Reverend Insanity
1668 Too Naive
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1668 Too Naive

As the music ended, the mermen started to converse among themselves.

"What song is this? This is the first time I have heard it, it is simply too amazing."

"Did you all notice, the song was superb but Xie Han Mo was not skillful, her Gu worm manipulation had lots of errors." Many mermen talked about it with strange expressions.

The true reason was that Fang Yuan and Xie Han Mo did not practise this earlier. If they had even one practice, they would not make such mistakes.

But even so, reaching such a level of cooperation in their first attempt, Xie Han Mo's personal attainment was truly profound.

"Right now, the sea is calm and the weather has changed, the dark clouds scattered and the moonlight reappeared. Regardless of Xie Han Mo's mistakes, the results are evident."

"This should be a draw, in fact, Xie Han Mo should have a slight lead."

"It will depend on the next two songs."

The mermen were getting more excited about the rest of the Sea God Ceremony.

The grand elder could notice many things, she let out a breath of air as the worry in her heart lifted.

"What is going on?!" In the Gu house, Frost Tide tribe's leader screamed.

"It seems that although your scheme succeeded, an accident occurred." Bu Su Lian squinted her eyes, focusing her gaze on Fang Yuan, she sighed in amazement: "This man is not so simple, no wonder Xie Han Mo took interest in him. I am a song expert, this is likely his own creation, this shows that this human has very high attainment in sound path."

Frost Tide tribe's leader expressed his suspicions: "There are countless songs in this world, how can you be sure that this was his creation?"

Bu Su Lian smiled lightly, looking at Frost Tide tribe's leader with an expression of disdain in her eyes: "You don't understand."

Frost Tide tribe's leader's face became even darker: "Bu Su Lian, can you speak clearly?!"

Bu Su Lian chuckled coldly, ignoring Frost Tide tribe's leader as she looked towards Fang Yuan with glistening eyes.

Others would fear Frost Tide tribe's leader's political power but Bu Su Lian was an exception.

This was not only because she was the spouse of a former tribe elder, but also because of her own talent and schemes.

But Bu Su Lian guessed wrongly in the end, Fang Yuan was not the creator, this song was originally from Earth.

"This song is unique and unheard of, it has to be a new creation by you. To think that you would have such high attainment in sound path, Fang Yuan." Xie Han Mo walked down the stage and transmitted to Fang Yuan, showing appreciation and praise in her tone.

Fang Yuan smiled bitterly: "I am flattered, you saw for yourself, I even had to borrow a zither Gu, I do not have such a high sound path attainment."

"No need to be humble, being able to create such a song means that your sound path attainment is beyond ordinary, you might have a future if you change to cultivating sound path." Xie Han Mo looked at Fang Yuan with a sincere and bright gaze.

Fang Yuan had already anticipated this.

He did not want to explain it, because that was not important and he could not explain it clearly either.

"The important thing now are the next two songs, if I am not wrong…" Fang Yuan hesitated.

They walked down the stage as Dong Lei went up.

Fang Yuan and Xie Han Mo might have had an impressive performance, but she was not flustered, she remained calm and composed.

She started to sing, her moving voice attracted lots of fish groups to her.

"As expected." Fang Yuan snickered.

Xie Han Mo's gaze also became increasingly cold.

Both guards looked at each other with bright red faces: "This bitch stole our song again!"

"Don't worry, I have a song prepared." Fang Yuan smiled with deep confidence.

After Dong Lei went down the stage, the two of them went up again.

Fang Yuan played the music[1] while Xie Han Mo sang and danced.

When did the bright moon first appear? One raises a cup and asks the blue sky.

One does not know in the celestial palace, what year it is this evening.

Once the song started, the atmosphere changed, all of the mermen shut their eyes in enjoyment.

I wish to ride the wind and return there, yet I fear the jade towers; in a high dwelling, one cannot bear the cold.

Starting to dance with one's own shadow, how can it compare to life in the mortal world?

The moon revolves around the red pavilion, hanging upon the silk windows, the light shines upon the sleepless.

Xie Han Mo thought about about the time she was saintess, even though she had high authority, she was all alone, she became filled with deep emotions at this moment.

I wish to return by riding the winds, but the position of saintess is like the jade tower that locks me in. The cold atmosphere is chilling, I cannot sleep, who is here to dance with me?

I should not have resentment; but why is the moon always full at times of separation?

People feel sorrow and joy upon partings and reunions, the moon can be dark or bright, full or crescent.

These problems have existed since ancient times. Yet one hopes for longevity, a thousand miles apart, seeing the moon's beauty together.

As the song ended, the world went silent.

Fish, prawns, turtles, crabs, all of the aquatic animals floated on the surface of the sea, scattered all over the place.

Birds were fluttering in the sky, many were birds that flew in the day, they were drawn over from their slumber by this beautiful song.

Beautiful lyrics and an enchanting tune, it pierced deep into everyone's hearts, the mermen could not help themselves but listen.

Xie Han Mo looked at Fang Yuan, she thought: "Was this a song he made for me?"

She could feel resonance in the lyrics, she felt consolation and warmth from it. She was pure like the icy jade, but was maligned by outsiders, right now, all of the sadness and annoyance in her heart had faded, none of the rumors from before could affect her heart anymore.

"He is someone who knows me." At once, Xie Han Mo felt an indescribable feeling in her heart, she was truly moved.

The results were clear, Fang Yuan and Xie Han Mo won by a margin again.

Dong Lei's face turned pale below the stage, she understood that if not for Xie Han Mo and Fang Yuan's imperfect cooperation that led to certain mistakes, she would not even be able to sing the third song.

"This person is a huge threat!" Frost Tide tribe's leader gritted his teeth, slamming his fist onto the window of the Gu house.

"You finally realized?" Bu Su Lian said plainly, mockery was in her words.

Frost Tide tribe's leader snorted, he did not want to argue with Bu Su Lian.

He needed to resolve this problem now, because at this rate, after the third song, Xie Han Mo was bound to win.

"Fang Yuan is it? To think he is such a problem!"

"I need to get rid of him!"

Frost Tide tribe's leader was determined to do this, but felt a huge headache. In normal times, he had countless methods against Fang Yuan, but now during the Sea God Ceremony, under everyone's watchful eyes, he could do close to nothing.

"What do I do?" Frost Tide tribe's leader thought about it rapidly, his forehead was covered in sweat.

After a long period of consideration, Frost Tide tribe's leader finally acted.

"Fang Yuan, I am Frost Tide tribe's leader!" He directly transmitted to Fang Yuan, this was the most useful choice of action.

Fang Yuan's expression changed but he did not reply.

Frost Tide tribe's leader chuckled: "You can just listen to me, I know you are a smart guy but you are too young, you have aspirations that are too unrealistic and naive."

Fang Yuan laughed coldly as he replied: "I am not naive, this is my ideal, you won't understand."

"That's why I said you are foolish, lad, don't think that you two are basking in fame now by standing there, you are just pawns. Look at the flag fluttering in the wind, its foundation is the pole. Think about it, what are you relying on?"

"The grand elder? Just go ask around, what kind of person is she? She had the political power to suppress our faction but she chose to let you people be the vanguard. When Xie Han Mo investigated the corruption case, did she help you? She might have given you some clues or what not, but trust me, it was really not much of an effort."

Frost Tide tribe's leader was quite eloquent, he added: "Or rather, even if you win and defend the title of saintess, so what? Do you think I will die? No, Frost Tide tribe is the largest faction in the Sacred Court, if I die, the entire Sacred Court will be in turmoil or even break apart. The grand elder does not have the guts or determination to do that, she only wants to keep me in check and prevent me from acting out of line."

"So in the end, no matter what you find out, I will still continue to live as Frost Tide tribe's leader, at worst, I will sacrifice a few scapegoats and stop my overbearing actions."

"In the Sea God Ceremony, almost every saintess candidate is backed by their own force. Do you think this is simply a competition for the saintess position? No, this is a game, this is a way for the higher-ups to distribute resources for the next few decades without internal conflict. The force that has a saintess will get a bigger share of the pie, those who don't will receive less."

"Fang Yuan, you might hate or detest these games that we play in the dark, but you must understand that in this sea, darkness is the true ruler. The so-called light merely shines at the surface of the sea, ordinary people might enjoy or indulge in its dazzling beauty, thinking that light is the truth of the sea, but they are just… too naive."

Fang Yuan was silent.

[1] Faye Wong - Wishing We Last Forever


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