Reverend Insanity
1633 Cutting Edge Slays Enemies
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1633 Cutting Edge Slays Enemies

After a tough battle of brains and brawn, Fang Yuan finally got out of Heavenly Court's ambush and escaped into the River of Time.

Once he left the formation, Fang Yuan felt the difficulty of using reverse flow protection seal raise by several times, he quickly stopped it and changed to the time path killer move winter coat.

Immortal killer move — Familiar Face!

At the next moment, Fang Yuan turned into an immemorial year beast.

Because he had transformed in the River of Time, transformation path was also greatly suppressed. Even though he managed to use the move, his immortal essence expenditure was tens of times as much as usual!

Thankfully, familiar face's core was attitude Gu, it only expended mental energy. Thus, on the whole, familiar face used very little immortal essence, Fang Yuan could sustain it.


Fang Yuan turned into an immemorial year snake as he went into the River of Time, slithering away.

"We are finally out of the encirclement, escaping the time path formation." Fang Yuan felt a little glad.

The earlier situation was quite dangerous. The longer it dragged on, the more tight Heavenly Court's defenses would be, and the lower chances Fang Yuan would have of survival.

This time, there were two reasons why he could escape.

Firstly, Fang Yuan had made the time path clone use the light of wisdom to break the formation. Because of the light of wisdom, Fang Yuan's wisdom path abilities far exceeded Heavenly Court's imagination, he could catch them off guard.

Secondly, he used five finger fist heart sword. Fang Yuan had rank eight cultivation level, with his own white litchi immortal essence, he could use wisdom sword Immortal Gu. This Immortal Gu was one of the core of five finger fist heart sword to begin with, thus, Fang Yuan could use the fourth sword of five finger fist heart sword. This was his current limit, to use the fifth sword, he would need other core sword path Immortal Gu.

"I expended a lot of rank eight immortal essence." Fang Yuan inspected his immortal aperture, his immortal essence storage had fallen to a dangerous level.

Even though Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture had a fast time flow and could accumulate white litchi immortal essence rapidly, he had gone through fierce battles consecutively, especially earlier against the old man Li Huang, he had expended a lot when breaking out of the time path formation.

"I should escape first!" In this situation, Fang Yuan only had one thought.

This was the wisest decision, a frontal face-off was the most stupid idea.

"Fang Yuan, where are you going!" An angry growl could be heard behind him.

Fang Yuan turned around and his heart jumped.

Three Immortal Gu Houses were chasing after him with threatening auras.

The left one was Eternal Yacht, it was tall and rode with the wind. On the deck, rank eight Gu Immortal Qing Ye, the rank seven Gu Immortals Four Xunzi and others were standing with a righteous aura.

The middle one was Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform, it was elegant and grand, the orange roof resembled cranes with their wings spread out. The Immortal Gu House was radiating three layers of autumn light, it was quite extraordinary.

The right one was Shark Flow Lever, the huge lever was white like jade, a rank eight Gu Immortal was standing on it, he wore a suit of blue star armor and had a rough appearance. There were seven huge sharks in front of the lever, they had sharp teeth and were dragging the huge lever ahead.

"Three rank seven Immortal Gu Houses, at least three rank eight Gu Immortals, with many rank seven Gu Immortals…" Fang Yuan's heart continued to sink, at this moment, he could see Heavenly Court's huge determination to get rid of him!

Even though Fang Yuan became an immemorial year snake, his speed was not fast. With the destruction of the incomplete Immortal Gu House, he could not conceal himself.

Both sides continued to shrink in distance, the three Immortal Gu Houses attacked from afar.

Fang Yuan used autumn perception killer move as eyes seemed to grow on his back, he managed to evade agilely.

If he could not dodge, he would use winter coat to endure the attacks forcefully.

Winter coat was amplified in the River of Time, together with Fang Yuan's time path dao marks, it displayed incredible defensive power, even though it was not as amazing as reverse flow protection seal, it was on par with it here.

"This cannot go on!" The situation was getting worse, Fang Yuan tried to find a solution.

Luo Po seal took a long time to activate, in the River of Time, the duration would be even longer, and the overall strength would be weaker. Heavenly Court would be fully on guard against him, he could not rely on Luo Po seal to turn the situation around.

Myriad self, myriad dragon, strength path giant hand, emperor yama, and others, they were the same.

Fang Yuan could only rely on summer fan, spring scissors, and other time path methods.

But the three Immortal Gu Houses after Fang Yuan were strong as fortresses, spring scissors and summer fan were unable to do anything to them.

As they continued to fight, Fang Yuan's immortal essence storage fell continuously, the situation was getting worse.

Heavenly Court chased after Fang Yuan with rising morale, their expressions were very optimistic.

Suddenly, at the river ahead, a change occurred, huge fountains were starting to burst out.

"Oh no, this is the sudden spring river segment!"

"This demon excels in luck path, he has incredible luck, he is very hard to kill. As expected, something occurred here!"

"Follow him, don't let him escape."

Heavenly Court's side shouted, showing nervous expressions on their faces.

Fang Yuan dived into the sudden spring river segment.

The sudden springs were very dangerous, they carried the might of time path. If the scale was large enough, they would definitely be able to take the lives of rank eight Gu Immortals.

In most situations, Fang Yuan would avoid them, but now, this sudden spring river segment was his hope of escaping.

The immemorial year snake slithered in the river, sudden springs erupted around Fang Yuan time and time again, but they were not much of an obstacle for him.

Fang Yuan had luck inspection Immortal Gu, while the sovereign immortal body had non-conflicting dao marks, he could evidently sense that his luck was falling rapidly.

Luck path usually could not be sensed, but at this moment, it displayed its incredible power.

Heavenly Court's three Immortal Gu Houses had a hard time chasing him.

The moment they entered the sudden spring river segment, Eternal Yacht and Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform were hit by sudden springs immediately, pushed up forcefully.

They spent a lot of effort to dive down, even Shark Flow Lever was hit.

Fang Yuan often encountered rank six or seven level small to mid sized sudden springs, while Heavenly Court faced rank eight level big sudden springs.

Even though Fang Yuan met many obstacles and was often obstructed by the sudden springs, Heavenly Court's group was more like a bunch of sick people climbing a mountain. Their encounters were clearly contrasted, Heavenly Court's members had dark expressions, they felt deeply vexed, wanting to spit blood in anger.

"It seems that Feng Jiu Ge is not part of the group." Fang Yuan had a realization.

In the battle of Lang Ya, Fang Yuan saw how strong Feng Jiu Ge's luck was, he could not suppress the latter.

If he was here, Heavenly Court would not face such troubles now.

Without much danger, Fang Yuan managed to get out of the sudden spring river segment.

Behind him, Shark Flow Lever and Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform were already far behind, only Eternal Yacht could barely catch up with him, it had left the sudden spring river segment as well.

Without obstacles now, Eternal Yacht's speed rose, it reduced the distance between Fang Yuan and itself.

"I cannot escape like this!" Fang Yuan's eyes shined with lightning, he made up his mind and stopped to face the enemy.

Seeing that Fang Yuan was not escaping, Eternal Yacht's Gu Immortals were overjoyed, but soon, they exposed wary expressions full of alertness.

Xun Guo Zi shouted: "Everyone, be careful, the demon is fighting instead of running, he must have some vicious plans!"

She had just spoken when Fang Yuan's killer move activated.

Immortal killer move — Time Cutting Edge!

This move was still rank seven level, but Fang Yuan's time path dao marks amplified it to a hundred times of its power, at the same time, it was inside the River of Time, its power rose to nearly rank eight.

At once, the leader, rank eight Gu Immortal Qing Ye, sensed a fatal threat, his hair was standing on ends, his heart shrunk as he quickly dodged.

But time cutting edge was too fast, even faster than five finger fist heart sword, the moment Fang Yuan used it, it had already reached Qing Ye.

Eternal Yacht had its defenses of course, but time cutting edge was thin as paper, it easily penetrated it!

"Isn't this move lost in history? How can he use it! Am I going to die here?!" Instantly, Qing Ye was filled with shock as he fell into deep despair.

"Let me!" At the dangerous moment, Xun Guo Zi jumped out, standing in front of Qing Ye.


Xun Guo Zi's body shook intensely, she was hit by time cutting edge, her eyes stared widely as she fell down on the deck.

"Huff huff!" Qing Ye breathed roughly, he was covered in sweat, having barely kept his life.

"Xun Guo Zi…" Qing Ye's expression was pale as he showed a deeply moved expression.

The other three Xunzi looked at each other with calm expressions.

They thought: Xun Guo Zi blocked the blade for Qing Ye and died for him, it was definitely worth it to gain the favor of this rank eight Gu Immortal.

"Lord Qing Ye, don't worry about it. We have a unique method to revive our sister." Shang Xunzi smiled and expressed his sincerity.

But Qing Ye shook his head, showing a grim expression: "I can somewhat understand the profundities behind your method. I am afraid it will not work this time."

The three Xunzi were shocked, they asked: "Lord, what do you mean? Please explain it to us."

"This is Bo clan's killer move, it had once threatened the whole of Central Continent, it is called time cutting edge." Qing Ye said with a complex expression, unable to conceal his fear.


""There is such a move!"

The three Xunzi's expressions changed, they all started to tremble as they became fearful and panicky, no longer as calm as before.

"No, impossible, isn't this move gone already?" Shang Xunzi shook his head, refusing to believe Qing Ye.

"But the truth is so, stop chasing him." Qing Ye breathed in deeply with a pale expression.

"Lord!" The remaining rank seven Gu Immortals shouted, Fang Yuan was right in front of them, it was a great chance to kill this demon, they would gain an incredible amount of contribution credits! If they let him go, they would definitely be reprimanded and punished.

But Qing Ye made up his mind.

"Among the three Immortal Gu Houses, Eternal Yacht is the fastest but has the weakest defense. You've all seen how time cutting edge could not be blocked!"

"If we pursue him, as long as Fang Yuan kills us one by one, he will gain this Eternal Yacht instead. Plus, even though I have a phantom aperture, you all have a lifetime of accumulation, we cannot give them all to this demon."

If at this moment, other than Eternal Yacht, the other Immortal Gu Houses were around, Qing Ye might pursue him.

But right now, if they chased after him, there would not be any chance of victory.


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