Reverend Insanity
1613 Threatening the Whole of Southern Border“s Righteous Path
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1613 Threatening the Whole of Southern Border“s Righteous Path

"You want to get back Immortal Gu? Impossible!" Fang Yuan laughed coldly.

Immortal Gu were unique!

They were the only one of their kind in the world. Fang Yuan possessing them meant others could not have them, thus their value was inestimable.

Even though Fang Yuan had once sold Immortal Gu to purchase a huge amount of eagle beasts, he was in fatal danger at that time and had no choice but to do so.

Fang Yuan possessed countless killer moves and Immortal Gu recipes, he could make use of almost all Immortal Gu.

The problem was the feeding burden.

Fang Yuan had basically solved this issue for his Immortal Gu. But now, there was an addition of a large number of Immortal Gu, however, the feeding resources for these Immortal Gu were almost all in the bodies of their respective Gu Immortals.

These Gu Immortal experts were trump cards of their respective clans and had deep foundation, how could they not be able to feed their own Gu worms? It was because they could provide the food for their Immortal Gu by themselves that their battle strength was stable, they enjoyed unlimited glory.

Currently, Fang Yuan indeed could not use a lot of the Immortal Gu, but what about the future?

The future was uncertain!

In the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Fang Yuan could turn around the situation not only because of the guidance of Star Constellation heaven's will, the crucial key was that he possessed change soul Immortal Gu.

Without this unassuming rank seven Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan would have already died. Shadow Sect would have succeeded in defying heaven.

The difference in having the Immortal Gu and not having it was as different as heaven and earth.

Who could say if, in the future, one of these Immortal Gu might be able to help Fang Yuan turn around the situation like change soul Immortal Gu.

Not to mention that if Fang Yuan sold these Immortal Gu, someone might make an unimaginable comeback like Fang Yuan back in the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain!

Fang Yuan refused the proposal of transacting Immortal Gu without hesitation.

Shang clan's Gu Immortal was not angry: "Then how about exchanging Gu?"

This new proposal interested Fang Yuan.

Southern Border's righteous path wanted to recover their losses as much as possible. Everyone knew Fang Yuan's viciousness and that he could very easily kill the hostages, so they were prepared for the worst.

Those Immortal Gu on the captives had enormous value to the respective clans. This was because they knew the usage methods, a lot of the Immortal Gu had even been taken away from the clan's storage, the clan also had respective killer moves. Many killer moves were even their trump card methods which would be difficult to use without the corresponding Immortal Gu.

As such, Southern Border's righteous path forces were willing to give up some Immortal Gu in their storage, as these Immortal Gu did not have too high of a value to them. It was more worthwhile for them to use these Immortal Gu to exchange for the Immortal Gu in Fang Yuan's hands.

Fang Yuan pondered for a moment, this deal was profitable to both sides, and was also very beneficial to him.

The Immortal Gu that the Southern Border clans could not use and were of less value to them could be of great importance to Fang Yuan.

"You have my interest. But what Gu worms can your clans bring out?" Fang Yuan asked.

Shang clan's Gu Immortal had already prepared for this, immediately sending a list to Fang Yuan through treasure yellow heaven.

Who knew that after Fang Yuan received the list, he said: "I need to look at this list properly. I also have lists here that I will send to your respective clans."

"Fang Yuan, I have already said it, unless you display your sincerity, our Southern Border righteous path won't be extorted by you any more!" The Shang clan Gu Immortal's tone immediately changed.

Fang Yuan smiled: "Your Southern Border righteous path wants to exchange Immortal Gu, sure. But my condition is that you will have to first send the immortal materials in my list to me. Only then will you have the qualifications to make an exchange."

"Fang Yuan, don't go too overboard. If you act like this, we won't continue our discussion."

"Hehehe." Fang Yuan laughed, "The Shang clan Gu Immortal that I currently have captured is Shang Hu Zhang, right? What do you think will happen if I sell him to Fu Sheng Xian?"

Shang clan Gu Immortal was immediately stumped.

Fu Sheng Xian was a rank seven demonic path Gu Immortal of Southern Border who had a deep-seated hatred with Shang Hu Zhang. More than once, he had proclaimed that were Shang Hu Zhang to end up in his hands, he was going to flay the latter's skin and tear the tendons before crushing his bones into ash.

"I believe Fu Sheng Xian will definitely be very interested in buying Shang Hu Zhang." Fang Yuan said in a leisurely tone.

"Fang Yuan, you dare!" Shang clan's Gu Immortal erupted in anger.

"Haha, what would I not dare to do?" Fang Yuan retorted: "I even dared to offend Heavenly Court, why would I fear your mere Shang clan?"

"You, You!" Shang clan's Gu Immortal could not restrain his anger at Fang Yuan's response.

Fang Yuan continued: "Don't overestimate yourself, you are only someone who was chosen to negotiate with me. Did you really think you could represent the whole of Southern Border's righteous path? Let me give another example, Luo clan's Luo Fei is also among the captives. What if I tear all her clothes and throw her into a cesspit? Or what if I throw her into a group of giant apes in heat, and use information path Gu to record every scene, then put them for sale in treasure yellow heaven?"

Shang clan's Gu Immortal gritted his teeth, a deep disgust flashing past his eyes: "Fang Yuan, you are an infamous demon, the Reverse Flow River Lord, inheritor of Red Lotus, Spectral Soul, and many other inheritances, your name is renowned throughout the world, how could you be so shameless and despicable?"

"No, no, no, you are wrong." Fang Yuan shook his head: "I am not despicable, but your attitude is not correct. You have been trying to provoke me, even trying to drive a wedge between me and other clans by saying bad words about them, like how Luo clan is cursing me and wants to plot against me. I believed your words, so I took revenge against Luo clan."

Shang clan's Gu Immortal was unable to say a word, his whole body trembled, his face paled and cold sweat started dripping from his forehead.

Fang Yuan laughed heartily: "Now, you still think you can represent the whole of Southern Border's righteous path?"

After a good while, the Shang clan Gu Immortal said with a tired expression: "Alright, you win, Fang Yuan. I will bring back your list, but I can't guarantee their response."

Fang Yuan laughed: "I don't need your guarantee, you also don't have the qualifications to give me a guarantee. Even if you could, I would not believe you. Go back, you can twist my words and add fuel to the fire when you relay the message to them. Oh, that's right, I need a satisfying answer within three days. If not, I will first sell Shang Hu Zhang to Fu Sheng Xian."

Shang clan's Gu Immortal immediately panicked: "Fang Yuan, you can't do this! I can represent Shang clan to discuss with you right now in private…"

"I refuse!"

"Fang Yuan? Fang Yuan! Damn it!!!" Shang clan Gu Immortal lost contact with Fang Yuan, veins popped out his forehead and pulsed like lightning.

Before the three days limit was reached, Southern Border's righteous path handed over all the materials in Fang Yuan's list.

With hostages in hand, Fang Yuan held too great of an initiative.

He did not need to use any methods and just needed to play some despicable tricks to destroy the tens of thousands of years of reputation that Southern Border's righteous path had, making them the greatest laughingstocks in the eyes of every Gu Immortal.

For the countless years that had passed, there were naturally cases where righteous path Gu Immortals had fallen into the hands of the demonic path.

But some of these demonic path Gu Immortals were not as crazy as Fang Yuan, while most of them did not have Fang Yuan's wisdom path methods.

Wisdom path Gu Immortals were rare, even if Southern Border's righteous path forces did not have a wisdom path Gu Immortal in their own clan, they could rely on relations to get help from a wisdom path great expert.

But when it came to Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan himself cultivated wisdom path and his emperor yama killer move could even defend against Fairy Zi Wei's deductions, when he hid himself, Southern Border's righteous path simply could not find his location. More importantly, Fang Yuan had the battle strength to fight rank eight, his nature was cruel and he was extremely cunning. What other options did Southern Border's righteous path have other than to accept Fang Yuan's conditions?

Naturally, this was because Fang Yuan's extortions had not yet reached the bottom line of Southern Border's righteous path.

If it truly reached their bottom line, Southern Border's righteous path would absolutely not be so nice.

"Fang Yuan, we can talk properly now, right?" The previous Shang clan Gu Immortal found Fang Yuan once again.

Fang Yuan smiled: "Are you truly so unpopular that you are still doing this troublesome job?"

The Shang clan Gu Immortal's face was gloomy, just like Fang Yuan said, this task was harming his reputation, but what could he do? He had no choice but to show up, Shang clan's first supreme elder had personally mentioned his name.

"Let's cut to the chase. We have already satisfied your condition, now…" Before he finished speaking, Fang Yuan interrupted.

"It is my turn to show sincerity. Here."

"What is this?"

Fang Yuan smiled: "This is an information path mortal Gu for Yi clan. I have used some blood path methods to create it, so only Yi clan's Gu Immortals can refine it. Even if others try to refine it, it will end up in failure. Even if they use some methods to refine it, they will not receive my exact message."


"No more questions, take it back and you will know."

"Fang Yuan? Fang Yuan! Damn it, he left again!" Shang clan Gu Immortal was stifled, he could only hand over this Gu worm like Fang Yuan said.

Yi clan refined it, obtaining an address.

They were worried this was another of Fang Yuan's traps, so they gathered the other clans and moved together.

In the location, they saw Gu Immortal Yi Yang.

"Yi Yang! This is my clan's Yi Yang!"

"Oh my goodness, this scum Fang Yuan actually released a hostage."

In an instant, Southern Border's immortals were surprised and joyous, while also being unable to believe this.

"Wait a moment, don't get happy so soon. There might be an issue with this Yi Yang!" Without needing the reminder of other clans, Yi clan had already begun carrying out a comprehensive inspection.

The final result was this was indeed Yi Yang and not Fang Yuan's disguise. It was just that this was not the complete Yi Yang, but just his body.

Yi Yang's soul was still in Fang Yuan's hands.

Fang Yuan's action made Southern Border's Gu Immortals see hope of redeeming the captives. In the next meeting, Fang Yuan directly admitted: "I released Yi Yang's body so I can obtain even more benefits. Who is to say that I can't imprison the rest of you in the future, so I can't damage my reputation, right? Don't worry, as long as you can pay the price, I will release all the captives."

"This scum Fang Yuan…" Southern Border's righteous path did not know how they should respond.

The immortals felt mixed feelings, they were happy at seeing hopes of redeeming the hostages, but felt disgust, anger, hatred, and helplessness towards Fang Yuan, including a trace of unease and fear.

Fang Yuan could appear and disappear unpredictably, he had the ability to imprison lone righteous path Gu Immortals. As long as he succeeded, he could escape to an enormous distance once and Southern Border's righteous path would have no way to find his location.

The whole of Southern Border's righteous path was threatened by Fang Yuan, even rank eight Gu Immortals were feeling vigilant. Even they did not feel safe against Fang Yuan, Xia Cha was the best example after all!


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