Reverend Insanity
1624 This is a Trap!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1624 This is a Trap!

The immortal aperture's entrance was wide open, but the scale of the absorption of heaven and earth qi had already decreased by a lot.

"What is this? The enemy is in front of you and you are all hesitating?" A Tie clan Gu Immortal shouted at the Southern Border immortals.

Many became red with shame, they immediately came to their senses and someone yelled: "Let's charge in together!"

"Fang Yuan is still undergoing tribulation, we will win this battle! Whoever runs away will be the biggest disgrace of Southern Border's righteous path!"

"That's right, let's charge into his immortal aperture. Even if we die, we will make sure this demon has huge losses!"

"Hehehe, why so pessimistic? This demon has extorted so many things, his immortal aperture definitely has wondrous and rare resources, not to mention he also has a few secluded domains of heaven and earth!"

"My clan's Gu Immortal is still in his captivity, I wonder where he is putting the captives."

"I have already checked, there are no immortal formations around us." Hou Zi Shua assured while stroking the eight ears monkey's small head.

The Southern Border immortals immediately put their hearts at ease.

Fang Yuan's formation had made Southern Border's righteous path suffer huge losses. After this problem was removed, their morale soared, charging into the entrance of the immortal aperture one after the other.

Buzz buzz buzz!

But right at this moment, there was a change.

Ear-piercing buzzing sounds resounded throughout the battlefield, almost bursting the immortals' eardrums.

At the same time, an extremely dazzling light burst out; many Southern Border Gu Immortals were caught off-guard, their vision was covered in white as they temporarily lost sight.

The Southern Border immortals were shocked, they defended in panic while sending out countless killer moves towards the center of the light.

The person inside the light was not Fang Yuan, but Jun Shen Guang!

He was furious and shaken: "This killer move of mine is fright light, it will activate automatically when I face fatal danger and I don't need to control it. Fright light was activated when I tried to sneak into Fang Yuan's immortal aperture! What's going on?! Could there still be a trap?"

He was a rank eight Gu Immortal, he retreated rapidly while blocking the bombardment of the Southern Border immortals.

"Hehehe, you have great methods, but since you have arrived, why be in a hurry to leave?" Fang Yuan's leisurely laughter reached Jun Shen Guang's ears.

Jun Shen Guang's mind jolted, crying out: "Oh no!"

He immediately sensed a formless attraction force pulling him, trying to drag him into Fang Yuan's immortal aperture.

Immediately, Jun Shen Guang's doubt completely disappeared, he was certain that this was Fang Yuan's trap!

Jun Shen Guang roared and without regard for the backlash from the five regional mountain range, he crazily activated his immortal killer moves to resist the formless attraction force.

Jun Shen Guang used his main method to turn into a ray of strange light once again and tried to shoot out of the battlefield.

But although the killer move succeeded, the strange light's speed was so slow, to the point of being like a snail or a tortoise.

"Damn it, this is a time path method!" Jun Shen Guang immediately identified it because this time path method had slowed down his time by close to one hundred times.

Jun Shen Guang was extremely shocked: "I am a rank eight Gu Immortal with rank eight dao marks, why am I being slowed down so much? Fang Yuan's time path method is actually at rank eight level, this is completely beyond the previous information, how did he achieve this?"

"What happened?"

"I have been struck!"

"Time is extremely slow, it is like I am trapped in a swamp, quickly think of some way!"

Like Jun Shen Guang, the nearby Southern Border immortals were also in the same situation.

"Hehehe, you all came uninvited, I should naturally pay such enthusiasm a hundredfold in return." Fang Yuan descended on the battlefield.

They saw a Gu Immortal wearing a loose white robe, with black hair fluttering in the wind, his face was handsome to the point of being beautiful. A pair of deep abyss-like eyes with a gaze filled with coldness and terrifying killing intent.

The Gu Immortals here were all too familiar with this appearance, such that their bodies started shaking and their faces paled in fright.

Someone among the Gu Immortals said with a trembling voice: "Fang Yuan!"

Fang Yuan ignored these rank seven Gu Immortals and looked at Jun Shen Guang.

Jun Shen Guang's face was red as he used all his strength to get rid of the time path restraints. He had plenty of methods and they were showing good effects under his efforts, the time path restraints on him were decreasing and his speed was subsequently increasing.

Fang Yuan smiled, slowly extending his left arm.

His pristine jade-like hand spread open elegantly, like the blossoming of a white lotus.

Soul path aura surged out and instantly shrunk fiercely, condensing into an illusory figure in Fang Yuan's left palm.

This illusory figure looked like the real Luo Po Valley, but shrunk by countless times.

Luo Po Valley's illusory figure leisurely rotated while Fang Yuan's left hand began to slowly close.

Jun Shen Guang's mind rang madly with warning signals, an unprecedented sense of danger had shrouded his whole body and mind. His eyes opened wide, almost about to rip open from the nervousness.

"What is this killer move?! Terrifying, too terrifying! My feeling is not wrong, I will not survive if I get hit by this move! Escape, I must escape!!"

Jun Shen Guang's face turned completely red, his thin brows trembled madly as his previous grace completely disappeared.

Immortal killer move — Sun Deity's Radiance.

With a shout, he directly used his strongest method. His whole body turned into a lump of light, endless light erupted, it was like a small sun had appeared in the battlefield!

The scalding white light had inexhaustible might, wherever it went, Fang Yuan's time path methods crumbled apart.

The Southern Border immortals had just freed themselves when they were engulfed by the endless glaring sunlight.

The imitation regional wall that spread over every mountain dissipated completely under the illumination of the powerful sunlight. The whole five regional mountain range began to shake, especially the center of the battlefield where large amounts of mountain rocks began to crumble and fall.

The aftereffects of sun deity's radiance even affected other battlefields.

Southern Border's groups with rank eights, who were fighting with immemorial year beasts, were heavily disturbed by this.

"This is a rank eight Gu Immortal of Central Continent?"

"Hmph, this is probably a person of Heavenly Court!"

The light dissipated, the scene at the central battlefield became extremely clear. Suddenly, a Gu Immortal cried out in shock.

"Wait, that immortal aperture… that is my clansman's immortal aperture!"

"What? It is not Fang Yuan's immortal aperture?!" Everyone was terrified.

"This is a trap!" Jun Shen Guang shouted as he forcibly concentrated and retreated madly.

"Escaping?" Fang Yuan suddenly appeared above Jun Shen Guang.

Jun Shen Guang's heart shook fiercely as he stared at Fang Yuan rigidly with narrowed eyes. In that instant, he suddenly realized that rather than saying Fang Yuan was ambushing Southern Border Gu Immortals, it was more accurate to say he was specially ambushing Heavenly Court's members like himself!

"So your true target was me!"

"Hmph, you have already exposed that move, I am now already on guard. Your trap has also collapsed, can you still restrain me?"

"A mere rank seven… I am a rank eight Gu Immortal! I also have Wei Feng rushing here now."

"Unless this group of Southern Border Gu Immortals teamed up with you, do you think you can kill me?"

Jun Shen Guang breathed heavily, countless rays of light flowed around him like liquid, protecting him heavily.

Sure enough, the Southern Border immortals attacked at the next moment.

Their target was Fang Yuan!

Wu Yong took the lead, while Chi Qu You and Shang Wu Jie followed closely behind. They attacked Fang Yuan, disregarding the attacks of the immemorial year beasts. Following them, large numbers of Southern Border Gu Immortal experts used their main techniques.

Jun Shen Guang laughed heartily: "Fang Yuan, you demon, you have brought your own doom by committing so many sins! You still want to kill me? Your death is certain today!"

"Is that so?" In the brink of danger, Fang Yuan was still calm, the corners of his lips even rose slightly to reveal a mocking smile.


At the next moment, his rank seven aura suddenly changed. An incomparable aura soared to the skies and shot in all directions.

Everyone at the scene was greatly shocked.


"Rank eight aura!"


Fang Yuan's body paused slightly before he lightly pointed his finger.

Immortal killer move — Spring Scissors!

Next, he folded his hands, his sleeves fluttered and formed a fan.

Immortal killer move — Summer Fan!

"This is?!" Chi Qu You and Shang Wu Jie were dumbstruck at this scene.

"This is Lady Xia Cha's…" Several of Xia clan's rank seven Gu Immortals cried out, an extremely bad feeling shrouded everyone's hearts.


Spring scissors attacked Jun Shen Guang, immediately suppressing him, while summer fan which was in Fang Yuan's hand waved rapidly, blocking all killer moves of the Southern Border immortals.

At this moment, Fang Yuan's demonic aura surged as he fought the whole group alone, it was a grand spectacle!


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