Reverend Insanity
1661 Repaying a Debt of Gratitude
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1661 Repaying a Debt of Gratitude

The result of the fifth round made the yellow scaled merman dazed on the spot.

His eyes were about to pop out.

If he was not witnessing this personally, he would not believe it!

He remembered clearly that this was the Gu worm carcass that he had put in the fake rock, but why? Why!

Why was this Gu worm carcass not in his hands but in his opponent's hands?

The yellow scaled merman could not understand.

"Is this all an illusion?" He was going crazy, his pale face surged with redness.

He suddenly pointed at Xia Lin as he screamed in a shrill voice: "You cheated!"

The mermaid girl Xia Lin heard this and became enraged.

She was also kept in the dark, not knowing of Fang Yuan's methods, she shouted: "You lost fair and square, are you going to deny that in front of everyone?"

The yellow scaled merman looked at Xia Lin and the surrounding Gu Masters, his gaze became hollow as he muttered: "No, this is not real, everything is fake, this is an illusion."

He stumbled back and wanted to run away from this cruel reality.

Looking at his pitiful demeanor, the surrounding Gu Masters had complex expressions, they looked at Xia Lin with trepidation and wariness.

The yellow scaled merman was almost mentally broken by Fang Yuan!

Xia Lin pursued: "Let's transact, you did not win a single round, this Golden Jade House is mine."

The yellow scaled merman shuddered like he was shocked with lightning, he screamed in response: "No, this is mine, this is my foundation, I will not give it to anyone! Don't even think about it, you can have it over my dead body!!"

"Sir, we can force them to go down with us!" The scarred merman came up and said with a sinister expression.

The yellow scaled merman shook again.

He wanted to do that, but hearing these words, he realized something.

"No matter who it is, this mermaid girl is just a pawn. The other party could manipulate this situation remotely, setting up a trap against me that I could not deal with. How can I face someone of such a magnitude? If I fight now, wouldn't I be courting death?"

The yellow scaled merman did not want to give up his Golden Jade House, but compared to his life, the latter was more important.

The yellow scaled merman looked around him, instincts told him that the enemy was among this crowd.

He felt suspicious of everyone, but he could not confirm their identity.

"I admit my loss, I lose!" Suddenly, he stopped his methods as he sprawled on the ground like a dying fish, shouting loudly.

He prostrated on the ground, admitting: "No matter who you are, I admit my defeat, is that enough? You can do anything with me, but before that, may you please enlighten me, when did I offend you?"

Everyone went into a clamor.

The yellow scaled merman's actions were unexpected, some people snorted in disdain, some felt that he was able to put down his pride and was quite a formidable person.

An unscrupulous merchant that had been in power for decades was naturally not so simple.

Xia Lin was also dazed, at the same time, she felt deep admiration towards Master Chu.

She understood clearly that this was all due to Master Chu, without his guidance, Xia Lin would be in even deeper trouble than the yellow scaled merman. But looking at the prostrating yellow scaled merman, Xia Lin felt joyful and also relieved.

"It is time." Fang Yuan smiled, guiding Xia Lin.

Xia Lin spoke to the yellow scaled merman: "Do you know why you lost?"

Seeing her speak, the crowd went silent.

The yellow scaled merman raised his head, looking at Xia Lin: "I do not know, please enlighten me."

"Because someone wanted you to lose." Xia Lin stated an obvious fact.

The yellow scaled merman's heart jumped, he lowered his head: "I understand, I understand."

Xia Lin added: "Do you want this Golden Jade House back?"

"What?" The yellow scaled merman was stunned, what did she mean? Of course he wanted it back, but he did not know about the other party, what did they mean by that? Were they toying with him or had ulterior motives?"

Xia Lin continued: "I have a condition before I return it to you."

The yellow scaled merman started to kowtow: "Revered lady, please tell me."

Xia Lin looked at the yellow scaled merman as she said slowly: "The reason why you ended up like this was because of just desserts, you committed too many sins. From now on, you have to commit acts of kindness, do good deeds and turn over a new leaf, I will let you off and return this Golden Jade House. But remember, if you return to your old ways, we will take not just this Golden Jade House next time."

Once she said that, all the Gu Masters showed perplexed expressions.

After so much talk, Xia Lin and her backer actually had such intentions?

They were promoting kindness?

This was not a common thing.

The yellow scaled merman was also surprised but he did not dare to show anything on the surface, he quickly thanked her profusely: "I will change, I will definitely turn over a new leaf. Revered lady, you are the benefactor of my life, you changed my ways. You are like a saintess guiding people towards kindness and away from evil. I was wrong, I was really wrong, thank you, Saintess, for giving me this chance, from now on, I will be a good person and dedicate my life to doing good deeds!"

The yellow scaled merman lowered his head and apologized sincerely, he was like a pitiful child.

Xia Lin's face flushed: "I am not the saintess, I have no qualification to be one, don't spout nonsense. Remember your promise, we will be watching you. If we find out or anyone reports you in the future, you will regret it."

Saying so, Xia Lin turned around and left.

The surrounding Gu Masters left a path for her.

Xia Lin had just left the Golden Jade House when she suddenly vanished without a trace.

At the next moment, she appeared at the edge of the island through Fang Yuan's teleportation.

"It's safe here, you can go back now." Fang Yuan did not show up, he only transmitted his voice.

"Master Chu, you saved me again, how can I repay you?" Xia Lin called out in her mind: "Master Chu? Master Chu…"

"We will meet again if we are fated to." Fang Yuan said as he smiled, memories emerging in his mind again.

On the beach, Fang Yuan chased after Xie Han Mo and the rest who were leaving: "Please wait!"

Xie Han Mo and the rest stopped walking, while the two guards stared at Fang Yuan in annoyance.

"Lad, stop following us."

"If you want to repay the debt of gratitude, you should get away from us. Do you know that Saintess could have stayed hidden this time, but to save you, she showed up. Now, we failed to find any evidence and even made the other party alert."

"I know!" Fang Yuan was panting.

"You know nothing." The blue scaled guard rolled his eyes.

Fang Yuan chuckled, raising his head and looking at Xie Han Mo and the guards: "I was too rash, but after that, I understand now. You are the Merman Imperial Court's current generation saintess, you came here to find evidence of Frost Tide tribe's corruption. I can help you in this matter. Because I operated gambling dens before, I know about their workings. The main avenue for this Frost Tide tribe's money laundering has to be that gambling den earlier."

"Please give me a chance saintess, let me repay the debt of saving my life."

Both guards hesitated, they looked at Xie Han Mo.

Xie Han Mo's thick eyelashes drooped down, before she opened her eyes and looked at Fang Yuan with a crystal clear gaze, after three breaths of time, she nodded: "Then I will thank you in advance, human Gu Master. What is your name?"

"My name is Gu Yue Fang Yuan. You can call me Fang Yuan." Fang Yuan laughed heartily.


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