Reverend Insanity
1625 Luo Po Seal
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1625 Luo Po Seal


All the Gu Immortals present at the scene felt shocked at seeing Fang Yuan fight against everyone.

They had come to obstruct and disturb Fang Yuan from passing his tribulation, to prevent him from becoming rank eight.

But none of them had thought that when they saw him, he was already rank eight.

This unexpected result caught all of them off guard.

"When did he advance to rank eight?!" Chi Qu You's eyes were wide open in disbelief.

"It is not strange for him to be able to use spring scissors and summer fan, the important thing is that these killer moves have been amplified by time path dao marks and are able to obstruct all the attacks. Even if Fang Yuan advanced to rank eight, how could he have gained so many time path dao marks in such a short period of time? I think he has likely possessed Xia Cha's body and used familiar face to deceive us and make us think he has already passed the tribulation." Shang Wu Jie forced himself to calm down and analyzed.

"No! First supreme elder's Spring and Summer are both rank eight Immortal Gu and can only be activated by rank eight immortal essence." Xia clan's second supreme elder Xia Zhao shouted.

"Then…" Shang Wu Jie immediately hesitated.

Immortal essence contained the Gu Immortal's will and had to belong to themselves, if they died, their heavenly spirit or land spirit could use their immortal essence.

The only exception was Immortal Gu Houses as immortal essence from any source could be used in them. But the killer moves Fang Yuan used were clearly not Immortal Gu Houses.

If Fang Yuan was only rank seven with red date immortal essence, he would not be able to activate rank eight Immortal Gu Spring and Summer, even if he possessed Xia Cha's body and obtained her immortal essence.

"No use in thinking much, we will know after killing Fang Yuan." Wu Yong called out.

He flew forward, the immemorial year beast behind him collapsed to the ground, unable to get up.

At this crucial moment, Wu Yong displayed powerful battle strength, he first killed Fang Yuan's immemorial year beast and then used all his strength to attack Fang Yuan.

"Fang Yuan!" Wu Yong's gaze was cold as his battle intent surged wildly, "Even if you have truly advanced to rank eight, you won't escape your doom today. This five regional mountain range, which you carefully chose, will be your graveyard!"

Just as he finished speaking, the whole mountain range began to tremor violently.

The ground quaked, the mountains shook, and debris flew everywhere.

"What's happening?" The immortals were stunned.

Wu Yong's voice traveled to everyone's ears: "Don't panic, this is a backup plan I arranged, it can change the alignment of the earth vein under the five regional mountain range and destroy the mountain range!"

The immortals were even more puzzled.

So what if the earth vein's alignment changed?

But soon, they had a pleasant surprise, as the mountain range gradually crumbled, the five colored lights unique to the five regional mountain range were also rapidly dissipating.

"This?!" Even Jun Shen Guang was astonished.

"Amazing. Without these shackles, our battle strength will recover and we will no longer be restrained!" Southern Border's Gu Immortals were rejoicing.

"Wu Yong is indeed different from Wu Du Xiu, he still had another card up his sleeve!" Shang Wu Jie's eyes flickered with sharp lights.

"How can Wu clan be so familiar with five regional mountain range? There cannot be this level of effect just by changing the alignment of the earth vein. They also would have to know the arrangements made by Tao Zhu back then!" Chi Qu You's thoughts were fluctuating rapidly.

The large formation, set up by Wu clan's and Qiao clan's Gu Immortals in the periphery of the five regional mountain range, was constantly rumbling, it was the source of the change in the entire five regional mountain range.

Qiao Si Liu, Wu Yu Bo and some others were in charge of this formation.

Wu Yu Bo chuckled coldly while looking towards the battlefield: "This demon Fang Yuan wants to rely on the five regional mountain range, now that we have destroyed his territorial advantage, how will he defend against our Southern Border righteous paths' attacks?"

Qiao Si Liu was silent, her expression was slightly complicated.

She had once been quite close with 'Wu Yi Hai' and had even believed she and he would get married. But the outcome was shocking beyond her imagination. Wu Yi Hai was actually Fang Yuan in disguise. She felt a chill every time she thought of how close she had been with a great demon like Fang Yuan.

She did not have any feelings left for Fang Yuan, her complicated emotions were because of the five regional mountain range.

Everyone thought Tao Zhu's research of the regional walls did not succeed. But that was not quite true.

Qiao clan had by chance obtained clues to Tao Zhu's inheritance and had been secretly exploring the clues to excavating the inheritance.

But they had not expected Wu Yong to know of this information, and under his pressure, Qiao clan had to offer their findings which were then used now.

It was because of such clues that Wu Yong had a deep understanding of the five regional mountain range and could make the lights of the five regions disappear by changing the earth vein. If it were any other who tried to change the earth vein without knowledge, unless they were extremely lucky, the lights would still exist for the most part.

"Oh! This is a rank eight Gu Immortal's inheritance, but it is all used up here, and with the destruction of the five regional mountain range, there is no hope in exploring the inheritance anymore." Qiao Si Liu sighed.

She seemed to have had many thoughts, but a very short time had passed.

Jun Shen Guang's fright light activated as he was chased by Fang Yuan, the Southern Border immortals attacked Fang Yuan but their attacks were blocked by Fang Yuan who revealed rank eight cultivation, Southern Border immortals conversed rapidly, while Wu Yong made the first move, the five regional mountain range crumbled, removing Fang Yuan's terrain advantage.

All these changes happened in an instant.

Fang Yuan endured the Southern Border immortals' attacks while still chasing after Jun Shen Guang even when Wu Yong was nearing him.

Jun Shen Guang had used his trump card, his aura had already fallen to an extreme point. His sun deity's radiance killer move was extremely powerful, but it not only expended a huge amount of white litchi immortal essence, it also permanently decreased his light path dao marks. It was a move that dealt damage to the enemy as well as to himself. Moreover, he had activated it inside the five regional mountain range and had already suffered a powerful backlash. Although he managed to escape for the moment, he was seriously injured.

But now, the lights of the five regions were rapidly weakening, Jun Shen Guang felt like a huge load was removed from his back, he felt more at ease in his movements as his greatest concern was removed.

Looking at Wu Yong rushing towards Fang Yuan, a thought appeared in Jun Shen Guang's mind: "Should I cooperate with the Southern Border Gu Immortals to kill Fang Yuan?"

This thought had just emerged when it was immediately rejected by Jun Shen Guang.

"Continue to escape!"

The current situation was extremely complex, he was not a Southern Border Gu Immortal. More importantly, Fang Yuan was chasing him, if he managed to escape, it would mean Fang Yuan's failure.

Jun Shen Guang prioritizing his escape was a very wise move.

Fang Yuan was still chasing him closely, disregarding Wu Yong.

At this time, there was another change.

A powerful aura suddenly emerged. Enormous pillars in five colors soared to the skies, a loud voice reverberated throughout the five regional mountain range: "Junior, you did well, you actually passed my final test of destroying the five regional mountain range. Now, my five regions inheritance is yours! Cultivate properly and you can move unrestrained and unhindered over the world in the future, don't let down my name."

In the middle of the five colored light pillars, a smoke-like will condensed into the vivid appearance of a Gu Immortal.

Many gazes were inevitably attracted towards this. Someone recognized this appearance: "This looks like old man Tao Zhu."

"This can't be, right?" At the periphery of the mountain range, Qiao Si Liu heard the voice from within the pillars and felt strange: "Tao Zhu's final test was to destroy the five regional mountain range? This accidental action actually activated Tao Zhu's inheritance!"

Tao Zhu's will heard someone calling him old man and immediately felt unhappy, speaking arrogantly: "What old man, since you are inheriting my inheritance, how could you be so disrespectful?"


Wind blew rapidly, heaven and earth roared.

Replying to him was Wu Yong's rank eight killer move, but it was targeted towards Fang Yuan and not him.

Fang Yuan's immortal robe shook and ripples appeared on it, it was the immortal killer move reverse flow protection seal!

This move reflected the attack, Wu Yong continued to close in while enduring the reflected attack.

Fang Yuan's speed was immediately restrained.

The move Wu Yong used had an extremely wide range, so reverse flow protection seal only reflected back a portion that had struck Fang Yuan. Fang Yuan continued to fly while reflecting the attacks back, although he was completely safe, his speed was greatly reduced.

Fang Yuan had already used reverse flow protection seal many times, how could Wu Yong not have prepared specific restricting methods?

"What!" Tao Zhu's will was stunned, he quickly looked around and saw several rank eight Gu Immortals fighting, there were also many rank seven experts present on the scene. He almost broke down from the shock!

"What, what's going on?" This was completely different from his original expectation, there was no respectful junior in front of him, there were only vicious and fierce Gu Immortals!

"Ignore him, he is just a dead man."

"The inheritance is here, we can take it after the battle!"

"The urgent thing now is to kill Fang Yuan! Not to mention Tao Zhu's inheritance, I would even give up a Gu Venerable's true inheritance to kill Fang Yuan!!"

The immortals shouted in fury, their attention once again focusing on Fang Yuan's body.

Tao Zhu's will: "…."

He was stupefied, this was completely out of his expectations.

Shortly afterwards, he shook as he reacted: "Who in the world is that person being chased by so many Gu Immortals? To kill him, they can even give up a Gu Venerable's true inheritance?"

Tao Zhu's will looked towards Fang Yuan but did not recognize him.

"Who is this person? Someone who became a Gu Immortal after my main body's death?"

Right at this time, Fang Yuan had finally caught up to Jun Shen Guang.

Jun Shen Guang's whole body was soaked in sweat from the nervousness, intense warning signals caused his heart to beat like a drum!

He escaped with all his strength while cursing internally: "Wu Yong, you bastard! What killer move did you use, even trapping me?"

Wu Yong's killer move had an extremely wide range, even Jun Shen Guang received its 'care'. Wu Yong's exquisite method was not so easily broken, Jun Shen Guang's strength fell sharply, his speed fell even more than Fang Yuan's.

"It's over." Fang Yuan mumbled lightly as he attacked with no change in his expression, calm like an ancient well.

The illusory figure of Luo Po Valley in his palm was slowly rotating. Suddenly, Fang Yuan's fingers clenched it tightly.

A gray light shot out from the gap between the fingers.

Fang Yuan then opened his palm and slapped towards the distant Jun Shen Guang.

The light shot out with extreme speed, Jun Shen Guang dodged it frantically like a headless housefly.

Wu Yong, who was chasing from behind, had a sinister look in his eyes.

A wild wind suddenly blew around Jun Shen Guang, obstructing him heavily.

"Wu Yong, I curse your grandmother!" Jun Shen Guang did not even have time to complete his curse when Fang Yuan's gray light struck him.

In an instant, his flight came to an abrupt stop. His physical body had no injuries, but his soul was heavily injured to the point it was almost extinguished!

Immortal killer move — Luo Po Seal!

While Jun Shen Guang was in a daze, an Immortal Gu House suddenly appeared beside Fang Yuan. Inside the Immortal Gu House, Ying Wu Xie attacked Jun Shen Guang with a killer move he had prepared for a while.

Immortal killer move — Lead Soul Into Dream!

Jun Shen Guang could not react, instantly falling into a dream realm, unable to extricate himself.

The Immortal Gu House was shadowy and faint, it immediately absorbed Jun Shen Guang and flew to Fang Yuan's side.

Wu Yong paled from fright!

He had disturbed Jun Shen Guang because he wanted to test the power of Fang Yuan's move. After all, Jun Shen Guang was not a Southern Border Gu Immortal, why not make use of him once?

But Wu Yong had never expected Fang Yuan to capture Jun Shen Guang in one move!

Previously, Fang Yuan had captured the Southern Border immortals by trapping them in a meticulously laid out time path formation. But now, he captured Jun Shen Guang with just a few methods!

Such an increase in battle strength was simply horrifying.

"What killer move is that, it feels like it only targets the Gu Immortal's soul? It has such terrifying might, I must defend against it!"

"There is also the Immortal Gu House! What is that Immortal Gu House, it almost cannot be detected when it is concealed!"

Southern Border's rank eights rushed over with surging momentum.

But when they witnessed Fang Yuan capturing Jun Shen Guang, they were shocked and bewildered as their battle intent fell sharply.


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