Reverend Insanity
1636 Demon King!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1636 Demon King!

Immemorial white heaven.

A tall gatehouse suddenly emerged in the sky that was originally empty.

The gatehouse had a tall roof and two statues at the side of the gate. There was a huge plaque above the gate, writing the words 'Five Xiang's Bet Entrance'.

The entire gatehouse seemed to be made of bronze, it radiated a majestic aura. Initially, it was only a phantom image, but as time passed, it became solid and clearer.

Qi clan had six Gu Immortals in total, they were all standing outside the gatehouse now, waiting for it to materialize entirely.

The leader was an old Gu Immortal, he had a thin body but strong spirits, his eyes radiated with brilliance, he stood up straight like a spear. He was Qi clan's first supreme elder Qi Fa.

On his left was Qi clan's second supreme elder Qi Cai, he stroked his beard as he said: "I have experienced many openings of the seal, but this time, I feel very impatient, I almost cannot wait!"

Third supreme elder Qi Jin laughed: "This bet has been going on for thousands of years, we are finally going to end it today. As descendants of Qi clan, we can proudly face our ancestors, we are the eventual victors of this bet!"

As they spoke, the gatehouse formed fully, a huge area of clouds gathered to hold up this gatehouse.

The door started to shine in five colors, representing the strength of the Five Xiangs.

First, red light shined down, causing the clouds to turn bright red.

This was Xue Xiang's Xue clan, because they cultivated blood path, they had been wiped out. Thus, after the red light shined around the place, it faded away.

Next was yellow light.

It was Chi Xiang's Chi clan, even though they had descendants, because they lived in the immortal apertures of their ancestors and did not work hard, they were living like livestock, not a single Gu Immortal emerged from among them.

Next, a brown light appeared.

Ni Xiang's Ni clan had Gu Immortals in the past, even though the numbers were small, they were all elites. Especially Ni Er, someone deduced that his refinement path attainment level was at the point of quasi-supreme grandmaster! He was the one who fused Immortal Gu into the bloodline of Ni clan members, he wanted to assist his descendants but right now, Ni clan's villages were controlled by Qi clan, they could not win.

After the brown light came white light.

"Our turn." Qi Cai became very alert, he could not wait anymore.

"Let's go." Qi Fa said with a firm tone, he led the four Gu Immortals behind him as they went to the gatehouse, bathing in the white light.

The white light flickered for a moment as it got stronger, sweeping around the five Qi clan Gu Immortals' bodies as it returned to its original intensity, continuing to shine.

But Qi clan's Gu Immortals were all here already.

Without any additional descendant of Qi Xiang, the white light faded away.

There was a white light spiraling above the heads of the five Qi clan Gu Immortals, they had passed the test of the Five Xiang's seal, they were qualified to enter for the bet.

"Bai clan is the last one." Qi Jin spoke, unable to conceal his nervousness.

Qi clan's Gu Immortals were all above the clouds, they had not entered the door yet, they were alert and looked around.

They knew of the existence of Bai Ning Bing.

Bai Ning Bing had inherited Bai Xiang grotto-heaven, she even learned the immortal killer move Bai Xiang, displaying great power in a few battles.

Heavenly Court had exposed intel on Fang Yuan, that involved the Shadow Sect members as well. Even though Bai Ning Bing was not part of Shadow Sect, her information was also exposed.

Even though Qi clan was secluded and did not mix with the circles of Gu Immortals, they still had their collection of information regarding the outside world.

Blue light shined for a while but nobody showed up, it was about to weaken and fade away.

Qi Cai let out a breath of air: "Good, Bai Ning Bing did not show up. Our Qi Cai will definitely win…. hmm!"

He had just spoken when two figures approached at a rapid speed, in the blink of an eye, they arrived in front of the gatehouse.

Qi clan's Gu Immortals looked over and saw a boy and a girl.

The girl had silvery hair that flowed down to her waist. Her pale blue dragon eyes emitting a cold aura to the outside world. Her skin was white as snow, her expression was cold, her beauty was simply divine. And the most eye-catching thing was the pair of small coral-like dragon horns on her forehead.

Seeing this female immortal, Qi clan's Gu Immortals all thought of a name — Bai Ning Bing.

"Bai Ning Bing came after all, damn it!"

"Who is that beside her?"

Qi Jin first noticed Bai Ning Bing before turning his gaze towards the other Gu Immortal.

This Gu Immortal was a young man with similarly long hair that was black and smooth, he had a sharp and tall nose, his face was extremely exquisite, his eyes were deep like the abyss, resembling the darkness that existed since the beginning of time, able to devour anything in its way.

Seeing this young looking Gu Immortal, Qi Jin shook like he had been hit by lightning, his heart turned cold, he gulped as he said in a hoarse voice with great difficulty: "Fang, Fang Yuan…"

He was already the most composed one, the Qi clan Gu Immortals around him were shaking, their legs were trembling as they had sweat pouring down their foreheads.

Bai Ning Bing was Fang Yuan's henchman, the five regions' Gu Immortals knew that.

If Bai Ning Bing appeared and participated in the Five Xiang's bet, Fang Yuan was likely to come too.

Qi clan had known this and were mentally prepared for it before coming here.


When Fang Yuan truly appeared in front of them, they found that their mental preparations were all in vain. Fear, panic, chaos, all sorts of emotions filled their hearts, they felt like they had fallen into an icy river.

This was Fang Yuan!

He had been reborn using Spring Autumn Cicada.

Refining an Immortal Gu on Three Kings Mountain as a mortal, snatching Hu Immortal blessed land from the Central Continent ten great ancient sects.

He went to Northern Plains and destroyed Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, nobody knew how great his gains were.

He inherited a true inheritance of Thieving Heaven and cooperated with Lang Ya blessed land and the other variant humans, becoming a traitor of humans.

He disguised as Wu Yi Hai and deceived Wu Yong like a fool.

During the dream realm battle, he toyed with the entire righteous path of Southern Border and became the leader of Shadow Sect.

Southern Border's righteous path chased after him and Heavenly Court hunted him, but he remained free and got stronger and stronger.

At the regional wall, he fought against the rank eight Gu Immortal Thunder Ghost True Monarch as a rank seven and pummeled her, leading to a fall in Heavenly Court's reputation.

When Lang Ya blessed land was invaded by Heavenly Court, he stole Fixed Immortal Travel and left freely!

Several months ago, he ambushed Southern Border's righteous path and kidnapped many Southern Border Gu Immortals, extorting all the super forces.

Not long ago, Heavenly Court had distributed the intel in treasure yellow heaven, the battle in the River of Time had been exposed. The entire world of the five regions was shocked! Fang Yuan had become a rank eight Gu Immortal silently, obtaining killer moves like spring scissors, summer fan, and five finger fist heart sword, most amazingly, he even had the long lost method, time cutting edge.

Seeing that his intel was exposed, Fang Yuan returned the favor and exposed all of Heavenly Court's methods as well.

The Gu Immortal world was in a huge commotion!

Heavenly Court's foundation and methods were shocking.

But the scarier thing was, Fang Yuan managed to escape regardless.

Heavenly Court had set up a super time path formation in the River of Time, there were multiple rank eights and many Immortal Gu Houses, but they could not do anything to Fang Yuan!

Even though Fang Yuan lost, in fact running away like a dog, after this battle was exposed, his reputation soared and left a deep impression in everyone's hearts.

Not only because of his schemes and ferocity, but also due to his opponent being Heavenly Court.

It was created since the Remote Antiquity Era, Heavenly Court which had three million years of history and had withstood the multiple invasions of various Demon Venerables, the number one human force created since the beginning of human history!

After so long, this Heavenly Court could actually do nothing to a demonic path Gu Immortal?!

This was a really rarely seen situation.

Even throughout the entire history of Heavenly Court, it was rarely seen.

Countless Gu Immortals and super forces were watching, waiting to see how Heavenly Court would capture Fang Yuan. How long could Fang Yuan really last?

Because of all these emotions, Fang Yuan's reputation was at its peak.

Rank seven Fang Yuan could resist rank eight.

Rank eight Fang Yuan was the king of demonic immortals, shaking the world!

He had grown like a shooting star, the speed was simply unthinkable. This meteor was currently like the blazing sun, he was bright and dazzling, countless people could not even look up at him.

Demon King Fang Yuan!

Qi clan's Gu Immortals started trembling even more fiercely, Fang Yuan's mere entrance had already intimidated all these people.

His demonic might was unstoppable.


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