Reverend Insanity
1641 Very Interesting
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1641 Very Interesting

Facing Fang Yuan's immense killing intent, Bai Ning Bing smiled as she looked towards Fang Yuan straight in the eye, asking in return: "Why should I run?"

After pausing for a moment, she said: "Qi clan's Gu Immortals escaped, that is because they don't know you. We are both from Qing Mao Mountain, with my understanding of you, how could they escape? Hehe, since I cannot escape, what's the point of running? Not only will I not escape, on the contrary, I will join Shadow Sect."

Fang Yuan frowned: "I had thought of that, but your Bai Xiang killer move is too amazing, it can free you from almost any alliance agreement."

The uniqueness of Bai Xiang was that it turned the Gu Immortal into a unique existence, even a tiny fragment could regenerate and be reborn.

The essence of alliance agreements were information path dao marks, Bai Ning Bing could make use of Bai Xiang to self-mutilate and get rid of her information path dao marks, negating her alliance agreements.

Thus, Bai Xiang was also used for healing, to get rid of unwanted dao marks in the body.

"Indeed." Facing Fang Yuan's deep wariness, Bai Ning Bing laughed, not caring about her own safety: "But isn't that more exciting?"

Fang Yuan snorted, saying in displeasure: "I am not you, Bai Ning Bing."

Bai Ning Bing nodded, she stopped smiling as brilliance flashed in her dragon eyes: "Indeed, I have been pursuing excitement all along. This is why I admire you, Fang Yuan, your life is truly exciting, it is so thrilling! Every time you plot, every time you succeed, or even every time you fail, they are filled with excitement. Especially earlier when you were ambushed by Heavenly Court and had to escape like a dog, it was truly the most thrilling experience!"

"The other Shadow Sect members cannot understand my feelings. Some just want to save Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, some feel fear and panic, some feel immense pressure, but what I feel is excitement and thrill. The bigger the problems, the bigger the troubles, the more exciting life is, isn't that right?"

"Others might not know me, but I am sure that you understand me, right?"

Bai Ning Bing stared at Fang Yuan's eyes with a bright gaze.

Fang Yuan was silent.

Back then on Qing Mao Mountain, he had deduced that Bai Ning Bing was a true demon. He was not wrong, that was exactly who she was. To pursue the excitement of life, she could give up anything, even her life. The values and moral concepts of normal people, the complexities of love and hatred, they were all unrelated to her.

She was different from the norm, her world view was vastly different, she only walked on her own path. She followed her own desires, she did not care about life and death.

In fact, Bai Ning Bing and Fang Yuan were very similar, they were the same kind, only that they pursued different goals.

Fang Yuan pursued eternal life, he was willing to sacrifice anything including himself. Even if he failed and died along the way, he would feel happy and content, because he lived pursuing his dreams, he felt a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment towards life.

Bai Ning Bing said that Fang Yuan understood her, she was absolutely right, it was the same as how she understood Fang Yuan.

The saying goes, heroes admired each other, it was the same for demons.

Fang Yuan's killing intent gradually faded away.

His killing intent was only a facade, the truth was, he did not really have much killing intent.

Why should he kill Bai Ning Bing?

Fang Yuan's strength far surpassed Bai Ning Bing, her threat was very low to Fang Yuan.

Sometimes, when he saw Bai Ning Bing, Fang Yuan could see his own reflection. True demons like them were too rare, meeting one was a form of luck, it was a form of affirmation towards their goals.

Because of their similarity, they recognized each other, they acknowledged each other.

Thus, back then, when Bai Ning Bing gave up her life to save Fang Yuan, she said her final words — asking Fang Yuan to live in her place and witness the excitement of life. Bai Ning Bing had felt that Fang Yuan could take her place to a certain extent.

Sometimes, Fang Yuan thought about it, if he and Bai Ning Bing exchanged identities, would he have made the same choice as her?

"Hahaha." Bai Ning Bing suddenly raised her head and laughed: "I can give all of Bai Xiang grotto-heaven's resources to you. But I want the Gu worms from Bai Xiang's true inheritance, I am willing to join Shadow Sect because facing Heavenly Court is truly exciting! This was your excitement, but it will become mine as well."

"In that case, there are three possible outcomes." Bai Ning Bing squinted, excitement flashing in her eyes, there was a light of insanity.

"The first possibility, you get killed by Heavenly Court. With your strength, even if you get killed, it will be in an incredible manner, your struggle before death will definitely be a climax. By witnessing your death, it will be the greatest experience of my life."

"The second possibility, Heavenly Court gets defeated or even destroyed by you. That is definitely exciting beyond belief, the number one force of human history falling like a crashing meteor, it will create the greatest sparks in this world."

"And the third possibility, the one I anticipate the most, because it is the most thrilling! You and Heavenly Court get into a deadlock, both sides suffer losses. In that case, I will stay by your side, I will have the supreme chance to find an opportunity. I might even emerge as the victor, both you and Heavenly Court will become my stepping stones."

Fang Yuan looked at Bai Ning Bing calmly, he said with a cold and expressionless face: "If I kill you now, all three possibilities will vanish."

"Yes, yes…" Bai Ning Bing frowned, she became a little dejected, her gaze flickered and her tone became heavy: "That is true. If I die now, even though I will resist to the utmost, our strength is too vastly different, there will be little excitement in the battle."

"But if that is your choice, I will accept it." She smiled, shrugging: "I am just too weak, I have to accept that fate. This cruelty of life is also exciting, isn't it? Hehehe."

Death was not scary for Bai Ning Bing.

She was a lunatic, but also logical and calm. Such a person was the scariest.

But someone even scarier than her was standing right in front of her.

It was the demonic path overlord Fang Yuan who made both heaven's will and Heavenly Court helpless to deal with.

Fang Yuan smiled as he laughed "Very interesting."

Bai Ning Bing was a very interesting person.

Right now, Bai Ning Bing was weak and was subject to Fang Yuan's mercy, she did not try persuading him to spare her, she said the opposite, even exposing her own threat to Fang Yuan.

This was because she understood Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was a person who kept a clear mind, he had already analyzed the benefits and costs of keeping her life. Once he made up his mind, it was useless no matter what was said.

Even without Bai Ning Bing's words, Fang Yuan knew that he needed all the strength he could get to face Heavenly Court and obtain Red Lotus' true inheritance. Bai Ning Bing was a precious source of battle strength, even if she was given a chance to betray him, so what?

A blade was naturally able to harm oneself. But if he threw this blade away and fought empty handed, was that not a stupid move?

It was up to Fang Yuan's abilities to make good use of this blade and prevent her betrayal.

"If I am too useless and Bai Ning Bing's betrayal succeeds, I can only blame myself, isn't that right?"

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan laughed: "Oh Bai Ning Bing, you are truly someone I admire, I will not kill you now. Follow me, witness my failure or success. If I die at your hands, that will be quite a show. But now, display your worth to me, bring me the heads of Qi clan's Gu Immortals, and also… their Qi Sea grotto-heaven."


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