Reverend Insanity
1655 Collecting Black Oil
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1655 Collecting Black Oil

Vague water ripples were moving before the eyes, in extreme tranquility, a group of Gu Masters dived into the sea.

The light above them became dimmer, the surrounding seawater was emitting greater pressure on them.

Someone started to use water shell Gu.

The water shell Gu that Fang Yuan invented was simply amazing!

Almost the instant it was activated, the fishing village's Gu Masters felt their pressure reducing, their bodies felt relaxed, as if they had discarded a ton of dead weight.

The Gu Masters all showed joyful expressions, even though they had already tested water shell Gu in their village earlier.

But at this time, someone suddenly made an alert signal.

A large number of weaving sea spiders were approaching them.

These sea spiders moved very quickly underwater, they would split up when they encountered prey, shooting out their spider webs that would entangle the prey before they attacked.

Seeing this group of sea spiders, the fishing village's Gu Masters turned pale, even the rank three village head was full of fear, he could not calm down.

The sea spider group was huge, and they were most skilled at fighting with numbers, to defeat a stronger enemy with collective effort. Many sea creatures would often die to them due to a battle of attrition.

Even rank three Gu Masters were not their match in a drawn out fight.

The deep sea had too much danger. On the surface, the sea was calm, but under the sea, undercurrents surged, dangers lurked everywhere.

"No need to worry." Fang Yuan transmitted before waving his hand at the crucial moment.

At the next moment, the Gu Masters of the fishing village were so shocked their eyes almost popped out!

A huge whirlpool formed instantly, it crashed into the sea spiders, it was like a tornado that swept away all of the sea spiders in it.

"Quickly leave, I cannot sustain it for long." Fang Yuan said purposely.

The fishing village's Gu Masters realized at once and quickly dived deeper.

After they got to a safe distance, the Gu Masters turned back to look, the whirlpool had started to dissipate. The sea spiders were completely disoriented, they had low intelligence and moved according to instinct, seeing that the prey vanished, they gathered again and moved away.

The Gu Masters relaxed at long last, their gazes towards Fang Yuan was filled with admiration and reverence.

The Gu Masters who fought against Fang Yuan earlier finally saw how powerful this Master Chu was! And most importantly, his method was very wise.

If they fought in the sea, the blood would attract more problems.

Trapping but not killing, that was the work of an expert.

The group continued to move with Fang Yuan as their guardian, they met with no danger.

Sea spiders were just one of the lurking dangers, oil collecting Gu Masters faced hundreds of types of aquatic beasts, sometimes, they would even get swept into special currents, helplessly moving along with them.

In the following journey, some problems still occurred, but they were not disasters like the sea spiders.

Diving and stopping continuously, after some hard work, they finally reached the Earth Trench.

They did not need to dive into the Earth Trench, because there was a lot of black oil here already. There had been no Gu Immortals who came to excavate them.

The Earth Trench was filled with black oil, at the same time, some gushes of black oil leaked outside. These black oil streams were like octopuses with long tentacles, they also seemed like seaweed, messy and scattered.

The fishing village's Gu Masters quickly used their Gu worms to get close to the leaking black oil.

They started to collect the oil, moving around like worker bees.

Fang Yuan did not act, he watched from afar.

These Gu worms specially used to collect black oil were the core and vital Gu of these Gu Masters, Fang Yuan did not ask them about this in their previous interactions because it was taboo, but with his ability, he could understand everything with just a single look.

His refinement path quasi-supreme grandmaster attainment level was not a joke!

"The number one resource around this unnamed island is black oil. When I use this black oil as material to refine Gu worms for them, their efficiency will increase."

While he was thinking of this, suddenly, a huge group of seashell sharks approached them.

These sharks opened their bloodthirsty mouths, full of shells that were used as sharp teeth.

The seashell sharks were very special.

They began life without teeth, instead, when they grew up, they would choose seashells in the sea and put them in their mouths. As time passed, these seashells would take root and grow, the more years that pass, the whiter and tougher they would become.

The seashell sharks would use the shells as teeth to tear prey that were stronger than seashell sharks apart.

This special relationship made infant seashell sharks very weak, but when they reach adulthood, they would be overlords of the sharks.

This group of sharks were attacking, be it individual or group strength, they far surpassed the sea spiders. But the fishing village Gu Masters were not afraid.

They moved around the black oil terrain with ease and agility. From time to time, they would spray the black oil that they collected as barriers to shield themselves.

Seashell sharks were huge and could not move easily in this black oil area, if the oil stuck to them, they would become slower and even struggle to move as the oil got thicker.

The fishing village Gu Masters used the territory to quickly feed these seashell sharks to the black oil as food.

These seashell sharks struggled until they had no strength left, they were slowly devoured by the black oil.

Normally speaking, the black oil would take a long time to completely corrode these seashell sharks, all of their flesh, bone and blood would turn into new black oil.

Black oil was an immortal material that contained food path dao marks, it was not safe, the Earth Trench filled with black oil was a dangerous area.

Fang Yuan saw this as he sighed in his heart.

He remembered that in the five hundred years of his previous life, he had once seen how the black oil devoured its prey for the first time. From that day on, he had nightmares for several nights, of the black oil sticking onto him and slowly devouring him without any hope of salvation.

Normally speaking, oil collecting Gu Masters would work in groups, they were afraid that the black oil would stick to them and kill them in the process of collection.

But the oil collecting Gu Masters in the fishing village would not form groups, it was too easy for disputes to arise, and encountering dangerous situations might cause everyone to perish.

Right now, everyone grouped together, but it was a special situation.

"I advise that you try to drag out the seashell sharks that are trapped, these are all usable Gu materials." Fang Yuan transmitted.

"Master Chu, these seashell sharks are polluted by the black oil." The old village head hesitated.

"Don't worry, I have a way to remove the black oil. Trust me, these seashell sharks are very useful for you." Fang Yuan smiled.

He had designed a Gu recipe that used these seashell sharks as the main material.

Without water shell Gu, these Gu Masters would not believe him, but after Fang Yuan displayed such strength, the old village head stopped hesitating, he ordered: "You all heard him, hurry up and do it. But be careful, don't let the black oil stick to you, it is too troublesome otherwise."

Not just troublesome, the price would be huge!

Black oil was an immortal material, once it got stuck, the food path dao marks would be carved onto the Gu Master's body. Just the problem of conflicting dao marks would be fatal, and because they had mortal bodies, they could not endure the corrosion of the black oil.

"Don't worry, I can remove the black oil on you even if it sticks to you." Fang Yuan spoke.

His words made the Gu Masters overjoyed, but even with his assurance, the Gu Masters still acted carefully, they were afraid of touching this beloved and accursed black oil.

The seashell sharks were all dragged out.

Most were not dead, they still had some vitality.

Falling into the black oil would not cause suffocation immediately.

At this time, a small surprise occurred.

"Look at what I found? A trapped mermaid." A Gu Master dragged out a mermaid corpse.

Her body was covered in black oil, her appearance could not be seen, but from her build, it seemed to be a girl.

"She has some life force left…" The Gu Master who saved the mermaid said with surprise.

"Let me." Fang Yuan acted.

The Gu Masters were very shocked, because they saw that the black oil moved like an obedient child, getting away from the mermaid and gathering in front of Fang Yuan as a big black ball.

"Master Chu is truly unfathomable!"

"Such methods, how much black oil can he get each time?"

Gu Masters were in admiration and envy, their respect towards Fang Yuan increased again.

"Don't worry, with me around, you will all be safe." Fang Yuan's action was just to reassure these people, but at the next moment, the smile on his face froze.

His sight was stuck on the mermaid's face, he went into a daze.

"Mo Er?!"


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