Reverend Insanity
1621 Fang Yuan“s Tribulation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1621 Fang Yuan“s Tribulation

Several months later, Southern Border.

In a nameless ordinary valley.

"Hah!" Rank six female immortal Ba Tao gave a loud shout as auras surged out from her body. She lifted her hands like she was bearing thousands of kilograms of weight, her face quickly reddened and her body started trembling in exhaustion.

"Quick." Ba Tao urged.

A Gu Immortal who was standing at the side activated a killer move.

This person was a young looking rank six Gu Immortal from Tie clan. He was Tie Yi, son of Tie Qu Zhong.

Red light spheres started rising up, suddenly with a loud sound, the spheres turned into a soaring red light pillar that shot towards the skies.

But at this time, an old looking Gu Immortal revealed himself, he was standing on clouds. With a wave of his hand, he suppressed this red light pillar.

The red light pillar dissipated, revealing a seven floored pagoda that looked like it was forged from bronze. A fire was quietly burning on top of the pagoda.

"Done." Tie Yi let out a breath of air, revealing a satisfied expression: "Another Beacon Tower is built."

"So exhausting." Ba Tao breathed a sigh of relief as she sat on the ground, panting.

The old looking Gu Immortal slowly floated down, at the same time, countless Gu worms gathered and went inside his sleeves.

This was a small group tasked to build Beacon Towers.

There were three people, Tie clan Gu Immortal Tie Yi was in charge of building the Beacon Towers, Ba Tao was supporting him, while the old Gu Immortal was in charge of setting up a formation to disguise the process. After all, the commotion of the Beacon Tower's construction was huge and could easily be known by others.

There were still more than a dozen of such groups. After Southern Border's righteous path forces agreed to collaborate, these small groups rushed everywhere to build Beacon Towers.

"Beacon Tower is indeed worthy of being Tie clan's signature Immortal Gu House, it is truly unbelievable for a Gu House formed from mortal Gu to be able to transport Gu Immortals!" The old Gu Immortal sighed while gazing at the Beacon Tower.

Tie Yi helped Ba Tao stand and replied to the old Gu Immortal: "The true terror of Beacon Tower is that the higher the number of Beacon Towers built, the greater their overall power. To reach an Immortal Gu House's power, there needs to be at least one hundred Beacon Towers. Right now, the number of Beacon Towers in Southern Border is already over one thousand and can transport rank seven Gu Immortals. But to transport rank eights, we need at at least ten thousand Beacon Towers."

"Many thanks for clearing my doubts." The old Gu Immortal expressed his thanks.

Tie Yi and the old Gu Immortal glanced at each other and smiled.

If it were before, this secret of Beacon Tower absolutely could not be mentioned. But because Southern Border's righteous path was uniting, the Gu Immortals' attitude towards each other was gradually changing.

"If we had a Beacon Tower near that tributary of the River of Time, our Southern Border righteous path could have mobilized our troops and saved my grandfather in time." Ba Tao mumbled in a daze while looking at the Beacon Tower.

"Ba Tao, we still have hope. Wasn't Yi clan's Gu Immortal released by Fang Yuan? This demon Fang Yuan just wants more cultivation resources." The old Gu Immortal consoled.

Tie Yi did not speak, his mind was, however, in a disorder.

His situation was similar to Ba Tao, his father Tie Qu Zhong had also been captured by Fang Yuan.

He was of course furious and hated Fang Yuan, but he had to admit that if Fang Yuan had not captured so many Southern Border Gu Immortals and made Southern Border righteous path feel pain, would Southern Border righteous path forces have united so quickly?

Between comfort and pain, the latter was able to move people's hearts much more easily.

Sometimes, Tie Yi felt this situation was ironic. Beacon Tower's plan had been Tie clan's dream since long ago, but it had come to fruition because of a demonic path overlord. Naturally, there was also another important reason, the impending great era. But regardless, Fang Yuan's actions had played a key role.

Whoosh whoosh.

The Beacon Tower suddenly let out a strange sound, even slightly shaking for a moment.

"What's going on?" This sight immediately attracted the old Gu Immortal's attention, he frowned and looked at Tie Yi.

Ba Tao also casted her gaze at Tie Yi.

She had participated in building many Beacon Towers, but had never seen this scene before. Were there some flaws in the construction of this Beacon Tower?

Tie Yi's frown was even deeper: "You don't need to worry, this scene is not because of an issue with this Beacon Tower, it is because one of the Beacon Towers spread throughout the Southern Border has been completely destroyed."

"Oh? So it was like that." The old Gu Immortal slightly relaxed.

Ba Tao snorted coldly.

This scene was within the expectations of Southern Border's righteous path. Although the construction of Beacon Towers had obtained the approval of Southern Border's righteous path, Southern Border's Gu Immortal world had demonic cultivators and lone cultivators as well.

Beacon Towers were under the control of Tie clan, it represented the benefits of Tie clan and other Southern Border super forces, which had no relation to these demonic and lone cultivators.

It was extremely likely for a Beacon Tower to be destroyed by these Gu Immortals if they discovered it.

"Investigate who attacked, we will kill them as a warning to the others!" The old Gu Immortal's killing intent soared, this was one of the methods, discussed by the Southern Border righteous path forces, to deal with such matters.

However, at the next moment, Beacon Tower's anomaly shocked the three immortals.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh.

A series of strange sounds resounded for a while. The newly constructed Beacon Tower trembled non-stop like an epileptic patient.

"What happened?"

"This… does this mean many Beacon Towers are being destroyed successively?"

Ba Tao and the old Gu Immortal once again looked at Tie Yi.

This time, even Tie Yi was puzzled as he mumbled: "Strange, does this Beacon Tower really have an issue?"

But at the next moment, their doubt was removed.

The three immortals' expressions changed because they had received astonishing news at almost the same time.

The mad destruction of Beacon Towers was caused by only one person, it was none other than the nefarious and unpardonable demonic path overlord Fang Yuan!

"Fang Yuan has outstanding wisdom path methods, it is not difficult for him to deduce the location of these Beacon Towers. He also has Fixed Immortal Travel and can move anywhere freely. It is not strange for him to be able to do this." Tie Yi's expression was gloomy.

"Damn it! That incompetent Heavenly Court, they actually let Fang Yuan steal Fixed Immortal Travel!" Ba Tao said furiously with clenched fists.

The old Gu Immortal was steady and cautious: "We should return to our clans. Since Fang Yuan is moving about, it is not safe outside."

Tie Yi and Ba Tao tensed up as they thought of Fang Yuan's methods, having no intention to stay behind.

At the same time, Wu Yong, Chi Qu You and other clan leaders were in an urgent meeting.

"Fang Yuan probably noticed the threat of Beacon Towers so he is taking an early action to destroy them! Look, my clan's Beacon Tower has already made him feel unease." Tie clan's first supreme elder said.

"Hmph, just let him destroy. The construction of Beacon Towers is quite difficult and requires Gu Immortals to personally do it. But they are only constructed with mortal Gu, so their cost is low, we can just let him destroy them." Shang clan's first supreme elder laughed coldly, showing the aura of a wealthy force.

Wu Yong, however, frowned, he had slightly more understanding of Fang Yuan: "Fang Yuan is crafty, we cannot look down on him. I feel like his action has another deep meaning, it is not as simple as it looks."

Wu Yong's words immediately attracted other Gu Immortals' attention.

One of them spoke: "Would this be possible? Fang Yuan is going to undergo tribulation in Southern Border, and one of these Beacon Towers is extremely near to the location where he will undergo tribulation. So he took action and destroyed a large amount of them."

"It is reasonable!"

"Quick, gather wisdom path Gu Immortals to make deductions!"

"As long as Fang Yuan makes a move, he will leave behind all kinds of clues. Right now, he is making a big commotion, we will definitely have more gains in our deductions."

After a round of deductions, there were indeed great results.

Southern Border righteous path obtained three locations which had the greatest possibility of being the areas where Fang Yuan would undergo tribulation.

"Quickly investigate."

"These three areas should be emphasized and guarded heavily."

Similar commands were passed down, Southern Border's Gu Immortal world moved with an unprecedented and united pace, all to kill their common enemy.

A moment later, shocking news reached every Southern Border force — there was an unusual disturbance of heaven and earth qi in the five regional mountain range and its range was extremely large!


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