Reverend Insanity
1659 Xia Lin“s Rock Gambling
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1659 Xia Lin“s Rock Gambling

Pushing aside his memories.

Fang Yuan walked into Golden Jade House.

This gambling den was quite high-end, there were tens of huge rocks in the hall, behind the hall were many rooms with an assortment of rock dissecting Gu worms for the customers to enjoy using. Of course, experienced rock dissecting Gu Masters were also ready on-site.

Whether these rocks contained Gu worms, Fang Yuan could easily find out.

He was a Gu Immortal, immortal investigative methods could find mortal Gu with ease. Similarly, even if the Gu worm inside was extremely weakened, he could heal them.

Even if they could not be healed, don't forget that Fang Yuan was a refinement path quasi-supreme, he could obtain basically all the mortal Gu that were currently here with great ease.

Of course, there existed such things as immortal rocks as well, or rather, immortal materials. After Immortal Gu seal themselves and hibernate, the corresponding dao marks' immortal material would form on their surface. Most immortal investigative methods would be ineffective against them.

Fang Yuan was about to use his methods to teach this unscrupulous merchant in Golden Jade House a lesson when suddenly, he heard some commotion behind the hall.

"You are dishonest!" Mermaid Xia Lin shouted with anger and shock.

"I'm dishonest? Hehe, how so? This is clearly recorded in the information path Gu worm, even though you returned a sum, a large portion has not been repaid." Standing before the mermaid was a merman, he was large like a bear, there was a scar on his face, giving him a sinister aura.

"You, you, you!" Xia Lin pointed at the merman with red eyes: "You guys are shameless, you changed the agreement details, our contract was ten percent interest, but you raised it to sixty percent!"

The scarred merman's face became solemn, he looked at Xia Lin with a vicious gaze: "Young lady, you cannot spread fake news like that! Are you trying to ruin our reputation, this is detrimental to our business, who would come to our shop after this? Can you bear the cost of our losses?"

"Screw you! Even if I die, I will expose this shop's evil deeds."

The scarred merman changed his tone as he said eerily: "Die? You are too naive, sometimes, being alive is worse than dying."

Light flashed in Fang Yuan's eyes, this was a familiar voice, he was reminded of the mermaid girl from a few months ago.

Why was she here?

Xia Lin's tears fell from her face.

Several months ago, her only family member, her grandfather, died.

Merman sea funerals were very expensive. In order to bury her grandfather, she had to borrow primeval stones. To repay the debt, she had to take a risk and collect black oil, almost dying in the Earth Trench as a result. Fortunately, she met Fang Yuan and was saved miraculously.

Xia Lin also obtained gather oil Gu from Fang Yuan, her efficiency in collecting oil increased, she quickly gathered a huge amount of primeval stones from selling oil.

She brought these primeval stones to Golden Jade House to repay the debt but this shop was too shameless, they actually changed her agreement terms.

Xia Lin had the urge to die.

Her only family was gone, she was all alone in this world, she was ostracized by her tribe since a young age, all these circumstances made her feel lost and dejected, the world had turned grey, she could not find any joy in living.

"What is so scary about death? I'll die and end it all!"

Thinking of this, Xia Lin took action with a yell.


An explosion was heard as a torrent was shot out.

The scarred merman did not expect that in this situation, a rank two Gu Master would dare to attack him, a rank three, in his territory, the Golden Jade House.

The scarred merman was caught unprepared, he was washed away by the torrent, crashing into the wall as many decorations shattered.

The commotion was huge, the Gu Masters who were quietly choosing and dissecting rocks all came to watch.

A large number of eyes turned to look at Xia Lin and the scarred merman.

"What happened?"

"Hehe, what else could it be, this Golden Jade House must have tricked the innocent again."

"Quiet, this Golden Jade House's owner is the tyrant around here."

"I heard that Golden Jade House often acts as loan sharks and exploits low ranked Gu Masters."

"Let's not attract trouble, this is the problem of mermen, we humans have nothing to do with it."

At this time, the scarred merman stood up from the rubble: "You have such guts to attack me, I will make you wish you were dead!"

He walked towards Xia Lin, she was pale with fright, suppressed by his aura, but she gritted her teeth and did not step back.

The distance between the two shortened, when the scarred merman was about to attack, he heard a voice: "Wait!"

The scarred merman's actions stopped, he changed his expression of anger and ruthlessness as he lowered his head towards the person: "Shopkeeper, what brings you here?"

This was Golden Jade House's owner, a big bellied yellow scaled merman.

The yellow scaled merman frowned, he shouted at the scarred merman: "What are you doing? Are you trying to destroy my shop?"

"Shopkeeper, she…"

Before the scarred merman finished his words, he was interrupted.

"How many times have I told you, we need to act peacefully, peace brings fortune, do you understand?"

"Yes, yes." The scarred merman did not dare to retort, he nodded like an obedient child.

A chill emerged in Xia Lin's heart.

She had gone through lots of difficulty, being brought up by her grandfather, she had experienced the bright and dark sides of life.

"Someone who can make this scarred merman so respectful must be more terrifying!" Xia Lin knew this clearly, she looked at this yellow scaled merman, her alertness was raised to its limit.

The yellow scaled merman looked at Xia Lin for some time before speaking: "Little lady, don't worry, I am an understanding person. With me around, I will ensure that nobody attacks you. But I want you to be reasonable as well, your debt is in black and white, do you want to deny it?"

Hearing this, Xia Lin felt enraged: "You guys were shameless, you changed the terms on your own, from ten percent to sixty percent interest. I do not owe you anything, I already repaid my debt."

The yellow scaled merman smiled even brighter now: "Little lady, to think that your acting skills are so profound at such a young age. But it is no use! No matter how convincing you are, without evidence, you cannot prove anything, we have the agreement here, it is clearly stated, everyone can tell who is in the wrong."

"You, you, you!" Xia Lin pointed at the yellow scaled merman, unable to say anything from anger.

The yellow scaled merman laughed as he waved his hand: "Forget it, you are a young girl, I will not bully you, others might say that my Golden Jade House is bullying customers. How about this, repay half the debt and I will let you go without any other problems."

"I am already very sincere. If you return it now, you will only pay thirty percent interest, isn't that market rate? Tell me which moneylender isn't operating at this price? You said that we had a ten percent interest? Who would believe you? Try and find it outside, which shop would give that price?"

Xia Lin's chest was bobbing up and down, her eyes were reddened.

The market was thirty percent, that was precisely why she borrowed from Golden Jade House. But to think that it was a trap, she had gotten scammed.

Seeing that Xia Lin was silent, the yellow scaled merman took out an information path mortal Gu: "This is our loan agreement, if you return the money, I will return you this Gu now."

Xia Lin was stunned before sneering: "I do not have enough primeval stones."

The yellow scaled merman laughed as he clapped: "Don't worry, you can use Gu worms instead. I know you have a gather oil Gu, you can use it to repay your debt."

Xia Lin heard this and realized at once: "So that is your true goal, you want my gather oil Gu? Hmph, this is a rank five Gu, are you insane! Even if I die, you won't get this Gu."

The surrounding Gu Masters went into a commotion upon hearing this.

"Gather oil Gu? Did I hear wrongly?"

"That rumored rank five Gu that is the hot topic recently? I heard it has incredible efficiency in gathering black oil!"

"Not just incredible, it is superb. Even though gather oil Gu is rank five, it does not expend primeval essence but the Gu Master's bone marrow, even rank one Gu Masters can use it!"

"I heard that some people overused the gather oil Gu and killed themselves."

"Sigh, those people have no restraint. If they use bone path Gu worms with it, gather oil Gu is very safe!"

Clap clap clap.

The yellow scaled merman clapped: "Young lady, you are a smart girl, I am sure you know the logic that fortune attract wolves. How can a rank two Gu Master like you own a rank five Gu? Take it out, even if I let you off, others will still come after you, hand it over and live a stable life, isn't that better?"

"No! Even if I die, I will not hand it over to a scumbag like you." Xia Lin resisted with determination.

The yellow scaled merman felt a headache.

It was difficult to take someone else's Gu worm, she only needed one thought to self-detonate the Gu, by then, the yellow scaled merman's plan would be ruined.

The best situation was for Xia Lin to hand it over.

Otherwise, he could use theft path methods.

But theft path Gu Masters did not exist in this paradise.

And even if there were theft path Gu Masters, stealing a rank five Gu was too hard!

The yellow scaled merman was not flustered, he had already planned this and expected the situation. He could not force Xia Lin too harshly now, thus, he took a step back.

"How about this, I will give you a chance, but you must do the same. We can gamble."


"We will gamble rocks and see who excavates Gu, and if we both do, which one is better. We will decide the winner from two out of three victories."

Xia Lin smiled coldly: "You are unscrupulous and went back on your words, how can I trust you after you changed the terms earlier?"

The yellow scaled merman thought about it, he suddenly waved his hand as an information path mortal Gu flew to Xia Lin.

Xia Lin received it with deep shock.

The yellow scaled merman added: "I can make an oath to the Sea God."

Mermen were different from humans, they had their racial religion, they believed in the Sea God. Making an oath using the Sea God's name was a huge matter, it proved that he was very sincere.

Almost every merman's faith was in the Sea God.

The yellow scaled merman said again in a sincere way: "What are you hesitating for? Rock gambling depends on skill but also luck. I gave you a chance, don't go overboard, I will tell you the truth, this is your only way out today, you should seize the chance."

The yellow scaled merman used both the stick and the carrot, Xia Lin was greatly flustered.

While she hesitated, a voice suddenly said in her mind: "Don't be afraid, gamble with him, I am here!"

"Master Chu!" Instantly, Xia Lin almost screamed from joy.

Fang Yuan added: "But you must change the gambling terms because this is too mild, if you trust me, we will make this a huge gamble!"

"I trust you, Master Chu!" Xia Lin responded without any hesitation.

Her life was saved by Fang Yuan. If he wanted to harm her, there was no need to save her.

"My life was saved by Master Chu, if he wants to harm me, so be it, I will just return this life to him!"

Thinking like this, Xia Lin responded in her mind: "Master Chu, tell me what to do, I will follow your instructions."


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