Reverend Insanity
1634 Attack and Defend
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1634 Attack and Defend

"Huff…" Fang Yuan let out a breath of air and suddenly opened his eyes.

This was an underground cave, there were dim flames lighting the walls, creating a natural formation. Even though it was not strong, it could alert him.

Fang Yuan was ambushed by Heavenly Court in the River of Time, he had fought desperately for a way out after an intense struggle.

After getting away from Qing Ye and the rest, Fang Yuan followed the tributary of the River of Time and got to the outside world of Southern Border.

Southern Border was the headquarters of Shadow Sect, Purple Mountain True Monarch had set up many eerie fire caves at many locations. Fang Yuan used Fixed Immortal Travel to randomly go into one and rest, recovering from the fight.

Even though he had reverse flow protection seal, he was not using it the entire time, he had to rely on winter coat. Let alone the battle with Li Huang, just during his escape, Fang Yuan was hit by the three Immortal Gu Houses multiple times, his injuries were not light.

Fang Yuan inspected his sovereign immortal body before standing up slowly.

After a few days of recovery, he had already healed. Most importantly, because the sovereign immortal body had non-conflicting dao marks, his healing effects were very effective.

His rank eight white litchi immortal essence had also increased, but it was still in the red zone.

Fang Yuan paced around in the cave with his arms behind his back. While considering the situation, his frown got deeper.

This time, he had suffered greatly in the River of Time. It was no exaggeration to say that he had 'barely survived'.

Fang Yuan did not feel much fear or joy, such a case was within his expectations.

Heavenly Court's foundation was simply too deep!

Fang Yuan's growth was simply nothing compared to the long history of Heavenly Court.

With such immense foundation, they only had to put in some effort to give Fang Yuan huge problems. The battle in the River of Time was a good affirmation to this.

Earlier, Fang Yuan had an advantage against Heavenly Court, it was because he sneak attacked and caught them unprepared. Because he was able to stay hidden, Heavenly Court could not do anything. Fang Yuan had always been exerting all his effort and using all his time to grow stronger and make Heavenly Court's plans fail each time.

But as Heavenly Court learned more about Fang Yuan, they placed more emphasis on him, when it finally came to a frontal assault, Fang Yuan's strength was just too little.

Heavenly Court was not just strong in foundation, the biggest advantage was their unified mindset.

Southern Border's righteous path also had immense strength, but all of the clans were focused on their individual benefits, they could not effectively deal with Fang Yuan.

But Heavenly Court had always been pressuring Fang Yuan.

If not for his schemes and plots, any other demonic path Gu Immortal would have been captured or killed already.

As time passes, Heavenly Court's arrangements in the River of Time would get more elaborate, the chances of getting Red Lotus' true inheritance would become slimmer.

Against such a strong enemy, what could Fang Yuan do?

"I have expended almost all of my white litchi immortal essence."

"Reverse Flow River also has barely any water, Li Huang expended too much of it, I can't use it anymore."

Unlike Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley which had rank nine killer move orderly well and could be repaired using Landscape as Before rapidly, Reverse Flow River was very different.

Fang Yuan did not lack the methods to restore it, but any method would incur huge costs!

For the foreseeable future, Fang Yuan would not be able to use his reverse flow protection seal anymore.

Even without reverse flow protection seal, Fang Yuan had gotten to rank eight and obtained Xia Cha's methods, on the whole, his strength had still risen by quite a lot.

"But this time, I exposed too many methods."

Immemorial year beasts, spring scissors, summer fan, and other killer moves were exposed, they were part of Fang Yuan's plan. But the reveal of time cutting edge was truly a shame.

There was no choice, in that battle, if Fang Yuan did not use this method, he might have died already.

"But I am not without gains."

Fang Yuan also managed to probe Heavenly Court's foundation.

They had a mysterious method to cause the resonance of Spring Autumn Cicada!

Fang Yuan had not expected this.

But now, thinking about it, Fang Yuan could understand that the time path formation in ambush was not targeted at him, but Red Lotus' true inheritance instead.

And Spring Autumn Cicada was the key to opening Red Lotus' true inheritance.

How could Heavenly Court not research Red Lotus' true inheritance using Spring Autumn Cicada as the starting point? Even though they could not refine Spring Autumn Cicada, they could mimic it to a great extent.

"Li Huang, Qing Ye…" New rank eight Gu Immortals showed up.

Heavenly Court ruled Central Continent and could take in rank eight Gu Immortals from the ten great ancient sects as new members. From time to time, a few experienced experts would wake up from the immortal graveyard.

Having been created since the Remote Antiquity Era, all the way until now, nobody knew how deep Heavenly Court's foundation truly was.

Precisely with such foundations, during the five hundred years of Fang Yuan's previous life, Heavenly Court ruled Central Continent and fought against four other regions, for a long time, they held the advantage and even many super clans were destroyed.

Perhaps because of this, even though Spectral Soul managed to defy heaven, he did not dare to attack Heavenly Court directly, he continued to lurk and infiltrate it slowly.

"And those three Immortal Gu Houses… no, the one I destroyed earlier did not lose many Immortal Gu, even if they were destroyed, Heavenly Court could still refine it. I am afraid that next time, I will have to face four or more Immortal Gu Houses!"

Rank eight time path Gu Immortals were not easily found, even for Heavenly Court.

But time path Immortal Gu Houses could be assembled using parts of other Immortal Gu Houses, or using Immortal Gu that various Gu Immortals had in their possession or inventory.

After assembling these time path Immortal Gu Houses, Heavenly Court could place a large number of Gu Immortals from different paths inside, allowing them to seal off the entire River of Time.

Any plan of luring the enemy away would not work.

Heavenly Court was the number one grotto-heaven in the five regions, there was no concerns over its safety. Even if Fang Yuan attacked Heavenly Court directly, not only would he be unable to find the entrance, even if he got in, he would incur Heavenly Court's wrath, a few rank eight great experts from the immortal graveyard could wake up and take his life.

And if Fang Yuan attacked the ten great ancient sects, he would not be able to topple Heavenly Court's rule either, and it was extremely risky to do so. After all, they had the wisdom path great expert Fairy Zi Wei.

Fang Yuan's gaze was cold as ice, he knew clearly that to find Red Lotus' true inheritance, he would need to face off against Heavenly Court!

The more defenses Heavenly Court placed in the River of Time, the more important Red Lotus' true inheritance was, and the greater Fang Yuan's hope to destroy fate Gu rested in it.

"I need to be fast!"

Heavenly Court had all sorts of methods, they might find Red Lotus' true inheritance before him. Thus, he needed to get past their layers of defense into the stone lotus island before Heavenly Court succeeds, and obtain the most crucial things left by Red Lotus Demon Venerable.

As for what they were, Fang Yuan had no idea, even Heavenly Court might not know.

Guarding the River of Time was an open scheme by Heavenly Court, because they had the tactical advantage, they were not afraid that Fang Yuan would not come.

Fate Gu was about to recover, Fang Yuan needed to get past Heavenly Court and obtain Red Lotus' true inheritance to have a chance of destroying Fate. Even if he had to take huge risks, even if he had to risk his life, even though there was an ambush, he had to go!

"There are no special tactics or shortcuts, I need to raise my strength and continue to grow, surpassing Heavenly Court's defenses to break through these obstacles and obtain Red Lotus' true inheritance!"

Once Fang Yuan achieves this goal, he would have the qualification and ability to continue challenging Heavenly Court.


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