Reverend Insanity
1608 The Trick to Extortion
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1608 The Trick to Extortion

It was obvious what Fang Yuan was busy with.

Having the Southern Border immortals in his hands, Fang Yuan had firm hold of the initiative and occupied huge dominance.

He had such invaluable hostages in hand, he could extort however he wanted.

But Fang Yuan was cautious and did not overdo it. He only extorted three clans at first.

Xia clan was undeniably the main target. First supreme elder Xia Cha was Xia clan's only rank eight Gu Immortal, she was Xia clan's foundational pillar, an extremely important person. Xia clan simply could not lose her, or else the whole clan's force would shrink by seventy to eighty percent!

Yi clan was the second.

Because the Yi clan Gu Immortal Fang Yuan had taken captive was Yi Yang.

This space path Gu Immortal was the strongest rank seven expert of Yi clan, and everyone was optimistic of him having the qualifications to enter rank eight. More importantly, he was blood related to Yi clan's first supreme elder, and was a successor of the clan being nurtured by the first supreme elder.

In Fang Yuan's first life of five hundred years, during the five regions chaotic war, there were endless internal conflicts in Southern Border. Yi Yang was schemed against and fell into Shang clan's hands, Yi clan's first supreme elder had not hesitated to pay an enormous price to bring back Yi Yang.

So Fang Yuan was rather expectant of Yi clan's ransom.

Finally, the third was Chi clan.

Fang Yuan's Chi clan Gu Immortal captive was Chi clan's second supreme elder, which was a very important position! Adding on that Chi Qu You had transacted with Fang Yuan previously, obtaining dream path research gains, it was natural for Chi clan to compromise.

Fang Yuan was deeply aware of the human mindset, his first extortion targets was not Wu clan, who hated him deeply, nor Tie clan, who deeply detested the demonic path.

As long as these three clans gave in, it would be much easier for Fang Yuan to extort other Southern Border righteous path forces.

After all, with these precedents, the righteous path would not be so tough in their stance anymore.

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

Mini Green Heaven, at the immortal formation.

Immortal killer move — Great Thief Ghost Hand!

The ghost hand entered Yi Yang's immortal aperture and returned with a rank seven Immortal Gu.

Ying Wu Xie and the Formation Spirit looked on quietly from the side with impassive expressions.

They were no longer surprised by this sight.

Because in this period of time, Fang Yuan had already looted a huge amount of Immortal Gu! Moreover, he had even looted Xia Cha's two rank eight Immortal Gu, Spring and Summer. With such sensational gains, the remaining loot looked mild in comparison.

Fang Yuan had constructed another immortal formation to refine these Immortal Gu.

This immortal formation used wisdom refinement formation as the foundation along with many wisdom path Immortal Gu to form a completely new version.

Wisdom refinement formation was constructed by using the light of wisdom along with Woman's Heart and Unravel Mystery to refine other Immortal Gu. If there was the other person's will, the effect would become even more outstanding. Fang Yuan had used Mo Yao's fake will to help him refine the Immortal Gu he had obtained from Bo Qing's immortal zombie body, including change soul Immortal Gu, which had been of the utmost significance in the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain.

At present, Fang Yuan still used the light of wisdom as the core, the brand new wisdom refinement formation was even more powerful.

Wisdom Gu was a rank nine Gu, so it was truly easy to suppress those rank seven Immortal Gu.

Moreover, with the large improvement in Fang Yuan's formation path and wisdom path methods, the wisdom refinement formation's effect became even more remarkable.

After a while, Fang Yuan finished refining the newly stolen Immortal Gu.

This was a space path Immortal Gu that looked like a blue jade sphere with a pair of snow-white wings.

Fang Yuan recognized this Gu, it was called Space Travel and had a remarkable movement ability. Shadow Sect's true inheritances had relevant records, for instance, this Gu was initially captured from the body of an immemorial desolate beast level pegasus.

Fang Yuan stored this space travel Gu.

He did not cultivate space path and had ordinary attainment in it, moreover, he did not have many space path dao marks.

However, he had too many true inheritances, countless immortal killer moves and Immortal Gu recipes, he did not lack methods to make use of Immortal Gu.

By now, he had already stolen most of the Immortal Gu of the Southern Border Gu Immortal captives.

As for the issue of the shortage of immortal essence, it was already solved.

Xia clan's one million immortal essence stones were like a waterfall descending from a heavenly river and pouring on this parched land.

One million immortal essence stones meant one million beads of green grape immortal essence, which was equivalent to ten thousand beads of red date immortal essence. This amount had already far surpassed Fang Yuan's highest record of red date immortal essence.

Fang Yuan continued to use great thief ghost hand but he was not able to take out any more Immortal Gu from Yi Yang's body.

Thereupon, he threw this person back into dream realm, and dragged out another person. It was Chi clan's second supreme elder, an earth path rank seven Gu Immortal.

Fang Yuan made a move on him without hesitation.

He was going to take out Immortal Gu of all these Southern Border Gu Immortals and store them in his pockets.

As for the people, he would have to release some of them.

Extortion or blackmailing could be seen as a form of transaction, where as long as the seller was powerful enough, the buyer could only remain helpless. And in a transaction, buyers and sellers needed to pay attention to reputation, if he did not release some hostages, why would Southern Border's righteous path believe Fang Yuan, how could he continue his extortion plan to gain huge benefits?

Fang Yuan intended to first release Chi clan's second supreme elder and Yi clan's Yi Yang.

He had done transactions with Chi clan previously after all, and he also intended to support Chi clan in the future, to resist Heavenly Court. Naturally, he was definitely going to extort these two clans to the limit.

Despite it being difficult to raise a Gu Immortal, a hostage's price was fixed and limited.

These righteous path forces could stay in power until now, they were not fools.

If Fang Yuan's demands were too much and exceeded the value of these Gu Immortals, or the acceptable price that these clansmen were willing to pay, they would not do this unreasonable transaction.

All in all, extortion was a skill.

Several days later, another batch of immortal essence stones was obtained.

That was Yi clan's first ransom, one million and two hundred thousand immortal essence stones.

Comparing value, Yi Yang could not compare to Xia Cha, but Yi clan had a lot of wealth, at least richer than Xia clan. So they had much more immortal essence stones reserved in their hands.

A super force's immortal essence stones reserve was more or less around one million immortal essence stones.

So Fang Yuan first extorted immortal essence stones, not only because he himself was in shortage of it, the more important reason was that other forces could totally take that sum out. Although it was not without a level of difficulty, the difficulty was small.

First make them give in, then continue to extort them more harshly, making them bleed little by little. Fang Yuan was well versed in the ways of extortion.

\"It is just that although I captured Southern Border immortals, I did not receive any response from Heavenly Court. What did Heavenly Court prepare in the River of Time?\"

Fang Yuan could not help but think.

He constructed years flow execution formation mainly to deal with the Southern Border immortals, but it was also to lure Heavenly Court into making a move.

If Heavenly Court had laid an ambush and saw the commotion there, they could have followed the tributary of the River of Time to pincer-attack Fang Yuan.

But from the start to finish, Fang Yuan did not see Heavenly Court's ambush.

Fang Yuan's scheme was fruitless in this regard, leaving him with even more wariness and suspicion.


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