Reverend Insanity
1657 Clues of Regret Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1657 Clues of Regret Gu

Inside the small house, there was a huge turbulence.

Dark red lights moved like waves, surging around Fang Yuan.

He was refining Gu.

His ten fingers were outstretched, his two hands were holding onto an eerie ball.

This ball was basin-sized, it was flowing on the surface, this was the essence of the black oil that Fang Yuan extracted.

The Gu refinement was already at the late stage, now was a crucial moment.

Fang Yuan willed as a crack opened in his immortal aperture's entrance, he took out a piece of shiny golden scale.

The scale flew into the black oil ball, causing a small explosion. In Fang Yuan's vision, he saw that the instant the black oil ball exploded, it expanded rapidly. At the same time, the golden light shined in the black oil ball, before condensing into a small dot.

Fang Yuan's ten fingers vibrated, the black oil ball floated into the air and started to revolve around itself.

During the process, the golden light continued to flicker.

A stench started to spread, these were the impurities that Fang Yuan expelled.

The stench was about to permeate out of the house when the immortal formation's light flickered, it was like a pot lid that was blue in color, it trapped the stench and prevented it from going out.

This stench was an immortal material containing food path, it was more terrifying than the black oil. If mortals came into contact with it, they would die.

Fang Yuan's Gu refinement was already immortal level, because it involved two immortal materials. One was the black oil, the other was the golden scale, it was pulled from a desolate beast golden dragonfish.

After a series of deductions, Fang Yuan found that the golden dragonfish and the black oil had a high level of compatibility.

One scale was not enough of course, Fang Yuan continued to toss in more golden scales.

The black oil ball slowly turned into a black-gold color, a lot of incomplete Gu worm silhouettes were seen in the ball.

Fang Yuan was trying to refine gather oil Gu.

This was specially made for the Gu Masters of the fishing village. Fang Yuan created the recipe himself, he also used the information in Shadow Sect's true inheritance and Lang Ya's true inheritance as reference.

Fang Yuan was truly trying to help the fishing village's oil collecting Gu Masters.

The reason?

It was because of the Merit Obelisk's mission.

What was merit?

Fang Yuan had been thinking about this problem from the start.

Were the missions on the Merit Obelisk so simple? The more Fang Yuan thought about it, the more he could feel a certain objective that Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable was trying to achieve.

Thus, helping these fishing village Gu Masters was meant to complete the mission and also to ascertain the conjecture that Fang Yuan had in his mind.

Fang Yuan did bad things without feeling any remorse. Similarly, he did good things without any changes in emotion.

To be honest, he had already become indifferent towards good deeds and bad deeds, he did not care about kindness or evil. In this world, there were only two things, those that benefited him and those that harmed him.

Right now, in the face of Paradise Earth's true inheritance, Fang Yuan would be willing to commit good deeds to ensure that he gains the maximum benefits.

Xia Lin slowly opened her eyes, she was awake.

"I… am not dead." After being in a daze momentarily, she reacted and her eyes started to shine.

"You are quite a lucky mermaid, if we found you any later, you would be dead. You would be corroded into black oil." The middle aged Gu Master saw that the mermaid woke up and walked into the room.

"My name is Xia Lin, did you save me?" The mermaid girl struggled to get up.

"Not me, it was Master Chu. You should really thank him, he was the one who healed your injuries." The middle aged Gu Master smiled as he spoke.

The mermaid girl inspected herself upon the reminder, she was extremely happy after that.


"I was corroded by the black oil and was heavily injured, even the greatest healing Gu Master in my tribe would not be able to save me, but I am completely healed now."

The middle aged Gu Master smiled arrogantly: "Of course! It was Master Chu who saved you after all!"

Saying so, the middle aged Gu Master thought of the scene when Fang Yuan saved her, he made all of the Gu Masters dazzled, most of them could not regain their senses after a long while.

"Master Chu saved my life and healed my injuries, how can I not repay this kindness?" The mermaid girl pursed her lips, she showed a firm expression: "Sir, please bring me to him, no matter the price, I must repay him."

"Alright, follow me." The middle aged Gu Master considered it for a moment before walking out of the room.

The mermaid girl Xia Lin forced herself up, she used a Gu worm to create a wave that carried her as she moved behind the middle aged Gu Master.

The two went into an estate, they got past the garden and arrived in front of Fang Yuan's house.


Suddenly, a black-golden light burst up into the sky from the small house.

"This is?"

"What happened?"

This phenomenon could be seen from all over the surroundings, many of the Gu Masters in the village were alerted as they came to observe.

"After dinner, Master Chu said that he was going to refine Gu. He locked himself in the room and instructed that no one was to disturb him." The old village head watched as he said: "This means that Master Chu's Gu refinement has already made progress."

"Master Chu's Gu refinement attainment is simple too profound, look at this scene, his Gu refinement must not be simple at all."

"Thanks for stating the obvious, Master Chu is extraordinary, how can he be simple?"

Xia Lin listened carefully.

These Gu Masters' conversation made her think of a supreme Gu Master expert. He must have white hair, a kind temperament, a cool and composed nature, great strength, and immense kindness and magnanimity.

As the dark gold light faded, a fragrance spread around the area, a huge hole was created at the roof of the small house.

A moment later, the door of the small house was pushed open, Fang Yuan walked out.

The fishing village's Gu Masters were all waiting in anticipation, the moment Fang Yuan came out, they bowed and greeted: "Master Chu!"

The mermaid girl Xia Lin looked at Fang Yuan curiously, it turned out that Master Chu was so young, she did not expect this.

She quickly knelt down: "Master Chu, you saved my life. I need to repay this kindness even if I have to break all the bones in my body!"

"No need, it was just a simple matter." Fang Yuan gave the mermaid girl a glance, she was not Xie Han Mo after all.

The deceased had already passed on, she was gone with the wind.

Days later, Fang Yuan returned to the Merit Obelisk.

"Oh? A new mission appeared!" Fang Yuan's gaze focused on the changes of the obelisk.

There were ten missions originally, now there were still ten, but most of the content had changed.

On another side of the Merit Obelisk, the rankings had changed too.

"I am third…" Fang Yuan soon found his ranking.

He was a little joyful, his guesses were already affirmed.

Looking at this from Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's perspective, merit was helping others, it was the action of good deeds. Fang Yuan saw his ranking and compared it with the others, he was sure: If he did this alone and collected the black oil personally, he would not place third.

Of course, helping these Gu Masters without putting in work was not possible too.

Thus, after refining gather oil Gu, he distributed them and went into the sea, collecting most of the black oil, leaving only a small amount for the fishing village's Gu Masters.

At the base of the Merit Obelisk, there were some scattered information path mortal Gu.

Fang Yuan picked them up and looked into them.

As he expected, these were left behind by Miao Ming Shen and others, they had recorded their findings.

Some found that humans and mermen lived together in peace with equal statuses.

Some chose difficult missions, even though they killed the desolate beast, many humans were implicated and lost their lives. When they returned, they found that they were at the bottom of the ranking.

Some understood that the meaning of the merit board was to do good deeds and help people, but they had only guessed it, the conjecture was not confirmed.

These Gu Immortals were chosen by Miao Ming Shen personally, they were not idiots.

Miao Ming Shen's discovery made Fang Yuan's eyes shine. He found that they were not the first group who came in here, there were Gu Immortals who entered before.

The most valuable information came from Feng Jiang.

He found that there was a forbidden area in this paradise, it was a sea area that people called Demon Suppression Regret Crying Sea.

In legend, after Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable turned this grotto-heaven into a paradise, he suppressed a supreme demon in this sea area, he set up a super immortal formation to make him regret and repent.

Thus, this supreme demon's cries of regret could be heard in the sea area all the time.

Fang Yuan saw this information, the name of a Gu worm appeared in his mind — regret Gu!


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