Reverend Insanity
1629 Great Power of Time Path
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1629 Great Power of Time Path

According to Jun Shen Guang's information, the Four Xunzi had the same rank seven cultivation level, they had a combination technique with extraordinary power, even against rank eight Gu Immortals, they could contest against them.

Of course, they were only able to fight with that one move. After a few rounds, they would definitely lose to the rank eight Gu Immortal.

They were not like the past Fang Yuan or Feng Jiu Ge with battle strength that could rival rank eights.

Even so, they were quite impressive. After nurturing the Four Xunzi, they had been kept hidden by Spirit Butterfly Valley, they were not easily deployed.

"Heavenly Court wants to make arrangements in the River of Time, Spirit Butterfly Valley had to comply. Four Xunzi… four time path experts with great cooperation, they are indeed the best candidates to control Present and Past Pavilion."

Fang Yuan frowned slightly.

The Four Xunzi and Present and Past Pavilion were not out of his expectations.

Rank eight Gu Immortals that were also time path were very rare. Heavenly Court originally had Lord Huang Shi, but he had died in the River of Time last time after Fang Yuan made use of the stone lotus island.

In order to deal with Fang Yuan and obstruct him in the River of Time, they had to choose people who were rank seven time path Gu Immortals, unless more antiques woke up from Heavenly Court's immortal graveyard.

What made Fang Yuan more concerned was that other than Present and Past Pavilion, Heavenly Court also had another time path Immortal Gu House, Eternal Yacht.

"Present and Past Pavilion excels at investigation, it is nearby so it was the first to obstruct me. I cannot stay here, once the Four Xunzi delay long enough, Eternal Yacht would arrive to help it, it will be disadvantageous for me to face two enemies at once."

Heavenly Court had a huge advantage in this, even though they did not have time path rank eights, they had members of other paths, along with two Immortal Gu Houses, Present and Past Pavilion and Eternal Yacht.

In contrast, Fang Yuan only had one incomplete Immortal Gu House, even though he became rank eight, Hei Lou Lan, Bai Ning Bing, and the rest were very weak.

Fang Yuan immediately opened his immortal aperture's entrance, letting out a second batch of immemorial year beasts.

He had used the first batch of immemorial year beasts in the five regional mountain range, they were injured or killed by Southern Border's righteous path, Fang Yuan did not manage to retrieve them.

But it did not matter, Fang Yuan had a second batch.

After annexing Xia Cha's immortal aperture, Fang Yuan obtained a second year essence pool, there were two immemorial year beasts inside. Furthermore, throughout the months, Fang Yuan had been using immemorial year beast fishing formation to lure immemorial year beasts to him, before capturing them inside the year essence pool.

Thus, Fang Yuan obtained two batches of immemorial year beasts, the second batch had a total of nine immemorial year beasts.

The only flaw was that Fang Yuan did not manage to collect all twelve types of immemorial year beasts to form the ancient battle formation.

He had tried to collect them during this period, but when he actually tried, he realized that getting a full set was very hard to achieve. He got the most number of immemorial year chickens, because recently, the River of Time was producing this type of year beasts[1].

In Fang Yuan's second batch of immemorial year beasts, he had five chickens, more than half of the entire group.

Nine immemorial year beasts roared as they charged towards Present and Past Pavilion.

Inside Present and Past Pavilion, the Four Xunzi had grim expressions, they activated Present and Past Pavilion's power together.


A huge wave that was ten meters tall crashed towards the nine immemorial year beasts.

Immemorial year beasts were beasts that belonged in the River of Time, Present and Past Pavilion's waves could not obstruct their movement. Instantly, they charged through the obstacle, creating countless splashes as they approached Present and Past Pavilion.

The surface of Present and Past Pavilion shined with brilliant light, the light shot up like a huge pillar.

Swish swish swish…

Waves came after waves, they were like moving walls that could attack or defend, constantly crashing into the immemorial year beasts.

At Fang Yuan's will, the immemorial year beast were instructed by him to cooperate, they shot out like an arrow, going past many walls of waves and reaching Present and Past Pavilion.

But all of a sudden, the Four Xunzi shouted as the folding screen in Present and Past Pavilion turned into misty green fog.

The green fog flew into the battlefield as the immemorial year beasts got affected, their speed fell as if they had landed in a marsh.

The green fog settled and fused into the water of the River of Time, turning the surface of the water in this area jade green.

Present and Past Pavilion shook intensely, the huge pillar of light faded and turned into green sparkles that enveloped the surroundings.

The sound of crashing waves became even louder and more imposing, they were many times larger than before, thirty meters tall now. Not just that, tens of spirals formed on the surface of the River of Time, they became excellent traps to restrain the immemorial year beasts.

The nine immemorial year beasts were originally gathered together, but after the obstruction of the waves, their formation broke apart as they fell into their own respective battles.

At once, Present and Past Pavilion stood at the center and controlled the situation. Fang Yuan's immemorial year beasts were all at a disadvantage.

The Four Xunzi's expressions relaxed.

Shang Xunzi let out a breath of air: "We finally got past the initial period, this demon did not break through."

Xun Guo Zi smiled: "Present and Past Pavilion has control of the situation now, even though Fang Yuan has many immemorial year beasts, he cannot gather them, he is not a threat."

"That's right." Xia Xunzi stroke his beard: "Even though Present and Past Pavilion is not his match anyway, as long as we can stall until Eternal Yacht arrives, by then our strength will surpass him, we will be able to win."

Zhong Xunzi had a deep gaze: "The demon is crafty, we cannot be careless, let's play safe."

He had just spoken when the immemorial year monkey closest to Present and Past Pavilion suddenly jumped up and used an immortal killer move.

It held a huge fan in its hands as it waved towards the front.

Rank eight immortal killer move — Summer Fan!

Instantly, intense winds whipped, sweeping away everything, the entire battlefield became dark and gloomy.

The huge waves resembling thick walls that were in front of the immemorial year monkey completely broke apart and collapsed due to summer fan.

The immemorial year monkey snickered as it dived down.

In Present and Past Pavilion, the Four Xunzi were shocked, they noticed that Fang Yuan was disguised as the immemorial year monkey.

"That demon has joined the battle!"

"Impossible! We have the investigative killer move from Lady Zi Wei, we can expose familiar face, how did he manage to deceive us?"

Fang Yuan sneered internally, he had spent the last few months to its fullest, using all of his time and energy without any waste, he had naturally modified familiar face.

Fang Yuan finally got to the Four Xunzi.

Present and Past Pavilion burst out with brilliant light once again, while Fang Yuan relied on the immemorial year monkey's tough physique to punch with its strong fists, but Present and Past Pavilion remained unmoving despite a loud sound.

"It is useless, right now, Present and Past Pavilion is anchored here in the River of Time, how can you move it?" Xun Guo Zi said with a nervous tone.

"Is that so…" Fang Yuan's eyes shined with brilliant light, he used immortal killer move spring scissors at the next moment.

Clip, clip.

Spring scissors cut continuously, Present and Past Pavilion was able to defend itself initially, but soon, the brilliant light on it was unable to last as spring scissors cut away a corner of the roof after five to six snips!

"This is a rank eight time path killer move, but how can it be so powerful?"

"Even Present and Past Pavilion cannot match it? How can this be!"

The Four Xunzi were frantic.

Fang Yuan's eyes were filled with cold flickering lightning.

He originally had over seventy thousand time path dao marks, it was at rank eight level. Now that he became an immemorial year monkey, his transformation path dao marks also turned into time path dao marks, adding another fifty thousand.

Thus, he had over a hundred and twenty thousand time path dao marks now!

Ordinary rank seven Gu Immortals would only have less than thirty thousand dao marks. A hundred and twenty thousand dao marks was not common for rank eight Gu Immortals, they normally would have to pass one myriad tribulation to get such an accumulation.

He could amplify any time path killer move by a hundred and twenty times its power!

And Fang Yuan was already using two rank eight immortal killer moves.

Even though Present and Past Pavilion had the territorial advantage, Fang Yuan's killer move was also boosted by the environment of the River of Time.

Thus, his time path battle strength soared to the extent that even Present and Past Pavilion could not endure his attacks!

Fang Yuan's two killer moves forced Present and Past Pavilion back time and time again.

The Four Xunzi tried to keep their stability in Present and Past Pavilion, while attacking sometimes, but Fang Yuan did not even need defensive killer moves like winter coat, with just the immemorial year monkey's body, he could endure them.

"Hold on!" A huge yacht was riding the waves, approaching them from afar. Several Gu Immortals were shouting and having nervous expressions.

Eternal Yacht was nearby.

"Too late." Fang Yuan snickered, he waved the summer fan and whipped up some tornadoes, Present and Past Pavilion was shaking from the impact, it was about to collapse.

Spring scissors flew towards it and snipped again!

A pillar in Present and Past Pavilion broke as it collapsed entirely.

Fang Yuan laughed loudly as he jumped above Present and Past Pavilion, stomping with his huge immemorial year monkey feet.


The whole of Present and Past Pavilion broke apart into pieces, the Four Xunzi were either dead or injured, they were all kicked into the River of Time.

Fang Yuan and the incomplete Immortal Gu House left with ease.

When Eternal Yacht arrived, it was already too late. The Gu Immortals in the yacht hesitated, should they save the Four Xunzi or chase after Fang Yuan.

[1] Chicken banner rates up.


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