Reverend Insanity
1675 Birth of Red Lotus
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1675 Birth of Red Lotus

Dark clouds covered the sky and heavy rain was pouring down.


Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

In Central Continent, inside the city lord's manor in Maple Leaf City, the Maple Leaf City Lord was pacing back and forth outside a room.

He had a square face and a dignified temperament. Right now, however, his brows were tightly furrowed and his mood was like this weather, erratic and uneasy, feeling extremely worried.

Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks and leaned in with his ear pressing on the door.

Besides the torrential rainstorm and thunder, he could hear painful groans from his wife as well as several midwives' voices: "Madam, push, push harder!"

Maple Leaf City Lord was already over fifty years old, he loved his wife deeply. He was a rank five Gu Master with the highest battle strength in all the surroundings, he had high authority as well as a leader's charisma, he was well supported by the people. The only imperfection was he had no children.

Nine months ago, he had been ecstatic because his wife had finally gotten pregnant.

He was going to have a child in his old age, his greatest regret was finally resolved.

But despite him requesting for three famous midwives, two were rank three and one was rank four, his wife's labor still encountered unexpected difficulty.

"How could this be?!" Maple Leaf City Lord wanted to get angry but had nothing to vent on.

He clenched his fists, the battle strength, which he had been proud of in the past, was of no use at this moment.

He had many healing Gu worms but none of them was good at helping in childbirth.

"Oh!" He could only restrain his mood, lowering his head as he once again paced back and forth in the corridor.

"Wa! Wawa…." Suddenly, he heard an infant's cry.

He then heard joyous laughter from the midwives: "The child is born, it is a boy! Madam, you have succeeded!!"

"I, I have a child! My… son!" Maple Leaf City Lord was stunned for a moment before turning ecstatic, he opened the door impatiently and charged in to take a look.

Right at this time, a peculiar fragrance spread within the room.

This peculiar fragrance was refreshing and gentle. The fragrance started to become denser, condensing into rays of colorful lights, they were like streams of water that floated in the air, covering the whole manor as well as the surrounding hundreds of li.

"What is this?!" Maple Leaf City Lord stopped his steps in astonishment.

But the real shock came next. These colorful flowing lights continued to increase in numbers and the fragrance also became increasingly intense.

The rainstorm stopped abruptly, dark clouds slowly dissipated; sunlight pierced through the gaps between the dark clouds and shined down, the grandest ray of light among them shining on the delivery room of the City Lord's wife.

Then, the flowing lights started to condense into a manor-sized red lotus flower that floated in the air. It was vivid and did not dissipate for a long time.

"Born with a natural phenomenon!" Maple Leaf City Lord was shocked, his wife and the three midwives were also frozen from shock.

At the same time, in the sky, three rank eight Gu Immortals were standing on clouds and watching the city lord's manor in Maple Leaf City. They had seen the phenomenon when the baby was born.

"He has finally been born." The Gu Immortal in the middle, Duke Mei, heaved a long sigh. He was an old man with a benevolent countenance, his brows were particularly peculiar, they were like two exquisite dark brown roots that extended down from his forehead to his chest.

"This child is extraordinary indeed, he is blessed by the destined luck of humanity, his innate blessing is so dense that it actually condensed into a grand red lotus observable to the naked eye! He is absolutely an Immortal Venerable seed! It was worth it that our Heavenly Court used three wisdom path Gu Immortals to deduce him." Standing on the left, Gu Immortal Duke Tong sighed.

He was a middle-aged man with a very robust physique, his face and muscles seemed to be made from brass as they let out cold metallic glister. Standing on the clouds, he looked deep like a pool and lofty like a mountain, as if he was a vajra tower that could not be moved even if heaven and earth shook, an absolute spirit that disregarded the storms.

Duke Mei nodded: "Among all the Immortal Venerables and Demon Venerables in history, they share a common characteristic, they all possess the destined luck of humanity[1]. It is just that in some cases, the luck is not conspicuous at the early stage and is deeply concealed. Only by a certain period would the luck activate. This child caused such a phenomenon when he is just born, no wonder heaven and earth cannot tolerate him and sent down calamities and tribulations to eliminate him. This is rare even in venerable history. If this child is nurtured properly, he will definitely become the most talented and outstanding existence among the venerables!"

Suddenly, Duke Mei's body shook as he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

"Duke Mei." Duke Tong frowned: "We suffered heavy injuries to block the calamities and tribulations."

"Duke Mei!" The Gu Immortal standing at the right also revealed a concerned expression. He was a young man with a head full of purple hair, a dragon shaped qi aura moved around his body continuously.

Duke Mei looked at the young Gu Immortal: "Duke Long, fate Gu has given us the revelation, you share an extremely deep affinity with this child. This child will become a venerable and you are his Dao Guardian! Go, take him as your disciple, guide him and nurture him. You will be the cause of his achievements as he will be the cause of yours. You two are destined to shine brightly in the history of humanity for all eternity!"

"Yes, I shall go now." Young Duke Long nodded.

"Go." Duke Tong's brows were furrowed: "When we return to Heavenly Court, Duke Mei and I shall enter a very long hibernation to recuperate. The era of the Three Dukes of Heavenly Court is over, Duke Long, you will lead Heavenly Court, continue to bring prosperity to this world."

"I will!" Duke Long restrained his excited emotions and slowly descended.

His sleeves were fluttering with the wind, he waved his hand and boundless wind surged. Endless dragon roars were heard, attracting attention and shock from everyone.

In this boundless wind, he slowly flew down and landed on the manor of Maple Leaf City Lord.

Including Maple Leaf City Lord, all the guards were kneeling on the ground, many of them shivering like leaves.

Maple Leaf City Lord was a knowledgeable man, knowing about Gu Immortals' existence as well as knowing his strength could not even resist one finger of a Gu Immortal. He forcibly calmed himself before paying respects: "I, Hong Zhu, pay respects to lord immortal. I wonder what matter lord immortal has descended to the mortal world for?"

Duke Long smiled: "Hong Zhu, your son is the blessed child of the world, a peerless genius that appears once in a million years with extremely rare innate talents. If he is nurtured well, he will definitely be outstanding. But if he lacks guidance, there will be huge danger to countless beings of this world, chaos would ensue. I was happy to see such a rare talent, and for the sake of humanity, I came here to take this child as my disciple. I will carefully raise and guide him, making him into a leader of the righteous path, a Gu Immortal who seeks prosperity for the whole of humanity."

"Ah…" Maple Leaf City Lord was both stunned and joyous at these words.

He was shaken by Duke Long's words, but he had personally seen the natural phenomenon just before, and was actually somewhat mentally prepared.

The joy was naturally because his son received a Gu Immortal master and had boundless future prospects, he would definitely surpass his parents.

Although he was a city lord with high authority, he was nothing compared to this Gu Immortal.

But besides the shock and joy, Hong Zhu felt somewhat dejected. He got a child in his old age, it was not easy, but who could have thought that before he even got a chance to look at his son, his son would be taken as a disciple by lord immortal. They would probably get very few chances to meet each other in the future.

Duke Long immediately knew what Hong Zhu was thinking, consoling: "Rest assured, I came today only to explain this matter and not to take away your son immediately. I will only bring him away when he is ten years old which is the correct time to start teaching him."

Hong Zhu immediately felt endless excitement and expressed his thanks repeatedly.

At this time, the door opened, the city lord's wife had already cleaned herself up, she came out while holding the newly born baby along with the three midwives and knelt on the ground, paying respects to Duke Long.

Duke Long's gaze was immediately attracted towards the baby. He laughed happily as he took a step forward, immediately arriving in front of the city lord's wife.

He carefully held the baby and inspected him.

This baby did not have any ugliness that a newly born baby had. His head was filled with dark hair and had a very attractive and cute face. His eyes shined brightly like stars, his skin was white and tender and his cheeks were chubby.

At this time, the red lotus that was hovering in the air slowly descended while shrinking and condensing continuously, in Duke Long's vision, the red lotus eventually landed on the baby's forehead, condensing into a nine petaled red lotus birthmark.

A trace of shock flashed past Duke Long's eyes as he thought: "This destined luck condensed into a birthmark, imprinted on his forehead, this phenomenon has not been seen in any venerable before. When my disciple becomes a venerable, he will probably be an extremely unique one!"

As he thought of this, Duke Long felt like the light baby he was holding had become as heavy as a mountain. A strong sense of mission and responsibility filled Duke Long's mind.

"You don't need to kneel, please stand." After inspecting for a while more, Duke Long solemnly handed the baby back to the city lord's wife.

He exhaled, three gusts of qi flashed by, one fell on the baby while the other two merged inside the city lord couple.

The baby immediately fell asleep with a smile on his face.

The city lord couple felt boundless strength filling their limbs and bones.

The city lord's wife gave a cry of shock, the weakness from giving birth was gone instantly, she burst with energy as her body condition returned to when she was young.

City Lord Hong Zhu astonishingly discovered his old injuries were completely gone and his primeval essence had broken common sense, carrying a trace of green luster. His strength that was already at a level where it could not be raised further seemed to have been elevated by a large degree!

Without immediately inspecting his changes, Hong Zhu first gave thanks to Duke Long along with his wife.

Duke Long waved his hand: "You don't need to thank me because I still need your help. The parents and the master are not interchangeable with each other. I wish that you can love each other dearly and give your son deep care, let him feel the love and warmth of the world, this will be extremely helpful to his growth. Ten years later, I will come again."

Duke Long then slowly rose to the sky. Air currents surged around him and dragon roars were heard unceasingly, as if there was a formless wave of dragons.

Mortals gazed towards the sky and saw Duke Long flying away until his figure was blocked by the clouds.

After a while of deep silence, the whole city went into an uproar.

[1] This is not Giant Sun's luck path, this is more like your MC aura's luck, or rather, they have immense fortune and blessing.


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