Reverend Insanity
1658 Sea Market Gambling Den
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1658 Sea Market Gambling Den

Fang Yuan dropped an information path mortal Gu casually in front of rank eight Immortal Gu House Merit Obelisk.

Inside this Gu worm, Fang Yuan truthfully mentioned his experience of collecting black oil on the small island, as well as his experiment towards the merit board, if Gu Immortals arrived after him, they would see this intel as well.

There was no need to hide anything.

Firstly, they had their own guesses already, and secondly, it was easy to verify.

Fang Yuan might as well reveal this before they had experimented.

"Or rather… in plain words, this secret is not a secret, Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable set up this true inheritance intentionally, he wants people to carry out acts of kindness."

This was the style of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable.

At this point, Fang Yuan was already fully convinced that this was Paradise Earth's true inheritance.

Gu Masters and Gu Immortals leave behind their respective inheritances, this was the greatest cultural trait of this world.

Every inheritance contained the person's markings, their style, or their important unfulfilled wishes.

For example, the Flower Wine Monk's inheritance was to take revenge on Gu Yue clan, even in death he wanted revenge. Thus, he left the video behind of the Gu Yue clan leader's defeat, he dug the underground cave and lured Fang Yuan to destroy the Gu Yue clan's spirit spring.

Or like Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, this was the luck path true inheritance left by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, the goal was to help the entire Huang Jin bloodline to maintain their rule of the region, it was Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's act of helping his descendants.

And Hei Fan's true inheritance, Hei Fan originally intended to pass everything to his granddaughter, but with twists of fate, his wishes were not fulfilled.

And Shadow Sect's true inheritance, if Spectral Soul Demon Venerable had not failed and was not captured by Heavenly Court, this true inheritance would not exist. But against his wishes, he was captured and Fang Yuan remained as his lingering hope in this desperate situation, to increase his strength, Spectral Soul formed Shadow Sect's true inheritance.

Every inheritance was different. Paradise Earth's true inheritance was different from the rest, it was filled with serenity, kindness, warmth, and light.

"If one day, I fail and die, having no hope left at all, I will leave my inheritance behind as well." Fang Yuan thought, even though he was an otherworldly demon, he had lived, struggled, and fought in this world for so long, he had already assimilated into it.

If he created a Fang Yuan true inheritance, he would encourage his inheritor to pursue eternal life as well.

Time passed quickly, seventy to eighty days went by.

During this period, Fang Yuan did many missions, his name started to move up the rankings on the merit board.

Swish swish swish…

Ebb and flow, the moist sea breeze landed on his face, Fang Yuan had arrived at the sea market.

He took a mission, it was to punish an unscrupulous merchant in this sea market.

Sea markets were very popular in Eastern Sea, they varied in sizes. being small, middle, large, and super sea markets. If one classified them according to time, there would be temporary and permanent sea markets.

The sea market was the place where cultivation resources were gathered and exchanged, in this paradise, there were sea markets as well.

This was a permanent sea market. Even though it was not open all year round, most of the time during the year, it was open.

The core of the sea market was an island. This island would be submerged for a period each year, that was the time the sea market closed. When the island emerges, the sea market would open.

Outside the island, there were many Gu houses in the shape of boats, their decks would be linked together to form this peripheral sea market.

Standing on the deck, Fang Yuan was surrounded by people.

There were human Gu Masters and also mermen.

There were many mermen, almost half of the population, this was very rare in the five regions. After all, humans were the dominant race, the other variant humans were all suppressed and had no living space, they had to live while keeping a low profile.

"Come, come, take a look, this is a superb crystal coral."

"There are three Gu house River Boats left, quickly buy them before they are sold out!"

"Purchasing grand soil, I will buy as many as you can sell…"

Shouting, clamoring, and bargaining noises were everywhere, they entered Fang Yuan's ears as he felt a sense of liveliness around him.

Large numbers of Gu Masters were displaying goods on the deck and creating their stalls, very few mortals were in charge of the businesses.

Fang Yuan went past Gu house after Gu house, going towards the core island at the center of the sea market.

He had already investigated, the mission was to punish an unscrupulous merchant, and he was on the island.

Of course, the mission was just a secondary objective, his true goal was to obtain intel.

This sea market was the closest to Demon Suppression Regret Crying Sea, because there was a large number of Gu Masters and forces here, Fang Yuan had a high chance of getting useful information about regret Gu here.

Even though Fang Yuan had arrived here for a long time, he did not manage to enter Demon Suppression Regret Crying Sea even once.

Inside this paradise, Gu Immortals did not have much freedom of mobility.

Like the first mission, he could only move around the island, there was a limit to the distance he could go. Every mission had this same restriction.

To return to the Merit Obelisk, all the Gu Immortal had to do was to recite 'return' three times in their mind.

From this, Fang Yuan could feel Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's powerful methods. Even with Fang Yuan's deep foundations and rank eight cultivation level, he could not unravel Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's arrangements, even though he had not stopped researching about this Merit Obelisk and the paradise.

Other than that, Gu Immortals were also restricted in communication. Firstly, they could not connect to treasure yellow heaven or the outside world. Secondly, they could not talk to each other. Precisely so, they had to use the crude method of leaving information path mortal Gu in front of the Merit Obelisk.

"This should be the place." A moment later, Fang Yuan stopped in his tracks.

He was at a gambling den, the door had three words written on it, Golden Jade House.

Golden Jade House was at the center of the island, it was a place of highest authority in this sea market. Ordinary Gu Masters could not enter, this place had strict security.

But how could mortal methods stop Fang Yuan?

"I should attempt the rock gambling too." Fang Yuan smiled to himself.

Punishing the unscrupulous merchant did not mean killing them, Fang Yuan was a merchant once, he had managed his own gambling den, he knew what the perfect way to make a gambling den merchant suffer was.

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan stepped in.

Memories surfaced in his mind once again…

"Hahaha, who will gamble with me? Even the saintess is afraid, would you people dare?" A muscular merman shouted arrogantly.

Around him, there were many human Gu Masters and mermen. Most of the mermen were looking at him angrily, they could only grit their teeth.

"This Lu Da is too despicable, he dares to provoke Saintess openly in the sea market!"

"He does not have the guts, he is merely backed by Frost Tide tribe's leader."

"This cannot go on, it will sully Saintess' reputation, what do we do?"

The blue scaled and red scaled guards looked at each other in worry.

"So what?" Xie Han Mo smiled: "Let him be arrogant, no matter how much reputation I lose, he cannot shake my foundation. Since he is doing this to provoke me now, it means they are already panicking. We do not need to bother with this, we can win if we continue with our original plan."

Hearing this, the red scaled and blue scaled guards felt a sense of realization.

"Saintess is right, this Lu Da is just a dancing clown."

"But I feel really bad for letting Saintess suffer such a humiliation, can't any of our mermen stand up to face this Lu Da?"

Xie Han Mo smiled: "Lu Da is a rank four expert, he has reputation built over a decade in this sea market. I understand why no mermen are standing up for us, we need to understand their circumstances."

As she said that, a voice reverberated in the area: "I will gamble with you!"

Who was it?

Who dared to challenge Lu Da's authority?

Everyone turned to look, a human Gu Master walked out of the crowd.

Xie Han Mo was stunned as the two guards said: "It's the human Gu Master we saved!"

The merman Gu Master Lu Da was very surprised, he frowned as he looked at Fang Yuan, saying in a grim tone: "Human Gu Master, these are the affairs of mermen, you really want to interfere?"

"To speak the truth, your saintess saved my life before, I need to repay this debt." Fang Yuan had a firm attitude, he spoke to Lu Da without fear.

"This lad…"

"We did not waste our effort in saving him."

The two guards nodded.

Xie Han Mo sighed: "Let's go out, he is an outsider, we cannot let him sacrifice himself for nothing."

The two guards were surprised, they quickly stopped her: "Saintess, you analyzed the situation earlier, we cannot show up. Once we do, we will fall into their trap."

In the den, Lu Da had a sinister expression as he laughed from anger: "Good! Human Gu Master, since you want to die, don't blame me. I have already explained the rules of the gamble, let's go, I will let you choose first, we will see who finds better Gu worms!"

"You can choose first." Fang Yuan's gaze flickered with mysterious light as he smiled calmly.

The first round was quick, Fang Yuan won.

The second round took a lot longer, but Fang Yuan still won.

"Human Gu Master, I underestimated you. Tell me your name, you are qualified to take up space in my memory." Lu Da had a solemn expression, he looked at Fang Yuan in a different light.

"I am Gu Yue Fang Yuan, remember that. I owned gambling dens in the past." Fang Yuan suddenly raised his voice: "The final round, go ahead."

Lu Da chose a rock silently, next, he shattered all of the rocks in the den.

"You are breaking the rules!" Fang Yuan's expression changed.

Lu Da laughed: "Rules? I said that both sides cannot attack each other, but that does not include these rocks. I can confirm that this rock contains a Gu worm, while you are empty-handed, no matter what Gu worm I have, you are bound to lose. Lad, you dared to interfere with just rank three cultivation level, and especially in the sea market that I have managed for a decade. Hehehe, you can suicide, I won't have to dirty my hands."

Fang Yuan raised his fists, ready to fight a battle to the death.

"Hold up." Everyone moved aside to open up a pathway as Xie Han Mo walked into the den with a cold expression.


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