Reverend Insanity
1656 Fang Yuan Was Saved
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1656 Fang Yuan Was Saved

At this depth, the sea was entirely pitch black.

But Fang Yuan's vision was dark green.

"Alright, this new Gu that I exchanged for is quite useful, with it, I can barely see in the deep sea." Fang Yuan was quite happy.

The deep sea was complex, one could not shine light here carelessly, or predators might be lured to oneself unknowingly.

In this dark green area, there were some deep black patches.

They were black oil of course.

The black oil tangled and weaved together like huge pythons. They were almost still, but the visual impact was huge.

Fang Yuan breathed in deeply, the gills on his face moved as they took in oxygen from seawater, allowing him to breathe underwater.

Calming down, he carefully approached the black oil. He stretched out his arms and stopped when he was several meters away from the black oil.

Next, he activated his Gu worm. A bright blue light slowly gathered in his palms, the two blue lights formed into beams of light that shined into the black oil. Droplets and lumps of black oil flowed along the blue light beams and slowly gathered into Fang Yuan's palms.

Fang Yuan's palms were like two bottomless holes sucking in black oil.

Time passed, but Fang Yuan continued to keep his alertness up.

He not only maintained his investigative methods on the surroundings, he also paid attention to the primeval essence storage in his aperture.

Because he used multiple Gu worms at once, Fang Yuan's primeval essence expenditure was not low. After a while, he reached a critical level.

"It is time to stop and return to the sea surface. Sigh, my aptitude is too low, if I had A grade aptitude, I would be able to last much longer!"

Fang Yuan sighed in his heart, at the same time, he stopped using his Gu worms, preparing to leave.

But in the process of leaving, an accident happened.

Suddenly, a huge force emerged in the peaceful sea, sending Fang Yuan flying.

"Oh no, an impact current!"

Fang Yuan's heart shook, he wanted to use Gu worms to escape.

These impact currents seemed like normal seawater, but when lifeforms entered them, they would emit a strong pushing force.

Bam bam bam!

In the process of escaping, Fang Yuan met with several impact currents, his bones were fractured and blood oozed out of his nose and mouth.

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, his eyes were wide opened and bloodshot, he tried to find a way to escape this predicament.

But he was not in the best condition, he had used a lot of his primeval essence, at the same time, the scale of these impact currents was huge and Fang Yuan lacked the method to deal with them, he could only dodge using his luck.

Soon, Fang Yuan expended all his primeval essence, an impact current from behind pushed him into the black oil.

"Am I going to die here?" Fang Yuan could not escape, he watched as the black oil stuck to him, before it spread and devoured him.

His primeval essence was used up, but thankfully, the gills were made from transformation path Gu worms, they could last for some time.

But this was truly his last few moments.

"This is the final moment of my life… sigh, I wanted to accumulate more black oil to gather wealth and exchange for a way to get rid of my black oil corrosion from the market… but now, I do not need to worry about this problem anymore… hehehe…"

Fang Yuan smiled bitterly, he fell into deep despair.

Eventually, the black oil completely covered him, his body was enveloped by the black oil.

"Am I going to die…"

Death was approaching, but Fang Yuan was completely peaceful in his heart.

Or rather, more accurately, he was indifferent.

Towards his death, he was indifferent about it.

"Alright… so be it if I die."

"After coming to this world, after so many years, I have been wandering from place to place, I am just too tired, too tired."

"Who can truly avoid death?"

"I might as well rest now."

Fang Yuan shut his eyes.

After some unknown period of time, he slowly regained his senses.

In a daze, he heard someone who was around him speak.

"Saintess, why did you save this mortal Gu Master? All these years, haven't the humans bullied us enough!"

"That's right, Saintess, this is clearly an oil collecting Gu Master, this sea area belongs to us mermen. He is a thief that steals our black oil, he is too shameless. We can let him die on his own."

At this time, a kind and refreshing voice resounded: "Since we met, how can we leave him in the lurch? I know he is a human and not a merman, but he is still a living being. Humans bully us, but a lone Gu Master like him is innocent. He is here to steal black oil, but how much can a person take? He took such risks to steal black oil, it shows how ostracized and troubled he is, why should we be stingy in helping him?"

"Saintess, you are just too kind, is that fine?"

"He is not anyone important, he is too lowly, there is no use in saving him!"

Fang Yuan tried his best and slowly managed to open his eyes.

His field of vision was still blur, he saw three vague figures.

White, blue, and red.

Human body, fish tails… from the blur figures, he could tell that they were three mermen.

Merman was a type of variant human, they could breathe underwater naturally and live. Mermen were attached to rivers and water bodies, they were most skilled at water path. Be they male or female, they were very beautiful and good looking.

"Thank… thank you… I will repay this kindness. May I know your names?" Fang Yuan spoke with difficulty, his hoarse voice became smoother as he talked.

But this was his current limit, his body was too weak, he could not muster any strength, these words were all that he could say.

"Hmph, we do not need your repayment. If not for Saintess, we would not save a dirty human like you."

"You do not need to know our names, but Saintess is named Xie Han Mo, you should remember it, etch this into your memory forever! You were incredibly lucky to have been saved by Saintess."

"Alright, you two, enough." The white figure sighed in a gentle voice, she said to Fang Yuan: "Even though you feel weak now, I have already healed your injuries. You were corroded by black oil earlier, I cannot heal this injury in one try, but I have left you a Gu worm, you can heal yourself with it."

Saying so, the white figure brought her two attendants and left, getting out of Fang Yuan's vision.

Fang Yuan wanted to speak, but he had exhausted his strength, he could not speak.

The extreme fatigue and weakness had his vision turn black again.

This was what happened in the five hundred years of his previous life.

Fang Yuan's gaze became clear, he returned from his recollection.

At this time, he had already led the fishing village's Gu Masters back to the island.

This was one of the old village head's houses, it was not dark.

At dusk, the lingering rays of light entered the room through the windows.

Outside the window, seagulls were flying around the beach, chirping loudly.

The mermaid who was saved was a young woman, she was still unconscious now. After Fang Yuan saved her, her pale face had started to become rosy again. She had thick eyelashes that casted shadows on her face.

Looking at this mermaid girl, Fang Yuan was absent-minded for a bit.

Looking at her carefully, she did not look like Xie Han Mo from Fang Yuan's memories, their appearances were very different, even though both of them were equally beautiful.

"They are only similar in disposition, and…"

And the biggest difference between this mermaid girl and Xie Han Mo was the color of their scales.

Mermen had human bodies and fish tails, their scales were of varying colors. Blue and red were common, while white and black were very rare.

White scaled mermen and mermaids could become saints and saintesses, while black scaled were treated as cursed and inauspicious, they would be killed the moment they were born, their parents were often the killers.

Xie Han Mo was a white scaled mermaid, she was the saintess of the mermen tribe. And this mermaid girl had blue scales, it was very common among mermen.

"Master Chu." At this time, the old village head and the middle aged Gu Master arrived at the door.

Fang Yuan nodded lightly as they came in.

After collecting black oil from the deep sea, be it the old village head or the middle aged Gu Master, they looked at Fang Yuan with utmost respect.

On one hand, Fang Yuan had unfathomable strength, and on the other hand, Fang Yuan gave them immense benefits. Water shell Gu was so useful, they had all experienced it on this trip.

And most importantly, Fang Yuan promised after returning that he was going to create a Gu worm for them, this Gu worm would be very useful to them.

"Master Chu, food has been prepared. Should you…" The old village head smiled.

"I will take care of her, don't worry master. When she wakes up, I will bring her to you." The middle aged Gu Master added.

Fang Yuan looked at the mermaid girl as he shook his head, he walked out of the house: "No need to see me, when she wakes up, get her to leave. Even though this is the territory of humans, and her action is akin to stealing, in my opinion, she has a hard life, give me some face and let her off."

"Master Chu, don't worry, we will not find trouble with her!"

"Yeah, all these years, there had been many mermen who came here to steal black oil. We have always tried to turn a blind eye to it, after all, we cannot finish extracting all the black oil under the sea, it is fine to share some." The old village head chuckled.

Fang Yuan nodded.

He had already gotten whatever information he needed from the old village head and this young mermaid girl through soul search.

There was something interesting.

In the outside world, merfolk had lower status than humans, both sides had huge conflicts and often fought. But here, merfolk and humans had better relationships, they interacted a lot and were at peace, there were even instances of marriage between them.

"It seems that this grotto-heaven is the paradise of humans and also merfolk."


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