Reverend Insanity
1609 Three Plans
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1609 Three Plans

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

Mini Red Heaven.

Fang Yuan's time path clone immediately attracted the attention of countless year beasts the moment he appeared.

Howl! Roar! Growl!

Countless year beasts roared and snarled as they pounced upon Fang Yuan. Large numbers of ancient desolate beasts shoved the desolate level year beasts to the side as they looked at Fang Yuan with a thirsty expression.

But a moment later, an immemorial year rooster flew over gallantly and spiritedly; the desolate level year beasts and ancient desolate beasts in its path quickly and chaotically moved aside.

The immemorial year rooster arrived before Fang Yuan's time path clone and lowered its head, displaying a tamed look.

Fang Yuan smiled as he stroked the immemorial year rooster's bright red crown, then he waved his sleeve, scattering countless mortal year Gu.

The immemorial year rooster squawked as it opened its beak wide, creating a powerful attractive force that absorbed most of the year Gu into its stomach. Only a few year Gu scattered in the surroundings which was immediately fought over by the surrounding ancient year beasts.

The immemorial year rooster had a great meal but was still not satisfied, it looked at Fang Yuan's time path clone with shining eyes.

Fang Yuan repeatedly waved his sleeve, countless year Gu were scattered like the crushed pebbles on a beach, forming a rain of year Gu.

This time, there was a portion for everyone, the year beasts immediately fell into frenzied joy.

After a good while, every year beast including the immemorial year rooster had their fill. Their impatience because of hunger had disappeared, resuming a lethargic state as they lay down on white clouds to rest.

Fang Yuan's time path clone gazed around, nodded and flew away.

In Mini Red Heaven, there were seven year beast communities like this one, this was already the third community Fang Yuan fed.

There were already a lot of year beasts being raised in sovereign immortal aperture, and not long ago, Fang Yuan had used years flow execution formation to ruthlessly plot against Southern Border righteous path, besides capturing the group of Southern Border immortals, his greatest battle spoils were the year beasts he had subdued in the battle.

These year beasts were of high quality, they were at least of desolate level year, there was a large amount of ancient year beasts, as well as seven immemorial year beasts.

Originally, Fang Yuan's soul foundation was only enough for him to enslave one or two immemorial year beasts. But now, his soul cultivation had made rapid breakthroughs, although it was decreasing recently, the remaining soul foundation was enough to enslave seven immemorial year beasts without a problem.

A noteworthy thing was there were three immemorial year roosters among these seven immemorial year beasts. The other four immemorial year beasts were tiger, dragon, rabbit, and horse.

In the River of Time, at every set interval of time, a certain kind of immemorial year beast would be more common than others. This recent period of time was clearly a prosperous time for immemorial year roosters.

However, even though Fang Yuan had seven immemorial year beasts, when comparing individual strength, they were all weaker than his immemorial year monkey. Unfortunately, that immemorial year monkey had already died in battle.

Of course, if all the seven immemorial year beasts combined their strength, they were much fiercer than one immemorial year monkey.

There was a clear difference between the strength of different immemorial year beasts. This was like the difference between rank eight Gu Immortals.

Fang Yuan fed these year beasts while thinking: \"The food expenditure has soared by dozens of times with the addition of these year beasts! If not for the immortal essence stones extorted this time, I might not have been able to feed them.\"

The higher the rank of the year beasts, the larger their appetite. And the food of year beasts was year Gu.

Fang Yuan used rank eight Immortal Gu Years Flow Like Water to refine countless mortal year Gu, barely filling the bellies of these year beasts.

And activating years flow like water Immortal Gu spent Fang Yuan's red date immortal essence.

Fang Yuan's immortal essence expenditure in feeding year beasts was not small even before. Now, with the addition of so many year beasts and seven immemorial year beasts, feeding them had already taken the largest share of Fang Yuan's expenditures.

\"Currently, Dang Hun Mountain has already been restored by eighty percent, guts Gu's production is no longer a terrible sight, it has become just passable.\"

\"When Dang Hun Mountain is completely restored, the year beasts will become the new burden.\"

Fang Yuan had to feed year beasts every set interval of time. Refining year Gu through Years Flow Like Water was already the most economical method, but it still amounted to a huge expenditure.

Moreover, Fang Yuan needed to raise these year beasts to deal with the future battle in the River of Time, so he had to resolve the issue of feeding them.

Actually this issue was not only regarding the year beasts, but also eagle groups.

Fang Yuan had previously enslaved the upper extreme heavenly eagle, purchasing a large amount of eagle beasts. The feeding of these eagle beasts was also a burden.

If he wanted to make them self-sufficient and truly integrate them into sovereign immortal aperture's world, he would have to spend a huge amount of energy and capital to build a complete food-chain.

Big fish eats small fish, and small fish eats shrimps.

Creating a proper food chain was also a form of deep research and understanding of the Heavenly Dao by the Gu Immortal.

But compared to eagle groups, year beast's scale was much larger so its feeding issue needed to be prioritized.

And because of the year beasts' characteristics, building a complete food chain for them was much easier.

Fang Yuan, who had Spectral Soul's true inheritance, Lang Ya's true inheritance, and so on, had methods to solve it.

Currently, he could select from three plans.

The first plan was to construct a year essence pool.

This was a resource point, and could also be seen as a mini River of Time. Its effect was to imitate the environment of the River of Time, providing a place for year beasts to survive, reside, and procreate.

The year essence pool's size could be large or small, and was classified into rank six, rank seven, rank eight, and rank nine levels.

The advantage of this plan was it saved space, at the same time, as the year beasts lived here, it would produce a certain amount of year Gu. When managed for a long time, it could even produce other wild time path Gu worms, even giving birth to day Gu, month Gu and so on, finally forming a micro River of Time.

Its disadvantage was the cost was absurdly high. Just the creation of a rank six year essence pool was an enormous sum. In terms of immortal essence stones, it was in the millions!

And a rank seven year essence pool was even more exaggerated, requiring many rare immortal materials which had no supply in the market. Rank six level year essence pool could still be constructed if one was wealthy enough, but the rank seven year essence pool was not something that could be solved with just immortal essence stones.

As for Fang Yuan, he needed a rank eight year essence pool to contain the seven immemorial year beasts!

The second plan was Golden Age Platform.

This was a rather special rank seven time path Immortal Gu House, because it was fixed in place and could not move freely like most of the other Immortal Gu Houses. Once it was constructed, Golden Age Platform would transform into a bright moon that would float to the sky of the blessed land, constantly rising and setting.

Golden Age Platform could store a large amount of year beasts and even put them into deep sleep. Like this, their food requirement would fall sharply.

This plan's advantage was that Golden Age Platform could extract year beasts' strength for its use, and did not require Fang Yuan to expend his immortal essence. In peaceful times, this meant Fang Yuan was fully using year beasts and not just freely feeding them.

This plan's disadvantages were very obvious.

First, constructing this rank seven Immortal Gu House required a lot of time path Immortal Gu. But Fang Yuan needed these time path Immortal Gu to protect himself.

Secondly, Golden Age Platform's position had to be fixed so it could automatically operate on its own inside the immortal aperture. So even if it was constructed, it would be of no help to Fang Yuan when fighting in River of Time. It itself was also not proficient in offensive methods.

Thirdly, this Immortal Gu House spent the year beasts' strength, if it wantonly extracted their strength, the year beasts could die and their time path dao marks would also be destroyed, making their corpses be of no value.

Finally, when the year beasts are awakened, they would need far more food than normal to fill their appetite.

The third plan was Twelve Zodiac battle formation.

Twelve Zodiac battle formation was constructed by using twelve different species of immemorial year beasts as cores.

This formation was specialized in offense, completely different from Golden Age Platform. And although it was a large formation, it could be moved.

Because its cores were twelve immemorial year beasts, during inactive times, these immemorial year beasts could be sealed, becoming like statues, unmoving and not requiring food. But during battle, the seal would be released, they would form into the battle formation and attack the enemy.

Evidently, this large formation that used immemorial year beasts as cores was not a present age Gu formation, but an ancient battle formation. Like Green City Rampage or Heavenly Giant Solor, the difference was that these two used Gu Immortals as the cores, while this Twelve Zodiac battle formation used immemorial year beasts as the cores.

This plan's advantage was that it truly saved feeding expenditure.

But the disadvantage was it only used immemorial year beasts. Fang Yuan would be unable to construct Twelve Zodiac battle formation if he used ancient year beasts or desolate level year beasts.

However, to do this, Fang Yuan needed to search for even more immemorial year beasts, moreover these immemorial year beasts had to be of different species.

This gathering task not only looked at strength but also luck, its difficulty was high and also took a very long time.

Fang Yuan considered it deeply before deciding to choose the first plan.

Although the first plan needed the highest investment, it brought the largest benefits as well.

\"With my capital, if I want to construct a rank eight level year essence pool, my finance will probably fall into a dangerous state before I can construct even thirty percent of it.\"

Fang Yuan was actually very affluent, but most of his resources like Reverse Flow River could not be sold. Moreover, he still needed to deal with external pressure from forces like Heavenly Court. He needed to look at all aspects, and could not just spend all his assets on a year essence pool, without regard for anything else.

\"But now is the best time for me to construct a year essence pool.\"

\"Xia clan, you want to negotiate with me? First, send three portions of spiral dawn light.\" Fang Yuan threw an information path mortal Gu to Xia clan's stall.

Soon, Xia clan's response came: \"Fang Yuan, my clan does produce spiral dawn light, but the production ground is inside first supreme elder's immortal aperture. There is none left in the clan's storage.\"

Fang Yuan was slightly dazed, this reply was beyond his expectations, but he sent a reply with a cold smile: \"How could I not know this? Send three portions, no, send ten portions of spiral dawn light and I will take it as your clan's sincerity, then we can talk. Or else…\"

\"But spiral dawn light are extremely rare, there is no supply even in treasure yellow heaven. Three portions is okay, but ten, where would we find that much?\"

\"I don't care. That is your issue, not mine.\" Fang Yuan left a cruel reply.


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