Reverend Insanity
1643 Grotto-Heaven Changes Owners
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1643 Grotto-Heaven Changes Owners

"Bai Ning Bing, don't go overboard!" Qi clan's Gu Immortal leader Qi Fa shouted in anger.

Bai Ning Bing was laughing coldly in her mind.

Bai Xiang tore through the sky, flashing past Qi Fa as Qi Jin's corpse was left behind, frozen in ice. His expression of fear before dying was perfectly preserved, vividly shown within the ice.

Boom boom boom!

Qi path killer moves burst out endlessly, Bai Xiang dodged a portion of them, some were intercepted by the immortal formation, while the rest tore Bai Xiang to shreds.

But immediately, it regenerated to perfection.

This scene made the Qi clan Gu Immortals feel a deep chill down their spines.

After an intense battle, three of the five Qi clan Gu Immortals had died, only Qi Fa and Qi Cai were left.

"Damn it, Bai Xiang is too powerful, we cannot deal with it in this situation!" Qi Fa gritted his teeth.

"This super immortal formation is the biggest problem, without it, we would have escaped already." Qi Cai looked at Qi Fa with bloodshot eyes, pointing out the truth.

Qi Fa was silent.

Qi Cai was right, even though the killer move Bai Xiang was strong, couldn't they simply run from it if they could not beat it? The sky was vast, there was no need to face Bai Ning Bing directly.

But it was too difficult to break out of this immortal formation. At least for Qi Fa and Qi Cai, they had been trying since the start, but had obtained no fruits of success.

Qi Fa sighed: "You are right, let's call Qi Ping Su to help."

Qi Ping Su only had rank six cultivation level, he was staying behind to guard Qi clan's base, Qi Sea grotto-heaven. But now, they had to ask him to come out and join forces with them, as long as they could destroy a bit of this immortal formation, they would be rescued.

But if they did that, they would fall into Fang Yuan's trap.

Fang Yuan had purposely made sure the immortal formation did not block transmissions, he wanted to lure Qi Ping Su out of the grotto-heaven.

Qi Fa knew this so for the entire duration of the battle, he did not want to get help from Qi Ping Su. But now, they were in a desperate situation, if they did not ask him to come out, they would lose their lives!

Qi Ping Su was already waiting to move, once he received orders, he opened the immortal aperture's entrance.

Bai Ning Bing was overjoyed: "They finally did it!"

Saying so, she teleported away using the formation, rushing into the immortal aperture's entrance.

"Oh no!" Qi Ping Su had just wanted to go out when Bai Ning Bing charged in, without a choice, he had to retreat.

Qi Sea grotto-heaven was huge, it was covered in white clouds and had strong winds.

The moment Bai Ning Bing entered, she felt a strong pressure, her strength was heavily suppressed by the vast qi path dao marks in this place.

But Bai Xiang was still extremely powerful, Bai Ning Bing and Qi Ping Su fought intensely and she soon gained the upper hand.

Qi Ping Su only had rank six cultivation level, his legs were crippled and he had injuries in his body. He could not beat Bai Ning Bing, he quickly retreated with his territorial advantage in this place, he soon vanished into the white clouds.

Bai Ning Bing furrowed her brows.

The situation was slightly troublesome, she did not kill Qi Ping Su earlier, how could she find this person in this huge grotto-heaven now? Even if she found him, what if he runs away again?

"Hmm?" Suddenly, Bai Ning Bing raised her head, she saw that a thick sea of clouds had formed above her head.

An intense sense of danger alerted her in her mind.

"A fatal danger!" Instantly, Bai Ning Bing understood the severity of the situation.

She quickly flew down like a falling meteor, descending rapidly.

In her vision, the yellowish ground was getting larger and larger.

Bai Ning Bing's expression became solemn, the sense of danger in her heart was intensifying.

Intense winds blew around her, she turned to look at the sky only to find the cloud sea expanding into the horizons, an intensely powerful killer move was nurturing from within it.

At the same time, Qi Ping Su who was in the cloud sea looked at Qi Sea heavenly spirit as he said joyfully: "Qi Sea heavenly spirit, you are awake! This timing is truly impeccable."

Qi Sea heavenly spirit had the appearance of a snow-white fawn, its eyes were golden in color, extremely dazzling.

"I was roused and woke up."

"Since the last time I got injured, I needed to seal myself to stabilize my injuries."

"But this time, I sensed that an incredibly evil and strong existence is coming after the grotto-heaven. I had to wake up as a result, but this intruder is not that existence that I felt."

Qi Ping Su was stunned: "I know who that is, it must be Fang Yuan. Heavenly spirit, you have sealed yourself for years, you do not know that a terrifying demonic path Gu Immortal had emerged, his name is Fang Yuan, even Heavenly Court was helpless against him."

Qi Sea heavenly spirit was shocked: "Even Heavenly Court was helpless? It must be him."

Qi Ping Su pointed at Bai Ning Bing, saying in extreme anger: "This is Fang Yuan's subordinate, she has already killed three of our clan's Gu Immortals."

Qi Sea heavenly spirit was enraged, killing intent surged in its golden eyes: "An eye for an eye, they killed our Qi clan's bloodline, we will end her life as well."

Saying so, an intense sound resounded as a huge white qi pillar slammed down towards Bai Ning Bing at a rapid speed from the cloud sea.

At this instance, Bai Ning Bing was shocked to find that there was a force all around her immobilizing her. She had all sorts of thoughts in her mind but her body was unmoving, like a bug trapped in amber.

"So powerful!"

"Even with all my strength, I cannot escape."

Bai Ning Bing raised her head, a white qi pillar was slamming down at her like a giant mountain.

This attack was clearly at rank eight level, even if Bai Ning Bing had Bai Xiang, she could not escape, she was bound to die.

But at this moment, a jade light sparkled out of nowhere, it burst out into countless spreading jade fireflies, dancing around the area.

From within the jade green light, Fang Yuan emerged.

"It's him!" Instantly, Qi Sea heavenly spirit shook intensely, shouting in shock.

"Indeed, he is Fang Yuan." Qi Ping Su gulped, swallowing his saliva while feeling extremely nervous.

Against the white qi pillar, Fang Yuan's expression did not change, he only stretched out his finger.


With a shrill sound, an intensely sharp and huge sword will surged up and pierced the white qi pillar, cutting it into two.

The white qi pillar dissipated, Qi Ping Su opened his mouth as he felt deeply shocked.

"I'm saved." Bai Ning Bing was dazed before her lips curled up, she flew into the air and stood beside Fang Yuan.

"What move is this?" Bai Ning Bing looked up above her, saying hesitantly: "Don't tell me…"

"It should be Qi Xiang's signature killer move — Unlimited Qi Sea. This move is grand and vast, it is complex and ever-changing, capable of attacking and defending, Qi Xiang was renowned back in the day because of it." Fang Yuan agreed, having a solemn expression.

Unlimited qi sea was a rank eight killer move, it used many qi path Immortal Gu as the cores, with tens of thousands of supplementary Gu worms. It could absorb all kinds of qi in the world to increase its power.

This killer move was quite unique, it had potential for growth on its own. After Qi Xiang created this move, he collected all sorts of qi and stored them inside the immortal aperture, increasing the power of this move.

Thankfully, Qi Xiang had died long ago, even though unlimited qi sea was left in Qi Sea grotto-heaven, because it was too powerful and without any rank eight Gu Immortals in Qi clan, the huge quantity of qi had gradually dissipated.

Until now, Fang Yuan was after Qi Sea grotto-heaven, it alerted Qi Sea heavenly spirit and it barely managed to activate unlimited qi sea, after so many years, it had finally been used again.

"Even though this move is powerful, Qi Xiang had died long ago, how much power can the heavenly spirit unleash with it? Hehe." Fang Yuan snickered, suddenly flying into the sky, straight towards the cloud sea.

Bai Ning Bing gritted her teeth, she wanted to fight alongside Fang Yuan but she quickly stopped herself wisely, showing regret on her face.

She was too weak, she could not participate in a battle of such magnitude.


Bai Ning Bing looked at the sky, the cloud sea was rumbling, after Fang Yuan went in, the waves became more turbulent, as if a tsunami had occurred in the white clouds.

At the same time, thunderous explosions resounded endlessly.

"Life qi, death qi, sword qi, blade qi, dusk qi, dawn qi…" Bai Ning Bing was dazzled from this view, all sorts of qi gathered into countless forms, they were like plants, blades, swords, halberds, beasts and birds, they were all gathering right outside the qi sea, before charging in towards Fang Yuan for an intense battle.

Fang Yuan initially felt huge pressure, he could barely move, but soon, he unraveled some of the mysteries of this killer move. Within the sovereign immortal aperture, his time path clone was sitting in front of wisdom Gu, using the light of wisdom to deduce the information of unlimited qi sea rapidly.

After fighting for a while more, Fang Yuan's brows eased as he laughed heartily, starting his counterattack.

Everywhere he went, all sorts of obstacles were taken down and destroyed, he was unstoppable, he charged all the way until he reached the heavenly spirit.

Qi Sea heavenly spirit had a tough requirement for ownership, Fang Yuan could not achieve it, that information was obtained from Qi Zai's soul. Meanwhile, blood light spirit suppression could not work against a rank eight level heavenly spirit.

Thus, Fang Yuan went ahead to kill Qi Sea heavenly spirit.

The moment Qi Sea heavenly spirit died, the unmanned unlimited qi sea killer move immediately stopped.

"I surrender!" Qi Ping Su's body shivered, he was completely subdued by Fang Yuan's overwhelming demonic aura.

Fang Yuan looked at him coldly: "You are quite smart, alright, if you want to live, get Qi Fa and Qi Cai to surrender too. Otherwise, you can all die together."

"Yes, yes." Qi Ping Su was filled with pressure, he was sent into the formation.

Qi Fa and Qi Cai learned that Qi Sea grotto-heaven was taken down, they lost all their motivation, after some hesitation, they surrendered with pale expressions, stopping their resistance.

And now, from the Five Xiang's Bet, the prized rank nine killer move heaven form, the public grotto-heaven of the Five Xiangs, as well as Qi Sea grotto-heaven were all obtained by Fang Yuan!


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