Ting blinked with a cute slyness in his eyes: "Father, I only said that out of momentary inspiration. To tell the truth, this sword technique is only so-so, I have already learned all of its essence after practicing for three months."

Hong Zhu coughed, feeling a bit of headache again. His son's talent was too great, he was fast at learning anything, he even went as far as to comprehend the deepest essence of those moves. This was good but also bad as well. Hong Zhu's accumulations were already used up several years ago by Hong Ting. He went through all kinds of avenues to search for secret manuals to teach Hong Ting, but it still could not match Hong Ting's ability to absorb knowledge like a black hole.

If this continued for a long time, what could he do?

Right at this time, a group of spiritual sparrows flew over their heads and suddenly imploded into golden light specks.

The light specks fell and got absorbed into everyone's head; but most of the light specks were absorbed by Hong Ting alone.

Instantly, everyone had joyous expressions. They had received inheritances and all sorts of peculiar secret manuals.

"This is the gift of yet another immortal!"

"I wonder which immortal this is?"

"We should thank young master, we are all enjoying his fortune."

The guards looked at Hong Ting passionately, even Hong Zhu's gaze carried a trace of complex feelings.

Hong Ting had closed his eyes, immersed completely in the newly obtained sea of knowledge.

Hong Zhu and the rest were already not surprised at this scene, even the commoners outside the City Lord's manor were only slightly surprised before returning to their business.

Unusual phenomena and immortal miracles were fascinating, but when they happened too many times, they would start feeling bland and ordinary.

The immortal miracles appearing around Hong Ting could not be said to be 'a lot', it was at a mind numbing level that was simply overflowing with such incidents.

Since he was born and taken as a disciple by Duke Long, immortal phenomena would frequently occur around him.

Duke Long was the leader of Heavenly Court, not mentioning the rank eight Gu Immortals in Heavenly Court, just the ten great ancient sects under Heavenly Court were colossal forces with extremely robust foundations.

Duke Long had taken in this disciple with great publicity, he did not conceal anything. Everyone understood his intentions, so whether it was Central Continent's righteous path, demonic path, or lone immortals, they all paid extreme attention to Hong Ting's growth.

Hong Ting was the blessed child of the world, a future Immortal Venerable who would be cultivated by Heavenly Court, this was not a secret. So, every so often, Gu Immortals or descendants of Gu Immortals would secretly help Hong Ting, to build a good affinity and relationship with him in advance.

As a result, the golden sparrow inheritance gift was not strange, there were also spiritual cranes imparting scrolls, auspicious clouds sending fruits, sacred wind marrow cleansing, and all sorts of unusual immortal level phenomena that appeared endlessly.

After a long while, Hong Ting completely absorbed the knowledge in his brain but his brows furrowed into a frown: "There are eighteen types of weapon training methods, each one is exquisite and unique, but there is still no mention of any advanced aperture awakening method. Father, when can I awaken my aperture and control Gu worms? No matter how excellent these fighting techniques are, they are only mortal techniques. Controlling Gu worms is the only true way."

"Son, don't be in a hurry. You have once again forgotten what your master instructed in his letter." Hong Zhu said with a pleasant smile.

Hong Ting waved his hand impatiently: "Father, I know, I know. Master said that although I can awaken my aperture in advance, I must do it only when I am twelve. Before the timing and opportunity is right, I cannot do it in advance. I am really curious, master has such vast powers, why can't he awaken my aperture now?"

Hong Zhu's expression became slightly grave: "Son, your master is an immortal, you cannot understand what he is thinking but you have to obey. You need to understand that he absolutely won't harm you, he cherishes you just like how father and mother treasure you."

"Yes, father. I was wrong, please don't get angry." Hong Ting quickly cupped his fists, he was very filial to his parents.

Time passed, years passed in an instant.

Duke Long appeared once again and formally took Hong Ting as his disciple. He took Hong Ting to roam all over the world while personally guiding him.

When Hong Ting was twelve, Duke Long awakened his aperture. Hong Ting officially stepped on the path of Gu cultivation, and because of his peerless talent and robust foundation, his cultivation progress was shockingly fast.

Not only in his cultivation, his experiences also richened constantly on this journey. He met many people, mortals and immortals, kind people and evil people. His knowledge of human life and heaven and earth was constantly deepening.

He had a strong sense of justice and loathed evil, he looked handsome and kind but was crafty and resourceful as well.

"Master, I have found that evil Xue Tu Dao who slaughtered an entire village, he is staying at a nearby mountain!" On this day, Hong Ting returned to the cave from hunting and spoke to Duke Long with excitement.

Duke Long nodded with a smile: "Take a seat first, the soup is almost ready. This soup is made from the bones of an ancient desolate beast, it will be very helpful to your growth."

Hong Ting threw down the prey he hunted, saying with clenched teeth: "Master, I have been wanting to take action on Xue Tu Dao for over a year and get rid of this evil, but you said I only had rank three cultivation while he had rank five, I was not his match so you didn't allow me to go. Half a year ago, I already had rank four cultivation and eight killer moves, I had an extremely high chance of taking Xue Tu Dao's life but you said that it was not one hundred percent so you didn't let me make a move. Three months ago, I already reached rank five and could easily deal with Xue Tu Dao in two to three moves, but you said it was not time to take his life. Master, if we let such an evil person run amok, who knows how many more innocent lives would be lost. Let me strike now!"

Duke Long put down the ladle and let the bone soup simmer as he said with a sigh: "Disciple, the opportunity has not arrived."

"I don't care about any opportunity, I only know that if I don't make a move now, I would lose a good opportunity!" Hong Ting was extremely firm.

Duke Long shook his head: "Now is not the time for Xue Tu Dao to die. If you forcibly kill him, not only will it be futile and fruitless, you will even create certain aftermath which will lead to tragedy."

"I don't believe it! I only need one move to take his life!!" Hong Ting raised one finger, staring right into Duke Long's eyes with a burning gaze.

Duke Long went silent for a while: "Then go, young man, give it a try."

"Thank you master!" Hong Ting was exulted.

"I just hope that you will not be disappointed when the time comes."

"Why will I be disappointed? Master, please wait a moment, disciple will return with Xue Tu Dao's head within fifteen minutes."

Hong Ting turned around and left.

But fifteen minutes passed, thirty minutes went by and soon it reached forty-five minutes, Hong Ting still did not appear.

Duke Long saw everything, he knew the timing was right as he left the cave and crossed a forest, arriving beside Hong Ting.

Hong Ting was kneeling on the ground, his face filled with shock, anger, and deep regret.

He was dazedly looking at the foot of the mountain, a small village had once been there where the villagers lived happily.

His eyes were red and filled with traces of blood. He saw Duke Long and raised his head, tear stains were still clear on his face.

"Master, I did not imagine there to be a Gu Immortal inheritance here. That Xue Tu Dao secretly came here to obtain this inheritance. After I destroyed his plan, he used the inheritance's power to stop me and although I fought with all my strength, I did not think the battle would cause the mountain to crumble, unexpectedly, unexpectedly… the small village was completely buried. Master! It was me, I caused the death of these villagers!" Hong Ting sobbed.

Duke Long did not console him, he was silent for a while before suddenly saying: "Disciple, do you want revenge? Do you want to get rid of Xue Tu Dao? The opportunity has arrived."

"Really? Where is he?" Hong Ting's body shook, asking immediately.

"At that mountain." Duke Long pointed.

Hong Ting immediately hurried off and easily killed Xue Tu Dao.

"I was so close, I already obtained the true inheritance and only had to absorb the gains. The moment I narrowly escaped death, you came after me! If I had some time, I would not be afraid, I could have become a Gu Immortal!" These were Xue Tu Dao's last words before he died.

Hong Ting was silently standing before Xue Tu Dao's corpse.

Duke Long appeared behind Hong Ting once again, remaining silent.

After a good while, Hong Ting stopped looking at Xue Tu Dao's corpse in a daze as he asked with an extremely hoarse voice: "Master, had I listened to your arrangements, I could have easily killed him and those villagers would not have been implicated, is that right?"

Duke Long did not reply, only softly patting Hong Ting's shoulder.

Hong Ting's body shook as he fell into a deep silence before asking: "Master, I want to ask you, what is… fate?"


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