Reverend Insanity
1631 Verdant Sun Flame Cloak
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1631 Verdant Sun Flame Cloak

Fang Yuan's incomplete Immortal Gu House did not excel in defense, after it was struck, it broke apart.

Fang Yuan and the rest quickly defended themselves inside the Immortal Gu House.

A huge amount of flames moved like poisonous snakes and burned all of the Gu worms in their way, before they gathered towards Fang Yuan in an encircling movement.

Fang Yuan shouted as he used immortal killer move winter coat, his body was immediately covered by a layer of snow-white frost.

The frost not only protected him, at this crucial moment, it spread out and protected the time path clone, Hei Lou Lan, Ying Wu Xie, Bai Ning Bing, and the rest.

In this regard, winter coat was better than reverse flow protection seal.

Because reverse flow protection seal only defended himself, it could not help others, but winter coat was able to affect other people.

Winter coat killer move blocked the fire snakes' attacks, but at the next moment, the old man on the stone lotus island shouted: "By the power of flames, snakes turn into dragons!"


The flames burst out with incredible heat, the snakes coiled around each other, turning into a huge flame dragon that was a hundred feet long, possessing huge claws and fangs.

The bright red flame dragon slashed through winter coat before charging at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan wanted to open his immortal aperture's entrance to store the immortals back in his aperture, but this fire snake killer move actually had a variation, with the old man's deep experience, Fang Yuan had no time for that.

The flame dragon opened its mouth as its soared down from above.

Fang Yuan and the rest looked up as their faces were red from the light of the flames, the intense heat felt like it was going to grill them alive!

Bai Ning Bing, Hei Lou Lan, and the rest all revealed looks of despair on their faces.

This flame dragon was not an ordinary rank eight killer move, it had extraordinary power, even Bai Ning Bing's Bai Xiang killer move could not escape from it.

Their only hope was Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's ears, nose, and eyes were bleeding!

Winter coat killer move was broken, Fang Yuan suffered a rank eight killer move backlash. A large number of mortal Gu were killed, thankfully his core Immortal Gu were still alive, they were damaged but still usable.

Fang Yuan was in a difficult situation.

The time path clone, Bai Ning Bing, Hei Lou Lan, and the rest were behind him, their cultivation level was too low, they could not block the flame dragon. If they had the incomplete Immortal Gu House, they could still participate in the fight, but the old man was too perceptive, he destroyed the incomplete Immortal Gu House from the start.

If Fang Yuan stayed and protected them, not only did he have no good methods now that winter coat was broken, even if he did, it would be too dangerous!

Because the other party wanted to force Fang Yuan to fight them, once he protects them and fights, the old man's plan would succeed.

Fang Yuan was almost certain that the other party still had killer moves prepared. Once Fang Yuan fights with the flame dragon, the old man would grasp the tempo of the battle, he would control the battle's flow from now on.

Instantly, Fang Yuan made up his mind, he moved out like lightning, dodging the flame dragon.

The old man laughed frenziedly: "A true demon indeed! Then burn to death!"

The flame dragon ignored Fang Yuan, it charged down.

Fang Yuan snorted coldly, he turned around and attacked the old man.

The old man diverted his gaze at Fang Yuan, seeing that he was approaching, the old man smiled and revealed a sinister expression.

Fang Yuan's heart sank, he attacked so that the old man would divert attention to defend himself but the old man was similarly courageous and did not fear a frontal assault. Most possibly, he still had arrangements on this stone lotus island, he was extremely confident.

Fang Yuan stretched out his finger, his hard work over the last few months had not been in vain, spring scissors was unleashed and shot towards the old man.

The scissors was very sharp, but when it landed on the old man, his hair started to burn as it turned into a flame cloak, protecting him all around and blocking spring scissors.

"Hahaha, I named this move verdant sun flame cloak, I made it from the inspiration I gained from Verdant Great Sun's flame hair from \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e, it is my proudest creation. To speak the truth, even though I am a fire path Gu Immortal, I am more skilled in defense than offense! Not just spring scissors, even summer fan is useless against me." The old man laughed loudly.

But at the next moment, the old man's smile faded.

It turned out that the flame dragon had returned empty-handed, be it Fang Yuan's time path clone, Bai Ning Bing, Hei Lou Lan, or others, they were still alive.

The old man's eyelids twitched, he licked his dry lips as he said darkly: "This is a dream realm?"

It turned out that while Fang Yuan dodged the flame dragon, he did not abandon his clone or the other Gu Immortals, he had ordered Ying Wu Xie to self-detonate at the crucial moment.

After the five regional mountain range, Ying Wu Xie had changed bodies, using a body with the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique again. Precisely because of the dream path dao marks on the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique, he was able to use lead soul into dream and successfully affect rank eight Gu Immortal Jun Shen Guang.

Now that the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body self-detonated, Ying Wu Xie's soul was trapped in the dream realm. The other immortals were very close to him, they were covered by the dream realm.

With the manifestation of the dream realm, all other paths could not affect it. The old man's flame dragon had great power, but against the illusory dream realm, it was useless.

"Hmph, you are truly a scheming demon, but you will die today!" The old man stomped his feet, flying up into the sky as the stone lotus island below him scattered into dust and sand.

The old man wore a flame cloak as he approached Fang Yuan like a blazing meteor. Spring scissors followed after him as it attacked, but the flames defended against them and the old man was completely unharmed.

Fang Yuan flew backwards as he used summer fan.

Intense winds blew, the old man's flame cloak was flickering, but it seemed like the fire was growing with the wind, becoming even larger.

The old man smiled as he exposed his sharp teeth: "How about that! My verdant sun flame cloak is unparalleled, have you felt despair yet? Hahaha!"

Like what the old man has said, summer fan and spring scissors were useless against verdant sun flame cloak.

Not only that, as they got closer, an intense feeling of drunkenness assaulted Fang Yuan.

But soon, Fang Yuan used his wisdom path killer move and regained clarity in his mind.

Verdant sun flame cloak not only contained the extreme profundity of fire path, it also mimicked the effects of human path and food path. As the old man got closer to him, the greater the feeling of drunkenness would be.

Fang Yuan tried his best to retreat, wanting to pull some distance from the old man, but against his wishes, the enemy's speed surpassed him by quite a bit.

"Demon, you are trapped in the formation, where can you run to? Obediently accept your death!" The old man shouted.

Earlier, the stone lotus island was merely an illusion, its true essence was a super time path immortal formation set up in the River of Time!

This formation was very powerful, even Fang Yuan could not notice it. As it activated now, a formation space was created, Fang Yuan was trapped inside, restricting him from using Omni-directional Travel, Fixed Immortal Travel, and other similar methods.

Fang Yuan had used a time path formation earlier to ambush Southern Border's righteous path. Now, Heavenly Court did the same against Fang Yuan.

But Heavenly Court put in much more effort than Fang Yuan!

Fang Yuan could not create such a time path formation in the River of Time. With his current strength, he could only create a time path immortal formation near a tributary of the River of Time in the outside world.

Even for time path great experts in history, few could create immortal formations inside the River of Time.

The person who could achieve this to the limit was Red Lotus Demon Venerable. This person had already surpassed the realms of time path immortal formations, he could directly create artificial secluded domains of heaven and earth, stone lotus islands, to influence segments of the River of Time and take control of it.

Heavenly Court had been looking for the stone lotus islands and had yet to find one, but they were not without gains. This time path immortal formation was one of their achievements.

The formation restricted Fang Yuan, making him unable to evade or dodge.

The old man got closer, Fang Yuan snorted, instead of retreating, he charged at the old man.

The old man was slightly surprised, but he quickly reacted as he waved his hands, sending waves of flames towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan had no fear, he rammed forward.

The huge flames reversed and went back to attack the old man.

It was the immortal killer move — Reverse Flow Protection Seal!

The old man was a little flustered, he defended against his own killer move, but at this moment, Fang Yuan had already arrived in front of him.

Fang Yuan was ruthless, he slammed his body into the old man.

Reverse flow protection seal against verdant sun flame cloak!

At the next moment, Fang Yuan and the old man both flew backwards, they were nearly evenly matched in this contest.

The old man had lost by a slight bit, but soon, his flame cloak burned again as he returned to his peak condition.

Reverse flow protection seal was extremely effective against attacks. But verdant sun flame cloak was a defensive killer move, the reflected damage was quite little.

"This is reverse flow protection seal? Heh, he found out so quickly." The old man's gaze flickered eerily.

It turned out that this time path immortal formation created an isolated inner formation space, there was a core effect, it was that this environment weakened time path.

Heavenly Court's original intention was to use this formation to deal with the stone lotus islands of Red Lotus' true inheritance. These islands were artificially created time path secluded domains of heaven and earth, once the formation encapsulates them, they would be weakened.

Precisely so, Fang Yuan's spring scissors and summer fan killer moves were so ineffective against verdant sun flame cloak.

Verdant sun flame cloak was very powerful indeed, it was the peak creation of fire path, and even extended to contain the profundities of human path and food path.

In terms of intricacy, reverse flow protection seal was very roughly made and straightforward. In contrast, myriad self comprised both enslavement path and strength path, it was on par with verdant sun flame cloak in this aspect.

Summer fan and spring scissors were ordinary, they only contained rank eight Immortal Gu and were amplified by time path dao marks to gain such great power. They could not break verdant sun flame cloak but could have caused great damage. Yet in this environment, they had a mild effect.

Fang Yuan realized this and daringly dispelled winter coat, instead using reverse flow protection seal to regain his footing in the battle.


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