Reverend Insanity
1630 Stone Island Trap
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1630 Stone Island Trap

"Cough, cough." Shang Xunzi sprawled on the deck of Eternal Yacht as he coughed, he had drunk a lot of water, he was drenched.

Beside him, Xia Xunzi had already fainted, his injuries were severe, his situation was not looking good.

Rank eight Gu Immortal Qing Ye walked over and looked at Shang Xunzi calmly: "The other two have been swept away by the River of Time, we cannot find them."

Shang Xunzi breathed roughly for a while, he forcibly stood up, taking a glance at Xia Xunzi before speaking with a pale expression: "They have already died, that demon Fang Yuan is very powerful! How is the salvaging of Present and Past Pavilion going?"

The Four Xunzi were siblings with deep kinship, but right now, Shang Xunzi was more concerned about Present and Past Pavilion, he did not pay attention to the dying Xia Xunzi nor did he display anger or sadness.

Qing Ye smiled: "The core Immortal Gu have not been destroyed, we have recovered all of them."

"That's good!" Shang Xunzi let out a breath of air, his expression easing.

Qing Ye nodded: "I have already prepared the room for you."

Shang Xunzi: "Thank you, I will go and revive my siblings now."

It turned out that these quadruplets, with their very close bloodline, managed to create a unique killer move. Even if three of them died, as long as one remained, they could use the killer move to rapidly revive the other three.

Precisely so, Shang Xunzi did not feel any sadness.

A moment later, the Four Xunzi returned to the deck with no injuries, entering battle once again.

Fang Yuan's second batch of immemorial year beasts were surrounding Eternal Yacht, attacking from all sides, desperately drawing their attention…

The river water was turbulent, sounds of waves crashing could be heard by Fang Yuan.

Right now, he had returned to his original appearance, he entered the incomplete Immortal Gu House to rest.

With this incomplete Immortal Gu House, Fang Yuan had a base, it was very useful.

"Eternal Yacht did not chase us…" After leaving the battlefield for a while, Fang Yuan relaxed his mind slightly.

The speed of the incomplete Immortal Gu House could not match Eternal Yacht, its specialty was in concealing its traces when moving.

With Present and Past Pavilion around, the incomplete Immortal Gu House could not move stealthily. But Eternal Yacht could not detect the incomplete Immortal Gu House, otherwise, why would it not pursue him with such an advantage in speed?

"We are temporarily safe." Ying Wu Xie breathed out deeply, feeling some lingering fear: "It was quite dangerous earlier."

"Indeed, if sect leader did not destroy Present and Past Pavilion, we might have fallen into a tough battle and would not be able to escape." Fairy Miao Yin smiled.

Bai Ning Bing was silent at the side.

Hei Lou Lan looked outside the Immortal Gu House, at the grand River of Time.

Fang Yuan's time path clone was frowning with his eyes shut. He was trying to track the islands, but his vital Gu Spring Autumn Cicada had no reactions.

In fact, according to Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's deduction, the higher Spring Autumn Cicada's rank was, the larger the range of its detection to find Red Lotus' true inheritance.

Fang Yuan's Spring Autumn Cicada was only rank six, even though he had many Immortal Gu recipes, Fang Yuan's multiple attempts at refining it ended in failure.

It was regrettable, but Fang Yuan had done his best already.

For the last few months, he had put in all his effort to cultivate soul path, explore dream realms, modify killer moves, extort Southern Border's righteous path, plot for the overall situation, defend against deductions, annex immortal apertures, and so on, he had expended his time and energy.

It was already a miracle that he could squeeze out some time to refine Spring Autumn Cicada. But the real miracle did not happen, Fang Yuan's refinement attempts failed.

"Even though Spring Autumn Cicada is rank six, I have already made up for the flaws in other aspects." Fang Yuan's eyes shined with deep confidence.

He had planned deeply before entering the River of Time. Fang Yuan had already used luck path methods like burning soul bursting luck, he had only stopped after reaching the limit.

In this vast River of Time, finding one or two stone lotus islands was purely dependent on luck.


The river water suddenly became turbulent as sounds of beast growls entered their ears.

"There are two immemorial year beasts fighting ahead!" After inspecting it, Ying Wu Xie alerted.

Looking at it closely, these two immemorial year beasts had already fought for some time, they were near their limit.

Fang Yuan laughed, wasn't this the work of luck path?

He flew out of the incomplete Immortal Gu House and activated familiar face, becoming a part of the river water as he blended into the River of Time.

Next, he opened a trace of his immortal aperture's entrance and activated the immemorial year beast fishing formation!

The two immemorial year beasts detected the delicacy, their movements stopped, they charged towards Fang Yuan like they were competing in a race.

They did not find any enemies, but they sensed a tributary of the River of Time under the river water.

The immemorial year beasts did not think much, they charged into this tributary of the River of Time.

This was naturally Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture.

If it were in the past, Fang Yuan would not dare to lure these immemorial year beasts, they would cause huge destruction to the sovereign immortal aperture if they went in.

But now, times were different, Fang Yuan had year essence pools, two in fact!

The year essence pools were connected to the tributary of the River of Time like huge dams.

The immemorial year beasts were lured by the formation, following the tributary of the River of Time until they rushed into the 'dam', becoming trapped.

Fang Yuan smiled heartily as he stopped the transformation killer move, he flew back into the incomplete Immortal Gu House.

Those two immemorial year monkeys were trapped in the year essence pools, they could not find any food and sensed something amiss, but how could they return to the River of Time now?

Fang Yuan used his enslavement path methods and quickly subdued these two immemorial year beasts.

The incomplete Immortal Gu House moved stealthily as it searched for a stone lotus island.

Fang Yuan met many year beasts along the way, he took in all of them, luring them into the year essence pools and subduing them.

Soon, Fang Yuan's number of immemorial year beasts rose to six.

And even more ancient and desolate level year beasts.

Other than year beasts, there were other lifeforms like day beasts, month beasts, or dark web spiders in the River of Time, Fang Yuan had chosen to ignore them all.

The use of the year essence pools was amply displayed here!

With th, Fang Yuan could lure immemorial year beasts while keeping sovereign immortal aperture very safe. Without their restriction, the immemorial year beasts would be able to move along the tributary of the River of Time and go to anywhere in the sovereign immortal aperture. Because the tributary was present all over the whole sovereign immortal aperture.

"Wait!" After moving for a while, Fang Yuan's time path clone opened his eyes, bursting with bright light.

He seemed to have found something!

The time path clone quickly shut his eyes as he frowned deeply, trying to sense it.

Next, he pointed in one direction: "There seems to be something there, Spring Autumn Cicada shuddered a little."

The time path clone spoke with uncertainty.

But this was the only clue, Fang Yuan manipulated the incomplete Immortal Gu House and changed directions, going towards that place.

As the distance shortened, Fang Yuan's clone felt increasingly happy: "The feeling is getting stronger, our luck is really not bad, we found it so quickly!"

A while later, in the vision of Fang Yuan and the rest, a thin layer of fog appeared.

The incomplete Immortal Gu House halted for a moment before rushing into the fog with no hesitation.

The fog was extraordinary, it could obscure one's sense of direction and confuse them, but using the key Spring Autumn Cicada, Fang Yuan's clone could move in the proper direction.

The fog got thicker, the river water also moved slower due to its effect, it was not as turbulent as the water outside.

Vaguely, the silhouette of an island appeared before Fang Yuan and the rest.

"Stone lotus island! Red Lotus true inheritance!!" Ying Wu Xie stared wide and shouted loudly.

Bai Ning Bing and the rest also started to breathe roughly.

When the incomplete Immortal Gu House got to the periphery of the stone lotus island, the island shot out a white light that hit the incomplete Immortal Gu House directly.

"What is going on?!" Fairy Miao Yin screamed.

"Oh no! This is a trap." Fang Yuan's eyes shined with a sharp light, it was too late to escape now.

The entire incomplete Immortal Gu House shook intensely, it could not resist the strong attacks outside.

"Demon, I have been waiting for you for a long time!" A rank eight Gu Immortal with a tall muscular body appeared on the stone lotus island.

At the next moment, his killer move that had been prepared for a while hit the incomplete Immortal Gu House.


The incomplete Immortal Gu House broke apart at once.


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