Reverend Insanity
1615 Continued Progress
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1615 Continued Progress

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

Immortal killer move — Soul Search!

A vast force shot at Xia Cha's soul fiercely, but Xia Cha's soul suddenly shined with time path dao marks that completely blocked Fang Yuan's soul search killer move.

But Fang Yuan did not give up, continuing to instill immortal essence without stopping.

A good while later, like a pair of hands lifting a corner of a stuck steel board, a gap appeared in the time path dao marks protecting Xia Cha's soul, allowing Fang Yuan's soul search killer move to finally take effect.

At the next moment, a huge amount of information was greedily absorbed by Fang Yuan. But the time path dao marks had not admitted defeat, the surrounding dao marks moved in to fill the gap.

As time passed, this gap which Fang Yuan had made after so much effort was once again filled in with time path dao marks. Furthermore, the defensive power of this area was even stronger than before!

Fang Yuan's soul search killer move thus stopped here.

"This Xia Cha is indeed worthy of being a rank eight Gu Immortal, she has such a robust foundation that even her soul is protected by a time path defensive method that can resist a rank seven soul search killer move."

"This defensive method also has self recovery and counterattacking abilities, it is truly wonderful."

After Fang Yuan stole all the Immortal Gu from the Southern Border immortal captives, he extracted their souls, separating them from their bodies.

At this state, the threat of these Southern Border captives had already fallen to a negligible level. It was then the process of searching their souls that no longer had the protection of a physical body.

The souls of Tie Qu Zhong, Shang Hu Zhang and others did not give much trouble to Fang Yuan, so all their memories and information were extracted by Fang Yuan.

But he encountered some trouble with Yang Ku. Yang Ku was a rank seven expert who primarily cultivated soul path, so he naturally had strong resistance towards soul search methods.

Yang Ku still could not be considered troublesome, even more troublesome was Liu Hao.

Liu Hao's fixed space Immortal Gu and other Gu were tampered by Heavenly Court, so Fang Yuan was not able to obtain them. Heavenly Court naturally did not forget about his soul, putting in layers of strong defensive methods on it.

But these two were still soul searched by Fang Yuan in the end.

If Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley were sacred lands of soul cultivation, Fang Yuan's Spectral Soul true inheritance was no doubt the number one soul path sacred scripture!

Fang Yuan had thus learned of Liu Hao's true identity, a spy of Heavenly Court.

However, Xia Cha's soul was still the most troublesome one.

Her soul was filled with time path dao marks which had formed into a tight defense that blocked any external attacks. Fang Yuan's soul search was naturally a kind of attack and was harmful to Xia Cha.

Fang Yuan tried all his methods, using Immortal formations to suppress the soul, modifying the soul search killer move, finally reaching the limit of the soul search killer move's power so that he could search Xia Cha's soul.

But this soul search was extremely difficult and did not progress smoothly.

Fang Yuan often had to use a herculean effort before he could open a tiny gap. But this gap would be covered again by time path dao marks, not long later.

Fang Yuan could only soul search in the limited duration of the gap. After this duration passed, the gap would be closed by even more time path dao marks than before, its defense increasing further.

Fortunately, the time path dao marks on Xia Cha's soul did not increase, an increase in time path dao marks in the gap meant there were few dao marks in other areas. This gave Fang Yuan even better chances for his next attack.

The others' souls were already searched completely, only Xia Cha's soul remained.

Fang Yuan continued to target Xia Cha's soul, while using the time path clone to go into each Gu Immortal's immortal aperture by using Fixed Immortal Travel.

Because he had obtained first-hand information from soul searching, Fang Yuan was fully aware of the landscape inside these Gu Immortals' immortal apertures. He could easily enter the immortal apertures by using Fixed Immortal Travel.

Furthermore, Fang Yuan was also aware of what resources these immortal apertures were hiding.

In a Gu Immortal's cultivation, the immortal aperture was an extremely important factor. All of these Southern Border immortals were experts with deep foundation, their immortal aperture management was naturally at a superior level with all kinds of good stuff inside.

But these Gu Immortals would be released by Fang Yuan.

Because the benefits from annexing their immortal apertures and absorbing their dao marks were far inferior to the benefits from extorting those super forces.

An increase in dao marks brought in an increase in foundation as well as a brighter future.

But no matter how beautiful the future was, it was nothing if he could not cross the present obstacle.

The present obstacle was naturally fate Gu, more accurately, he had to stop Heavenly Court from restoring fate Gu.

But Fang Yuan had made no progress in this, he was currently able to avoid Heavenly Court's pursuit, but fate Gu was protected in the depths of Heavenly Court, stopping Heavenly Court from restoring it was far beyond Fang Yuan's capability.

So Fang Yuan was thinking of every way possible to enter the River of Time and inherit Red Lotus' true inheritance.

In the history of humans, three great Demon Venerables had successively attacked Heavenly Court, but only Red Lotus Demon Venerable was able to break fate Gu, although he could not completely destroy it, he had indeed broken fate Gu. In the true inheritances left behind by Red Lotus Demon Venerable, there were likely to be plans targeted at destroying fate Gu.

To smoothly inherit Red Lotus' true inheritance and not be destroyed by Heavenly Court in the process, Fang Yuan needed to raise his time path strength. Other paths' methods were greatly weakened and not useful when fighting in the River of Time.

Year essence pool, time path Immortal Gu House, as well as many other things required Fang Yuan to transact with the Southern Border righteous path, his chips were naturally these Gu Immortal captives.

Several days later in the sovereign immortal aperture's time.


In the sky of Mini Southern Border, a dark green 'rock dragon' roared, its enormous and slender body twisting around.

Then, under the effect of Fang Yuan's killer move, the 'rock dragon' pierced into Mini Southern Border's ground. Loud rumbling noises resounded over the surroundings as this 'rock dragon' pierced into the depths of the ground until even its tail disappeared underground.

Fang Yuan let out a breath: "The matter of drawing in the mineral vein is finally finished."

This 'rock dragon' was not the rock dragon of the rockman tribe, but was the manifestation of a mineral vein. This mineral vein was constructed by using rank seven immortal material dark inkstone. Fang Yuan had moved it over from an earth path Southern Border captive's immortal aperture.

As for the method to move such a large mineral vein, Spectral Soul's true inheritance naturally had it, but the Immortal Gu and the killer move Fang Yuan used came from that captive.

The captive used to relocate outside world's dark inkstone mines into their immortal aperture. Fang Yuan was only imitating them.

"With this dark inkstone mineral vein, I can extract a batch every year and sell them in treasure yellow heaven."

This profit was not much, but it was a steady income.

Because the dark inkstone mineral vein would expand itself by absorbing the surrounding earth qi. As long as Fang Yuan extracted limited amounts, he would have a continuous flow of dark inkstones.

Although dark inkstone did not have a high price among rank seven immortal materials, it was still a rank seven immortal material, its price could not be neglected.

"Maybe… I can move in a batch of rockmen and breed them near the dark inkstone vein." Fang Yuan suddenly had a thought.

This was extremely beneficial to the rockmen.

The higher the quality of the mineral veins, the more helpful it would be for a rockman tribe's procreation, survival, and strengthening. What was even more amazing was that the rockmen could also nurture these mineral veins and increase their purity.

This was a win-win situation for both sides.

But this dark inkstone mineral vein was not suitable for mining yet, and moving in rockmen would only make it their new home.

Fang Yuan thought for a moment before deciding to bring in some rockmen.

The profits from mining the dark inkstone mineral vein was of no importance to him, what he was more interested in was the future benefits brought by the rockmen and the mineral vein.

Fang Yuan had not just obtained this one dark inkstone mineral vein from the Southern Border captives.

There were dozens of mountains in Mini Southern Border now.

Most of them were ordinary mountains, but were filled with dense earth path dao marks, they were treasure troves.

There were also some mountain ranges that reached the level of famous mountains!

For instance, Interior Rain mountain.

This mountain's peak was always shrouded by a layer of dark clouds from where light rain continued to fall.

The drizzling rain was not ordinary rainwater, but rank six immortal material interior rain!

Another example was Copper Seal mountain.

This mountain was red and had a squarish shape, it was like a large seal was standing upright in Mini Southern Border.

Copper Seal mountain did not have even a trace of soil, it was completely formed from all kinds of copper, mortal level copper like chaotic sky copper, pragna copper, snow flower copper, and so on, and immortal copper like profound gray copper and ascending dragon copper.

Naturally, the mortal level copper were of the highest amount and occupied the most space, while immortal coppers only occupied a small portion and were mostly rank six immortal materials. The highest level of the copper was a unique rank seven copper, the famous domination copper! With this copper present, it essentially could not support another rank seven copper.

Mountains, mineral veins, forests… as these Gu Immortal captives were from Southern Border, nearly half of the stolen resources were moved to Mini Southern Border. Because these resources were extremely suited to this environment.

The other half of the resources were split into the other four mini regions as well as the mini nine heavens.

For instance, in Mini Central Continent, there was now a phantom shadow flower garden and a large fertile land filled with an enormous amount of immortal farmer soil.

In Mini Northern Plains, there was now a heaven pillar wind. This wind's appearance was like a tall pillar, extremely tall and long. When it blows, it will not cause movement, only blowing on the spot, from outside, it resembled a giant pillar that extended into the sky.

In Mini Eastern Sea, there was a brand new sea area, wave flower sea area. The sea area was filled with turbulent waves, where countless magical flowers were formed during the moments where waves appeared and vanished. Because they had a short lifespan, they were hard to gather. Fang Yuan had been rather surprised when he obtained the method to nurture this resource from Yi Yang.

In Mini Western Desert, a dozen hibiscus trees were planted, every branch of this tree was an immortal material!

"The sovereign immortal aperture is too large, in terms of specific value, previously, the sovereign immortal aperture's development was only at three to four percent. Now, because of these resources, it has reached eight to nine percent. There are still many resources left in these Southern Border Gu Immortals' immortal apertures, and also Xia Cha's grotto-heaven! With all of them added, the development will definitely pass ten percent." Fang Yuan heaved a sigh.

These resources were either on large or small scale, and a lot were large scale resource points and economic pillars of each Southern Border Gu Immortal!

Heavenly Court had already made a move in treasure yellow heaven, selling copper dragonfish, iron dragonfish and silver dragonfish at heavily reduced price, causing a great impact to Fang Yuan's dragonfish business.

But so what?

These dozen newly added economic pillars would support his continued progress!


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